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Your Reliable Partner and Manufacturer of Porta Cabin in China

Sunnyda porta cabin is wildly used as school, hotel, portable office, temporary accommodation, mine/oil field camp, apartment, complex buildings, guard, ablution, kitchen, etc.

Sunnyda porta cabin standard size is 10ft 20ft 40ft, can be designed and combined to any bigger size, with waterproof connection kit, rubber, steel board, and big screws. Can be connected to 2438mm side or 6058mm side, and stacked up to 3 floors. You can have a balcony, top open balcony, and side stairs. Also, it’s good to add an extra gable or slope roof, using light steel structure and roofing 0.5mm PPGI or 50 mm sandwich panel.

Sunnyda porta cabin has many layouts available for you. We can also customize cabins to your special and unique needs irrespective of size.

Sunnyda is your premier container house manufacturer!

120ft DimensionExternal Size(mm)6058(L)×2438(W)×2791(H)
Internal Size(mm)5888(L)×2225(W)×2471(H)
Roof typeFlat roof with slightly slope. Roof drainage system
Floors allowed≤ 3 floors
2Design specificationLift span20 years
Floor live load2.5 KN/m²
Roof live load1.0 KN/m²
Wind load1.16 KN/m²
Seismic proof grade8 grade
3StructureColumnGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Primary roof beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Secondary roof beamCold roll C steel, thk 1.5mm, Q235B
Primary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 4.0mm, Q235B
Secondary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 2.0mm, Q235B
Paint40μm epoxy zinc rich primer, 50μm chlorinated rubber topcoat
Maximum temperature500°C
ColorAny RAL color
4RoofRoof boarding0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
Insulation50mm mineral wool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Ceiling50mm EPS sandwich panel (0.4mm PPGI/50mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI)
Or rock wool
5FloorFlooring2.0mm PVC flooring,
Sub-floor18mm fiber cement, density≥ 1.3g/cm3
Insulation(optional)75mm rockwool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Base plate0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
6Wall panelsThickness60mm EPS sandwich panel, 0.4mm PPGI/60mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI, PE paint
Color white
Insulation12kg/m3 EPS,
Option60mm rock wool sandwich panel, insulation 100kg/m3 rock wool, A grade fire rating, non-inflammable
(CE certificate)
Insulation40mm rock wool
MaterialAluminum frame sandwich panel door
Qty1 pc
8Window with rolling shutter
(CE certificate)
Frame materialUPVC
GlassDouble glazed toughened glass, 5+9A+5mm
Qty1 pc
9ElectricityElectricity SystemDifferent electrical standards to match with most countries in the world; such as CE, UL, CSA, AS, 220~250V
Electricity wireInput wire 4mm2, stand type A/C wire 4mm2, wall type A/C wire 2.5mm2, switch 1.5mm2
SocketFit for local standard, 3 pcs
Switch1 pc
LED lightDouble 1200mm LED light, 2 pcs
10Plumbing System (Option)Clean WaterΦ20mm PPR
Waste waterΦ50mm&Φ110mm UPVC
11Insulation test resultFloorThickness=80mm, U=0.25 W/m² K
RoofThickness=75mm, U=0.32 W/m² K
Wall panelThickness= 60mm,U=0.59 W/m² K
WindowThickness= 5/9/5mm,U=1.4 W/m² K
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Sunnyda Porta Cabin

Sunnyda porta cabin uses strong and durable materials, 4mm floor mainframe, 3mm roof mainframe, and column, galvanized and marine paint. All parts and materials are CE certified. Steel frame could be painted to whatever color you want. For walls, you can choose a favorite color for quantity above 20 units.

Sunnyda porta cabin outside wall features decoration boards like PVC decking or 18mm PU sandwich panel for protection. We have many choices on design and colors, making our porta cabin beautiful – they don’t look like a container. Interior finishing could be 18mm PU sandwich panel as well, designed to fit indoor.

Sunnyda porta cabin is easy to transport; 4 units can be packed as 1 bundle and shipped directly as ISO 20GP. No need to worry about paint damage during loading and unloading. Or, 6.5 units loaded in 40HQ for loose designs. It saves on labor cost.

Less than 50 units of Sunnyda porta cabin can be delivered immediately. Our production capacity a month is 300 units. Our factory has passed ISO9001 and ISO14001. Porta cabin has more than 15 year’s lifetime, with a 1-year warranty.

Warmly welcome your visit, and we expect to cooperate with you in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier porta cabin and container house manufacturer!


Ultimate Guide to Porta Cabin

Chapter One: Introduction and Background/History of Porta Cabin

1.0 Introduction

We are living in a world that is developing at a fast rate. Today, building a home or buying one is expensive and very challenging for most people. If you are looking for an ideal way of owning an office, constructing classrooms or even buying a living space that is affordable, easy to build, reliable and durable, then, you should consider a porta cabin.

1.1: What is A Porta-Cabin?

                                                            Figure 1: Porta cabin in place

A Porta cabin is a temporary structure or building that is specially designed and constructed to be movable and not permanently located in one place. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors.

The various shapes and sizes of a Porta cabin can be manipulated to meet the needs and requirements of any user. A Porta cabin is designed as ‘single user’ meaning it can accommodate a single person at a time while others are built to host up to five persons per cabin.

1.2 A Brief History of the Porta Cabin

The first portable structure was developed in the mid 90’s for use in the construction industry as a shield for contents that were stored inside. Porta cabin gained a lot of popularity as computers became very useful in building sites.

This demanded measures to improve security at construction sites and thus the invention of portable buildings. Porta cabin came with strong windows and doors as well as wall structures.
Early versions of portable buildings were mainly made of shipping containers. However, some companies found out that shipping containers didn’t offer the best working environment hence they developed specially built units to cater for various human needs.

From there came modular building which was designed to provide users with large open plan spaces that are ideal for offices, hospital wards, classrooms and many more.

Chapter Two: What you should know before Buying a Porta Cabin

2.1 Quick facts before purchasing a Porta cabin

The cost of living has risen and building a home or owning one has become a challenge for many people. If you are having problems raising enough funds to help you buy the home you have always desired or you need more office space and you are working on a tight budget, then, a Porta cabin is the most appropriate solution.

They are easy to build and come in an array of sizes, styles, and uses. There are however key factors that you should consider when purchasing a portable building.
                                                         Figure 2: Portable Container

2.2 Features of a Porta cabin:

2.2.1 Durability

A Porta cabin is highly durable and corrosion resistant. When buying your porta cabin, it is good to ensure it is strong and has a long life span. A good portable building should be weatherproof and highly resistant to natural calamities.

2.2.2 Aesthetic Finish

An appropriate working station should come with nice paintings and finishes. Therefore, when purchasing a portable building, ensure you get one with great finishes and no extra painting is needed.

2.2.3 Electrical Facilities

Depending on the uses of your Porta cabin, it is highly recommended that you ensure proper wiring, lighting fixtures and sockets are offered.

                                                   Figure 3: Electrical Facilities in a porta cabin

2.2.4 Insulation

It is advised that when you are looking for an appropriate portable structure for use as a storage building, ensure that it has adequate and proper insulation to maintain a given ambient temperature difference. A Porta cabin offers you this.

Chapter Three: Why Porta Cabin?

3.1 Advantages of a Porta Cabin

As the demand for an affordable and secure living is rising, portable structures are now the most ideal solution for storage spaces, business premises, offices and living units.

A Portable cabin is environment-friendly and can be fabricated in a different place then moved to the location where it may be needed. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using a porta cabin.

3.1.1 Low Cost of Construction and Acquisition

A Porta cabin is made using lightweight materials that are cheap to acquire and easy to use. This makes the cost of construction and buying relatively cheaper compared to permanent buildings.
                         Figure 4: Lightweight framing Materials used in construction of a porta cabin

3.1.2 Easy to Assemble and Disassemble:

The construction of portable structures is mainly based on the mobility part of the cabins. This simply means that when you buy a porta cabin, it will be easy to transport it to your preferred location and also relocate it wherever need be.
                                                           Figure 5: Assembled Porta cabin

3.1.3 Easy to Relocate to Alternate Locations:

Portable buildings do not necessarily require deep and expensive foundations (we shall discuss this further) as they are mostly temporary. It is for this reason that a porta cabin used as remote offices and toilets are built in a design that allows for easy transportation.

3.1.4 Easy Customization:

Porta Structures are mostly fabricated using lightweight materials that allow for customization. When purchasing a porta cabin, you can tailor-make it to meet your business requirements.

3.1.5 Maximum Utilization of Space:

You can always adjust your porta cabin to any size. You can do this by either removing or adding wall partitions as per your design and needs.
                                                 Figure 6: Toilets built into a porta cabin

3.2 Easy-to-build Foundation

There are two ways for building a foundation for a porta cabins. One is to make full floor concrete or make plinth.

You can construct a building site/ camp where the porta cabin will stand using concrete. The thickness of concrete depends on the number of floors the porta cabin shall have once finished. This will also depend on the weight of material or equipment that will be put inside the porta cabin
You can also use plinth for the foundation of the porta cabin. If you use plinth, we suggest that you use 6 plinth each measuring 20ft.
                                            Figure 7: Plinth foundation for your Porta cabin

Chapter Four: Different Layouts and Parts of Porta Cabin

Every business has its own needs and requirements. When building an office, you will need a layout plan that is totally different from that of a warehouse. It is recommended that when looking for the most appropriate porta cabin, ensure you find one that meets all your business needs.

Most companies will have some sample layout plans ready for you to choose from. However, if you are not satisfied with what they have to offer, it is very easy to incorporate the adjustments needed to customize your porta cabin.

A good portable structure should be made of strong and durable materials. The strength of the materials used to make various parts of a porta cabin adds to its ability to resist any impact.
Other natural factors such as its durability give it the life expectancy it needs. If need be, you can also incorporate special features such as transparent glass and polycarbonate sheets for places like car showrooms.
                                                        Figure 8: Layout and dimensions

There are mainly three major parts of a porta cabin namely; walls, floors, and roofs. The floor mainframe is 4mm while the roof mainframe and column is 3mm. To ensure quality is met, galvanized or marine paint is used and all material parts of porta cabins certified with CE.

Chapter Five: Technical Specification of Porta Cabins

As mentioned earlier, portable buildings can easily be designed to any shape and size. This is a great feature that allows them to utilize as much space as possible. However, the standard size of a porta cabin is usually 10ft 20ft 40ft.

It can be combined to a bigger size using connection kit waterproofing rubber, screws and steel boards. You can connect them using the 2438mm side or 6058mm side and can be stacked up to three floors.

A Porta cabins is stacked up more than one floor can include special features such as a standard balcony and an open top balcony as well as side stairs to offer access to the upper floors.
It is highly recommended that you add extra gable or slope for your porta cabin roof to make the roof better even in rainy weather conditions. You can do this by utilizing light steel structures and roofing 0.5mm PPGI or 50 mm sandwich panel.
                                                    Figure 9: Ideal layout for a Porta Cabin

Chapter Six: In-house Manufacture of a Porta Cabin

6.1 Manufacturing Process

                                               Figure 10: In-house Manufacturing Process

Usually, portable buildings are designed and built in a factory then transported to the site or location of use. The basic and most commonly produced porta cabin units are the 20ft container house.

When choosing your porta cabin to ensure that the main steel frame part is from 2.2mm 0r 3mm or 4mm. This may vary depending on different suppliers.

The in-house manufacturing process of a porta cabin is simple as it requires a few steps. There are some initial processes are hot dip galvanized steel and color painting. Welding and insulate floor and roof.

Sandwich panel walls are also cut to size in a factory, doors and windows installed in panels, all electrical wires and systems are hidden and switches, sockets, lights and power boxes provided.
Materials of 4 units measuring 20ft for a porta cabin are packed flat in a bundle. All the units are of the same size measuring ISO 20ft L6058 x W2438 x H2591mm, shipped as SOC (Shipper own container). This must be put under vessel deck, and on top. They cannot be placed under other shipping containers as the bundles can support around 7.2T only.

6.2 Standards Required

In-house manufacturing offers you a porta cabin with all basic plumbing and electrical works done and ready for use. You can decide to ship your porta cabin as a 4x20ft in a bundle as 20ft SOC or 6x20ft in a 40HQ.

The standards to be met are ISO9001 and ISO14001. Also, all parts used should have UL and CE certificates. A good porta cabin should have more than 15 years of lifetime and at least a one-year warranty.

6.3 Specifications Required

You only purchase things that are satisfactory to your needs. This means that when you are choosing an ideal porta cabin, it is important to ensure you get one that has specifications meeting all your expectations and needs.

Chapter Seven: Uses/Applications of a Porta Cabin

There are many areas where you can use a porta cabin. Mainly, portable buildings are used for industrial purposes like mine, oil/gas worker camp, guardroom, office, warehouse, complex buildings and many more. You can also use your porta cabin as a school classroom, apartment, hotel, ablution, temporary accommodation, and kitchen.
                                                        Figure 11: Inside a Porta Cabin

Chapter Eight: Transport and Delivery of your Porta Cabin

8.1 Transport and Logistics

A Porta cabin is built as a temporary structure and designed in a manner that allows for easy transportation. If you are looking to purchase your favorite porta cabin, then, it is important to understand the two shipping methods.

Well, you can either transport four units packed in one bundle as ISO 20GP or 6.5 units loaded in 40 HQ for loose. Transporting four units in a single bundle has more benefits compared to lose transportation. It greatly saves on labor cost and can avoid paint damage while in loading and unloading.
                                                 Figure 12: Logistics and transportation

8.2 On Time Delivery

In today’s modern world, advancement in technology has brought many benefits to our day-to-day activities such as transport and communication. This has greatly helped in the logistics of porta cabins in various ways.

The delivery of porta cabins is very fast and one that you can rely on. Orders of less than 50 units are delivered immediately as the monthly production capacity is 120 units.
                                                              Figure 13: Portable House

When you are looking for the perfect way to create additional space at any place, then, a porta cabin is your way to go. Porta Cabins are made of durable structure that gives them the multi-purpose usage.

They are also designed to be mobile and to offer flexibility in the utilization of space due to the small customizations that you could want done at the site. Therefore, if you want to get a safe storage space at your construction site, a temporary accommodation or need some extra office space, then, all you are required to do is to order the design, shape and size that you want. A Porta cabins is easily modified to suite everyone’s’ needs.

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