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Sunnyda is an expert portable classrooms manufacturer in China. We can provide a one-stop solution for any portable classrooms. At Sunnyda, you can find the best kind of portable classrooms and offer at very affordable pricing.

If you are in need of portable classrooms Sunnyda is glad to provide that for you. These high-quality units could be complete for your requirements. Sunnyda can give you a satisfying and excellent portable classrooms.

Sunnyda is your best manufacturer who can produce your portable classrooms that you desired. As an expert manufacturer, we can provide even your urgent orders.

Sunnyda is your leading portable classrooms manufacturer!


1, Wind resistance: Grade 11(wind speed ≤ 111.5km/h)

2, Earthquake resistance: Grade 8

3, Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5KN/m2

4, External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc

5, Live load of corridor is 2.0KN/m2

6, Sunnyda would like to design your steel building as per your requirement

Our Service:   Engineering, drawing, calculation -production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

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Sunnyda Portable Classrooms

Sunnyda portable classrooms are to endure the wear and tear associated with their transportation requirements.  After all, portable classrooms can be a budget-friendly way to prioritize education without having to sacrifice the quality of construction.

Portable classroom costs can be substantially lower than construction costs, while effectively getting the same job. If you want more savings, better to use a portable classroom. Sunnyda can help you to have the best portable classroom that will help you to save more money.

Sunnyda portable classroom is very convenient and can less stress to relocate kids to an unfamiliar school during a major renovation. Sunnyda portable classroom is better especially if you need only a temporary classroom but these portable classrooms can be also as a permanent room if needed.

These portable classrooms should contain appropriate building and indoor surface materials and Sunnyda can give portable classrooms with properly designed ventilation systems to minimize the presence of indoor pollutants. Commissioning and regular maintenance are also important to maintain the quality the indoor environment of portable classrooms. But one of the good thing about portable classrooms is that offered you at very low-maintenance compare to build a new classroom.

As an experienced manufacturer and portable classrooms exporter, we have rich knowledge in developing a portable classroom. Sunnyda can supply your portable classrooms with your exact size and designs.

We proudly supply our portable classrooms products and with best services. Our skilled and experienced team are highly dedicated, and geared to responding any of your inquiries. Sunnyda has full capacity to give the portable classrooms that you desired

Sunnyda offers a great and durable portable classroom for you at very affordable prices. Sunnyda is the best portable classrooms manufacturer and a business partner that will help you to bring your business to a higher level.

Please contact us or email us for any inquiries and for more questions!


Portable Classrooms FAQ’s
Table of Contents

Q1: What Are Portable Classrooms?
Q2: Why Do Schools Need Portable Classrooms?
Q3: What Are The Application Of Portable Classrooms?
Q4: What Are The Advantages Of Portable Classrooms?
Q5: Does Manufacturer Provide Portable Classrooms Design?
Q6: What Are The Types Of Portable Classrooms?
Q7: Does Manufacturer Provide Portable Classrooms Customization?
Q8: What Size Is A Portable Classroom?
Q9: How To Select The Right Portable Classroom Size?
Q10: How Much Space Should A Student Have In A Portable Classroom?
Q11: Do Portable Classrooms Have Bathrooms?
Q12: Does Manufacturer Provide Portable Classrooms Furniture?
Q13: How Long Do Portable Classrooms Last?
Q14: What Type Of Corrosion Protection Is Applied To Portable Classrooms?
Q15: Are Portable Classrooms Anti-seismic?
Q16: Are Portable Classrooms Load Bearing?
Q17: Are Portable Classrooms Water Proof?
Q18: What Type Of Foundation Is Required For Portable Classrooms?
Q19: Are Utilities and Telecommunication Connections Planned In Portable Classrooms?
Q20: Are Portable Classrooms Compliant To International Building Code?
Q21: How Long Does It Take To Deliver Portable Classrooms?
Q22: Where Do You Deliver Portable Classrooms?
Q23: How Much Do Portable Classrooms Cost?
Q24: What Covers The Warranty Of Portable Classrooms?
Q25: Why Choose Sunnyda Portable Classrooms For Your School?
Q26: Request A Free Quote or Consultation?


Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page.

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked question about portable classrooms applications, advantages, design, types, customization options, compliance to building code, durability, resistance, cost, and more.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please contact us.


Q1: What Are Portable Classrooms?

Portable classrooms are mobile modular buildings that are used essentially by schools and universities as permanent or temporary classrooms when there is a shortage of space or when a new building or expansion is required to cater to growing populations. Portable classrooms are designed mainly to provide the best learning environment; they come in a variety of sizes, configurations, styles and finishing, and can be relocated easily wherever needed.

Portable classroom units are innovative buildings that are prefabricated off-site in a quality-controlled factory setting; all components are delivered ready to be assembled on the school’s grounds. They are also known as demountable, relocatable classrooms, prefabricated classrooms, slum classes, bungalows, t-shacks, huts, terrapins, t-buildings.


Q2: Why Do Schools Need Portable Classrooms?

Portable classrooms are an attractive option for all educational institutions from pre-school to university; it serves to create an effective learning environment to affordably accommodate students, teachers, or administration staff. Portable classrooms have become essential when schools are experiencing space constraints or in case of natural disasters.


Q3: What Are The Application Of Portable Classrooms?

When schools need more space, portable classrooms are the best option, portable classrooms are widely used by public and private schools to respond fast to demographic changes and meet school’s growing needs in a time of expansion, renovations, enrollment surges, etc. Portable classrooms are very popular amongst all education establishments, they are widely used by preschools, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and school districts to ensure multifunctional spaces that can serve as administrative offices, libraries, computer labs, cafeterias, gymnasium, special curriculum activities, learning cottages, daycare facilities, dormitories, storage, and more.

Q4: What Are The Advantages Of Portable Classrooms?

Portable classrooms are designed and engineered to offer the right learning and teaching environment for students and teachers, when compared to traditional school buildings construction, portable classrooms offer an unmatched benefits including:



Portable classrooms are the most cost-effective building solutions to accommodate long-term and short term classroom overcrowding or expansion of school facilities, they are an economical alternative to traditional construction structures, the off-site prefabrication method allows to realize up to 30% saving on construction costs, whereas, the money saved can be used in green spaces, art and better furnishing and equipment, etc.


Design Options

Portable classrooms can be designed to create effective learning, teaching and recreational spaces, schools and universities can choose from a wide variety of single, double classrooms, restrooms, offices, libraries, staff rooms, school halls, and other amenities. Portable classrooms can be designed as standalone buildings or can be connected to existing structures. The portable classroom can be designed to match the school’s aesthetic and functionality requirements; they can be built into any size, shape, floor layout, finishes and color. Many equipments and accessories can be incorporated such as steps, safety rails, ramps, light, HVAC systems, security systems and more.



Portable classrooms are robust buildings that are carefully designed to last for 60 years and longer, to ensure maximum durability top-of-the-line materials and finishes are used for walls and roofs. They are carefully designed and engineered to withstand extreme natural events and the harshest environment.



Portable classrooms are quick and easy solutions for schools looking for rapid expansion, or extra space for permanent or temporary use, the off-site manufacturing of portable classrooms takes weeks, whereas traditional construction can take several months or years. The whole project components are pre-assembled off-site and simply delivered for a quick erection on the school’s grounds and can be installed on-site 50% faster than conventionally built classrooms.


Minimal disruption

All manufacturing and prefabrication process are made off-site in a quality controlled manufacturing environment, and all elements are delivered ready for a simple on-site installation, this result in a minimal site disruption during term time, it reduce pollution, noise and make the environment more comfortable and conducive to students learning.



Portable classrooms are designed to offer optimal flexibility to increase or decrease space when and where is needed. Every portable classroom can be easily dismountable and relocated to different locations or can be separated from each other and moved from one place to another.


Environmentally Friendly

Portable classrooms are healthy buildings that are made mainly from eco-friendly materials; the steel used in the structure can be recycled or reused after decades of usage. In addition to that the most energy-efficient systems are used including AA rated cooling & heating systems, high R-value insulation, LED Light, and solar power systems are installed, this reduces energy consumption and saves money.


Q5: Does Manufacturer Provide Portable Classrooms Design?

Bespoke portable classrooms can be virtually designed to suit the functional and appearance requirements of schools, they are available in standard or double sizing with a variety of floor layouts. Customers can choose from numerous design options, material selections, aesthetic features, finishes, furnishing and furniture, mechanical components, and endless options. Portable classroom buildings’ layouts can include restroom facilities, libraries, computer labs, restaurants, and more.

To ensure a healthy learning environment and improve students’ performance, portable classrooms are well-ventilated and carefully designed to allow more air circulation inside and reduce CO2 levels. Also, to maximize exposure to natural light and to provide a bright and welcoming interior, a wide range of windows and artificial light can be incorporated into the design to offer a naturally lit classroom.

Q6: What Are The Types Of Portable Classrooms?

Portable classrooms can be engineered as permanent, temporary or as a customized structure as follow:


Temporary Portable Classrooms

Temporary portable classrooms are quick and affordable facilities that provide safe and comfortable environments where students and teachers can have effective learning and teaching experience. They are ideal for short to medium-term needs as they can quickly accommodate rising student demand. They can be designed to accommodate any size of classroom, building or complex, while, they can be installed easily with minimum disturbance and relocated quickly when needed. All portable classroom units come ready with all utility connections and other features.


Permanent Portable Classrooms

Permanent portable classrooms are designed and built for long-term needs as conventional construction, the highest quality materials are used to ensure maximum durability. They can be used for school buildings, student housing, dormitories, WC facilities and other amenities. Permanent portable classrooms can be matched to suit the functional and aesthetic specifications of any existing or new school building or complex.


Customized Portable Classrooms

Portable classrooms can be customized and tailored to suit school needs and requirements; schools will have endless options to choose from including interior and exterior design, finishes, equipment, furniture, furnishing, colors, and more. Portable classrooms can be customized in diverse configurations that range from single classroom units or multi-classrooms to multi-story buildings or campuses; state-of-the-art facilities can be provided.


Q7: Does Manufacturer Provide Portable Classrooms Customization?

Entire school buildings can be customized to meet specific educational requirements in terms of classrooms’ interior and exterior design, size, materials used and more.


Portable Classroom Interior Design

The interior of portable classrooms can be customized to match any school or university brand aesthetic and functional specification; portable classrooms are strategically designed to offer a flexible and comfortable learning environment to students, institutors, administrators, and parents. The layout is more focused on dividing rationally the classroom space and creating a spacious desk area, learning and reading area, teacher workspace, bathroom area, etc. The Multi-classroom floor plans can include classrooms, libraries, administration offices, bathrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, IT closets, computer lab, and more.


Portable Classroom Exterior Design

High-quality siding and roofing materials can be fitted to the exterior of portable classrooms to offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance, the school building can be customized similarly to newly constructed traditional facilities, materials such as concrete, brick, glass, aluminum siding, and more options can be used to offer the desired finishes.



A wide range of internal and external school doors are available including manual and automatic doors, all doors and entrances can be tailored to meet soundproofing and fireproofing requirements, moreover, doors used are resistant to heavy usage and properly designed to ensure maximum protection to children.



A complete windows package can be provided to allow more natural light for portable classroom buildings including vertical sliding windows, horizontal slider windows, aluminum windows, and more.



Fluorescent ceiling lights, LED lights diffuser, electrical circuit breaker panel and more lighting options can be offered as per requirements. Moreover, portable classrooms can be wired to the school’s exact data and electrical specifications.



Vinyl tile, carpeted floors or other flooring types can be provided according to the room’s purpose.


Interior finishes

Portable classrooms interior can be finished using Vinyl covered gypsum walls, Carpet or vinyl floors, Gypsum ceiling, etc.



Electric heating and cooling systems for learning and teaching comfort can be offered as per the climates conditions requirements, complete climate control systems are available to choose from including Central HVAC, AC Units, Ventilation systems, etc.


Partitions and workstations

A wide selection of partitions, workstations, and book display shelves can be designed as per schools’ specifications.



Different types of building insulation materials and Sandwich Insulated Panels (SIP) can be used to ensure portable classrooms are well-insulated and provide adequate heating in cold weather and cooling in hot temperatures. The most commonly used insulation materials are PUF; EPS; Rockwool and Glasswool.



Optional standard bathrooms and ADA compliant restrooms can be provided, portable classrooms bathrooms come fully fitted with all necessary amenities and fixtures to ensure a hygienic sanitation experience.


Accessibility Equipment

A complete line of accessibility equipment can be incorporated into the design including stairways, ramps, railings, wide entries and ADA compliant wheelchair access design guidelines and equipment can be provided.



A comprehensive line of furniture solutions can be offered including desks and chairs for students, institutors and staff; furniture for lounging, study spaces, libraries and cafeterias. Interactive whiteboards, dry-erase boards, chalkboards, and tack boards can be also provided.



To enable students and teachers to display their ideas, a wide selection of projector systems, A/V equipment for lectures and presentations can be supplied.


Data connections

Portable classroom full data connectivity can be provided from a single data point to the whole networked communications system.


Security System

Fire alarm systems, safety equipment, video surveillance, and more security systems can be offered.



Colorful paint, school logo, decoration and cozy textured fabrics can be included to provide a creative and inviting learning environment.

Q8: What Size Is A Portable Classroom?

Portable classroom sizes can be designed depending on your capacity needs; the most common size for a single classroom is 24’ x 34’, while double classrooms are 24’ x 64’. Portable classrooms size can be customized as per customers’ dimensions; while a variety of standard sizes are available as follow:

Length: 36′ Long (including hitch) X Width: 24′ Wide.

Length: 40′ Long (including hitch) X Width: 24′ Wide.

Length: 49′ Long (including hitch) X Width: 14′ Wide.

Length: 54′ Long (including hitch) X Width: 14′ Wide.

Length: 60′ Long (including hitch) X Width: 24′ Wide.

Length: 60′ Long (including hitch) X Width: 36′ Wide.

Length: 70′ Long (including hitch) X Width: 28′ Wide.


Q9: How To Select The Right Portable Classroom Size?

Generally, deciding about the right size of portable classrooms depends mainly on the number of students you need to accommodate per class, the desired layout, the number of classrooms needed, and if bathrooms or other facilities are included in the floor layout.


Q10: How Much Space Should A Student Have In A Portable Classroom?

Generally, a 140 square feet space is required for the teacher’s desk area, and 20 square ft. for each student should be considered in a portable classroom, for example, a class with 500 square foot classroom would fit 25 students when allowing 20 sq. ft. per student, while 50 square feet per student need to be planned in a lab or art room.

Small to medium size portable classrooms of less than 1,000 sq. feet can accommodate up to 50 students and large portable classrooms of less than 1,000 sq. feet would fit more than 50 students.

Q11: Do Portable Classrooms Have Bathrooms?

Yes, the bathroom is optional, regardless of the portable classroom floor plan, gents and ladies’ bathrooms can be incorporated in the design of single or multiple portable classrooms to offer students, teachers and staff an adequate sanitation experience within the portable classroom. Portable classroom buildings come fitted with all plumbing, electric and mechanical necessary fixtures and can be easily connected to the school existing utilities. The size and configuration of the bathroom are dependant mainly on the total space and number of users. Wheelchair-accessible toilet rooms can be also provided as per ADA guidelines.


Q12: Does Manufacturer Provide Portable Classrooms Furniture?

Yes, absolutely. The following equipment can be provided for portable classrooms as per customers’ requirements:


Classrooms Furniture

Complete furniture can be provided such as teachers’ and students’ flexible seating, desks, chairs, audio-visual equipment for lectures, interactive whiteboards, projectors, boards, cabinetry, storage, bins, etc.


Libraries Furniture

Libraries books shelves; bookcases; cabinets; partitions, workstations, racks; audiovisual equipment; archival equipment; desks, chairs, flooring, decoration and more furniture options are available to choose from.


Labs Furniture

Various styles of seating, desks, chairs; boards, flooring types, casework and cabinets can be provided to furnish science labs, chemistry labs and computer labs.

Q13: How Long Do Portable Classrooms Last?

Portable classroom units are extremely resistant and durable; permanent portable classrooms are designed and engineered to last even longer than traditional site-built structures with an average lifespan of 60 years, while, temporary portable classrooms will last 30 years with minimal maintenance and upkeep.


Q14: What Type Of Corrosion Protection Is Applied To Portable Classrooms?

Different galvanization methods such as hot-dip galvanization, and other coating types and surface finishing can be applied to ensure portable classroom structural steel surface is protected from corrosion.


Q15: Are Portable Classrooms Anti-seismic?

Yes, absolutely. Portable classrooms are earthquake-resistant structures that are designed and built-in compliance with seismic code to ensure school buildings are compatible with all earthquake zones and will withstand the strongest seismic forces that are likely to occur at a specific location. Furthermore, to ensure maximum safety for students at the time of an earthquake, protection is applied not only to portable classroom structures but also to nonstructural members like ceiling materials, equipment, furniture, etc.


Q16: Are Portable Classrooms Load Bearing?

Yes, absolutely. Portable classrooms are designed and engineered in conformance with the requirements of ASCE/SEI 7-05 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. All load requirements are determined to ensure a safe portable classroom structure including earthquake loads, dead and live loads, soil, flood, wind, snow, rain, atmospheric ice, and their combinations as well.


Q17: Are Portable Classrooms Water Proof?

Portable classroom building envelopes and all exterior wall assembly are designed and engineered to prevent air and water leakage and eliminate internal surfaces condensation and moisture.


Q18: What Type Of Foundation Is Required For Portable Classrooms?

Most temporary portable classrooms are installed on piers foundation constructed from masonry blocks. The placement of the piers is determined according to the building loads and ground requirements. However, if portable classrooms are intended for permanent use, the foundation and anchorage system should be professionally designed and shall include a foundation wall around the perimeter of the portable classroom building, while anchorage would be provided through attachment to the wall. Other code considerations shall be also addressed as per the building code.

Q19: Are Utilities and Telecommunication Connections Planned In Portable Classrooms?

Electrical outlets are provided to ensure all equipment can be plugged in; while, plumbing and sewer can be connected easily to the school utility services once the installation is completed. Also, portable classrooms come wired for full data connectivity.


Q20: Are Portable Classrooms Compliant To International Building Code?

The short answer is that portable classrooms are designed, engineered and built to meet all applicable local and International Building Codes in terms of materials used, electrical, mechanical and plumbing code, safety code, fire system, public health and accessibility regulations.


Q21: How Long Does It Take To Deliver Portable Classrooms?

Portable classrooms can be delivered in a matter of days; permanent portable classrooms can be delivered within 15 to 20 days from the date of order confirmation, while temporary classrooms delivery can take around 10 to 14 days. Delivery time may vary depending on project size and customization requirements.


Q22: Where Do You Deliver Portable Classrooms?

Our geographic service areas include clients at the international, regional and national levels. We work with hundreds of schools and educational institutions across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European Union, United Kingdom, Asia; GCC Countries and the rest of the World.


Q23: How Much Do Portable Classrooms Cost?

Portable classrooms cost range between $20 and $50 per square meter, the average cost to purchase a standard unit is around $1,300-$1,800. While the final cost depends on the overall size, finishes and customization feature desired.

Q24: What Covers The Warranty Of Portable Classrooms?

The manufacturer shall provide the following warranties for permanent portable classrooms:

Structural components: 1 Year.

Roofing system: 1 Year.

Cladding and sheeting: Up to 1 year

Fixtures and fittings:           1-year warranty.

Corrosion protection: 1-year warranty.

Fixtures and fittings:           1-year warranty.

Paints: 1-year limited warranty.

External fabric: 1 year for floor and wall panels, roof deck, windows and doors.

Electrical and plumbing faults: 1 Year.

Defect in materials and workmanship: 1 Year.

Warranty covers only damages that occur under normal use and operations, warranty does not cover any defect that result from misuse, abuse or accidental damage.


Q25: Why Choose Sunnyda Portable Classrooms For Your School?

For more than 20 years, Sunnyda has proudly served the needs of major education institutions across the World, including pre-schools, primary and secondary schools, and higher education universities. At Sunnyda we are committed to providing our customers the most cost-effective and high-quality portable classrooms whenever and wherever they need it. Whether you require portable classrooms for permanent or temporary usage, we offer one-stop-shop solutions for your school classrooms and facilities needs, we design, engineer and deliver the best learning and teaching environments on-time and on-budget.

Whatever are your requirements, we can meet you exact specifications in terms of sizes, interior and exterior design, materials used, insulation, finishes, furniture, customization, and more.  Our talented team has the experience and expertise to design and engineer modern and inspiring learning spaces for permanent or temporary usage, we can handle the entire school building or campus project from start to finish including planning, design, manufacturing, and handover.

We provide high-quality portable classrooms that are manufactured under the most stringent quality controlled environment; our high standards are verified and accredited by the most recognized standardization organizations as follow:

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

CE marked

Bureau Veritas


Q26: Request A Free Quote or Consultation?

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