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Portable Office [20ft 40ft ] Manufacturer

  • Size 20ft 40ft, or Other Combined Bigger Size
  • Main Frame 4mm, Galvanized and Marine Paint Steel
  • Water Collecting System or Extra Gable Roof
  • 10 Years Production and Export experience
  • Competitive Price

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Portable office with size 20ft 40ft, and can be combined using numerous 20ft containers for a bigger area accommodating more people for working environment needs. Portable office building can be custom made, according to requirement such as a number of directors, supervisors, workers, etc. Come with a front desk, reception hall, corridor, individual office, open working area, conference room, bathroom, and kitchenette. Our engineers will provide a detailed drawing.

Engineers will work with you to get the final drawing. The portable office can stand up to 3 floors. Each unit and each unit floor of the portable office building is connected using a steel board, big screw, waterproof rubber, and two-floor joint steel board. According to local needs, the connection could be welding.

Portable office electrical system is based on your local standard, CE, UL or any other certification standard requirements. Wires are invisible and hidden in a sandwich panel, inside cable conduct with a provision for pipes cut in the factory. Equipment for portable office, are high quality and CE certified.

To save on freight cost, the portable office is shipped flat packed. There are two ways of shipping – one is 3 or 4 20ft portable office packed as a bundle shipped as SOC 20ft. This bundle can bring some equipment like a toilet, hand basin, shower rooms, etc. Another one is in 40HQ, which can load 6.5 units 20ft.

120ft DimensionExternal Size(mm)6058(L)×2438(W)×2791(H)
Internal Size(mm)5888(L)×2225(W)×2471(H)
Roof typeFlat roof with slightly slope. Roof drainage system
Floors allowed≤ 3 floors
2Design specificationLift span20 years
Floor live load2.5 KN/m²
Roof live load1.0 KN/m²
Wind load1.16 KN/m²
Seismic proof grade8 grade
3StructureColumnGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Primary roof beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Secondary roof beamCold roll C steel, thk 1.5mm, Q235B
Primary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 4.0mm, Q235B
Secondary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 2.0mm, Q235B
Paint40μm epoxy zinc rich primer, 50μm chlorinated rubber topcoat
Maximum temperature500°C
ColorAny RAL color
4RoofRoof boarding0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
Insulation50mm mineral wool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Ceiling50mm EPS sandwich panel (0.4mm PPGI/50mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI)
Or rock wool
5FloorFlooring2.0mm PVC flooring,
Sub-floor18mm fiber cement, density≥ 1.3g/cm3
Insulation(optional)75mm rockwool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Base plate0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
6Wall panelsThickness60mm EPS sandwich panel, 0.4mm PPGI/60mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI, PE paint
Color white
Insulation12kg/m3 EPS,
Option60mm rock wool sandwich panel, insulation 100kg/m3 rock wool, A grade fire rating, non-inflammable
(CE certificate)
Insulation40mm rock wool
MaterialAluminum frame sandwich panel door
Qty1 pc
8Window with rolling shutter
(CE certificate)
Frame materialUPVC
GlassDouble glazed toughened glass, 5+9A+5mm
Qty1 pc
9ElectricityElectricity SystemDifferent electrical standards to match with most countries in the world; such as CE, UL, CSA, AS, 220~250V
Electricity wireInput wire 4mm2, stand type A/C wire 4mm2, wall type A/C wire 2.5mm2, switch 1.5mm2
SocketFit for local standard, 3 pcs
Switch1 pc
LED lightDouble 1200mm LED light, 2 pcs
10Plumbing System (Option)Clean WaterΦ20mm PPR
Waste waterΦ50mm&Φ110mm UPVC
11Insulation test resultFloorThickness=80mm, U=0.25 W/m² K
RoofThickness=75mm, U=0.32 W/m² K
Wall panelThickness= 60mm,U=0.59 W/m² K
WindowThickness= 5/9/5mm,U=1.4 W/m² K

Supply Ability:  300 sets per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging:  4 sets office packed in a bundle shipped directly as 20ft ISO sea container, SOC

6.5 sets office in loose load in a 40HQ, with equipments for cabins

Port:                      Shanghai port

Delivery time:     15 days stock, 30 days production

Installation:         At least 2 engineers to help on site or send very specific installation manual

Our Service:     Engineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

Sunnyda Support Your Business

Ultimate Guide to Portable Office

With 10 years of portable office production experience, Sunnyda developed stable and strong system, mainframe 4mm, galvanized and marine paint steel. This system is highest level in China. Water collection system drains rain from the roof along the column to floor, or you can choose extra gable roof to avoid noise due to rain.

Portable office has been shipped to so many countries. Sunnyda is trusted by 1000+ clients, repeat order is more than 90%. Delivery time is 1 month.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory and look forward to future cooperation.

Sunnyda is your premier portable office manufacturer!

ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified. Porta office more than 15 years lifetime, with a 1-year warranty.

Portable Office

Chapter 1: Introduction

Pic 1 – Portable Office – fully assembled portable office

Offices come in handy when it comes to handling different applications. You might have a client that you need to discuss over important business related activities. In such a case, meeting in an office often makes you look serious and ready to do business. You can have a permanent office, which sometimes might not be ideal for all scenarios. As a result, it is the reason you might also need a portable office.

The concept of portable offices has been around for a while now. People love them for their portability and versatility. You too can enjoy owning one as of today. But first, let us look at some of the benefits of owning a portable office.

Chapter 2: Advantages of a Portable Office

Pic 2- Portable Office – Portable office with modular design

Obviously, portability

As expected, portability is the first advantage of using a portable office. It is right there in the name. It is possible that you might need a portable office, especially if you are in the construction business. Once you are done with one project, you just have to move with your office from one site to another.

Over a long time, you should find that it saves you money and set up time. Simply get the office to the new site and you are good to start working.

The flexibility of the office

The portable offices generally can be repurposed to work for various scenarios. Such flexibility might not always be possible with the conventional office. You can be using it to host a meeting and easily change it to house more workers.

It is always crucial to work with the designers to have the office in the right size. This allows for expansion in future if you have to. We will guide you through the whole process so that you end up with an office that works for you.

Ease of setting up

The ease of setting up a portable office is one of the reasons you need to get one today. To allow for the best portability, the offices are designed to be easily taken apart. Once you get to the desired site, you have the option of setting it up fast.

Our portable offices come with all the instructions you need for taking down or setting up. Based on the reviews from past users, they all had an easy time working on the offices. You too could be next if you get one from us today.


Comparing to the traditional concrete offices, it is always expensive to pay for the walls and cement. The overall construction cost is just high and they do not even offer the best flexibility. It is the reason you might want to opt for the portable offices.

To make the portable offices affordable, the materials used to make them are often economic. Keep in mind that the manufacturer should still use high quality materials, for basic 20ft portable office price is from 1,800 to 3,000$ according to configuration.


The materials that are used to make the portable office will always determine its durability. For us, we use galvanized steel frame with marine paint and quality sandwich panels. As a result, the durability is always guaranteed. This goes for every portable office we make. You will always find that it will provide you with the best value for money.

Low maintenance

The portable offices will not have many maintenance needs as compared to the conventional offices. All you have to do is do some regular washing and that is it. Or repaint frame after years. Also, most of the parts used in these portable offices are durable, so no need to replace them that easily.

Personal design

An office is often a personal space. It is the reason you can always get such space personalized to the way you want. For our portable offices, you have the option of picking the different designs that are available. Also, you can work with our design team so that you can have a personalized office.

The next time you have people over to your office, they would want to know where you got the office built. We will be happy if you refer them to us.

Chapter 3: Why choose us

Pic 3 – portable office – assembling a portable office


You would feel comfortable choosing us knowing that we have the relevant experience. We have been working on portable offices for years now. It just goes to show that we have the necessary skills needed to deliver on quality products.

We have a huge portfolio not just on portable offices, but also other projects related to prefab house. We are always ready to engage our clients to ensure they get the best value for money.

Turnaround time

The overall turnaround time for any project is important to a client. We work hard to ensure we do not delay the client’s projects. We understand that sometimes portable offices can be time sensitive. It is the reason we will work hard to have it done in 15 to 30 days depending on the office design.

As much as we work fast, we definitely keep quality in mind. You should end up having the best portable office in no time.

Quality offices

The portable offices that we make are generally of high quality. We use strong materials that ensure the best durability. The strong steel frame combined with quality sandwich panels should leave you having the best office over a long time. We never comprise on the quality of the materials used to ensure you never have to worry about durability.

Unique designs

If you are going to have a great portable office, then you might want one that also looks good. The reason many clients keep coming back for more is the unique designs we offer. There is no doubt you will be happy with the unique designs we can generate for you.

It is possible to work with our design team so that they can realize the office space that you want.

Customer service

To ensure that the client gets all the answers, we have a robust and reliable team of customer service. We will always keep in touch at every step of the office development. This ensures you can remain updated on the different stages and know when your office is ready for shipping. Also, if you just have a general query, our customer service team will be happy to help.

Chapter 4: Uses of a portable office

Pic 4 – portable office – inside a portable office

Construction office

The portable offices are common in the construction business. This is because the site will never be permanent. You will always have to move to a new site after completing the current one. That being said, you can see that it would make sense to have a portable office. You should end up cutting down on the costs of setting up a new conventional office for each site you work on.

Management offices

Yes, these portable offices can still come in handy to work as management offices. It all comes down to the business you are in. The offices would be designed to suit your need for handling the different workers in the same office.

The office would also be subdivided depending on the departments in the company. Again, we can always redesign the office to accommodate more people if the need arises over the years.

Security offices

For those security firms that might have to handle the security for an event could also set up a portable office to manage their operations. If the event would last just a few days, setting up a permanent command would not be feasible. As a result, our portable offices could be the best next thing for you to use.

Dispatch offices

The dispatch offices also could be portable. This is mostly when handling products coming into an area and have to be disbursed to the owners. Whenever the business is not good in a certain area, you can always shift to the next town.

Such offices could also work great as sales centers. The client is free to try out different options when it comes to the dispatch offices.

Project management site offices

When it comes to handling different projects, you need a room to work on it and sometimes store supplies. It is the reason portable offices come in handy. It could be an engineering project that needs drawing or other crucial activities. Just like that, you should have enough room to manage the project effectively.

Substation offices

Substations also could use portable offices. Since you might not be at the substation all the time, having the portable office can be great. You will only have to set up the office on the site when working on the system. It could be that you need to do some maintenance. The portable offices could also house the different supplies for servicing the substation.

Emergency offices

The emergency offices can be set up depending on the situation. Instead of hiring an office space while you will not be around for long, it is better you have an emergency office. The emergency office can be equipped to have all the necessary tools that anyone would need in the specified emergency.

Such offices would be custom made so make sure to give us all the important details. This helps us design an office that will work great in a certain emergency.

Chapter 5: How to pick the best portable office

Pic 5 – Portable office – portable office interior

Office space

There is no doubt that the size of the office space is going to be top priority. There is no need to have an office you cannot use as intended. Well, talk to the manufacturer to see if the office space can be what you need for your activities.

We are always open to suggestions when it comes to the office space. As a result, you should be confident working with us.

The price

The price of a portable office is generally within the affordable range. That being said, it will vary depending on the office setup and amenities that you need. Nevertheless, you do not have to worry much as it is often cheaper. You will not have to spend all your money just to have the office setup.


The manufacturer that you pick for your portable office project should be experienced in the field. At least this way you know that you will get the right product. For us, we have worked on similar projects for years now. We can guarantee the best service when you choose to work with us.

Another thing you have to look for in a manufacturer is the reputation. Take the time to read reviews about the brand before investing your money with it.

Quality materials

So, what are the materials that the manufacturer is using to build the portable office. This helps you to end up with a top quality office if the materials are good. Some factories even allow for you to pay them a visit so that you can inspect the materials.

The portable offices are top quality as we use strong steel frames and quality sandwich panels. The office will last for years to come. The fittings like door, window, PVC floor, electrical system, plumbing system, A/C etc come to you with certificate of CE, or UL, ISO.

Design options

Many people always want to have a personalized touch to their offices. The design options available from the manufacturer will say a lot. Some manufacturers tend to just have one design option. It is the reason many people would hope for having more design options available. At least, this will help in choosing a design to suite your needs.

When working with us, you will have the option of working with the design team also. Here, we can help realize your design dream that you need for your office.


The portable office is supposed to work just as good as a conventional office. The amenities include heating, washrooms, electrical wiring, air conditioning, and more. Make sure that the manufacturer can provide these amenities. These amenities should also be high quality so that you do not have to keep changing them over time.

Chapter 6: Conclusion

Portable offices are not a new concept as they have been around for years. What you can expect is that they are going to be around for years to come also. The next time you need a portable office, always contact us for a quote.

We have been in the business for years, so we can promise the best results. You can opt for any office design that you want. With the portable offices, you should expect to enjoy some good experiences over the years. The best part is that you can always save more as compared to building a permanent office.

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