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Several standard portable toilet layouts for your choice, also welcome to custom make your special portable toilet if our standard layouts not meet your needs. There are two choices on body materials for a portable toilet, standard EPS sandwich panel, and luxury FRP.

The main difference is, FRP panel makes wall one piece, roof one piece, and you can choose any color for both outside and inside surface. This makes it elegant and glorious, with insulation XPS. For standard EPS sandwich panel, both surfaces are steel, usually white color, with EPS insulation.

EPS panel is 1.15m wide per sheet, so the wall is combined by a few pieces. If you are looking for a high-end portable toilet, FRP type is your best choice, if you are looking for a simple portable toilet, EPS type is good for you. EPS type is economical and durable.

Portable toilet list includes freshwater and waste tank, 10mm HEPE under the floor. Others include vehicle air conditioner, instant water heater, water saving toilet (0.6L per flush), hand basin and solar panel system on roof for self-power portable toilet lights.

Sunnyda is your premier portable toilet manufacturer!

Portable toilet BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size1100(L) x 1100(W) x 2500(H)mm
ConditionFull mounted in factory
Loading20 portable toilet in a 40HQ
Delivery time30 days
Our ServiceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Portable Toilet

Portable toilet is fully completed in factory, before leaving water and lighting system must be tested. Each 40HQ can load 1 or 2 unit portable toilets. Restricted by container height, wheels must be dismantled and installed by your when it arrives. While its easy and simple to do so.

Very important thing for portable toilet, the electrical system is installed based on your country’s standards, certificated with related standard, like CE, UL etc. Portable toilet be shipped to US, AU, EU countries and other several countries, we are trusted by 1000+ clients.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory while looking forward to cooperation in the near future.

Also included surround sound, and other small things like a mirror, hand dryer, soap dispenser, etc. Especially, a portable toilet can be offered waterless urinal. You can choose to delete items don’t want, or add special items you want. All materials used for the portable toilet are selected based on high quality and equipment CE compliance.

Sunnyda is your premier portable toilet manufacturer!

Portable Toilet: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

What is a Portable Toilet?

A portable toilet simply refers to a toilet that can be moved from one place to the other when need arises.

Unlike a pit latrine, you don’t have to dig holes to accommodate the toilet.

Figure 1 Portable toilet vs pit latrine

Why are Portable Toilets Called Porta Potties?

To start with, porta is the short name for ‘portable’.

On the other hand porty is a synonym for toilet. This clearly describes why portable toilets are otherwise referred to as porta potties.

What is a Urine Diversion Dehydration Toilet?

Just as the name implies, this type of toilet is dry. Meaning, it operates without water.

However, it comprises of a divider which will enable you to direct the urine from the feaces.

Where are Portable Toilets Used?

Portable toilets can be used in several places as they are mobile. Some of the places you could use them include;

  • Construction sites
  • Golf courses
  • Disaster relief sites
  • Parking lots
  • Stadiums
  • Concerts
  • Rest areas
  • Camping sites
  • Weddings
  • Birthday parties

How Much is a Portable Toilet?

Figure 2 Portable toilet

You can purchase a standard portable toilet from as low as $700 to as much as $3000 or more for the deluxe portable toilets.

The price of your portable toilet will greatly be determined by;

  • Type of portable toilet (whether standard or deluxe)
  • Size of the portable toilet

Portable Toilet Uses which Material?

EPS sandwich panel and FRP sandwich panel are the common materials used in portable toilets.

If you are planning to settle on a simple portable toilet, then EPS sandwich would be favorable.

On the other hand, for the luxury high end portable toilets FRP sandwich panel is recommended.

Which Portable Toilet Layouts Should You Choose From?

There are many designs of portable toilets and making a choice can be challenging.

The different layouts contain different number of rooms from three to six rooms as well as different facilities.

Therefore you need to choose one that well suite your needs.

How Does Portable Toilet Work?

There are two ways, you could choose your portable toilet with fresh water tank and waste tank. Or directly connect city water and drain to city swage system.

Once you use the toilet, there is a flushing mechanism which uses water from the water tank or toilet chemicals which are found in the holding tank.

The waste is not directed to a sewer.

Instead, portable toilets have waste tanks that are positioned under the toilet seat which collect all the waste products from the toilet.

The waste tank should not get full as this might cause avoidable mess.

Once the waste tank gets close to being full, the waste products are emptied to a large truck.

Thereafter, the toilet is well cleaned and new toilet papers are put in place.

How Do You Clean Portable Toilets?

Portable toilets are cleaned using certain chemicals which help in breaking down the waste materials as well as preventing odor in the portable restrooms.

To add on that, these chemicals also kill germs and this ensures proper hygiene standards.

Do You Need a Permit for Portable Toilet?

Figure 3 Loading portable toilet


You will need a permit more so if you are looking forward to place your portable toilet in public areas.

The minimum period for you to have a permit for your portable toilet is one week. Once this period is over you have to renew your permit.

However, the permit regulations might differ from one country to another and it’s always right to check with your local authorities.

What is the Difference between FRP Panel and EPS Sandwich Portable Toilet Material?

Figure 4 EPS sandwich panel

The key difference between these two types of materials is that FRP sandwich panel can be used for both walls as well as roofs both one piece each.

To add on that, you are free to choose any color that suite you for both the interior as well as exterior surfaces.

On the other hand, EPS sandwich panels has both inside and outside surfaces made of steel and have EPS insulation.

Not forgetting that you are limited to using white color only.

However, EPS is not only durable but also economical more so when you are working on a budget.

In general, FRP would be ideal when you are setting for high end luxurious portable toilets. While EPS sandwich panels would suit standard portable toilets.

Can You Recommend Portable Toilet Designs?

You can either choose the FRP portable designs or the EPS sandwich panel portable toilet designs.

However, the FRP portable toilets serve a good option if you want a high end portable toilet.

You can always have your design made as per your preferences. This includes the facilities it comes with.

How Do You Eliminate Bad Smell in Portable Toilet?

In order to get rid of odors in portable toilets, special chemicals are used which also help in killing germs.

Some of these chemicals include;

  • Dyes
  • Surfactants
  • Biocides
  • Fragrances

Can You Use Chemicals in Portable Toilets?

Yes. Chemicals are mainly used to clean the toilet as well as control the bad smells.

What are the Benefits of Portable Toilets?

Owing to the fact that portable toilets can easily be moved, you definitely expect them to have a lot more benefits not excluding;

Figure 5 Portable toilet

  • Convenient –The fact that you can have your portable toilet set up anywhere makes it convenient during outdoors occasions.
  • Cost effective- As compared to constructing new structures, portable toilets are by far economical as all you have to do is purchase and start using them.
  • Can be customized – You can design your portable toilet to match your preferences. All you need to do is get in touch with your manufacturer and air out your opinions on the design you want.
  • No unpleasant- As compared to other toilets, portable toilets are well maintained frequently using chemicals to prevent odors.

How Often will You Empty Portable Toilet?

You should empty your portable toilet at least once a week.

However, if there is influx of users during the week then you will be required to conduct frequent emptying.

Remember, leaving your toilet to fill up is not recommended. Always check the toilet to monitor levels and when it is about to fill up empty the waste tank.

What’s Inside Portable Toilet?

A portable toilet will include facilities such as;

  • Air conditioner
  • Instant water heater
  • Fresh water tank
  • Waste water tank
  • Hand basin
  • Solar panel system
  • Water saving toilet

Other minor items included are soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, trash can, mirrors and hand driers.

Are Portable Toilet Certifications Important?

Yes. Certifications are crucial as they certify the quality of the product as well as the conformity to the set standards.

Who Invented Portable Toilets?

George Harding is the man behind the invention of portable toilets. This dates back to 1960s.

Is Portable Toilet for Hire Business Profitable?</20>


Venturing into hiring portable toilets it’s such a profitable business.

Some of the factors that might affect your profits include;

  • The number of units that you will be renting out
  • Location of the portable toilets

When serving a large event, you will require more portable toilets and this would mean higher profits.

Also, in order to reduce the expenditure when doing your purchases, I would recommend you to buy your portable toilets directly from a manufacturer.

Reason being they sell at a lower price more so if you are purchasing in bulk.

Once you have everything in place you can start earning money from the venture as soon as you begin your business.

What is a Portable Camping Toilet?

Just as the name suggests, a portable camping toilet refers to a toilet that’s meant to be used during camping.

This type of toilet is designed in such a way that it can easily fit in your van and therefore you could bring it along whenever you go for camping.

Do Portable Toilets have Shower?

Portable toilets don’t have a shower rather; there are separate portable showers to serve the purpose.

However, you can have your portable toilet custom made to accommodate a shower too.

What other Amenities are in Portable Toilets?

Apart from air conditioner and heaters, portable toilets also include these facilities;

Figure 6 portable toilet

  • Hand basin
  • Mirrors
  • Soap dispenser
  • Paper towels dispenser
  • Hand drier
  • Trash can

Does Sunnyda Portable Toilets have CE Certificate?

Yes. All portable toilets from Sunnyda are CE certified guaranteeing you quality products.

Will Sunnyda Assemble Portable Toilets On Site or Factory?

Portable toilets from Sunnyda are fully assembled in the factory.

To add on that everything is tested before leaving the factory just so as to make sure that the product works as expected.

Can Sunnyda Make Custom Portable Toilet?

Absolutely. You are free to design your own portable toilet based on preferences that best suit you.

Thereafter, Sunnyda engineers will start working on your product.

Does Sunnyda Ship Portable Toilet?


Once your portable toilet is ready it will be shipped to your desired location.

All you have to do is provide some documents that might otherwise be crucial during your shipment.

Depending on your location, your product can either be shipped by water, rail, or even road!

For rail and road transport you definitely have to be living near the manufacturer.

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