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Sunnyda poultry farm sheds are commonly used in the agricultural industry and greenhouse applications. Whether it is need for business or personal project, you need to leave housing needs to the expert. In this condition, Sunnyda is your perfect choice.

Poultry farm shed offers a versatile range of high performance for roofs, walls, and floors. It has excellent properties, light in weight, good puncture resistance, and tear resistance. Sunnyda can supply high-quality poultry farm sheds to optimize your building solutions.

Also, we can construct custom made poultry farm shed to meet your exact specifications. As a professional supplier, we understand your specific and demand conditions. Our goal is to provide trouble-free construction for your dynamic business.

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Prefab steel building

Q345 or Q235 steel frame, paint or galvanized steel

Single steel sheet for insulated sandwich panel wall and roof, or fiber cement

Various type door and window ready made in factory

Electrical and plumbing system

Decoration materials and inside fittings can be shipped together


1, Wind resistance: Grade 11(wind speed ≤ 111.5km/h)

2, Earthquake resistance: Grade 8

3, Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5KN/m2

4, External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc

5, Live load of corridor is 2.0KN/m2

6, Sunnyda would like to design your steel building as per your requirement

Our Service:   Engineering, drawing, calculation -production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

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Ultimate Guide for Poultry Farm Shed

Sunnyda is a professional manufacturer and supplier of poultry farm shed. With rich experience and knowledge in the industry, we can produce high-quality products to meet your business needs.

Our poultry farm steels are designed to be equipped with energy-efficient ventilation technology. It is easy to relocate, adapt, and extended as per demand. This is a very durable and maintenance-free shedding that will save your cost and time. In Sunnyda, you will find your poultry farm solution effectively.

With over 10 years of experience in delivering steel structure poultry farm shed, we provide a turnkey solution, so you could get started with your project.

Sunnyda poultry farm shed comes in the sturdy design and lightweight construction. Utilizing innovative and cutting edge technology, farm shed structure surely meet your expectation. Our poultry farm shed construction stands out in the market providing unmatched benefits.

If you have your original design, you can show it on us, our designers will make it for you. We already cater to a lot of special and unique projects. Sunnyda can help you boost your business.

Being the top poultry farm shed manufacturing company in China we aim to serve the best in class steel structure for all possible applications.

In designing poultry farm sheds and chicken shed, we use superior grade steel structure and CE-certified materials. Sheds are fire-resistant, weatherproof, and corrosion-resistant, with more than 50 years of service life. It offers a safe environment for the proper growth of the livestock.

Sunnyda also offers additional components along with structure. That includes doors and windows, electric systems, decoration panels, cover channels, and other fixtures. Sunnyda offers ideal accessories for easy access and proper ventilation.

Sunnyda has well trained and expert engineers to make poultry farm shed. Together with efficient and effective manufacturing processes, we can produce the best quality output. We not only focus on the manufacturing procedures, actually we provide full service. So there, Sunnyda will be your one-stop solution for your upcoming project.

Sunnyda has over 10 years’ experience in all aspect of developing poultry farm shed. The factory is ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, ensures quality product and service provided.

If you are interested in Sunnyda poultry farm shed, please feel free to contact us now!

Poultry farm shed FAQ

Table of Contents

Q1: What Is a Poultry farm shed?
Q2: What Are The Applications Of a Poultry farm shed?
Q3: What Are The Advantages Of a Poultry farm shed?
Q4: Are Prefab Steel Poultry farm shed Convenient To Accommodate Livestock?
Q5: What Are The Common Types of Poultry farm shed?
Q6: What Are The Sizes of Poultry farm shed?
Q7: What Are The Different Capacities Can Poultry farm shed Offer?
Q8: Does Manufacturer Provide Poultry farm shed Design?
Q9: Does Manufacturer Provide Poultry farm shed Customization?
Q10: Can Manufacturer Provide Insulation To Poultry farm shed?
Q11: What Type Of Foundation Poultry farm shed Require?
Q12: Does the Manufacturer Supply Poultry farm shed Equipment and Accessories?
Q13: Does Manufacturer Offer An environmentally controlled (EC) Poultry Shed?
Q14: Does Manufacturer Consider Environmental Requirements And Hygiene Measures In Poultry farm shed?
Q15: What Factors Influence The Choice Of Poultry farm shed?
Q16: Does Poultry farm shed Protect Poultry From The Effects Of Weather?
Q17: What Are The Standards Governing Poultry farm shed Design and Manufacturing?
Q18: Are Poultry farm shed Comply To International Building Code?
Q19: Is Planning Permission Required To Install Poultry farm shed?
Q20: How Does Manufacturer Protect Poultry farm shed From Corrosion?
Q21: Are Prefabricated Poultry farm shed Comply To Safety Requirements?
Q22: Are Poultry farm shed Waterproof?
Q23: Are Prefabricated Poultry farm shed Load Resistant?
Q24: Are Poultry farm shed Fire-resistant?
Q25: Are Poultry farm shed Anti-Seismic?
Q26: How Long Can Poultry farm sheds Last?
Q27: Are Prefabricated Steel Poultry farm sheds Environmentally Friendly?
Q28: Are Poultry farm shed Energy-Efficient?
Q29: Is The Cost Of Poultry farm shed Produced In China Economic Compared To Other Countries?
Q30: How To Select An Efficient & Cost-Effective Poultry farm shed System From China?
Q31: How Long Does It Takes To Deliver Poultry farm shed From China?
Q32: Why Choose Sunnyda Poultry farm shed?
Q33: What The Warranty Covers And For How Long?
Q34: I have An Enquiry About Poultry farm shed?


This frequently asked questions document is a brief guide about Poultry farm shed applications, benefits, design, manufacturing, materials used, equipment, customization options. It provides poultry farmers with a complete idea about poultry housing requirements in terms of space, ventilation, protection, standards and welfare.

Q1: What Is a Poultry farm shed?

Poultry farm shed is a poultry housing system designed, engineered and manufactured to ensure the safe rearing and keeping of birds such as chickens, geese, ducks, quail and turkeys. It’s named also, poultry house, poultry farm, chicken house, hen house.

Nowadays, poultry farm shed steel prefabricated structure is the most preferred choice for poultry farmers as it offers an optimum environment that enables domestic birds to flourish and considers birds’ protection, space, light and ventilation. In addition to being highly competitive in price, quality, design, strength, durability and sustainability.

Prefabricated Poultry farm shed provides business owners with easy-to-install buildings, designed to fulfill environmental requirements for poultry growth and enable investors to increase their livestock farming, respond to the market protein demand-supply and realize maximum profit.

Q2: What Are The Applications Of a Poultry farm shed?

Poultry farm shed has gained popularity recently and replaced the alternative conventional construction methods. It plays an important role in the protection of birds from harsh climatic conditions, and eliminates environmental adverse effects on the chickens’ productivity and performance.

It’s widely used in agricultural poultry production for the following purposes:

  • Farming domestic birds (chickens, geese, ducks, quail and turkeys).
  • Raising chickens for eggs or laying chickens
  • Production of meat or fast-growing broilers.
  • Poultry slaughterhouse.

Q3: What Are The Advantages Of a Poultry farm shed?

Design Versatility

Poultry housing systems design depends on the prevailing climate of the location where the farm is located. Poultry farm shed can be open, closed or semi-closed.

Factors such as location topography, wind speed, wind direction and air exchange are considered.


Poultry farm shed is the most economic housing choice to serve poultry housing, it ensures the right environment and protection for a better poultry performance, while it offers high benefits in the short and long term run.


Ventilation plays a key role in eliminating poultry heat stress, which can result in under-nutrition, digestive and respiratory disorders, stunted growth, reduction in egg production, illness and death.

Poultry farm sheds ventilation is precisely designed to manage and alleviate heat stress situations in both hot and humid climates. Whereas, poultry farm sheds are engineered to provide fresh and clean air supply.


Lighting has an influence on the hormonal system of birds at an early age; it helps birds in physical and physiological activities such as feed intake and growth. However, an increase in lighting intensity or periods can cause cannibalism tiredness, leg abnormalities, immune responses or even death.

Appropriate Lighting can be designed and supplied for poultry farm sheds, lighting has proven good performance for the overall chicken growth. Light Intensity and light color can positively impact birds’ activeness, performance and productivity.



Extreme weather conditions are detrimental to livestock production, chicken in particular has a high degree of sensitivity to temperature change. Poultry farm sheds are weatherproof designed and engineered to provide adequate ventilation and air supply systems in diverse climatic conditions.

Poultry farm sheds can be insulated to keeps the poultry house warmer in winter and cold in summer and provide comfort to chickens. Many types of insulation can be applied including spray foam insulation and Fiberglass.

Termite proof

Termite reacts as a silent destroyer to poultry farm sheds made from wood, prefabricated steel poultry farm shed are proven to be termite-resistant, steel is inorganic it does not hold or attract termites or pests. Poultry farm shed made from cold-formed steel are recommended as it complies with building code termite-resistant construction requirements.

Prefabricated steel poultry farm shed does not require any pest control; it can provide an imperative hygiene and cleanliness level.


Poultry farm sheds are durable they are designed and manufactured for lifetime service, they can withstand heavy wind, snow loads, they are resistant to earthquakes and fires.

Energy Efficient

Poultry farm sheds are energy-efficient they are well designed, insulated and equipped with the following solutions to save fuel and electricity:

LED lighting can ensure 85% energy savings.

Sophisticated computers are used to control ventilation temperature while it lowers energy costs.

Solar Panels can be installed at poultry farm sheds to reduce electricity bill environmental footprint.

Less construction cost and time

Prefab Poultry farm shed construction is 50% faster and economical than the conventional construction method; Light Weight Rectangular Hollow Sections are used to significant save manufacturing and site erection cost and time.

Simple and quick assembly

Prefab Poultry farm shed assembly can be handled easily in a few days, simple erection method helps reduce installation time and labor costs. Support and guidance are provided by the manufacturer.

Maintenance Free

Poultry farm shed is manufactured using high-strength steel grade, high-quality cladding system and anti-corrosion coating protection. This results in lifetime durability and reduces maintenance costs.

Extendable and can be relocated easily

Because of its flexible design layout, lightweight Poultry farm shed can be easily shifted, reconfigured, extended, disassembled or relocated.

Q4: Are Prefab Steel Poultry farm shed Convenient To Accommodate Livestock?

Yes, absolutely. A professionally designed and manufactured Prefab Steel Poultry farm shed can be retrofitted to house your livestock. No matter is the season or climate conditions, with good ventilation; insulation; airflow, natural and LED light, poultry farm sheds are the perfect poultry housing system that can be opted to ensure a high poultry production rate.

Q5: What Are The Common Types of Poultry farm shed?

The type of poultry farm shed choice has relied on climatic conditions of the location where the poultry farm is located and the type of management to be applied. The following criteria are also considered:

  • Chicken age, livestock category broilers or layers, ducks, turkeys and geese.
  • As per the environmental requirements of the birds during various growth stages of brooder, grower and broiler.

Prefab poultry farm shed can be designed and manufactured using the following methods:

Open poultry farm shed (ordinary chicken houses)

This type is a naturally ventilated and lit open housing system; it’s used in a tropical region. Heat is generated through natural airflow. The humidity and temperature level inside the poultry farm shed varies substantially across seasons.

Under these natural conditions, ventilation, lighting and other equipment can be added.

Sidewalls, wire mesh and gutter filled with insecticides can be fixed to eliminate predators and insects.

Open poultry farm sheds are more economic than other types, they are available in light or heavyweight structures, portal frame structures or roof truss structures.

Closed Poultry farm shed

A closed Poultry farm shed can be used under normal or extreme climate conditions, in the high-temperature atmosphere, cold or humid weather. Closed poultry farm sheds are designed to enable a controllable environment and manage effectively the physiological body needs of the chicken and their production performance requirement, they are susceptible to natural conditions, the climate is artificial, microcomputer control equipment is used to adjust the internal environment and meet the chicken growth conditions.

Temperature and lighting can be adjusted based on the age category of chickens and their needs.

The closed poultry farm shed roof and walls are insulated and can incorporate windows if required.

Semi-closed Poultry farm shed

The open and confined design of the semi-closed poultry farm shed house allows dual functions of open and close poultry farm shed; the environment inside the chicken house can be adjusted and controlled manually. Windows or roller blinds can be opened or closed for natural airflow while ventilation can be used under different climatic conditions.

Q6: What Are The Sizes of Poultry farm shed?

Poultry farm shed floor size is a key factor for poultry farming profitability. The size of the poultry farm shed depends largely on the land surface, capacity, number and age of birds to be reared, climate and management system to be used.

Generally, each broiler requires 1 sq ft space while a layer requires 2 sq ft space under a deep-litter system of rearing.

Poultry farm shed can be designed at any size as per client land size and requirements. a single-floor Poultry farm shed can be designed or up to six-story.

Q7: What Are The Different Capacities Can Poultry farm shed Offer?

Poultry farm shed can be designed to house up to 120,000 – 250,000 hens or broilers reaching 100,000 birds or as per customers’ requirements.

30,000 broilers require land of more than 80000 square feet.

Q8: Does Manufacturer Provide Poultry farm shed Design?

Yes, absolutely. Poultry farm shed can be effectively designed to serve functional needs, offer a clear span, ensure maximum protection and constant ventilation in hot and cold climates, while its constraints eliminate all constraints.

Q9: Does Manufacturer Provide Poultry farm shed Customization?

Poultry farm shed can be fully customized to meet a highly functioning and performance requirement of large, medium and small poultry farms.

The highest quality materials are used to ensure poultry farm shed lifetime durability and offer a high standard level of livestock care in all climate conditions. Poultry farm sheds can be also fitted with all required equipment.

Steel Materials

Poultry farm shed steel frame can be made in different grades and styles in order to handle all of the weather conditions including:

Rectangular Hollow Steel (RHS)

Rectangular hollow steel is commonly used for poultry farm shed steel structures, due to the high strength it used to support a vertical and horizontal load. It can provide a real-life performance while it handles rough outdoor conditions.

It’s available in different thicknesses 1.50 mm to 12.50 mm and lengths are ranging from 6 meters to 12 meters. Lengths can be custom-made to suit clients’ design requirements.

Galvanized Steel

Because of humidity inside the poultry farm shed, galvanized steel is mostly used to protect steel structures from rust. High tensile strength steel with different yield strengths and thicknesses are available to suit all design specifications.



A clear Span of  10~60 meters can be achieved in a poultry farm shed.

Farming Types

Poultry farm shed can be designed in different framing styles including:

  • Multi-Span.
  • Multi Gable.
  • Mono Slope.
  • Lean-To.
  • As per customers’ design requirements.

Roofing Sheets

A variety of poultry farm shed roofing sheets and cladding materials can be offered in different profiles and shapes to satisfy customers’ needs including:

Sandwich panels.

Liner panels.

Standing seams.


A wide variety of coating can be applied to provide additional protection to steel structures from corrosion, harsh weather and humidity inside the Poultry farm shed.

Superior coating systems that resist peeling, cracking with different range of thickness, colors and texture can be offered as follow:

Galvanized; Galvalume; Primer, Epoxy, Polyester and Polyurethane.

Regular Modified Polyester (RMP), Silicone Modified Polyester (SMP), Super Durable Polyester (SDP), Poly Vinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) and Vinyl Coated Metal.

Color can be as per customer color code or requirements.

Poultry Curtain

A variety of poultry curtain systems can be provided to protect the birds from the outdoor environment (hot and cold climates, sunlight, wind, rain and harsh weather conditions). Poultry farm shed curtains are essential to maintain the inside temperature during the brooding period.

It is recommended to use poultry curtains made from HDPE (High-Density Poly Ethylene) woven fabrics, its anti-UV, resistant to different climates and reinforced with Nylon ropes.

Chicken Mesh

High performance and rust-resistant chicken mesh or chain link fencing, galvanized steel wires are predator-proof, it can be used to cover poultry farm shed windows, gaps or vents.

They are available in various heavy-gauge 19 to 22 gauges.

Cooling system

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems are essential to maintain the right climate and ensure the healthy growth and productivity of poultry. It can provide fresh air and oxygen, control temperature, humidity, and airspeed.

Ventilation systems clean air by removing harmful substances, moisture, dust and odors.

Commonly used ventilation systems are:

Ridge ventilation,

Length ventilation,

Tunnel ventilation, and

Cross ventilation.

These systems can be combined also.

Poultry Rooftop Sprinklers and Foggers

Poultry rooftop sprinklers and foggers systems are proven to be efficient and economic for cooling the poultry farm shed roof. Their main function is to dispense water at a distance of 10 to 50 feet, it can reduce the inside temperature by 4 to 8F and prevents heat stress from the poultry shed.

1 HP pump is used to run 10 – 12 sprinklers, while, 2 HP 2800 RPM monoblock pump can run 25 – 30 sprinklers.  Poultry rooftop sprinklers are available in brace and plastic material.

Poultry Air Circulating Systems

It’s considered the best choice for poultry farmers; it plays an important role in minimizing temperature stratification offering a comfortable cooling and fogging inside the poultry farm shed. It can transmit the breeze to a distance of 50 feet.

It’s available in single and three-phase fans, with or without fog.

Air Inlet

Robust air inlets are used to ensure a good air fresh air movement throughout the poultry farm shed for the well being of poultry, they are easy to install and available in a variety of sizes, shapes, qualities and colors.


This device offers an excellent distribution level of warmness inside the poultry farm shed, it is operated using propane, gas or fuel oil.

Farm thermometers

They are used to accurately measure, control and maintain the adequate environment inside the poultry farm shed.

Lighting System

Ideal lighting is essential to enhance poultry welfare and performance of breeding, rearing broilers, turkey and duck. A proper lighting system can improve feed conversion, bird weight and flock uniformity.

LED lighting systems can be designed according to the size, application and type of bird lighting (turkey light, Ducks light) and all needed colors. Intensity adjustment mechanisms are integrated into the poultry lighting system to maintain light spreads and avoid stress and produce adverse effect.

Visual system of chickens responds to light radiation and colors influence poultry growth rate. For example, the dim to blue color can calm the birds while red is used to stimulate birds’ movements and increase their weight.

LED lighting system is available in many color options (white, blue, red, green, etc…)


Lightweight insulation panels make the poultry farm sheds thermally insulating and energy-efficient. In a naturally ventilated Poultry farm shed a minimum R-value insulation of 1.25 m2 C/W R is recommended for a ceiling. While, in areas with a temperature higher than 40°C a minimum of 2.25 m2 C/W insulation is required.

A wide range of insulation material is used including:

  • Roof and end-wall and sidewall panel.
  • Aluminium Silver Premium Insulation.
  • Sandwich panels.
  • Dropped ceiling,
  • Rigid board insulation.
  • Spray polyurethane insulation
  • Reflective insulation.

Vapor barriers are recommended to protect the insulation from humidity, movement of water vapors and moisture inside the poultry farm shed.

Poultry Flooring systems

Poultry farm shed flooring offers a clean and healthier environment; it reduces the risk of bird injury and disease. They are available in high quality durable and easy to clean plastic.

Aries and Orion / Polypropylene Slats can be designed and manufactured to ensure a non-slip surface and hygienic comfortable environment.


Poultry farm shed comes with polycarbonate windows which allows natural airflow, it offers great resistance and no thermal deformation. They are available with a manual or motorized opening.


A wide range of manual and automated doors with time control options can be offered to ensure climate tightness, easy access to poultry farm sheds and stop rats, snakes in danger.

It is recommended to design doors at an interval of 15–30 m to enable easy access, circulation and service delivery. Poultry farm shed doors can be insulated.

Other Options

A warehouse can be added for the collection of eggs or can be used for feed or equipment storage purposes.

The water tank can be supplied according to capacity and specification required.

Poultry farm shed equipment and accessories can be supplied as per customers’ requirements.

Q10: Can Manufacturer Provide Insulation To Poultry farm shed?

Yes, absolutely. Manufacturer can provide highly insulated poultry farm sheds roofs and walls to help control poultry farm shed temperature year-round. A variety of insulation systems including thermal and sound insulation can be offered depending on poultry farm shed location weather conditions such as sandwich panel, aluminum silver or rock wool insulation.

Insulation keeps the poultry farm shed warmer in winter and cooler in summer, this can stimulate chicken and egg production and eliminate heat stress above 26.7°C which is detrimental to the bird’s growth rate, egg size and shell quality, hatching ability, etc…

Q11: What Type Of Foundation Poultry farm shed Require?

It is better to make the ground of your poultry farm shed as level as possible to ensure the right installation. A concrete floor slab foundation is essential to prevent any groundwater seepage from penetrating into the poultry farm sheds. Manufacturer provides advice and guidance on adequate foundation specifications.

Q12: Does the Manufacturer Supply Poultry farm shed Equipment and Accessories?

Yes, absolutely. Manufacturer can fully equip poultry farm shed with high-quality poultry equipment and accessories that meets international animal welfare standards including:

Feeding System

Automatic pan feeding system; Feed Silo Pads.

Drinking System

Nipple drinking system; Nipple drinkers; Drinking tools.

Ventilation system

Cooling pad system; Heating system; Environment control system; central-heating and ventilating systems, fan; Cooling pad.

Automatic chicken equipment

Automatic egg collection.

Automatic pan feeders and nipple drinkers.

Poultry Farms Automation and Computers

Silos and augers

Poultry Aviaries

Cage Matts.

Q13: Does Manufacturer Offer An environmentally controlled (EC) Poultry Shed?

Yes, manufacturer can offer a fully automated and environmentally controlled poultry shed that operates through a computer-based system and manage many functions such as controlling climate, feeding and watering systems. Environmentally controlled (EC) Poultry Shed has many advantages:

  • Increase poultry productivity and livestock.
  • Improve poultry health and welfare.
  • Offer better quality meat and eggs.
  • Reduce labor and energy cost.

Q14: Does Manufacturer Consider Environmental Requirements And Hygiene Measures In Poultry Shed Design?

Yes, absolutely. Poultry farm shed is designed and manufactured according to FAO animal welfare ethics and practice, the following criteria are considered:


An appropriate poultry farm shed space free from discomfort environment is designed, to eliminate disease, illnesses, injury and pain. It includes comfortable materials and sufficient space to stimulate normal physical behavior.


Ventilation if properly installed and incorporated in the poultry farm shed design it allows a constant circulation and gentle flow of clean air while it prevents Ammonia, dust, odors and carbon dioxide.


Poultry farm sheds are designed and engineered to effectively house poultry and protect them from weather and predators.

Q15: What Factors Influence The Choice Of Poultry farm shed?

To select the ideal poultry farm shed with the right design, materials, equipment and functions, it is important to pay attention to the following factors:

Climate Conditions

It is very important to understand the effects of different climate conditions on poultry production in order to choose an effective design and eliminate heat stress implications on poultry performance. This can be done by integrating effective parameters that maintain and control airflow, wind velocity, temperature, humidity, and lighting inside the poultry farm shed.


Poultry perform under a diverse range of temperature regardless of its type or age. However, the high temperature lowers the performance of chicken production and causes stress.

Relative humidity

High relative humidity combined with a temperature above 26.7°C can adversely affect the chicken feed performance, weight gain and feathering, thus, humidity should be controlled to avoid the threat of birds’ illness and death.


Poultry unpleasant droppings odors attract insects and fly especially during warmer seasons. To solve this issue, suitable hygienic poultry bedding and flooring should be adapted to absorb moisture and control odor.

Q16: Does Poultry farm shed Protect Poultry From The Effects Of Weather?

Poultry is warm-bloodedhomoeothermic’ that can maintain an internal body temperature of 39 – 42.2°C. A well-designed environmentally controlled poultry farm shed can protect effectively poultry from a hot environment that causes heat stress (acute or chronic stress) when the temperature equals or above 26.7°C.  This temperature influences bird’s growth rate, live weight gain, egg production, hatching ability, egg size and eggshell quality.

Q17: What Are The Standards Governing Poultry farm shed Design and Manufacturing?

To protect birds and ensure sustainable productivity, the poultry farm shed is designed, manufactured and equipped at the highest international standards at all levels of livestock care.

The Farm Animal Welfare Council animal welfare at commercial poultry farm shed and FAO Poultry management and housing standards are applied.

Poultry farm shed structural design and manufacturing are made as per the following internationally recognized standards and regulations:

  • AISI
  • ASTM
  • BS
  • DIN
  • GB
  • JIS

Q18: Are Poultry farm shed Comply To International Building Code?

Yes, poultry farm shed comply with International Building Codes (IBC) regulations and adhere to agricultural local building requirements in terms of general building design, practices, steel grades, roofing type, materials quality, plumbing code, mechanical code, fire code, health, sanitation, animal and public welfare.

Q19: Is Planning Permission Required To Install Poultry farm shed?

Yes, commercial poultry farm shed require planning permission, for more information, it is better to inquire from your local municipality about building regulation and procedure.

Q20: How Does Manufacturer Protect Poultry farm shed From Corrosion?

Because of environmental issues and humidity inside the poultry farm shed, anti-corrosion protection is applied to structural steel using the following sustainable methods that provide great corrosion resistance:

  • Paint coating.
  • Primers
  • Surface treatment.

Q21: Are Prefabricated Poultry farm shed Comply To Safety Requirements?

Prefabricated poultry shed systems come with the following safety features:

  • Effective design, materials and equipment to protect birds from different environmental weather and predators.
  • Steel structure, roof and wall panels are fireproof.
  • Poultry farm shed can withstand heavy wind and snow loads.
  • Poultry farm sheds are durable and can last for lifetime service.

Q22: Are Poultry farm shed Waterproof?

Yes, absolutely. Poultry farm sheds are designed and engineered using high-quality Anti-Leak Systems and waterproof materials that prevent weather-related leaks and offer more water resistance to the structure:

  • First-grade strong steel framing is used and connected through ultra-strength steel bolts.
  • 24-gauge standing seam metal roofing panels.
  • High-quality foam rubber strips-shaped closures are applied in the roof panel.
  • Optional downspouts and leaking gutters.

Q23: Are Prefabricated Poultry farm shed Load Resistant?

Prefabricated poultry farm shed is hazard resistant, its designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions and withstand the maximum snow and wind loads as per the poultry farm location.

Standard prefabricated poultry farm shed has the following loads:

  • Proof dead load: 3 kN/m2.
  • Roof Load: 3 kN/m2.
  • Wind Load: 4 kN/m2.
  • Up to 120 pounds per sq ft snow load.

Q24: Are Poultry farm shed Fire-resistant?

Yes, poultry farm sheds are fire-resistant, they are designed and engineered according to the building fire code. Steel structures can resist maximum fire temperature and endurance time. Fireproof materials with retardant properties are used to ensure the highest level of protection from internal and external fire danger.

Q25: Are Poultry farm shed Anti-Seismic?

Yes, poultry farm sheds are anti-seismic; they are designed and tested to resist earthquake forces. Steel structure, framing, walls, and braces are made of high-strength steel that resists lateral forces.

Q26: How Long Can Poultry farm sheds Last?

Poultry farm sheds can stand for the test of time for up to 20 years; they are incredibly durable being made from strong steel, sturdy material and free of maintenance.

27: Are Prefabricated Steel Poultry farm shed Environmentally Friendly?

Prefabricated steel poultry farm shed is environmentally beneficial being made of eco-conscious materials and equipment to ensure a healthy and hygienic environment with good airflow and no odor.

In addition to that, steel is 100% recyclable and participates positively in the world green living plan. Unlike traditional poultry farm shed made of wood and lumber, prefabricated steel poultry farm shed are resource-efficient throughout its life-cycle.

Using prefabricated steel poultry farm shed saves wood; eliminate pollution, noise and construction trash.

Q28: Are Poultry farm shed Energy-Efficient?

Yes, poultry farm shed is energy efficient because they offer the following advantages:

  • LED Light is highly energy-efficient, it consumes 75% less energy, and last 15 – 25 times longer, while it offers the same light quality as the traditional
  • Poultry automated ventilating and heat recovery systems can achieve the right climate while it maintains a perfect balance between cooling, heating, ventilation and controls the consumption of energy.
  • Despite the environmental conditions highly insulated panels used in poultry farm sheds can maintain a constant interior temperature and reduce energy cost.
  • Renewable energy or solar energy systems can save up to 75% of the annual energy spent in poultry farm sheds.

Q29: Is The Cost Of Poultry farm shed Produced In China Economic Compared To Other Countries?

A Prefabricated Poultry farm shed structure cost in China range between 3 $ – 10 $ per square foot.

A fully or partially customized Prefab Poultry house cost varies depending on the customization options, finishing, location climate, etc…

China manufacturers can offer the most competitive price and quality poultry farm sheds in the World. High-technology materials and equipment, customization, worldwide delivery and warranty terms are offered.

For more details about prefab poultry farm shed, contact us for a free consultation or quote:

Q30: How To Select An Efficient & Cost-Effective Poultry farm shed System From China?

Professional poultry farm shed systems manufacturers in China provide a one-stop solution including consultancy, design, engineering, manufacturing and equipment.

Best manufacturers can offer the best price and wide range of poultry farm shed standards, types and customization options that suit all poultry farming purposes.

Reliable poultry farm shed manufacturers are CE, ISO 9001; ISO 14001, BV Certified and develop poultry farm shed under poultry welfare housing ethics, health, hygiene and protection standards.

Q31: How Long Does It Takes To Deliver Poultry farm shed From China?

Delivering a poultry farm shed from China takes approx.  2 – 5 Weeks from the date of receiving a confirmed order. Delivery time may vary according to the poultry farm shed size, complexity and customization level of a project.

Q32: Why Choose Sunnyda Poultry farm shed?

With 20 Years of supporting poultry livestock around the World, Sunnyda is committed to offering you the most cost-effective and innovative poultry farm shed designed, engineered and equipped to deliver efficient growth performance to poultry farmers and welfare benefits to birds.

Our poultry farm shed are well-known throughout the world for strength, durability and hygienic performance. They are adapted to all continents’ climatic conditions. We offer energy savings and thermally insulated poultry farm sheds.

With our innovative and cutting-edge technology manufacturing capabilities, we provide a one-stop poultry farm shed solution and unmatched services.

Whatever is the size of your poultry farm project, Where ever you are, Sunnyda has the expertise to exceed your requirements in design, engineering, manufacturing, customization and equipment.

We work in partnership with our customers during all the project stages from consultancy to planning; design; delivery to installation to after-sales service.

Quality is a top priority for us to delivers a cost-effective, on-time and on-budget poultry farm shed.  We are certified by international standardization bodies:

Q33: What The Warranty Covers And For How Long?

Poultry farm shed Warranty covers the following:

  • Steel Structures: 1
  • Roof collapse Warranty: 1
  • Sheeting & Trim: 1
  • Panel Siding: 1
  • Anti-corrosion warranty: 1
  • Paint warranty: 1
  • Functional warranty: 1 year, it includes doors and windows.

Q34: I have An Enquiry About Poultry farm shed?

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