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Sunnydais one of the leading companies of PPGI Steel Coil, strips, roofing sheets, cold-rolled, SS steel, tin plate, etc. We, at Sunnyda, use modern information management platforms.

This is to provide technical advice before the sale, steel mill production process tracking, and after-sales quality tracking feedback. At the same time, we, at brand deliver the first quality PPGI Steelwith a convenient and secure one-stop service.

We hold a significant history of premium quality services of storage, cutting, punching, dismembering, and logistics, to reassure your satisfaction. Each piece of PPGI Steel Coil is manufactured by certified workshops, piece by piece inspection according to the standard. We can also issue a warrant to the customer to guarantee the quality.

PPGI Steel Coil is coated with various organic coatings of different colors in a colored steel coil. It is generally named after hot dyed galvanized steel coils. After surface pretreatment, aluminum zinc plate as the base plate, electroplating plate, and so on.

Sunnyda specializes in the steel business for years which has our factory of stainless steel products, PPGI, GI, etc. You are welcome to inquire about any product, in every way. You can place an order online, at the Sunnyda official website. As one of the best pre-painted galvanized steel manufacturers and suppliers in China, we have a large number of hot-selling products in the stock of your choice.

Contact Sunnyda now for detailed chemical composition and free samples. Competitive prices and good service are offered. Our PPGI Steel Coil is widely used in construction, mechanical, commercial use, engineering office buildings.

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PPGI Steel Coil-A Complete Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

PPGI Steel Coil and roofing sheet is based on hot-dip galvanized steel coil and has an excellent performance in alloy incited coil, which has ideal composite properties of corrosion resistance, formation, and coating.

It could be ideal for use in advanced molding of roll forming, bending, and deep drawing. It mostly comes in a packaging of a rolled coil.

Coatings such as polyester, silicon modified polyester, corrosion resistance and moldable, are used. This depends on your requirement structure.

PPGI Steel Coil is especially pre-painted to make it durable.  PPGI Steel covers the civil, engineering, design and construction, and power industry. Let’s know more about it.

1.What is PPGI Steel Coil?
2.What are the Main Components of PPGI Steel Coil?
3.What are the Top Features of PPGI Steel Coil?
4.What is the Production Procedure of PPGI Steel Coil?
5.What is the usage of PPGI Steel Coil?
6.What Benefits do you Get from PPGI Steel Coil?
7.What are the General Applications of PPGI Steel Coil?
8.What are Some Types of PPGI Steel Coil?
9.What are the Standard Sizes that PPGI Steel Coil Comes in?
10.What are the Towing Requirements of PPGI Steel Coil?
11.How PPGI Steel Coil is Different from PPGL?
12.What are the Coating Procedures of PPGI Steel Coil?
13.Why PPGI Steel Coil is Costly?
14.How to Identify the High-Quality PPGI Steel Coil?
15.How to Increase the Life Period of PPGI Steel Coil?
16.How to Choose the Authentic PPGI Steel Coil Supplier?
17.What are Some Metallic Properties of PPGI Steel Coil?
18.How Beneficial is PPGI Steel Coil for the Transportation Industry?
19.What are the Environment Recommendations for PPGI Steel Coil?
20.How to Store your PPGI Steel Coil?

What is PPGI Steel Coil?

PPGI Steel Coil, a coated galvanized steel coil, is a pre-painted galvanized iron, also named color coated steel, etc. By using a hot galvanized steel coil as substrate, PPGI first goes through surface pretreatment procedures.

Painting galvanized steel quite requires some special tools and materials. Galvanized steel also requires special surface treatment before painting.

PPGI Steel Coil is less prone to rust because it has a special zinc coating that needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized so that the primer paint can adhere properly.

If the galvanized steel is pre-painted properly with all the necessary preparations, it should last for many years without any noticeable corrosion.

What are the Main Components of PPGI Steel Coil?

PPGI Steel Coil, generally, is an extension of Galvanized iron.

It has a coating composition that denotes a uniform zinc element.

Here are the general components of PPGI Steel Coil:

  • 55% aluminum
  • 4% zinc
  • 6% trace elements.

What are the Top Features of PPGI Steel Coil?

The features of PPGI Steel Coil and sheet are mainly from two aspects: no pollution, economical PPGI roofing sheet manufacturing process is no less harmful to the environment.

It can be recycled, which can significantly reduce the pollution in the setting. Structural materials reduce costs, the processing is easy, and the construction of color coated plate can be wrapped in different shapes and sizes of profiled steel plate as required.

Hard Coating

Different materials are coated with enamel, paint, or metal layers for many reasons. This is mostly done to get improved surface hardness or better visual appeal to avoid corrosion.

It is considered that in case the coating does not adhere to the substrate properly. The chemical is combined with microscopic analysis to determine if there is any obstruction to the surface adhesion.

And if the coating fails prematurely, more information on the terms of service is being obtained. PPGI Steel Coil has characteristics of hard coating.

Safe and Easy to Install

PPG Steel Coil is very safe and its construction and installation are easy. It also reduces the installation and transportation load and shortens the construction period.

Durable Coating

PPGI Steel Coil has a durable coating type. Moreover, the ideal coated product could be kept in a space-like container without changing the quality.

It may face different levels of production control, physical properties, and poor storage conditions in the storage space.

This can severely affect the use, due to oxidative drying. PPGI Steel Coil is considered durable.

What is the Production Procedure of PPGI Steel Coil?

During the manufacturing of PPGI Steel, the raw material is lifted through the crane. Then it is brought to the color coating cell on receiving table.

  1. The raw steel coil material is then loaded onto the uncoiled.
  2. The head of the loaded strip is automatically guided to the cutting bean by using the tape guide device.
  3. Next, the strip is sewn with the previous coil at the sewing machine.
  4. In the next phase, this strip is given an alkaline water washing, scrubbing, and clearing process.
  5. Now, it will be dried by blowing hot air pressure.
  6. Water-based chromium is pasted onto the workpiece.
  7. The strip is cooled down to up till 40 degrees centigrade.
  8. It is then entered into the coating roller for its primary coating.
  9. Goes to the fine coating engine through the turning roller.
  10. After cooling and drying processing. The strip finally arrives at the exit point and is sent to the final inspection table.
  11. The process is now ready for cutting into smaller chunks of coils in the required sizes.
  12. Finally, the finished PPGI Steel Coil is sent to the packaging cell and then to the warehouse.

What is the usage of PPGI Steel Coil?

PPGI Steel Coil is used in manufacturing industries as well as in the construction of houses. Since we have already discussed that they are replacing the wood in house constructions.

It is also being used in many other industries, such as the medicine Industry, Food Industry, Light Manufacturing as well as the industries.

What Benefits do you Get from PPGI Steel Coil?

High Quality

One of the top benefits of PPGI Steel Coil is its matchless quality of finished product and consistency in textures and performances.

Rich Appearance

Beautiful shape, matte-finished color, strong embellishment, flexible blend, can express different architectural styles.

Environment Protected

Another benefit, you get for PPGI Steel Coil is Its renewable property and famous use of profile steel. This is done to meet the sustainable development policy of the national economical law.


PPGI Steel Coil has a lightweight (6-10 kg / m_) high strength, skin hardness, seismic performance of waterproofing agent.

Some other distinctive benefits of using PPGI Steel Coil include;

  • Acid and alkali resistance.
  • Good resistance to organic solvents.
  • Stain resistance.
  • Beauty
  • Various Colors
  • Uniform surface/finish
  • Long Durability of the product
  • Color Stability
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Good adhesion of the paint film
  • Corrosion protection

What are the General Applications of PPGI Steel Coil?

From the manufacturing industry to construction, PPGI Steel Coil plays a vital role.

The increasing energy-saving benefits of Roofing Sheet Coil have made a prominent replacement of steel with wood, in-house made.

  • Automatic doors.
  • Ceiling accessories.
  • Cold rooms, shelves, chillers, coolers, water heaters & HVAC units.
  • Designing, interior cladding.
  • Farm equipment.
  • Fencing
  • General everyday products like vending machines, display cases, cans, bins, and signboards.
  • Greenhouses, silos, barns
  • Home appliance industry.
  • House wall panels.
  • Internal partition.
  • Kitchen appliances like ovens, ranges, sinks, kitchen units, shelves, toilet strands, and cooker wrapper.
  • Lighting
  • Rolling shutter.
  • Roofing and cladding (single skin).
  • Roofing tiles.
  • Shipbuilding industry.
  • Steel furniture.
  • Vehicle manufacturing industry.
  • Vent ducts.
  • Wall panels etc.
  • White & brown goods.


What Are Some Types of PPGI Steel Coil?

The type of PPGI Steel Coil depends on various aspects and factors. Most often the coating is done by using the following materials;

  • Polyesters
  • Plastisols
  • Polyurethanes
  • Polyvinylidene fluorides (PVDF)
  • Epoxies
  • Primers
  • Backing coats
  • Laminating films.

The coating type or material is different for each product. And is built up in several layers.

  • Commercial Steel.
  • Deep Drawing Steel.
  • Extra Deep Drawing Steel.
  • Forming Steel.
  • High Strength Low Alloy Steel.
  • Structural Steel.

What are the Standard Sizes that PPGI Steel Coil Comes in?

  • PPGI Steel Coil standard weight range is 2,5-9 tons
  • The inner diameter range is 508mm or 610mm
  • Thickness ranges from 0.15mm to 1.50 mm
  • Width ranges from 30mm to 1250mm

What are the Towing Requirements of PPGI Steel Coil?

PPGI Steel Coil movable platform is used tow and move the coil from one place to other. This is a kind of electric material handling tool like an appendage and also known as a special transfer trolley.

A removable EED deck steel coil is installed on the moving platform to prevent damage and ensure 100% safety during transportation.

The motor of these platforms is controlled by frequency so that not only the current very long moment is prevented from scrolling the package profiles. But also the life of the motor is ensured.

How PPGI Steel Coil is Different from PPGL?

To understand the main difference between PPGL steel coil and PPGI Steel Coil you must know the meaning of both terms.

PPGI Steel Coil:

As mentioned earlier PPGI Steel Coil is a coil containing Pre-painted galvanized steel roll.

PPGL Steel Coil:

PPGL Steel Coil is an extension of galvalume steel roll.  It stands for pre-painted galvalume steel coil.

Here is how you can differentiate between the color-coated variants of the steel industry.

  1. The coating applied to both of the types of pre-painted steel is different. The PPGI Steel Coil is protected with a coated layer of zinc.

On contrary, PPGL Steel Coil, also known as ‘pre-painted galvalume steel coil’, is glazed with a mixture of zinc, aluminum, and other elements.

  1. PPGL steel coil deals with a more even finish as compared to the PPGI Steel Coil.
  2. The spread of corrosion in PPGI Steel Coil does not spread easily, while in PPGL it spreads faster.

What are the Coating Procedures of PPGI Steel Coil?

The coil coating process is an industrial practice. PPGI Steel Coil goes through a sequence of steps.

All these phases are fully automatic based on continuous painting production to get good quality and uniform production, it is a very proficient way to create a uniform.

The succeeding coating line phases that take place:

  • First of all the mechanical edging of the steel strip is done.
  • Cleaning of the strip is done and then power brushing is held.
  • Surface treatment through chemical conversion takes place.
  • Next, the strip is dried and primer is applied on both sides.
  • The strip is now passed the via curing oven.
  • The coating on the finished product is done on one or both sides.
  • Then it is handed to the second curing oven.
  • The finished metal is cooled down to room temperature.
  • Revising of the coating coil is done.

Why PPGI Steel Coil is Costly?

PPGI Steel Coil is expensive, because of its excessive production process cost. This is because, it is known for its, thin base sheet and lightweight properties. And this is something most of the industries like about it and prefer it over other sorts. To achieve this thinness, PPGI has to pass through the procedure.

Another reason, for its cost, is its dual coloration. In PPGI Steel Coil, the paint material that is used is polyester.

Its color back paint is white grey. However, the color can be modified according to the RAL color card or according to client requirements.

But the dual colorization could play a significant role in the estimation of cost.

How to Identify the High-Quality PPGI Steel Coil?

PPGI Steel Coil has been widely used in various industries. Therefore the identification of desired quality depends on its application.

It is necessary to go for an appropriate type and quality of PPGI Steel Coil. We have summarized the aspects of determining the quality of PPGI into four types.

The Thickness of Coating:

This parameter works as the thickness of metal has a good connection with rust resistance. If the coating thickness is good, the rust resistance is good too.

If it is less in thickness, it ultimately will lessen the rust resistance. To do so, you can estimate the environmental life and stability of PPGI Steel Coil.

Color of Coating:

Although the color difference verily depends on the production and usage process of PPGI Steel Coil.

The difference in color coating depends on the use time, surroundings, organization, and some other factors.

The Hardness of Coating:

The high level of hardness of the coating is one of the finest ways to expand the tool lifespan. Overall, the higher the material or surface intensity, the longer the tool life will be.

It is really helpful for scratch resisting qualities of the coating.

Friction of Coating

High friction capacity will rise the cutting heat, resulting in smaller service life and even failure. Low friction capacity can extend tool life.

The delicate smooth surface of the coating helps to reduce the cutting heat, as the smooth surface permits the rail chips to spread faster and reduce heat generation.

Compared to uncoated tees, improved surface drilling of coating tools can be treated at an advanced cutting speed, thus avoiding high-temperature welding of the workpiece material.

How to Increase the Life Period of PPGI Steel Coil?

There are lots of specifications and color variations for PPGI Steel Coil. However, while buying the steel coil, you must be considered about the life span and quality of the product.

Here are some questions that you need to understand before looking into the life period aspect of PPGI Steel Coil.

  1. What will you use the PPGI Steel Coil for?
  2. What are your required size specs, like the thickness, width, and length?

3.Which coating of Roofing Sheet Coil do you need?

Now, after the selection and purchasing phase, you must follow the instruction and precaution guide provided by the company.

This might include basic information like keeping in dry places, not using faulty towing machinery, etc.

How to Choose the Authentic PPGI Steel Coil Supplier?

If you are planning to purchase PPGI Steel Coil, you must keep some general things to determine to avail the authentic supplier services and product.

Request references from your local connections and business networks. You can get in touch with these experts and ask if they can recommend authentic suppliers of PPGI Steel Coil.

They mostly keep a list of approved suppliers that they would not be willing to verify.

Local wholesale suppliers, for one, are well documented, and information can be easily accessed through online directories.

Once you have collected the list of your reachable and best suitable location-wise suppliers of PPGI Steel Coil. Check these aspects to determine your final decision.


As PPGI Steel Coil is related to steel rolled component. The price of raw material determines the rates of PPGI and other coated metals.

This has to do with the input and output ratios of the supply chain which mainly decides the profit margin of production partners and sellers.


When choosing the manufacturer or supplier of the PPGI Steel Coil. Firstly, make sure that all the specifics of the product.

You must know the width, metal quality, thickness, color, packaging, weight, etc., to check the quality control. Another thing to consider is whether it replicates environmental sustainability.

Delivery Time:

This depends on your basic requirement and the details of the product you need. But you should be familiar with the quality of time adherence to the delivery procedure.

The faster it is, the more you should try to consider that manufacturer. It will directly affect the sales of your products. Thus, keep the punctuality of delivery time into account.

Supply Capacity

Factory’s manufacturing line volume and capacity will directly affect your sales cycle and diversity.

What are Some Metallic Properties of PPGI Steel Coil?

Corrosion Resistance:

The metallic coating of PPGI Steel Coil is hot-dip galvanized metal. Its thickness is kept higher to achieve corrosion resistance.

This thickness of the metallic coating has the strong attribute of cutting the corrosion or rust process. This extra metal layer added to PPGI Steel Coil and sheet rises the durability of the metal up.

A Gloss of Coating:

The coating is a defense that improves the strength or durability of an object. However, there are decorative coatings intended for decoration.

Similarly, it should not be overlooked that such coatings can be performed in a variety of ways and gloss depends on the type.

It is common practice to do this based on five different techniques: by laser, by chemical vapor deposition, by a spray system, by electrochemical techniques, or by optical class coating.

You can estimate the Gloss quality as per your requirements.

For example, at the industrial level, a coating is a material that is applied to the surface of a substrate to maintain it or improve any of its properties. By coating, therefore, the substrate can achieve hardness, gloss, etc.

How Beneficial is PPGI Steel Coil for the Transportation Industry?

The combination of metals in PPGI Steel Coil makes it better at combating rough weather conditions.

The transportation industry is always struggling with the products to survive in all sorts of weather conditions.

Another critical issue that transportation producers are looking to fight is sustainability and Eco-friendly products. This makes the PPGI Steel Coil and sheets is the best suitable match for the transportation industry.

What are the Environment Recommendations for PPGI Steel Coil?


Temperature Effect

High temperature or low temperature of the surrounding will affect the corrosion speed of the PPGI Steel Coil.

Humidity Level

The corrosion of base metal at machining damage is electrochemical erosion. Low humidity decreases the chances of corrosionon the surface of the battery.

Daytime Temperature Difference

If there is a greater value of temperature difference, it will lead to unusually hot and cold deformation of the metal coating.

This may accelerate the life span of the coating by lessening it. The outer rust medium is easy to infuse into the substrate.


Intensity of Sunshine

Sunlight is a form of electromagnetic wave. It is divided into X and Y rays, infrared, ultraviolet, visible, and radio waves as per their frequency and energy.

Rainfall Acidity

The Higher the rainfall acidity, the fewer chances are there for corrosion and rust resistance. Although, rainfall forms double effects.

When using the PPGI Steel Coil for roof and wall panels that have large slopes. Rainfall has the result of cleaning the surface and washing the corrosion products away from the surface.

Environmental Recommendations:

  • PPGI Steel Coil best works in great altitude and little latitude areas.
  • Suitable for seaside usage, where a thick color coating is required on the plate.

How to Store your PPGI Steel Coil?

Have a look at some of the appropriate methods to save PPGI Steel Coil.

  • It must be stored in a neat and clean environment. This minimizes the chances of getting rust and corrosion through several corrosive mediums.
  • PPGI Steel Coil must be kept in a dry and well-ventilated atmosphere.

It is no suggested to be stored in open-air or free places that are easier to catch moisture with a great number of temperature differences.


This user buying guide provides all needed information about the PPGI Steel Coil and its production procedure. However, several different factors are involved in the manufacturing process owned by various factories.

It can be concluded that the PPGI Steel Coil acts as an advantage to various industries.

The PPGI Steel Coil is good-looking, lightweight, erosion-resistant, and the most important nature-friendly solution to your requirements.

The best part of these Roofing Sheet Coil is, it is helpful in energy conservation. These reasons have made it a perfect substitute for woodwork in the construction industry. Learn the buying process and avoid any surprises during the transaction.

Knowing what your closing costs may be and what contingencies are protecting you throughout the deal can help you fly through the real estate transaction like a pro.

It is recommended to always do a little research on the buying and production process. This will help you to escape any surprises after getting the deal done.

FAQs of PPGI Steel Coil.

  1. How to Calculate Weight of PPGI Steel Coil Sheet?

To estimate the exact weight of your PPGI sheet, use this formula:

Thickness (mm) * Width (m) * Length (m) * 7.85 = (kg/pcs)

Note that, 7.85 is used as a figure of the density of iron.

  1. What are some common uses of PPGI Steel Coil Colors?

Sky blue, brick red, and grey PPGI Steel Coil are used often. If you have special requirements, you still have the option to choose as per the RAL color or sample provided by the supplier.

  1. How is PPGI Steel Coil Packed?

PPGI Steel Coil is strapped together in longitudinal and transverse directions. Later, it is wrapped by using a waterproof crafting sheet and plastic film. This helps to protect it from moisture.

  1. What are Some Common Printed Patterns of PPGI Steel Coil?

The most popular printed patterns used for PPGI Steel Coil, contain floral, grass, marble, brick, wood graining, geometric, etc. This can also be customized as per your needs or usage.

  1. What is Commercial PPGI Steel Coil

The Commercial PPGI Steel Coil was introduced with a feature of simple bending and moderate drawing.

This means it can easily be bent and set flat on itself to any location at room temperature.

  1. What are the Surface Finish types of PPGI Steel Coil Coating?
  • Regular spangle
  • Minimized spangle
  • Fine spangle
  • Extra smooth
  • Galvannealed (alloyed)
  1. What is the Highest Strength of PPGI Steel Coil?

The highest strength of PPGI Steel Coil is 550 mph.

  1. What is the use of Wrinkled PPGI Steel Coil?

Wrinkled PPGI Steel Coil is mostly used for roofing purposes. It covers faster and essentially has a wrinkly surface effect. This makes the steel highly functional in properties.

  1. How do you measure the Weight and Diameter of a PPGI Steel Coil?

To estimate the diameter of the coil, you can measure the length of the coil’s wire using the coil spring mean diameter. And then multiply the mean diameter to PI value.

Multiply the answer with the total number of coils. The estimated coil weight is determined by calculating the outside diameter, inside diameter, and width.

  1. How to move the PPGI Steel Coil Safely?

Some variations of PPGI Steel Coil are suggested to be sited on a rubber mat, bracket, crosser, etc.

Rather than using damaging procedures, they must be moved on the ground via transporting machines directly.

  1. Are all the Metallic-Painted Steel same as PPGI Steel Coil?

PPGI Steel Coil is sometimes considered as a universal term for a variety of metallic coated steel products, which are been pre-painted. But, in fact, more specifically, the PPGI refers to pre-painted zinc-coated steel.

  1. What is the Ground Station of PPGI Steel Coil?

The ground station, where the PPGI Steel Coil is kept should be even, smooth, and freehand. The substances must be well equipped with sufficient bearing ability.

  1. What are some Best-Selling Textures of PPGI Steel Coil?

Keeping in view the best seller textures of PPGI Steel Coil, here is a list of a few. However, PPGI Steel can be customized in light of your needs and requirements. For example:

  • Brick pre-painted steel coil.
  • Camouflage color steel.
  • Marble color coated steel.
  • Matt PPGI Steel Coil.
  • Wooden design pre-painted steel coil.
  1. Can PPGI Steel Coil be used in Applications where Welding is Crucial?

Yes, PPGI Steel Coil can finely hold the welding job.

15. Does white Rust Effects the PPGI Steel Coil?

Yes, white rust can speed up the corrosion process on PPGI Steel Coil. It will shortly, decrease the life span of metal.

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