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Prefab Metal Barns Manufacturer

  • Professional  Manufacturer for over 20 Years
  • Ideal for Wide Range of Application and Uses
  •  Durable, Versatile & Cost-effective
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Your Reliable Partner Prefab Metal Barns in China

Sunnyda takes pride in providing steel structure to all fit any type of project. We are designing and manufacturing prefab metal barns for commercial, industrial, agricultural, and recreational purposes. Whether your future building project is big or small, Sunnyda can precisely engineer a building to your need!

Every prefab metal barn is designed and engineered to meet national and international standards. Sunnyda provide excellent quality products at more competitive factory-direct prices. You will discover a lot of advantages, products, and services when you choose to shop Sunnyda. We are cooperating with customers from over 20 countries around the world, continuously reaching more.

Sunnyda provides a one-stop solution for your prefab metal barns project. From concept designing, engineering, packing, shipping, installation, and excellent after-sales service, we handle every process carefully. Our expert team will guide you in the entire production. So what are you waiting for? Ask a quick quote now!

Prefab steel building

Q345 or Q235 steel frame, paint or galvanized steel

Single steel sheet for insulated sandwich panel wall and roof, or fiber cement

Various type door and window ready made in factory

Electrical and plumbing system

Decoration materials and inside fittings can be shipped together


1, Wind resistance: Grade 11(wind speed ≤ 111.5km/h)

2, Earthquake resistance: Grade 8

3, Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5KN/m2

4, External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc

5, Live load of corridor is 2.0KN/m2

6, Sunnyda would like to design your steel building as per your requirement

Our Service:   Engineering, drawing, calculation -production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

Sunnyda Support Your Business

Ultimate Guide for Sunnyda Prefab Metal Barns

Sunnyda prefab metal barns are built to last. Whether used for commercial or residential applications, Sunnyda House can provide the best solution for you.

The technical department will work closely with you throughout the process. We will make the optimum storage structure for your upcoming project. Enjoy maintenance-free and dry and secure space for your livestock and farm equipment such as tractor, RV’s, and backhoes.

Prefab metal barns from us have 100& usable interior space, great for storing valuables. Sunnyda will help you all the way so you could get the right prefab metal barns for your need.

Our prefab metal barns has strong resistant against climate condition and environmental elements. It will remain strong to the test of time. Because it’s made of rigid steel, it has high corrosion resistance, rust-free features, and ability to withstand heavy weather.

Depending on size, we can custom manufacture prefab barns to preferred measurements. Just forward us your design so we can engineer a steel building to match your special needs and meet your budget. And because we own a factory, assembly of your structure is easy and cost-saving.

Whether you have a small or big project, it doesn’t matter, we will provide better service to all our customers. We will support you; all you need of a reliable manufacturer, Sunnyda has it all.

Our prefab metal barns have been supplied around the world. We have customers from New Zealand, Europe, Australia, America, Africa, Belgium, and many other countries and regions.

For their known durability, ultra strength, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, it has been widely used in outdoor storage purposes.

At Sunnyda, prefab metal barns can be included with doors and windows, and all sorts of accessories. The structure is based vary on country code for building requirements. Discuss with us your project, Sunnyda got you covered.

Our world-class engineering and service support will take your business to next level and satisfy your customer’s needs. For any custom fabricated building project, Sunnyda is your one-stop source!

Discover useful tips, purchasing guidance, and a lot of possibilities for your design. If you have any questions regarding prefab metal barns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will get back to you then. Looking forward to connecting with you!

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