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Prefab Steel Buildings Manufacturer

  • More Than 50 Years Lifetime
  • Paint or Galvanized Metal Building
  • Main Frame 15 Days Delivery and Whole Building Delivery 35 Days
  • Competitive Price
  • Factory is ISO9001 and ISO14001 Certified, Rich Export Experience

Your Reliable Partner and Prefab Steel Buildings Manufacturer in China

Prefab Steel Buildings are widely used as Residential steel buildings, Steel frame garage, Steel structure platform, Steel building components, Steel workshop building, Agricultural steel buildings, Steel building house, Steel building warehouse, Steel shop buildings, Steel barns, Hanger steel structure, Steel structure industrial building, Galvanized metal buildings, etc.

Sunnyda offers one-stop solution for prefab steel building, handle engineering & design, fabrication, packing, shipping, installation, and excellent after-sales service. The technical department has 12 architects and senior engineers supporting your prefab steel building design and ensure your building’s safety. Sunnyda installation team can help on-site to complete erection of prefab steel building faster.

Sunnyda prefab steel building maximum single span 35 m, and designed lift span is more than 50 years. Two ways for prefab steel building protection, painting or galvanizing metal frame. Multi-story prefab steel buildings like a hotel, dining room, school, shopping mall are fit for prefab steel building system very well.

Sunnyda is your premier prefab steel building manufacturer!

Prefab steel building

Q345 or Q235 steel frame, paint or galvanized steel

Single steel sheet for insulated sandwich panel wall and roof, or fiber cement

Various type door and window ready made in factory

Electrical and plumbing system

Decoration materials and inside fittings can be shipped together


1, Wind resistance: Grade 11(wind speed ≤ 111.5km/h)

2, Earthquake resistance: Grade 8

3, Live load capacity of roofing: 0.5KN/m2

4, External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient: 0.35Kcal/m2hc

5, Live load of corridor is 2.0KN/m2

6, Sunnyda would like to design your steel building as per your requirement

Our Service:   Engineering, drawing, calculation -production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business

Sunnyda Support Your Business

Ultimate Guide to Prefab Steel Buildings

Prefab steel building comes as a full package, including door, window, decoration panels, cover channels, and full sets of accessories. If you want, Sunnyda can include electrical system, water pipes, and other equipment.

Materials for prefab steel buildings Q235 or Q345 are painted in 3 layers. You can also opt to paint it yourself locally. Prefab steel building is flat packed in a factory, especially support brace can do extra reinforced packing.

Prefab steel buildings shipping by 40HQ or 40ft open-top, when using 40HQ, you need a steel pallet to hold steel frame, use crane and forklift to push pallet in. When using open top will not necessarily use pallet, parts load or unload from the top by a crane.

Prefab steel building delivery time normally 35 days, and mainframe could be in 15 days if the project is urgently, and anchor bolt could be delivered immediately.

Factory passed ISO9001 and ISO14001. Prefab steel building has more than 50 years of life span and 1-year warranty.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory and we look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier prefab steel building manufacturer!

Prefab Steel Building FAQ Table of Contents

This FAQ Document is designed not only to answer customers Frequently Asked Questions, but will show you how we can best fit your needs & exceed your expectations.
No matter your requirements are? We have the capabilities, the resources & techniques to add a high value to your building. We are here to serve you better.

1) What Are Prefab Steel Buildings?
2) Why Choose Sunnyda Prefab Steel Buildings?
3) Who We Are?
4) What is the Production Capacity of Prefab Steel Buildings?
5) Why invest in our Prefab Steel Buildings?
6) Can Prefab Steel Building be moved to another location?
7) Can I Expand my Prefab Steel Building?
8) Are Prefab Steel Building Energy Efficiency?
9) Will I get an accurate Prefab Steel Building?
10) How Long Prefab Steel Building Last?
11) What are the Safety Advantages of Prefab Steel Building?
12) How much Prefab Steel Building Insurance?
13) What type of Maintenance is required?
14) Will My Prefab Steel Building Rust?
15) Will My Prefab Steel Building Leak?
16) Can I Customize my Prefab Steel Building?
17) Can you Design my Prefab Steel Building?
18) Can I Choose my Prefab Steel Building Paint Colors?
19) Can I Choose the Interior & Exterior Facades Finishing?
20) Can I Add my own Interior & Exterior Facades finishing?
21) Can I Add / Choose Doors Type of my Prefab Steel Building?
22) Can I Add / Choose windows & Skylights model of my Prefab Steel building?
23) Can I add Insulation Systems to my Prefab Steel Building?
24) Can I add LED lights to my Prefab Steel building?
25) What Is Included When I Buy a Prefab Steel Building?
26) Can I Extend my Prefab Steel Building/ House Exterior?
27) Are Prefabricated Steel Building Environmentally-Friendly?
28) What Should I Provide to Build my Prefab Steel Building/House?
29) Does my Installation Site Need to Be Level?
30) Can you Meet Specific Local Building Codes
31) Do I Need a Permit?
32) Can You Ship & Deliver my Prefab Steel Building to my Project Location?
33) How Much my Prefab Building Will Cost Per Square Foot?
34) How Long Does It Take to Deliver My Prefab Steel Building?
35) What Types of Projects Does Sunnyda Prefab Steel Buildings Manufacture?
36) What Are the Options you Offer for Roof Style?
37) What Are the Factors I Need to Consider before Choosing my Roof Style?
38) What Type of Prefab Steel Building Framing / Roof Pitch Style you Offer?
39) What your Warranty Covers?
40) Is Sunnyda Prefab Steel Buildings a Single Source Manufacture?
41) I Have Other Questions Or Concerns. How Can I Talk to Someone?

1) What Are Prefab Steel Buildings?

Prefab Steel Buildings are the most revolutionary steel building systems that every day grow in popularity in private, commercial & industrial sectors. This is due to its unmatched advantages in terms cost, time, efforts, efficiency & sustainability.

They are made mainly from strong steel structure, Pre Engineered, Pre-fabricated & customized on sites according to the intended use & requirements of customers.

2) Why Choose Sunnyda Prefab Steel Buildings?

Choosing us is a decision that makes a big difference in your project.

Our Prefab Steel Buildings are cost-efficient, extremely durable & functional. We offer the highest quality standards, the latest technology machinery & methods, design.

Furthermore, a variety of materials & customization are used to fulfill your requirements with fast delivery, superior warranty, project management, and technical assistance & support.

3) Who we are?

Established in 1999 in Shanghai – China Sunnyda Prefab Steel Buildings is the leading expert in the industry of Prefab Steel Building.

  • More than 20 Years Experience.A portfolio of more than 1000 Projects in more than 50 countries around the World.
  • Our team is experienced to meet any Engineering Challenge for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Buildings.
  • Innovation of Prefab Steel Building Solutions for businesses is our aim.
  • We support you throughout the entire building process, from your first call to completion.

4) What is your Production Capacity of Prefab Steel Buildings?

We are able to produce 300Ts Pre-fabricated Steel Buildings in a regular business week. This Capacity can be increased to meet immediate demand increase.

  • Over 10000 m2 of manufacturing, production, fabrication, assembling, and warehousing space.
  • Our engineers design Pre-fabricated Steel buildings systems using one of the most accurate modeling & digitally integrated systems.
  • Our production lines are fully automated to produce Prefab Steel Building Structure components in accordance with the required specifications, speed & design.

5) Why Invest in our Prefab Steel Buildings?

5-1) Cost-Efficiency

Sunnyda Prefab Steel Buildings trickles down the cost of your construction project & offers the most affordable options which target all budgets.

We are helping contractors to save on their construction costs including materials, equipment, energy, manpower, time, etc…

We eliminate your construction unproductive processes, tools, unexpected expenses, un-productive staff, unreliable contractors, etc…

5-2) On Schedule / on time Project Delivery

We are committed to deliver your order on time, directly to your project location through the leading logistics firms, along with continuous technical support & assistance.

We take less than half construction time, compared to traditional construction. This will expand your business by saving your time & taking multiple projects rather than putting all your resources & efforts into one.

5-3) Easy & Quick Assembly

• All components are delivered ready to assemble, labeled & well packaged.

• Every building comes with a detailed assembly drawing; each piece is precut and numbered to correspond with assembly drawings.

• Assembly can be accomplished within 15 or one month days, depends on your prefab steel building size, as all required drilling, welding & cutting are completed at our factory.

• Easy installation: structure frame & components can be connected by bolts & nuts.

5-4) Steel Structure & Materials Sustainability

We only use sustainable Steel structures to meet our customer’s technical & aesthetic requirements. Our objective is to deliver a Prefab Steel Building made of the top-of-the-line, quality steel structure to ensure super-maximum strength and durability.

Our Prefab Steel Buildings are made from one of the largest-in-the-world steel fabricators who responds to steel thickness and specifications of international Building Code Standards.
In addition, the most up-to-date hardware on the market is used in our steel structures.

5-5) Top Standards of Quality Assurance & Excellence

Superior quality standards are used to ensure your Prefab Steel Building longevity & safety. So, our Prefab Steel buildings are manufactured based on the load requirements set out by the International Building Code using the best industry materials.

Each sub-assembly is built through multiple quality checks throughout the entire process, by an experienced crew using precise machine equipment to ensure conformity to your requirements.

Our factory is a controlled environment which follows & Integrates ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO14001 Environmental Management System standards.

5-6) High-End Finishing Quality

Materials and components are manufactured by Sunnyda, under our high standard quality control system:

• Outer wall & internal wall.
• Ceiling.
• Stair.
• Exterior & Interior Doors.
• Exterior & Interior Windows.
• Paint.
• Electrical installation.
• Sanitary ware.
Insulation wall and roof.
Steel column.
Steel beam.
Steel roof trusses.
galvanized steel frame.

5-7) Customer Service & Support

Customer satisfaction is our priority, our technical & support team is actively working 7/24 to respond to our customers expectations.

• We offer a one-stop service.

• A First-class quality and efficient pre-sale Service.

• An outstanding after-sale services support to international clients.

• Whenever you have a question, we’re there to answer in 24 Hours.

6) Can Prefab Steel Building be Moved to Another Location?

Yes, our prefab Steel Building can be easily disassembled and relocated to different sites or even sold. Due to its Flexible Layout & Weight, modular panels can be easily shifted & reconfigured.

However, despite its lightweight advantage, our Prefab Steel Building structures are more durable & stronger compared to the traditional construction method.

7) Can I Expand my Prefab Steel Building?

Yes, we provide an endless width and length extension options to simplify any necessary future expansion or scalability. Also, it’s able to blend in with almost any building type.

8) Is Prefab Steel Building Energy Efficient?

Yes, our Prefab Steel Buildings are properly insulated to significantly reduce heating and cooling expenses throughout the lifecycle of the building.

9) Will I Get an Accurate Prefab Steel Building?

Yes, your Prefab building is accurately built the first time due to our design and drafting technologies.

10) How Long Prefab Steel Building Last?

Prefab Steel Building last for more than 50 years, it’s a durable strong steel structure building which defy aging & as the years go by, there is no steel framing loosening or creeping.

Windows and doors framed with steel continue to shut tightly.

Furthermore, air leaks and draftiness does not happen in our Prefab Steel Building.

11) What are the Safety Advantages?

Our Prefab Steel structures stand up to the harshest weather conditions in the World. They are extremely hazarded resistant being made of high-quality standards solid steel components.

• Withstand up to 300km/hr peak wind speeds.

• Up to 200kgs snow loads.

• Fire Proof, inherent Fame, Fire retardant & resistant properties are incorporated in our material to provide an added layer of safety from indoor or outdoor fire danger.

• Anti-seismic & tested against earthquakes. At least anti-seismic 7 degrees.

12) How Much Does a Prefab Steel Building Insurance Cost?

Insurance cost for a Prefab Steel Building is 40% less than the traditional buildings, being made of steel instead of Wood, and due to its inherent flame-resistant properties.

13) What Type of Maintenance a Prefab Steel Building Require?

Prefab Steel buildings are virtual Maintenance-Free unlike the traditional wood-framed buildings:

• No Termites:
Steel does not attract termites and mold, unlike the lumber which naturally attracts termites, mold, wood ants, rats, mice, etc…

• Insect Resistant.

• Easily Cleaned.

So, no costly pest control or chemical treatments are needed. If paint is hit and off, can re-paint it.

14) Will My Prefab Steel Building Rust?

No, depends on your local weather and detailed requirement on paint, Sunnyda prefab steel building no rust more than 20 years, or designed higher standard last more than 20 years.

15) Will My Prefab Steel Building Leak?

No, high-quality Anti-Leak Systems and waterproof materials used to prevent weather-related leaks (i.e. heavy rains, snow, high winds, hail & sleet).

• 100% first-grade strong steel framing.

50mm 75mm 100mm or thicker sandwich roof panels for more water-resistant.

• A formed-base trim is attached to the edge of the foundation.

• Secured with rust-resistant bolts, to avoid contact with moisture levels.

• Optional leaking gutters and downspouts to drain the roof water away.

• Strong connections using high & ultra-strength steel bolts.

• A lifetime warranty against rust for self-Drilling Screws with sealing washers & self-drilling cast zinc aluminum screws.

• Foam Rubber Strips Shaped Closure to fit exactly the profile of the roof panel.

Purlin bearing rib (PBR) sheathing.

16) Can I Customize my Prefab Steel Building?

Absolutely! We are a One-Stop Service; we can fully-customize any of your plans to fit best your wants and needs, we offer our customers a full design & customization options using new methods beyond the traditional.

Our team can assist you to add any features, Color, siding, or component to your Prefab Steel Building.

17) Can you Design my Prefab Steel Building?

Yes, we can design your custom new building/home to suit your desire.

Option also, to provide you with a custom open steel frame building/home that can be finished out however you like.
Floor plans that suit your needs can be incorporated as per your request.

18) Can I Choose my Prefab Steel Building Colors?

Yes, you can choose your unique & beautiful paint color for your Prefab Steel Building Exterior & Interior walls & roof.

To ensure your Steel Building will retain its color and aesthetics, all of our colors paints are long-lasting, tested & carry a warranty.

19) Can I Choose the Interior & Exterior Facades finishing?

Yes, you can choose the finishing of your building Interior & Exterior Facades from wide range of aesthetical & elegant materials to incorporate any finish you want.

Wall Panels and Metal parts can be given the texture of brickwork.

• Walls come in a variety of types, styles, textures, and colors to complement your neighborhood homes or buildings.
• Roof Styles.

• Wainscoting

Roof panels made of steel frames can be customized to look like wood shingles or asphalt.

• Synthetic stonework can be added to Steel frames.

• Interior designs can be customized accordingly for small or big interior areas, for personal use, industrial or commercial.

20) Can I Add my Own Interior & Exterior Facades Finishing?

Yes, you can, with our secondary framing option many steel building home finishes can be used to suit your desires.

You can also, use your preferred building materials (i.e. brick, stucco, wainscot, etc…).

21) Can I add / Choose Doors Type of my Prefab Steel Building?

Yes, we can custom design your doors and openings as per your requirements.

Our team can assist you to select superior functionality & high-quality standards doors that suit your climate, durability & aesthetic.

We provide a wide array of doors including but not limited to:

• Overhead Doors
• Garage Doors
• Sectional Doors
• Roll Up Doors
• Personnel access doors
• Lean-to’s
• Glass Storefront Doors
• Glass Entry Doors
• Mini Storage Doors
• Steel Walk Doors.

22) Can I add / Choose Windows and Skylights Model into the Design of My Prefab Steel Building?

Yes, we can custom design your windows to allow more sunlight, warmth & minimize your energy bill.
Skylights option can be added also for more glares.

23) Can I add Insulation Systems into the Design of my Prefab Steel Building?

Yes, absolutely, insulation systems including thermal-insulation & sound-insulation can be added depending on your area weather condition, needs & the purpose of your Prefab Steel Building.

24) Can I add LED Lights into the Design of my Prefab Steel Building?

Yes, LED lights can be added to your Prefab Steel Building. We use more energy cost-effective & efficient LED bulbs to avoid frequent changes & lower your electricity bill.

25) What Is Included When I Buy a Prefabricated Metal Building?

• Design Drawings &Plans.
• Primary Structure & Secondary Framing made of high-strength steel.
• Factory-primed frames, girt & purlins.
• Pre-punched framing.
• High strength bolts.
• Roof & Wall Sheeting with Siphon Groove.
• Long Life Fasteners.
• Complete Trim & Closure Package
• Mastic sealant
• Galvanized gable sheeting angles.
• Ridge Cap
• Pre-Marked Parts
• Doors, windows, and other equipment

26) Can I Extend my Prefab Steel Building/ house Exterior?

Yes, you can extend and add overhangs, balconies, garages, etc…
Our Prefab Steel Buildings are designed with an endless width and length extension options to simplify any necessary expansion.

27) Are Prefabricated Steel Building Environmentally-Friendly?

Sunnyda Prefab Steel Building is resource-efficient throughout its life-cycle, unlike traditional construction:

• No construction and demolition (C&D) waste and No overcrowded landfills.

• No leftover materials after construction are completed.

• Prefab Steel buildings save trees, being structured & framed with steel rather than wood & no lumber is used in our operations processes.

• No site disruption ( noise, waste & pollution due to heavy equipment & truck traffic)

• More efficient productivity clean atmosphere.

• 100 % recycled steel framing & 95% of recycled content.

If you are environmentally responsible and looking for green prefabricated steel building solutions, Contact us now: info@sunnyda-house.com

28) What Should I Provide to Build my Prefab Steel Building/ House?

That’s easy, a Sketch drawing or Design of your building would be a better reference for us.

If you don’t have, simply tell us your requirements, and your local wind speed, rain, and snow load, our team will assist you.

29) Does My Installation Site Need to be Level?

Yes, the ground of your Prefab Steel Building needs to be as level as possible to ensure the right installation.

30) Can you Meet Specific Local Building Codes?

Yes, our expert’s design and manufacture everyday Prefab Steel Buildings that met International & local building codes for Worldwide Customers from different sector of activities. Our team will define your local building codes at the first stage.

31) Do I Need a Permit?

Yes, you will need it. Kindly, inquire from your local municipality about the necessary permits.

32) Can You Ship & Deliver my Prefab Steel Building to my Project Site Location?

• Yes, we ship Internationally.

• Your Prefab steel building will be delivered to your exact job site location.

• Pick up from your designated locations also is possible.

• Our prefab steel building kits are well packaged to reduce shipping costs.

• Shipping Cost is included in your quotation based on weight.

33) How Much my Prefab Building Will Cost Per Square Foot?

Cost may vary depending on the finishing, customization, purpose, type of usage, location & geography, etc…
Curious about your future Prefab Steel Building Cost, contact us today for a free quote!

34) How Long does it Take to Deliver my Prefab Steel Building?

Approx. 4 Weeks from the date of receiving your confirmed order. However, the whole process of manufacturing and completing your Prefab Steel building depends on size, customization, complexity, and other factors.

35) What Types of Projects does Sunnyda Prefab Steel Buildings Manufacture?

We design manufacture a variety of Prefab Steel Buildings for every trade and sector of activities, for personal, commercial & industrial use.

• Community Buildings: Private House, Multi-story Residential Buildings, Multi-story School, Public Buildings & Departments,

• Commercial Buildings: Warehouses, Workshop, Shopping Center, Retail Stores, Hypermarkets, Offices, etc…

• Industrial Buildings: Industrial Plant, Storage facilities, Cold Storage Facilities, Equipment and vehicle Storage, Brewery, Winery, Distillery, Distribution Center, etc.

• Aviation Buildings: Hangars, Multi-Plane Hangars

• Agricultural Facilities: Agricultural Facilities, Farms Products, like chicken ched, poultry farm sheds & Equipments Storages, etc…

36) What Are the Roof Styles Options Available?

We offer the following roof styles as standards:

• Regular.
• Boxed Eave.
• Vertical.

37) What Factors Do I Need to Consider before Choosing my Roof Styles?

• Local Building Codes: make sure that there is no restriction for your chosen Prefab Building Roof.

• Municipality Requirements: you may need to adhere to building requirements that dictate the grades & types of roofing to be installed.

• Environment & Climate in your Area: It’s crucial to choose the right roof type that can handle environmental situations where you live, to avoid roof damage.

• If your area climate is characterized by frequent heavy rain, snow, Boxed Eave Roof style is the best option to hold up bad weather.

• If you are from an area with mild weather, regular roof style is more convenient for you.

• Vertical roof remains the best choice for areas known by heavy snow.

38) What type of Framing / Roof Pitch Style we Offer?

Whether your project is simple or complex, small or large, we design and manufacture your Prefab Steel Building framing according to your specifications and needs.

• Gable Framing System
• Slanted Roof System
• Multi-Span Framing
• Multi-Story steel building (Mezzanine, Etc…)
• Gambrel Style roof System
• Straight Columns
• Monitor Frame System
• Clerestory roof System

39) What does your Warranty Cover?

1- Structures: all of our Steel Structures come with a 1-year warranty.

2- Workmanship Warranty: 1 year from the date of installation, this includes the following:

• Trim, Sheeting & Tube Cuts.
• Screw installation pattern.
• Installation of anchors.
• Proper operation of all doors & windows.

3-Paint: sheet metal paint for all of our product lines will not lose adhesion, nor crack, peel or chip.

40) Is Sunnyda a Single Source Manufacturer?

Yes, we are a single-source manufacturer. We design & manufacture all of the Prefab Steel building components (i.e. primary and structural framing, metal roof, wall panels, etc…)

We are the main manufacturer, so, you will deal directly with us, not with an intermediary.

41) I Have Other Questions or Concerns. How Can I Talk to Someone?

For additional information call us today!
+86 13916952223 (WhatsApp) or  info@sunnyda-house.com

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