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The more durable a product is, the longer it will stay. A PVC Sandwich Panel is widely used for protecting your building from external factors. It works as an insulating material to keep your building safe from harsh environmental conditions.

Sunnyda is well known for manufacturing the best PVC Sandwich Panel which is not only highly efficient but also quite durable. We never compromise on the quality of our products and assure that everything that reaches our customers stays with them.

It is not only our manufacturing quality that makes us stand out from other PVC Sandwich Panel manufacturers but also the affordability that we offer.

Sunnyda PVC Sandwich Panel comes in a low budget range without having any compromise on the product quality. It is available in diverse variations so that you get multiple options to choose from. You can use it for various reasons like cladding your walls, roofs, or even the entire building.

Our products are manufactured using premium quality material which is why they offer higher efficiency and longer life. Sunnyda’s professional team has vast experience in the PVC Sandwich Panel manufacturing field which leaves us with no chance of mistakes during the manufacturing process.

You can also ask to customize a special PVC Sandwich Panel that exclusively needs your needs and demands. This will aid in getting a high-efficiency product that will result in more productivity and economical for your applications.

Let Sunnyda know about your requirements and we would love to design one for you.

Panel Thickness
Hot Modulus(K)
W/m2 oC
Steel Th.
Steel Weight
Panel Weight

PU panel: Polyurethane sandwich panel

Thermal Conductivity: 0.021 W/mK

Temperature range: up to 110°C

Water absorption: 2.5-3%


Ceiling and surround for clean factory, workshop for clean products, warehouse, cold room., long span panel, reinforcing the original structure, temporary office, shop, market, koist.


1, Fire rating: B2

2, Thickness: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm

3, Width: 1000mm (effective 970mm)

4, Length: no limited, recommend less than 11.85m fit for 40HQ

5, Steel thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

6, PU density: 35-45 kg/m3

7, Surface: Flat or groove

8, Joint: Tongue and groove

9, Paint: PE, PVDF, HDPE, SMP, RMP

10, Color: Any RAL color

11, Delivery: 7 days

12, Production capacity: 3500m2 per day

13, Free sample

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PVC Sandwich Panel- A Comprehensive Buying Guide Presented by Sunnyda.

Do you want a great source of protection for your building from damaging external conditions? A PVC Sandwich Panel is the best solution to go for.

It is a structure that provides protection to your building from damaging external factors including excess sunlight, UV rays, or heavy rain.

Insulation material in the core is sandwiched between an inner and outer layer made of metal, steel, or aluminum.

It is available in different shapes, colors, and designs, and you can also get different types with some differences in the basic features.

Lightweight, easy transportation, durability, and strength are some major benefits or features of using it.

In this guide, we will present some cleaning and maintenance tips for the better durability of your product. Let’s dig more about it.


1.What is the PVC Sandwich Panel?
2.What is the PVC Sandwich Panel?
3.What are the Options for the Core Material of your PVC Sandwich Panel?
4.What are the Benefits of Using the PVC Sandwich Panel?
5.What are the Applications of the PVC Sandwich Panel?
6.What are Different Coatings Available for your PVC Sandwich Panel?
7.What are the Normal Sizes and Thicknesses of a PVC Sandwich Panel?
8.How can you Customize your PVC Sandwich Panel?
9.How Many Layers are Present in your PVC Sandwich Panel?
10.How Does the PVC Sandwich Panel Interact with Different Corrugated Core Shapes?
11.What Damages Occur During the Loading of the PVC Sandwich Panel?
12.How is a PVC Sandwich Panel Mobile and Efficient?
13.How Erection is Prompted in your PVC Sandwich Panel?
14.How is a PVC Sandwich Panel Hygienic?
15.What Factors Affect the Life of your PVC Sandwich Panel?
16.What Protection Measures are Necessary for the Outer Sheet of the PVC Sandwich Panel?
17.What Problems Maybe Faced by the Inner Sheet of the PVC Sandwich Panel?
18.What are the Alternatives to Metal Surface of your PVC Sandwich Panel?
19.What Things to Consider When Cleaning your PVC Sandwich Panel?
20.How to Maintain your PVC Sandwich Panel?
21.What are the Most Suitable Solutions for Various Stains on your PVC Sandwich Panel?


What is the PVC Sandwich Panel?

A PVC Sandwich Panel is a structure that comprises three layers, with the inner and outer layer at the side and the core layer present in the center.

You can use it in your homes or any other building where you want to achieve good protection from extreme sunlight and harsh weather.

The main difference between a PVC Steel Panel and any other strong building material is the lightweight, which makes its transport easier.

The most suitable area where you can install it is anywhere where there is a combined requirement of a strong but lightweight surface.


What are the Types of the PVC Sandwich Panel?

Generally, there are the following types of PVC Sandwich Panel:

  • MDF and EPS or XPS filled.
  • Dual-layer MDF-backed filled with EPS or XPS.
  • Standard laminated filled with XPS or EPS.
  • Standard filled with EPS or XPS.
  • MDF backed filled with XPS or EPS.

All these types differ in the type of construction materials used. This affects their strength and also overall durability.

So make sure that you figure out the best type that suits your requirements.


What are the Options for the Core Material of your PVC Sandwich Panel?

The type of core material that is present in your PVC Sandwich Panel affects its strength and performance.

There is a wide variety in the core material you can get:

  • Expanded Polystyrene is also known as EPS is the most commonly used core material.
  • Also, Extruded Polystyrene or XPS is widely used as core material.
  • PP Honeycomb also works as an effective material for the core of this product.
  • Polyurethane serves as an excellent material for its core.
  • PTFR and PT come among the core materials that are protected against fire.
  • Polyisocyanurate is also a suitable material to be used up in the core.


What are the Benefits of Using the PVC Sandwich Panel?

Installation is Quick and Simple

Unlike other systems, PVC Sandwich Panel is made as a continuous line and comes in entirely compliant and fully prepared components that are created in the exact size.

Insulation kinds and colors are also available based on the construction of your choice.

Due to the minimal connections on big surfaces, the installation is very simple.


Thermal Insulation to the Max

Thermal insulation enables lowering the amount of energy usage in the winter and summer season and is achieved by installing this product in your building.

A PVC Sandwich Panel is a type of construction material that is excellent for thermal insulation.

It provides excellent thermal insulation because of the use of PIR, EPS, PUR, and insulation material that uses mineral wool.

Thermal insulation using this eliminates humidity along with bacteria which is caused by movements of the heat and condensation.

This also guarantees that your structure is strong and has a long life. The proportion of the insulation material in it varies depending on the capability to bear the load.

Geographical conditions, the building’s intended use, and the thermal insulation value all have a role in choosing these PVC Sandwich Panel.



By selecting the proper PVC Sandwich Panel, you may save time and money. This may be in terms of both construction and installation in various types of structures.

Because of its ease of installation, you may undertake extension and restoration work without disrupting daily operations in the building.

The best thing is that it has a small weight that helps you to save money on transportation and construction.

The maintenance expenses are very minimal due to the long-lasting construction.

Furthermore, because the Sandwich Panel PVC can be dismantled and reused, it is both economical and practical.

In summary, it is both a quick and aesthetically pleasing option, as well as a cost-effective long-term solution.


Your Building’s Appearance

The Plastic Sandwich Panel may be used to beautify the external walls of your buildings and structures.

It might be because of its capacity to be made in a variety of shades, designs, and patterns.

It can be utilized to produce a variety of designs due to its ability to be employed in interior parts as well.

Also, because of the way it is built, it can be arranged at different angles.


High Fire Resistance

You can also select a PVC Sandwich Panel that is appropriate for your building when it comes to fire insulation.

This way you can minimize fire spread in the building and its ambient environment.

Moreover, you can achieve good protection for your life as well as the product’s life.

When selecting a PVC Sandwich Panel for fire insulation, consider aspects such as fire resistance and duration.

The size and height of your structure should also be considered while choosing your PVC Composite Panel with Mineral Wool or FM-approved PIR cores.


Tightness of Air and Water

PVC Sandwich Panel minimizes air and water leaks due to its excellent seam detail.

This way it is made sure that there is no heat escaping from your building, which is necessary for excellent thermal insulation.

With its waterproof construction, you can achieve protection against harsh weather such as heavy snow or heavy rainfall.

It also provides protection against bacteria and humidity.

It can create a healthy and comfortable atmosphere in your building by preventing corrosion on load-bearing structures.


Buildings with No Noise

PVC Sandwich Panel used on the roof and walls enhance productivity by providing healthy and comfortable environments that are free of noise.

It enables preventing workplace accidents with its mineral wool insulation core and perforated sheet metal surface.

It also holds sound insulation characteristics.

Sound insulation is required to limit the detrimental effects of noise on humans.

It helps to keep out undesirable noises and keep noise from spreading around from noisy locations.


What are the Applications of the PVC Sandwich Panel?

Here is a list of some functions that can be fulfilled using a PVC Sandwich Panel:

  • It is used in industrial and commercial buildings.
  • You can use it for the cold storage industry.
  • Many power plants use it for strong construction.
  • You will find it in different herbal and agricultural buildings for maintaining the temperature changes.
  • Most commonly, many residential buildings use it to maintain cooling and heating effectively.


What are Different Coatings Available for your PVC Sandwich Panel?

Coatings Made of Polyester

Polyester coatings have a wide range of applications due to their diversity of color and gloss possibilities.

They can also be used because they are a cost-effective alternative.

Furthermore, polyester coatings are extremely resistant to flex, abrasion, corrosion, dampness, and impact.

The application thicknesses range from 20-25 m to 60 m. It depends on the location of use and the desired performance of the PVC Sandwich Panel.


PVDF Coatings

The most notable property of PVDF coatings is their excellent tolerance to gloss, color, chalking, and a variety of chemicals.

In comparison to polyester coatings, PVDF coatings are poorer scratch durable and offer fewer gloss and color options. The application thicknesses range from 25 m to 28 m.


Polyurethane Coatings

With the help of polyamide, polyurethane coatings become very abrasion and wear-resistant, and they may be placed in plain and structured patterns.

They’re resistant to corrosion, gloss, color and they’re easy to form. Their common usage thicknesses range from 20 to 25 meters.

They are, nevertheless, also suited for bulkier applications.


Coatings Made of Plastisol

Plastisol coatings have greater application thicknesses than other coating types.

Dry film thicknesses ranging from 100 to 120 m are commonly utilized. Its greatest strength is the resistance to corrosion and dampness.

Furthermore, they are ideal for embossing. Plastisol coatings, on the other hand, are less color and gloss resistant than other coating kinds.

You can use them in humid climates as well as in the cold storage areas where sun rays are not as effective and UV protection is not required.


Films Made of PVC

PVC films are utilized as laminates over aluminum or galvanized steel surfaces in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Because of their excellent resistance to corrosion and humidity, they are especially popular in cold storage applications.

The thickness might vary depending on the location and purpose of use.

120 m to 800 m with their numerous texture options, they give an aesthetically pleasing look to the PVC Sandwich Panel.


What are the Normal Sizes and Thicknesses of a PVC Sandwich Panel?

The normal sizes and of a PVC Sandwich Panel are given below:

  • 2030x3050x10 mm
  • 1010x3050x10mm
  • 1010x3050x24 mm
  • 2030x3050x24mm


How can you Customize your PVC Sandwich Panel?

It is possible to customize your PVC Sandwich Panel by making changes in the following factors:

  • You can yourself decide the material of the first layer depending upon your application.
  • Adjusting the thickness of the first layer is your choice.
  • It is super easy to select any core material that suitably goes with your demand.
  • You always have the choice to choose the thickness of your second layer.
  • You can select the material of the second layer on the basis of your requirement.


How Many Layers Are Present in your PVC Sandwich Panel?

The PVC Sandwich Panel is made up of the following three layers:

  1. An inner layer that is thin and is coated with strong material.
  2. The core has a low density and comes between both layers.
  3. An outer lower that comes after the core and is also thin in appearance.

All these three layers are made strong so that they can contribute to the overall strength of the product.

Moreover, you are free to choose your desired materials for making up these layers, depending upon the application of your product.


How Does the PVC Sandwich Panel Interact with Different Corrugated Core Shapes?

There are three given shapes available:

  • Trapezoidal
  • Rectangular
  • Triangular

All three shapes with similar thickness are exposed to compression loading conditions such and the linear, concentrated, and planar ones.

This helps in determining the deformation and behavior of the product.

As a result, it is figured out that the rectangular PVC Sandwich Panel is the most suitable for any application.


What Damages Occur During the Loading of the PVC Sandwich Panel?

During the loading or handling process of your PVC Sandwich Panel, you can experience the following damages:

  • It can result in the plastic buckling of the cell walls.
  • Prolonged loading can cause the breakage of the delicate fibers.
  • Moreover, the densification of the foam may occur.
  • The bonds between the internal core and the surrounding layers may weaken or break.
  • Sometimes, it may stop or limit normal functioning.


How is a PVC Sandwich Panel Mobile and Efficient?

One thing that makes a PVC Sandwich Panel very easy to transport is its lightweight.

This helps in easy movement of the product with minimal effort and time requirement.

This also makes using it affordable and economical as you have to spend less money on transportation and delivery charges.


How Erection is Prompted in your PVC Sandwich Panel?

There are three main factors that contribute to the high-speed erection of your PVC Sandwich Panel:

  • Its lightweight makes its operation and functioning easier.
  • The strong and sturdy construction makes it easy to use.
  • The presence of advanced features in it contributes to the promptness of erection.


How is a PVC Sandwich Panel Hygienic?

The best thing about the PVC Sandwich Panel is that it is constructed according to the proper hygienic standards.

Moreover, it is made according to the environmental standards that will assure its safety and protection.

The cladding has special detergent carrying properties. This way it doesn’t allow the growth of bacteria.

Moreover, there is no fungus or mold growth on its surface, this ensures the proper hygiene of the PVC Sandwich Panel.


What Factors Affect the Life of your PVC Sandwich Panel?

There are many factors that affect the average life range of PVC Sandwich Panel:

  • The type and frequency of its usage matter a lot.
  • The structural components and functionality of the product have a major effect on its life.
  • The environment in which you placed it also matters for the durability of this product.
  • Humidity and moisture also have a great effect on its life.
  • The maintenance and cleaning routine of the user also has a great impact on this average life.


What Protection Measures are Necessary for the Outer Sheet of the PVC Sandwich Panel?

Being on the outer side, the outer layer faces a high exposure to the sunlight.So there can be many temperature changes occurring in it.

Ultraviolet radiations are also a big harmful source of this product’s damage.

So always make sure that your outer layer is protected against strong sunlight to continue its normal operation.

Also, it is always good to get such panels that can survive harsh weather conditions with much ease.


What Problems Maybe Faced by the Inner Sheet of the PVC Sandwich Panel?

The inner sheet of the PVC Sandwich Panel is very much exposed to internal problems such as condensation and moisture development.

Moreover, there can occur many chemical and physical changes as a result of its operation and flow within it.Many users have complaints regarding the steady accumulation of dirt in it.

It is essential to keep your product protected from these problems, otherwise, they will affect its life.


What are the Alternatives to Metal Surface of your PVC Sandwich Panel?

You have two alternatives to the metal surface of your PVC Sandwich Panel:

  1. One option is to use the pre-painted or natural stainless aluminum sheet.
  2. Another option is to use a prepainted sheet that can be made when you coat the galvalume sheet.


What Things to Consider When Cleaning your PVC Sandwich Panel?

Here are some points to consider while cleaning your PVC Sandwich Panel:

  • Surfaces should always be cleaned from top to bottom.
  • Thoroughly rinse the surface with clean water.
  • Do not exceed the suggested quantity and dilute it; instead, add the right amount of cleanser to the warm water.
  • The cleaner’s pH should be between 4 and 9.
  • High-pressure cleaning should not be performed too near to, or perpendicular to, the metal insulated panel.
  • When using a power washer, keep the following recommendations in mind: Maximum of 50 bars at 30cm from the Insulated PVC Panel’s surface
  • Respect the application temperatures, which should be between 30° C and 50° C at most.
  • To prevent pushing water into the joints, direct the high-pressure cleaner downwards at the joints.
  • Allow no more than 5 minutes for the washing solution to come into touch with the metal sandwich panel surface.
  • Using a non-abrasive cleaner, remove any residual filth.
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Do not use chlorine-containing cleaning products or similar items.
  • Mixing multiple cleaning solutions is never a good idea.
  • If you use a cleaner with a greater concentration than suggested, the surface of the metal insulated panel may be damaged, resulting in oxidation and damage to your cold room.


Cleaning Instructions

  • Areas that are dirty or discolored can be cleaned with a gentle brush and water.
  • Water pressure cleaning (up to 50 bar) can also be utilized, however, the water spray should not be sprayed too close or perpendicularly to the coating.
  • Water spray should be directed downwards at panel joints to avoid blasting pressurized water straight into the joints.
  • Old coatings should be treated with extreme caution.
  • Difficult dirt areas can be cleaned with a white spirit-soaked towel.
  • Always wash the surfaces from the bottom up, and after a few minutes, gently rinse off the detergent with water, moving from the top to the bottom.
  • Finally, water should be used to rinse the rainwater systems.


How to Maintain your PVC Sandwich Panel?

Perforations and Cut-Outs

PVC Sandwich Panel cut-outs may reduce its strength. Separate dimensioning is necessary if the cut-outs are greater than 200 mm.

Cut-outs for penetrations are often so tiny that no extra precautions are necessary owing to their impact on panel strength.

If a fire-partitioning wall is penetrated, the penetration must meet the same fire-technical criteria as the wall.



The PVC Sandwich Panel deflects as a result of load activities (wind pressure and suction).

And also the impact of the temperature difference between the internal and exterior surfaces of the PVC Sandwich Panel.

When constructing panel connections to other structures, this deflection must be taken into account.


Load-Bearing Ceiling Protection

Normal, infrequent foot activity does not damage the PVC Sandwich Panel.

But where there is a lot of foot activity, such as at entry doors or where there is a lot of equipment, make sure to consider your product’s capacity.


Scuffs and Dents

Scratches and dents that are not fixed have a negative impact on the product’s service life and should always be corrected.

When the damage is repaired quickly, the damaged region is often about a centimeter broad, making the repair simple and rapid.

But after a few years, it may be far more difficult to repair the same damage.

It may also be difficult to conceal the damage because the color of the patched paint does not always completely match the old coating.


Necessary Actions to be Taken

  • Clean the dirt on painted surfaces.
  • Visually determine if the entire wall or simply the dark areas require washing, then wash surfaces.
  • Surfaces that have been painted if are not in good condition (cracks, discolored areas), repair them.
  • Determine if the wall needs touch-up painting or repainting. If the wall has numerous flaws or is irregularly colored, repaint it.
  • If a repair is required, it is suggested that an expert be consulted.
  • Make sure that you get rid of the blemishes and dents
  • Examine the PVC Composite Boards for dings and scratches, then dent repair and touch-up paint.
  • Every ten years, fastening must be inspected. Take one screw out and inspect its condition.
  • If the screw becomes corroded, contact the screw manufacturer for advice on whether additional repairs are required.


What are the Most Suitable Solutions for Various Stains on your PVC Sandwich Panel?


To wash the oil stains, scrub it with some acetone or any other organic solvent. Then make a soapy solution to clean away the excess.


Discolored Areas

Firstly, use any good quality abrasive powder to scrub, following a detailed washing with sufficient water. You can also use a 10% phosphoric acid solution.



The best thing is to polish the surface of the PVC Sandwich Panel with an abrasive agent. Now, apply soap and scrub the stain and then wash with a sufficient amount of water and finally dry it.


Rust Stains

To get rid of rust stains, firstly you have to spread a good amount of oxalic acid solution for at least 20 minutes.

You can also use cleaning powder following the same procedure as mentioned above.


Paint Stains

Paint stains are one of the toughest stains but using a paint solvent has made the task much easier.

For easy and quick results, you may scrub the spot with a good quality soft brush.



Firstly, wash the stain with acetone or spirit, let it stay for a few seconds, and then wash with cold water and wait for it to dry.



A PVC Sandwich Panel works very well for better insulation and protection of your building.Always keep it clean for both your and the product’s safety.

But make sure that you are always putting great time and effort to keep it maintained to continue its normal functioning.


FAQs for PVC Sandwich Panel.

What Surfaces are Suitable for Installing PVC Sandwich Panel?

You can install the PVC Sandwich on smooth and tiled surfaces. However, if you want to attach it to a rough or hard surface, you have to use nails or adhesive tape.


What Temperature is Most Suitable for Installing the PVC Sandwich Panel?

60°C is the most suitable temperature for installing the PVC Sandwich Panel. Moreover, avoid placing it near excessive heat or stove-type areas.


What Type of Adhesive is Suitable for Fixing the PVC Sandwich Panel?

SC 1002 glue is the most suitable adhesive for fixing the PVC Sandwich Panel. But make sure that it is of good quality so it provides extra protection to your product.


Is It Good to add Extra Silicone to your PVC Sandwich Panel?

Adding extra silicone to your PVC Sandwich Panel is most appropriate when the environment is wet. This will provide water resistance properties.


Which Tool is Suitable for Cutting PVC Sandwich Panel?

You can cut your PVC Sandwich Panel using a saw or a sharp knife. It is optional to go for an electric or even a manual saw.


Which Chemicals are Suitable for Removing Limescale Residues from your PVC Sandwich Panel?

Citric acid, acetic acid, and ammonium hydroxide are some powerful chemicals that you can easily use to clean or remove limescale residues from your PVC Sandwich Panel.


Is PVC Sandwich Panel Harmful to the Environment?

No, PVC Sandwich Panel is not at all harmful to the environment. It emits pollution to a very less degree that is safe for human health as well as our environment.


Is PVC Sandwich Panel Better Than Tiles?

Yes, a PVC Sandwich Panel is better than tiles as it is easier to install. Moreover, it saves a lot of time and effort during installation.


What are Some Common Designs Available in PVC Sandwich Panel?

The two most common designs in which you can get the PVC Sandwich Panel are V-Groove and the Virtually Seamless.


How can you Achievea Finished Look for the Corners of your PVC Sandwich Panel?

There are special trims that are very useful in achieving a finished looking in the corners or edges of your PVC Sandwich Panel. These are even suitable for the floors.


How to Install Spotlights in your PVC Sandwich Panel?

You can install spotlights in your PVC Sandwich Panel by drilling holes with 60°C temperature. Always consider a 10mm distance between the surface and the spotlight.


Is it Possible to Recycle your PVC Sandwich Panel?

Yes, you can recycle your PVC Sandwich Panel. This is possible due to its special construction and recyclable materials present in this product, you can take it to any plastic recycling area.


Why can’t you Place your PVC Sandwich Panel Near a Cooker?

You can’t place your PVC Sandwich Panel because of the excess heat, deformation can occur in it.

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