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Your Reliable Partner and RHS Steel Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda has been manufacturing and supplying steel hollow sections for over 20 years. It comes in a variety of sizes, finishes, and grades, suit different industry needs. If you can’t find in our selection your exact requirements, then we can cut to order steel to your preference.

Sunnyda offers a quick turnaround service for your RHS steel. Whether used for architectural or construction applications, we can supply more economical products intended for its term of use. Sunnyda got your back all the time. Let us know your project now we will help you get exactly what you need.

All Sunnyda RHS steel provides the highest strength and superior protection. Rectangular hollow structural sections are extremely tough and durable. In residential, industrial, agricultural, or commercial structures, Sunnyda RHS steel meet required properties. Give us a call today for a complete solution of your needs.

Ultimate Guide for Sunnyda RHS Steel

Are you having difficulties looking for high-quality RHS steel for your construction needs? Sunnyda got you covered.

Sunnyda is one of the largest manufacturers of rectangular hollow section steel in China. We have the widest range of these products ranging from smallest to largest size.

Sunnyda RHS steels are commonly used for construction, furniture, automotive, and machinery. We have the standard and customized types of rectangular hollow section steel available at a low cost.

Also, other types are available pre-galvanized and painted. Sunnyda built rectangular hollow section steel with maximum toughness and durability. It is available in different colors and finishes.

The strength and versatility are what our products are made. It is designed to resist pressure, high temperature, and destructive elements.

Our rectangular hollow section steel is made from fine quality materials and can last for so many years. Your customers can use it in any construction they want.

Whether it’s industrial, residential, commercial, or agricultural structures, our rectangular hollow section steel is always applicable.

In searching for the most reliable manufacturer of rectangular hollow section steel in China, Sunnyda is what you are looking for. We are experts when it comes to manufacturing these products.

For over two decades, Sunnyda has already gained experience in manufacturing and distributing products that offer satisfaction to all customers.

As an enterprise that focuses on manufacturing products like rectangular hollow section steel, we are your reliable supplier in this industry. We have already delivered rectangular hollow section steel in different countries like Africa, America, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, and many more.

Sunnyda aims to help you gain the same success that we have. We offer products with outstanding quality and performance. Our company is composed of professional engineers that always keep on searching advanced techniques and ideas for manufacturing rectangular hollow section steel.

We only used high technology manufacturing machines like the latest CNC cutting machines, gas welding machines, straightening machines, shot blasting machines, gantry welding machines, and many more.

No need to worry, whether you have a small or large order, Sunnyda is still happy to entertain and assist you. We assigned a team to help customers find their ideal products and receive good services. This team is available 24/7.

Need rectangular hollow section steel? Check out Sunnyda now!

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