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Sandwich Panel Roof is significant because it protects and conceals the electrical and plumbing systems above them, or because it provides us with something to gaze at when we are bored. On the other hand, we all know that ceilings are far more significant.

Ceiling solutions that are well designed and well installed have a significant impact on how we feel and connect with a structure. If it is well technically planned and constructed according to requirements, it can have an impact on energy expenses.

Sunnyda offers the highest quality of Sandwich Panel Roof which includes a variety of features and benefits that can be used in a variety of settings. We not only have a large selection of pre-designed models, but we also provide exceptional best customization services based on your demands and application.

Sunnyda never compromises on the quality of materials or procedures that we used to build our products. Before and after the installation of the Sandwich Panel Roof, Sunnyda provides dependable customer assistance as well as exceptional service.

Sunnyda is the best leading insulated panel manufacturer. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that are manufactured by our professional and expert.

Sunnyda is one of the supreme Sandwich Panel Roof manufacturers and suppliers in the business with a top ranking among the leading suppliers. Our expertise, high quality of work, and thorough understanding of Sandwich Penal Roof manufacturing and distribution have led us down the road to success.

Furthermore, we ensure that our items are both reasonable and long-lasting so that you do not have any need to purchase them again. Please make a call right now to place your order for Sandwich Panel Roof, and provide all of the essential info to our customer service team so that we can suggest the best one for you.

Panel Thickness

Panel WeightKAverage Sound Insulation(bd)

Max. Span At Load 50kg/m2


KgW/m2 0C

Kcal/m2 h 0C










Color EPS steel sandwich panel

Surface s colored steel sheet, core material is self-extinguishing polystyrene. It is continous heated and pressured in molding machine, then composited by the heat-curing adhesive. Its very light, 1/20-1/30 equivalent weight of concrete, keeping warm and insulating heat, its heat transfer value is 0.034W/mk. Easy to install. It’s new material with all the advantages of weight bearing, warm keeping, waterproofing, decoration.


Ceiling and surround for clean factory, workshop for clean products, warehouse, cold room., long span panel, reinforcing the original structure, temporary office, shop, market, koist.


1, Fire rating: B1

2, Thickness: 50mm, 60mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm, 150mm, 180m, 200mm

3, Width:  Wall-1200mm (effective 1150mm), 1000mm (effective 950mm), Roof- 1000mm (effective 980)

4, Length: no limited, recommend less than 11.85m fit for 40HQ

5, Steel thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

6, EPS density: 12-20 kg/m3

7, Surface: Wall flat or groove, roof corrugated

8, Joint: Tongue and groove

9, Paint: PE, PVDF, HDPE, SMP, RMP

10, Color: Any RAL color

11, Delivery: 4-7 days

12, Production capacity: 3500m2 per day

13, Free sample

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Sandwich Panel Roof-A Comprehensive Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Sandwich Panel Roof is an extremely useful construction with layers, a center, and thin materials wrapped around the two slides. Moisture, excess heat, and fire are all prevented by the core’s thermos insulation substance.

Exterior edges of the Sandwich Panel Roof are mostly used for ornamentation. The core is highly robust while yet being quite light.

If we see in the field of construction, it is becoming incredibly famous. These Panels are frequently seen as an external covering for single and multi-stories building projects.

This is required for weather frication, self-weight, access loads, resistance to wind loading, and many other aspects. This is also required to make protected interior coverings, roof tiles, partitions (such as in cold stores) and perform the role as a fire-resistant of compartment walls.


1.What is Sandwich Panel Roof?
2.What are the Specifications of Sandwich Panel Roof?
3.What are the Features of Sandwich Panel Roof?
4.What Materials used for Filling Sandwich Panel Roof Structure?
5.What are the Parts of Sandwich Panel Roof?
6.What are the Applications of Sandwich Panel Roof?
7.What are the uses of Sandwich Panel Roof?
8.What is New in Sandwich Panel Roof?
9.What are the Benefits of Sandwich Panel Roof?
10.How Sandwich Panel Roof is Energy Efficient and Self Supporting Residential Roof?
11.How to Install your Sandwich Panel Roof?
12.How Sandwich Panel Roofs are Noise-Free Buildings?
13.What is the Most Important Thing Keep in Mind when you are Buying your Sandwich Panel Roof?
14.How to Make a Suitable Restroom with Sandwich Panel Roof?
15.How to Know the Life of your Sandwich Panel Roof?
16.Is Sandwich Panel Roof Waterproof?
17.How Sandwich Panel Roof is Suitable for all Seasons?
18.How to Solve Common Problems of your Sandwich Panel Roof?


What is Sandwich Panel Roof?

A Sandwich Panel Roof is a product that is used to protect the walls and buildings from the outside factors and provides the simplest and cost-effective way for them to maintain a strong presence.

It is an effective choice due to of their great structural strength and lightweight. It is popular and widely used due to its durability and lightweight.

This is commonly used in industrial facilities, office properties, cold storage facilities, residential structures, power plants agricultural, and husbandry structures. Sandwich Panel Roof is also used on walls, roofs, ceilings, etc.

The sandwich composite’s core material is generally a low strength material, but its increased thickness and it gives exceptionally bending stiffness while maintaining a low density.

Core materials include open and closed-cell structural foam, polystyrene, syntactic foam, and honeycomb.


What are the Specifications of Sandwich Panel Roof?

These are the specifications of the Sandwich Panel Roof.

  • Sandwich Roofing Sheets have Long term effectiveness.
  • The installation method is very simple.
  • Insulated Roof Panels have the capacity of energy efficiency that is cost-effective.
  • The ability to minimize the peak height.
  • It’s possible to use it for a variety of roof shapes.
  • Sandwich Panel Roof is easy and cost-effective parapets.


What are the Features of Sandwich Panel Roof?

  • Sandwich Panel Roof is designed to overlap roofs for a variety of applications.
  • It is composed of multiple layers.
  • Aluminum Sandwich Panel Roof is best for sound absorption.
  • It is good for sound blocking.
  • Corrugated Sandwich Panel is the best source of reflection of light.
  • It is not necessary to paint it to make it look attractive.


What Materials used for Filling Sandwich Panel Roof Structure?

  • Sandwich Panel Roof is made of ribbed steel panels that allow being installed a constructed roof system.
  • Flexural rigidity is increased by stiffness.
  • The strength of tensile and compressive are high.
  • If you talked about the secondary framework, then self-practice screws secure the profiled steel panel.
  • On the other hand, stitching screws are used to secure the panel’s overlaps.
  • In most cases, the secondary structure is made up of Z purlins spaced 1.5 meters apart from the primary structure.
  • The type of built-up roof is based on the thermal insulation changes.


What are the Parts of Sandwich Panel Roof?

  • Sandwich Panel Roof is often made up of three segments is known as two thin, stiff, and strong sides
  • The three segments are separated by a softcore, light and thick.
  • To achieve a load transfer between parts, the faces are tightly connected to the core.


What are the Applications of Sandwich Panel Roof?

Metal Sandwich Panels Roofs are a permanent and cost-effective alternative for various facilities such as markets to pools and from industries to the stadium.

This is rapidly becoming popular as an item in new fields like military centers, agriculture buildings, workplace buildings, and silos, in addition to industrial buildings and public spaces

Sandwich Roof structures are also used in transportation, applications such as automobiles, subway trains, and cars to minimize weight and pollution after that integrate the details for lower production costs, as well as also provide thermal and acoustic insulation.

The sandwich pattern may be found on the flooring both interior and exterior panels.


What are the uses of Sandwich Panel Roof?

The use of Sandwich Metal Roof Panel in construction has increased during the last few decades. They are less expensive, lightweight, sterile, simple to install, and capable of providing a good thermal barrier. While they do not spark fires, they have been linked to hazardous activity that resulted in the rapid-fire spread.

This is commonly used in cold storage. Food sectors, electronics, and medicines, but they can be found virtually anyplace.


What is New in Sandwich Panel Roof?

As time passes everything has been modifying according to the needs of society. The current Sandwich Roofing Sheets structures are manufactured by light materials that have a high strength to weight ratio as compared to other Sandwich Panels that are manufactured in past.

The most important concept of it is that the external surfaces transfer bending (flexural and compression) loads, whereas the core passes shearing loads.


What are the Benefits of Sandwich Panel Roof?

Following are some outstanding advantages of Sandwich Panel Roof:

  • Prefabricated panels have a lot of flexibility.
  • These panels are available to a variety of specifications to meet the needs of clients.
  • Installation is simple and quick.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Low-cost maintenance.
  • Simple to reuse and move.
  • Attractive to the eye.
  • Longevity in abundance.


How Sandwich Panel Roof is Energy Efficient and Self Supporting Residential Roof?

Sandwich Panel Roof has the abilities of energy saving that are governed by the kind of core.

Due to the presence of sealing and airtightness of the lock. During the process of installation, an EPDM seal can be inserted in the Panel that makes ensure that this panel has superior airtightness and energy-efficient.


How to Install your Sandwich Panel Roof?

  • First of all, fix the panel to the structure below the roof edge with one fastener, then at the eaves to the other structures.
  • Secondly, three self-practicing bolts are driven by the top of the triangular panel that secures the edge panels to the purlin.
  • Third, two bolts secure the Centre panels to the structure.
  • Both the central and edge panels are fastened by using the same self-practicing fasteners for example L02 fastener for cold-bent structures and L01 fasteners for hot-rolled structures.
  • The use of extra LO3 self-practicing fasteners spaced roughly every 430 mm or according to the technical design of the structure to guarantee total joint tightness.
  • In the end, fixing the Lo3 fasteners is best done with a multipurpose screwdriver. The ultimate number of fasteners in the project is determined by the function object because it has various types of loads in edge zones.


How Sandwich Panel Roofs are Noise Free Buildings?

If we used Acoustic Sandwich Panel with the help of mineral wool, then it boosts productivity by producing safe and peaceful areas free of cost.

Insulation core and perforated sheet metal surface are lead to noise decreasing features.


What is the Most Important Thing Keep in Mind When you are Buying your Sandwich Panel Roof?

  • First of all, the most important thing that you keep in mind is that you must determine the needs of your project before purchasing the Sandwich Panel for Roofing.
  • What will be the panel used for a roof or wall?
  • Is the Insulated Panel’s working environment aggressive or not?
  • What will the wall’s resistance to wind loads be?
  • Are the project’s aesthetic requirements important or not?
  • Do you also require noise isolation?
  • What are the project’s fire safety needs?
  • What will the roof’s resistance to snow loads be?
  • Insulating panels differ from one another due to certain characteristics. so it’s compulsory first of all to evaluate the features and then ensure that these panels meet your project’s needs.
  • The most important thing is that don’t base your decision on the cost of insulated panels.
  • The construction procedure is simplified and consequently faster and most significantly less expensive when panels are used.
  • Panels are finished components that can be easily attached to a steel framework.
  • There are three types of Insulated Roof Panels. Each type has its panel core. Materials with mineral wool, polyurethane, and EPS cores are available. Each type is designed to address a distinct problem.
  • When you are selecting Sandwich Roof Sheets, the best thing that you have to remember is that the best light access should be taken into account. Small polyester windows can also give this specific flashing.


How to Make a Suitable Restroom with Sandwich Panel Roof?

If you want a cold room during summer, then you should keep the low temperature in a room. You can control the temperature of a room by the thickness of Sandwich Metal Roof Panels.

So thickness should be carefully chosen to keep the low temperature of a room.

The thickness of the plastic between the iron sheet is important because it can hold more temperature if it is thicker.

The thickness of the panel’s foam will keep the temperature consistent and the temperature in the room did not transfer to the outdoors.


How to Know the Life of your Sandwich Panel Roof?

Polymer coated galvanized steel is the ideal option of exterior material of Aluminum Sandwich Panel Roofing to ensuring the long life and maintenance of operational features of a product.

It’s important to consider the steel-facing qualities when selecting these panels. S280, S320, and S350 structural steel grades having flow limits of 280-350 MPa can be utilized to make sandwich panels according to DSTU EN 10346:2014.

Despite this, many manufacturers employ DX51 steel grade, which is not structural and hence unsuitable for non-bearing sandwich panels, in order to save money.


Is Sandwich Panel Roof Waterproof?

Sandwich Roofing is exceptionally strong and its hardness is not affected by humidity levels. The panels are comprised of waterproofing foam that is impervious to mildew and other biological influences.

If you see panels regarding the simple long-lasting and safe manner of Sandwich Panel Ceiling, you see that liquid rubber can be used as a waterproof because liquid rubber is always sprayed cold there are no concerns associated with using an open flame.

The capacity to cover the movements of the panels is ensured by liquid rubber’s high flexibility. So you can say that Sandwich Panel is waterproof.


How Sandwich Panel Roof is Suitable for all Seasons?

It is suitable for all seasons. Insulated Roof Panels make your house cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

So it is keeping your family comfortable the whole year. By using these panels, you can keep your carport at a comfortable temperature, whether it’s attached to your house or stand-alone is a wonderful idea.

It implies that when you are in your carport in the summer it won’t be too hot and you won’t have to feel any need to run the air conditioner to cool down the temperature in a carport.

Many homeowners keep a variety of stuff under their carports. By insulating the room, you can avoid damage from heat stress and temperature swings throughout the year.

If your carport is attached to your house, failing to properly insulate it can reduce your home’s overall energy efficiency.


How to Solve Common Problems of your Sandwich Panel Roof?


Roof leaks can be a big concern if you live in a location where there is a lot of rain or snow. As a result, the roof may be damaged in a variety of ways. The leakage could also reach the texture, walls, destroying the paint and other finishes.

Insulated Roof Panel may leak if the fasteners are exposed to the majority of the elements of the issues come when the roof is not installed properly.

To fix this problem, it is vital to ensure the quality of roofing metal in order to deal with or avoid issues. Furthermore, the proper fitting will assist keep any harm caused by leaks out of the way.


The second problem that is the most prevalent problem with Sandwich Panel Roof Installation is that they are prone to be scraped. This can occur as a result of a variety of circumstances and activities.

Manufacturers must take precautions to avoid scratching, especially during the preparation process. Transportation companies must also be cautious during the procedure.

Likewise, contractors must ensure that the metal sheets or panels are not rubbed against them during placement. If you want to avoid scratching on the roof, then it’s must be compulsory to avoid walking on it after the installation.

When relocating or shipping it must ensure that corner protectors have been used across metal sheets. If you do not want to scratch or scuffing, then listing tools should be used.

To solve this problem, you should apply a paint coating that has the same as the roof color. But this can be done only when there is a minor scratch, if large areas of the roof have been damaged then it will be necessary to repair it.

Canning With Oil

This can be seen in the Metal Sandwich Panel Roof consisting of aluminum, zinc, steel, copper, and other materials. It appears in the form of wrinkles or waves as a result of stress, coiling, rolling, and repeated slicing are the main causes of stress.

It could also happen if there is not space for seasonal temperature change and contraction.

To deal with this problem, it can be better to select Metal Sheets that are thick and composed of a low glass substance. If oil canning does occur.

This minimizes the possibility as well as visibility. When you cut the sheets then a ribbed roller must be used to slit along the flat portions.

Various Types of Corrosion

Metal Sandwich Panel Roofs are also called corrosion resistant. Different types of corrosion do occur in many circumstances. If the coating is not done properly then water can become trapped behind the panel.

This can rust the Sandwich Panel Roofing and become the cause of damage in the long run. People who live in or live near coastal areas must be cautious about the metals they use. Due to this reason, roofs will be more susceptible to seawater corrosion.

Aluminum Metal Roofs are ideal metals for these homes. When two distinct metals come into touch with one another and mix with water or electrolytes, this occurs.

Even more energetic or responsive metal will corrode in this situation that becomes the cause of damage to a part of the roof.

Solving the problem of corrosion in many forms demands the selection of a suitable metal for the roof, as well as the application of a protective layer. Various kinds of metals should be avoided as well since this will considerably prevent corrosion.

Chalking and Colour Fading

The roof of your houses will always be visible to the atmosphere and ultraviolet radiation of the sun regardless of where it is located. The common effects of ultraviolet rays are chalking and color fading. When UV radiations destroy the paint resin, a white deposition forms on the roof is called chalking

When the color pigment is broken by atmospheric factors such as water or UV radiation, fading occurs. This could also happen as a result of extended exposure to pollutants.

The degree of fading and chalking is determined by the geography or location as well as the climate. Sanitation and toxicity levels are important issues to consider.

To solve this problem high-quality adhesive must be used to avoid color fading and chalking. Many companies also offer warranties of color fading.

Installation Errors

Several metal roof problems are caused by improper installation, in addition to difficulties caused by external causes. Loose screws, improper fitting or finishing, and incorrect connections can all contribute to roof durability issues.

Professionally skilled persons can assist you in preventing any future damage to your roof.



It is critical to understand how the Insulated Roof Panels are constructed and fitted before utilizing them.

To extend the life of your product, you must follow the necessary maintenance instructions that came with it. Additionally, keeping Sandwich Panel Roof Installation free of issues will increase efficiency in order to achieve stability.

You should take your time in search of the most suitable product after evaluating the most significant purchasing traits. Then apply some effort to finding the best manufacturer to get your best quality Sandwich Panel.

The much more important thing is to keep your Sandwich Panel Roof Sheet in good working order at first. If any issue arises, attempt to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible before it becomes severe.


FAQS of Sandwich Panel Roof

Why you should use Sandwich Panel Roof in your homes?

There are many benefits of using Sandwich Panels in your homes, but the most important is that it minimizes and eliminates temperature shifts from one environment to another.

It is designed as an insulant only when the value of thermal conductivity is less than0, 065 w/mk.


Could you stand on Sandwich Panel Roof after they have been installed?

Yes, because Sandwich Panels Roof is designed in such a way that people stand up to 140 kg. You can stand only on the supported area of the roof.

It means you are not allowed to loads to that area of the roof which is an unsupported part of the roof.


Is it possible for you to install a Ceiling Fan on my Sandwich Panel Roof?

Of course, you can install any electrical item on the Sandwich Panel Roof’s ceiling side.


Is it Possible to Run electrical services from a Sandwich Panel Roof?

Yes, you can run from the panel connect a service void is supplied to allow the passage of electrical cables. This happens only when fitted by a skilled electrician.


What is the Role of R-Value in Sandwich Panel Roof?

R-value has great importance in Sandwich Panel Roof because it’s a scoring system for grading the insulating characteristics of thermal products.

If you see to the letter R that represents resistance and it refers to a material’s resistance to heat movement. The insulation value R is determined by its density, its form, and thickness.


Which type of Surface is Best for Sandwich Panel Roof to be Installed on?

Sandwich Panel roof should be installed on a clean, leveled, and object-free surface.


What to Consider when you Purchasing a Sandwich Panel Roof?

Some people think that the quality of the product depends on the price but there are also some other important factors.

One of the most important factors that should be considered is thermal resistance. This is necessary to select carefully insulating substance that based on the needs level of insulation.


What is the Best Method to Ventilate a Sandwich Panel Roof?

In many regions according to their temperature, a ventilated roof is not compulsory. If we regarding model codes, then the roof can be ventilated and non-ventilated.

Because Sandwich Panel Roof has no conductive heat loss, that eliminates the concerns that come with a non-ventilated roof. If you want a ventilated roof, then 2x strips must be added to the top and then covered with sheathing to create a vented lattice.


How can you Install Wires on your Sandwich Panel Roof?

If you see according to the manufacturer’s point of view your roofs can be pre-wired according to your specification. If you want to gain access to electrical wires, then drill the holes in the sill and top plates.


Can you get a Furnished Sandwich Panel Roof from the Manufacturer?

Of course, you can get the furnished Sandwich Roofing. However, if you want to get additional specifics then you should have to talk about it to the manufacturer.

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