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  • Thickness 40-200mm
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We all wonder for an unbeatable construction material that we can confidently use for the walls of our homes, offices, industries, factories, and all other required places. The use of a Sandwich PUF Panel is currently at its peak due to its weather-resistant, fire-resistant, and cost-friendly nature.

We, at Sunnyda, manufacture, and trade high-quality Sandwich PUF Panel, which is designed by using excellent cutting-edge techniques, the latest technology, and premium quality.

We construct this material in several sizes (varying width, length, and height) right per our customer’s demands.

Our products stand out in the market due to their outstanding efficiency, quick installation, low maintenance, fine finishing, and high durability.

Our experienced and dedicated team professionally built all the items that served for years and years; therefore, our patrons adore and recommend our products. Due to this dedicated team, we can deliver first-class insulated, dependable, and modern technique material to build warehouses, building sheds, and various roofs.

Additionally, Sunnyda also tries to reduce our customer’s pre-construction and post-construction worries and deliver impeccable characteristic products that can eliminate wall and roof cladding.

Safety is our priority; hence, we sell thermal-insulated, structurally strong, and damage-resistant Sandwich PUF Panel. Moreover, we prefer to use globally accepted and high-level raw materials that make us design environment-friendly and par excellence products beyond our customers’ expectations.

Luckily, Sunnyda also owns a vast distribution network that manifests a smooth supply chain in the market and ensures distribution right according to the decided timeline. Last but not least, our up-to-date equipment and machines support timely production; similarly, our vigilant and experienced staff never break the commitment of the delivery frame.

If you also want to buy a top-grade Sandwich PUF Panel along with 24/7/365 customer services, Sunnyda is a perfect industry for you! Buying from Sunnyda we pay off your every penny!

Panel Thickness
Hot Modulus(K)
W/m2 oC
Steel Th.
Steel Weight
Panel Weight

PU panel: Polyurethane sandwich panel

Thermal Conductivity: 0.021 W/mK

Temperature range: up to 110°C

Water absorption: 2.5-3%


Ceiling and surround for clean factory, workshop for clean products, warehouse, cold room., long span panel, reinforcing the original structure, temporary office, shop, market, koist.


1, Fire rating: B2

2, Thickness: 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm

3, Width: 1000mm (effective 970mm)

4, Length: no limited, recommend less than 11.85m fit for 40HQ

5, Steel thickness: 0.4-0.8mm

6, PU density: 35-45 kg/m3

7, Surface: Flat or groove

8, Joint: Tongue and groove

9, Paint: PE, PVDF, HDPE, SMP, RMP

10, Color: Any RAL color

11, Delivery: 7 days

12, Production capacity: 3500m2 per day

13, Free sample

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A Crucial Buying Guide of Sandwich PUF Panel by Sunnyda.

Sandwich PUF Panel is an extraordinary and multifunctional construction material that is being vastly used worldwide; it is a combination of fire retardant, eco-friendly, hygienic, and hard-wearing material.

Aside from strength, it is an aesthetically pleasing and decorative material that adds up the beauty where it is getting installed (kitchen, bathroom, auditorium, feature wall, etc.). This distinctive product is time-saving, effort-reducing, and energy-saving; in short, it is a perfect investment for your home.

This latest product has dramatically replaced traditional construction materials because Sandwich PUF Panel is best-in-class, advanced in technology, and high in quality.

This flexible and robust material can be easily fit wherever you want, but it neither cracks nor breaks; no matter what the situation is, Sandwich PUF Panel always pays off its price.

In addition, its airtight and noise reduction features make it the best bet for hospitals, commercial, large-scale buildings, or any other place where you want. This resilient material is at the top priority of the health-concerned and hygienic people because it doesn’t let the microbes grow over it.

Let’s dig out more about this integral information!


1.What is a Sandwich PUF Panel?
2.What are the Features of a Sandwich PUF Panel?
3.What are the Characteristics of Customized Sandwich PUF Panel?
4.What are the Key Attributes of a Sandwich PUF Panel?
5.What are the Outstanding Qualities of Insulated Sandwich PUF Panel?
6.Which Material is used in the Manufacturing of Sandwich PUF Panel?
7.What is the Process of Manufacturing a Sandwich PUF Panel?
8.What are Tips for Buying a Sandwich PUF Panel?
9.Why are the Reasons to Choose a Sandwich PUF Panel?
10.How Unique and Versatile a Sandwich PUF Panel is?
11.What is the Contribution of the Sandwich PUF Panel in the Construction Industry?
12.What are the Advantages of the Sandwich PUF Panel?
13.Why is the Sandwich PUF Panel with the Double Tongue Manufactured?
14.What are the Common Places where you can Install Sandwich PUF Panel?
15.How can you Install your Sandwich PUF Panel?
16.What Efforts do you Need to Put for Sandwich PUF Panel Maintenance?
17.What are the Key Facts of a Sandwich PUF Panel?
18.What are the Challenges of a Sandwich PUF Panel?


What is a Sandwich PUF Panel?

The Sandwich PUF Panel has a few other names: Composite Panel or Structural Insulating Panel (SIP). It is made up of two intricate layers which are connected at both ends of its lightweight yet powerful core.

Its components work together as a composite; that is a combination of smart features and a superior performance which is feasible for every panoramic and industrial building. There is no place that doesn’t use this strongest, resilient, and high-resisting material.

Sandwich PUF Panel is the best replacement for unconventional and non-sturdy materials: wood, steel, mud, etc. Furthermore, it has emerged as the most effective and vital choice material to build a wide range of structures.

You can use it for the Number of Places:

  • Exhibition halls
  • Production halls
  • Cold rooms
  • Airports
  • Heavy Plants
  • Agricultural buildings, and many others


What are the Features of a Sandwich PUF Panel?

The Exceptional Features of this Sandwich PUF Panel are:

  • The manufacturing designs of this construction material are outstanding and latest.
  • It comes in various lengths, diameters, and volumes.
  • This high-grade material is sturdy, durable, and gigantic in structure.
  • Due to its lightweight, you can easily lift, carry, and install it at any height within the plant or other places.
  • However, its frameless construction and moderate design are feasible to handle and install in any building.
  • It is insulated in nature; keeps the heat and temperature away. As a result, it keeps the place cool.
  • A wide range of designs are available; you can pick any design and color combination.
  • The construction is meticulously done by engineers; its premium material is internationally approved and fulfills all legal building codes and requirements.
  • You can easily install it without any fatigue.
  • Construction is entirely waterproof and requires minimal or no maintenance.
  • Heat-resisting quality saves your power.


What are the Characteristics of Customized Sandwich PUF Panel?

You can add the Following Features while Customizing your Sandwich PUF Panel;

  • The configuration size: area and volume, etc.
  • Multiple layouts are offered, and the design can also be changed according to the customers’ desires.
  • Additional core layers can also be added to make it more durable and more lasting.
  • Customized Sandwich PUF Panel can be more aesthetic, decorative, and appealing, right what you order.
  • Your additionally added features could make it more costly than a regular one.
  • Luckily, you can also remove it several times from a wall and get it installed on another partition or place.
  • You can make your customized Sandwich PUF Panel more luxurious by adding your desired configuration.
  • Customized and particular textures can be added to uplift the beauty.


What are the Key Attributes of a Sandwich PUF Panel?

  • The material of the construction is reliable in nature and trustworthy in structure.
  • At the time of need, it is simple to pull off and easily carry from one place to another place.
  • You can quickly and effortlessly complete its installation on your own.
  • Its protective nature keeps the water, fire, and termite away.
  • Due to its thermal insulation property, it helps to save power.
  • A closed-cell PUF system makes it CFCs free.
  • The acoustic and thermal insulation makes it user-friendly.
  • Power-saving features make it significantly more economical.
  • Withstanding material has a heavy load-bearing capacity and long-term durability.
  • Waterproofed material keeps the wall premier vapor and water protective.
  • Flexible options give you numerous opportunities in selections.
  • You can easily install without exerting a hard labor force.
  • Within days, you get a fully powered and insulated home that looks aesthetically great.
  • Harsh weather doesn’t have an adverse impact on it because it is weather-resistant and corrosion-free.
  • Polyurethane foam insulation is completely safe for the environment.
  • All in all, it is scratch-resistant; if you have kids in your home, you don’t require to keep a constant eye on it.


What are the Outstanding Qualities of Insulated Sandwich PUF Panel?

There are Numerous Outstanding Qualities of the Sandwich PUF Panel, which are:

  • The insulated Sandwich PUF Panel is energy-efficient and long-lasting.
  • Multiple things can be easily adaptable.
  • The construction material can resist wind speeds up to the maximum.
  • High-resisting nature makes it resistant to the changing climate: heavy snow, heat, rain, etc.
  • Being insulated, it can endure temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius and as high as +50 degrees Celsius.
  • It is prevented from cross heat transfer between the interior and the outside atmosphere, which has a heat capacity of 0.018 KCal.
  • You can install it simply with the screw-down method.
  • This building material is lightweight, compact, and has good strength properties, making them suitable sizes.
  • Corrosion-free quality makes it impenetrable to air and water.


Which Material is used in the Manufacturing of Sandwich PUF Panel?

It comprises top and bottom color steel plates; its intermediary foamed makeup polyurethane is considered the core material.

This core material is thermally insulated, which provides the strength to face every change powerfully without compromising performance.

The PUF bond between its two sheets is superbly pre-coated and contains 0.5 mm thickness; the reason for this is its finishing. For extra loading and extended span, this stable material is effectively insulated.


What is the Process of Manufacturing a Sandwich PUF Panel?

The Sandwich PUF Panel is manufactured by following a regular yet meticulous manufacturing procedure. Its upper and bottom metal sheets are clamped and supplied into the machine by the plant’s unwinding equipment.

The manufacturing system first cleans both the sheet metal backsides with high frequency to clean greases and dirt to ensure the greatest possible following. Then the distribution bonding between foam and metal sheet is ensured.

The protective films are placed outside of both metal sheets to keep them safe at the time of shipping.

The sheets are joined with the bottom sheet having foamed by the swinging foam head and the top sheet being mechanically stabilized.

It is given in a continuous line instead of the thermal drying tunnel, where the foam extends to its total volume. The bind of the sheets turns both sheets into a single robust and shear-resistant composite.

After exiting the tunnel, it is chopped with a flying saw/cutter to your desired size and requirements.


What are Tips for Buying a Sandwich PUF Panel?

The Following are the tips that you should keep in mind while Buying a Sandwich PUF Panel.

  • You should ensure that it is created with a foaming machine with high pressure. (the ideal density limit is 40 ± 2 kg/m³).
  • A minimum of 90gsm galvanizing should be used on the upper and bottom sheets, making it rust-resistant.
  • The bottom coat should be present at a minimum of 20 to 25 microns of topcoat and seven microns on the metal sheet.
  • It should have a locking arrangement including tongue & groove and also a Cam Locking system.


Why are the Reasons to Choose a Sandwich PUF Panel?

There are many Reasons to Choose this Amazing Sandwich PUF Panel:

Amazing Insulating Properties

It has Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) base metals with high heat protection ability and elegant and acceptable installation. The installation node design secured the sealing and heat insulation effect of the entire cleanroom enclosing system.

 High File Protection

Polyurethane is a thermosetting material in EPS and XPS, which creates a solid coking layer on combustion instead of melting and leaking. It can improve the flame-resistant ability of a compound with a surface of the metal better.

Long-Lasting Plate

It comes with a stainless-steel plate or high coated steel with good strength and heat resistance. It has rigid polyurethane foam with a high obturation rate of over 90% and a low water absorption ratio of less than 3%. The quality board is adequately maintained for a long period.

Strict Environment Protection Requirements

Polyurethane boards are selected and processed in strict accordance with national and industrial environmental regulations.

The polyurethane boards are selected and processed in strict accordance with national and industrial environmental regulations.

It is challenging to develop bacteria and parasites on the plate in the cleanroom sector because it adapts too many alternative scenarios and strict environmental requirements.

Simple and Easy Installation

The ability to prefabricate metal sheets from manufacturers and the advanced design of the installation system makes them more accessible and faster, reducing construction time, labor costs, and material waste.


How Unique and Versatile a Sandwich PUF Panel is?

Sandwich PUF PanelProvides three Important Advantages, which are Listed Below:

Time of Construction

This construction material can be manufactured quicker than previously used construction materials.

The traditional way of construction can take 7 to 8 months to complete the masonry work. When using prefabrication, a similar process can be completed in 1 to 2 months.

As a result, if an office building or warehouse opens soon, income can be increased.

The more quickly the construction is completed, the more profit is generated. The reduced construction time minimizes your labor cost, indeed.

Process of Construction

In some industrial areas, critical building requirements are expected. During the process of construction, prefabrication occurs where water is not required.

Some components are used to connect the bolts, fittings, joists, screws, and other materials in the construction.

The other way round, bricks-and-mortar construction is a wet process in which water plays a significant part in cementing, bricklaying and concreting, etc. Thus, prefabrication requires substantially less effort.


Factor of Cost

Components are manufactured at the factory and assembled on-site in prefabrication.

Weather changes do not affect the delivery time or the quality of the material. Vendors can use their labor force, ensuring that construction is unaffected by a labor shortage if it happens.


What is the Contribution of the Sandwich PUF Panel in the Construction Industry?

The Sandwich PUF Panel is a sturdy material that can bear heavier shocks and jolts due to its multiple core layers; therefore, it is a leading material in the construction industry.

It is an integral building material in the construction industry due to its flexibility, multiple features, and endless benefits.

However, this compelling material is efficient in maintaining a building’s energy stability. As a result, it keeps the building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Sandwich PUF Panel saves up to 40% to 50% on heating and cooling costs, increasing thermal performance and lowering the temperature within the building.

Its multiple applications such as control rooms, cold storage, food processing factories, living shelters, health centers make it an integral part of the building.


What are the Advantages of the Sandwich PUF Panel?

  • The construction is basic, simple, and straightforward.
  • Efficient and rapid on-site installation.
  • It has many designs where you can choose depending upon your home matching or desire.
  • Moreover, it is small in size, ultra-light in weight, and easy to carry.
  • Insulating property is its true excellence.
  • In addition, it consumes low power and electricity to save billing costs.
  • It has structural strength and durability.
  • Further, it is waterproof and weatherproof, and easy to maintain.
  • Equips the features that can be customized to match the needs of the consumer.
  • The long-term value with controlled quality, construction speed, accuracy, and improved functionality and applicability.
  • Due to its low heat conductivity, it helps to save higher energy.


Why is the Sandwich PUF Panel with the Double Tongue Manufactured?

  • Tongue and groove is a method for edge-to-edge fitting of comparable items, especially steel constructions and material formwork.
  • Tongue and groove connections allow the two levels of pieces to be merged or tightly joined to make a unique level surface.
  • It is easy to assemble, connect, and install.
  • Moreover, it is the resistance to the weather.
  • As it is light material; hence, it is quickly applicable.
  • Adding on, it is durable where it cannot break easily.
  • The material of the building is stable dimensionally.
  • Despite being grooved and potent, it is light in weight.


What are the Common Places where you can Install Sandwich PUF Panel?

  • The Sandwich PUF Panel can be installed as an internal or external wall division and also apply horizontally and vertically on each structure.
  • You can also use it in cold storage, milk & dairy industry, meat & poultry industry, prefab buildings, and many other places.
  • Additionally, you can easily install it on steel frame buildings, offices, and commercial buildings.
  • You can also put it on fire-resistant buildings, sports halls, and many more places.


How can you Install your Sandwich PUF Panel?

You can Follow the Mentioned Below Steps to get a Hassle-Free Installation:

  • Transport it to the construction site and start unloading it.
  • Screen the material to figure out the shipping condition.
  • The next step is to remove its protective film.
  • As it is easy to install, you can easily take it to the desired wall or any particular point you want it to install.
  • Next, you need to use sealing tape to ensure the internal seal; moreover, its tapping will save the material and wall from expected damages.
  • Immediately press all the corners, edges, joints, sides, plinths, and beginning points to fix their place.
  • The final yet important step is giving a masking treatment on the ridges, corners, and wind braces to increase their strength for long years.
  • An accurate installation boosts up its life; thus, it doesn’t show any negligence at any step, especially, beginning and ending points.


What Efforts do you Need to Put for Sandwich PUF Panel Maintenance?

Sandwich PUF Panel is a Low-Maintenance Construction Material; the Reasons are Mentioned Below:

  • Its smooth and plain surface is easy to wipe out and maintain.
  • The non-stick surface resists dirt and grime; thus, you do not need to exert extra effort on its cleaning.
  • Unlike other random construction materials; it doesn’t demand regular cleaning; managing it every week is enough.
  • For cleaning, no need to apply expensive cleaning accessories or heavy cleaning liquids. You can go with your home’s available materials.
  • The high-quality construction material doesn’t let this building material wear or tear; hence, you encounter minimal maintenance issues.
  • Moreover, its robust and strong surface is least effective by changing weather; therefore, your monthly maintenance gets saved.
  • Above all, it doesn’t let the mold grow on; in this way, you do not get hygienic issues; moreover, you get a chance to save your expenditures and effort to remove the mold.

You can use the Following Material for Cleaning:

  • A bucket full of warm water
  • A pot of soapy water
  • Non-abrasive piece of cloth (a microfiber cloth)


What are the Key Facts of a Sandwich PUF Panel?

There are Unlimited Key Factors, and some are Stated Below:

  • Easy to pick, move, install, and remove.
  • The thin sheets help in easy and quick installation.
  • Sheets can be easily disassembled and rebuilt.
  • Moreover, it has an outstanding capacity of bearing load.
  • Elegant in design and long-lasting durability.
  • Most of the chemicals, solvents, and oil can’t affect construction material.
  • However, it comes with the ability of fire resistance.
  • This high-resisting material is molds, bacteria, and dust-free.
  • Super-smart in characteristics, immensely light in weight, yet potent in the features.
  • You can reduce the amount of electricity to maintain the specified temperature.


What are the Challenges of a Sandwich PUF Panel?

Sandwich PUF Panel comes with Little and Manageable Challenges:

  • You need to be extra vigilant while unloading and taking it to the site of construction.
  • It superbly resists grime and dust; thus, weekly cleaning is enough, but if you have infants, then you can do it twice a week.
  • Though it is durable and long-lasting yet you need to replace it.
  • You need to avoid it from cosmetics.
  • Avoid installing closer to the windows as they are airtight.



Sandwich PUF Panel overweighs in its features, leads others in pros, and beats every other material in performance.

Yet, before purchasing, it is essential to get to know its material, its features, and especially its installation and maintenance.

If you don’t have the correct information, your easy installation can become strenuous, Sandwich PUF Panel efficiency will be affected, and you might affect its lifespan.

Hence, you do not need to be in a rush, but take out some time to read all the sensitive yet valuable information about it to protect yourself from worries and stress at the time of its use.

Further, keep maintaining your Sandwich PUF Panel weekly but if you figure out any flaw; read the above guide and try to follow it; you can also consult the experts for troubleshooting.


FAQs of Sandwich PUF Panel

How Strong is the Sandwich PUF Panel?

The external and internal layers of the PUF Panel Sandwich have two colored galvanized or corrugated aluminum plates that are high in density polyurethane foam in the core.

It is generally adequate for the acoustic materials that are used in construction. Because of their qualities, it allows them to be utilized in projects that require a high level of fire protection.


Why is the Sandwich PUF Panel the Best Choice for Industrial Construction?

Nowadays, the metal-faced Sandwich PUF Panel is the best choice for large industrial buildings, commercial buildings, malls, exhibition halls, fair pavilions, refrigeration warehouses, office towers, schools, and sports halls.


What is the Core Material of a Sandwich PUF Panel, and what are its Features?

Sandwich PUF Panel core material is made up of polyurethane, and it holds the following features:

  • This heat-insulated material can save you from severe heat.
  • It is also fire-resisting in nature, and in this way, it doesn’t catch fire.
  • Sound insulation is the most impressive feature that keeps the irritating sound away from your ears.
  • This construction material is also environmentally friendly.
  • Installation is prompt and straightforward.


Why is the Sandwich PUF Panel Considered Economical?

It is a power-pack in nature because this one material delivers multiple features that are hard to get in any other panel.

Sandwich PUF Panel is rust-free, climate-resistant, and scratch-free; hence, you do not need to spend money on its maintenance.

Further, it is easy to install, so you do not need to hire a long list of helpers to get it installed. Beyond this, it also saves your electric power; thus, it is considered pocket-friendly.


What Makes a Sandwich PUF Panel Long-Lasting?

Sandwich PUF Panel is high in quality, insulated in nature, and waterproof in characteristics; these all features altogether make it long-lasting material.


What is the Manufacturing Technology of Sandwich PUF Panel?

The manufacturing of Sandwich PUF Panel happens in an automated plant that produces pre-painted galvalume steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, and pre-painted galvanized steel sheets (PPG).


What are the uses of the Sandwich PUF Panel?

The Sandwich PUF Panel is involved in many applications such as control rooms, insulated sheds, ripening chambers, hospitality shelters, and many others.


Is the Sandwich PUF Panel Environment Friendly?

Sandwich PUF Panel is made up of eco-friendly material that can be reused and recycled at the time of need. Moreover, unlike other construction materials, it doesn’t emit CFCs which are disastrous for the environment.


What are the Characteristics of a Sandwich PUF Panel Sheet?

It can resist temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius and as high as +50 degrees Celsius. The PUF Panel Sheet prevents the heat between the interior and the outside atmosphere.

It makes the installation easy and screws down the system just like other metal sheets.

Due to its shelters being lightweight, solid, and have good structural strength, they may be made to any size. The air and water cannot penetrate the panel.


Why the Sandwich PUF Panel has Replaced Cement and Concrete Sheet?

Sandwich PUF Panel has rapidly replaced the conventional construction materials: mud, cement, and concrete.

It is more durable, easy to work with, and low cost. Moreover, its multitasking nature expands its uses, such as it is used as insulated roofing and insulated walls.


Why is the Sandwich PUF Panel the Most Aesthetic?

Sandwich PUF Panel is becoming more popular in the construction industry due to its great insulating capabilities.

This multilayer material is chosen by architects for a number of reasons, such as their design possibility and elegance, as well as their dynamic and acoustic characteristics.


How to clean your Sandwich PUF Panel?

It is suggested that the Sandwich PUF Panel should be cleaned every week. When you start to clean it, you can wipe it with warm soapy water.

It is a great deal to clean the area as much as possible. You can soak any stains and spots on it for 2 to 3 minutes and start to remove them with warm water. When you have finished the process, then dry it with a microfiber cloth to provide a non-streak look.

Do not bleach or use potent cleaning agents because that will damage them over time; only they require regular maintenance and cleaning with warm soapy water.


Can Sandwich PUF Panel Re-Installed?

Sandwich PUF Panel is made up of a sturdy material that neither damages nor cracks; if due to shifting or any other reason you want to install it in another place, you can.

It is easy to dismantle it and then use the same procedure to install it in another place.


What are the types of Sandwich PUF Panel?

There are two types of Sandwich PUF Panel on the base of the groove: single groove and double groove.

The single groove panel is a fantastic fit for causal purposes: shelters, buildings, etc.The double groove is perfect for cold chambers or cold rooms.

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