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  • Size L2 x W2 x H3m, or Other Custom Made Size
  • Nice looking, strong and Full Equipped
  • Easy Installation
  • Easy to Re-locate
  • Competitive Price

Your Reliable Partner and Security Cabin Manufacturer in China

If you are looking for nice looking, strong, movable, affordable, fully functional security cabin, Sunnyda can meet all your needs.

Security cabin main frame: Galvanized and painted steel

Security cabin wall: Insulated sandwich panel

Security cabin outside wall decking: PVC board

Security cabin roof: Waterproof process and with asphalt tile

Security cabin inside wall decoration: Aluminum plastic board

Security cabin door: Security steel door

Security cabin window: Sliding UPVC window

Security cabin floor: Anti-slip aluminum board

Security cabin equipment: Air conditioner, locker, table, and chair

Sunnyda offers a different model of security cabin for your choice, you can get the right one match your local culture, if not, possible to custom made. Most popular size of security cabin is L2xW2xH2.5m. Above is for high-end needs. If you are looking for economical model, recommended simple security cabin, wall, and roof made of the sandwich panel, no decoration panel, while sandwich panel could be any color.

Contact us anytime, Sunnyda team will be here to support your business and help you get the right security cabin.

Container typeNew or second hand ISO shipping container
SizeISO 20ft, 40ft HQ
Repaint and put logoPE paint, marine grade paint, color and logo as per requirement
ModificationFix security equipment
Cut door, windows at any place
Insulation1, EPS sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel, PIR sandwich panel
2, Light gage steel joist and mineral wool in middle, interior surface 12mm gypsum board.
Indoor fittingElectrical and plumbing system, bathroom
FurnitureDesk and chair, locker, bed
Shipping1, Cut door and window sealed by steel sheet, make surface flat acceptable for shipping line.
2, Inside fittings be well fixed, no move during shipping.
After sale service1 year warranty
Delivery time30-40 days
Connection kitsWater proofing rubber and screw, steel board for floor.
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
Sunnyda Support Your Business

Ultimate Guide to Security Cabin

Delivery time of security cabin is 28 days, some basic models we deliver within 20 days. You are free to choose security cabin shipping by a flat pack or full mounted in factory. Full mounted one can be put to use once it arrives on site, just connect power. 40HQ can load 5 sets. Flat pack security cabin 40HQ can load maximum of 25 sets.

Security cabin is easy to move, by forklift and truck, as it’s an independent unit with its own floor and frame. Security cabin system is also widely used as kiosk, toll booth, service kiosk, smoking pavilion, landscape cabin.

Sunnyda is professional prefab houses manufacturer, with 10 years production and export experience, factory certificated with ISO9001 and ISO14001. All equipment Sunnyda use for security cabin are CE certified. During the last 10 years, security cabin and other Sunnyda products have been shipped to many global destinations, trusted by 1000+ clients.

You are welcome to visit our security cabin production facilities!

Contact us anytime, Sunnyda team will be here to support your business and help you get the right security cabin.

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