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Shower trailer with size 2300(L) x 1400(W) x 2500(H)mm, and drawbar 1580mm, step 280mm, making total length 4160mm. Standard layout includes toilet area and shower area. Shower area comes with shower set, acrylic base, curtain and racks. Shower trailer is fully completed and amounted in factory with electrical system, plumbing system, sanitary wares, instant heater, mirror, soap dispenser and other small accessories.

All equipments used for shower trailer are selected based on high quality and CE compliance. Electrical system is based on your country’s standard, with CE UL or other certification. Fresh water tank and waste tank is optional according to your needs.

There are two choices on body materials for shower trailer, standard EPS sandwich panel, and luxury FRP. The main difference is, FRP panel makes wall one piece, roof one piece, and you can choose any color for both outside and inside surface. This makes it elegant and glorious, with insulation XPS.

For standard EPS sandwich panel, both surfaces are steel, usually white color, with EPS insulation. EPS panel is 1.15m wide per sheet, so the wall is combined by a few pieces. If you are looking for elegant shower trailer, FRP type will be your best choice. If you are pursuing simple style, EPS type would very good for you.

Sunnyda is your premier shower trailer manufacturer!

Shower trailer bodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size2300(L) x 1400(W) x 2500(H)mm or customized
Drawbar size1580mm
Fresh tank200L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank500L
Weight80kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 3 shower trailer in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
Electricallighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop
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portable toilet and shower trailer
Portable toilet and shower trailer
portable shower trailer for sale
Portable shower trailer for sale
portable restroom with shower
Portable restroom with shower
mobile shower trailer for sale
Mobile shower trailer for sale
shower trailer manufacturers
Shower trailer manufacturers
luxury shower trailer
Luxury shower trailer
emergency shower trailer for sale
Emergency shower trailer for sale
bathroom shower trailer
Bathroom shower trailer
portable bathroom with shower
Portable bathroom with shower

Ultimate Guide to Shower Trailer

Shower trailer chassis is galvanized and marine pain(surface painted twice). You may choose waste tank, which is under floor. Security chain is finished on the drawbar for connecting towing vehicle. Shower trailer also includes leveling jacks.

Before the shower trailer leaves factory, all water and lighting systems are tested. We’re pleased to accept third-party inspection before loading. 40HQ can load 2 of this model. For other custom models, the shipping requirement may vary, but our engineers will advise accordingly. Shower trailer is being shipped to US, AU, EU and other countries. We are trusted by 1000+ clients.

We warmly welcome your visit to our facility as we look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier shower trailer manufacturer!

Shower Trailer:The Ultimate FAQ Guide

This guide covers everything you need to know about shower trailers.

From design, features, equipment, quality standards to components, you will find all information you need to know about shower trailer here.

Let’s get started:

What is a Shower Trailer?

A shower trailer is a structure fully mounted on to a trailer to provide cleaning services to users.

Shower trailers are also custom built to meet the specific demands of clients.

They can be used for emergency services, relief efforts or festivals among others.

Showers trailers can be used independently or be integrated to a building.

What are the Materials used to Make a Shower Trailer?

Some of the main materials you can use to make shower trailers are:

shower trailer manufacturers

Figure 1 Shower trailer

· Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is preferred because it provides protective coating to steel.

It prevents the rusting of the shower trailer. Also, it is painted twice.

This material is used to make the shower trailer chassis.

Galvanized steel has high tensile strength, light weight, affordable and easily accessible.

Due to their high tensile strength and durability, shower trailers can be used in places with harsh climates.

· Sandwich Panel

The luxury model is made using fibre glass sandwich panel.

The standard model is made using EPS Sandwich panel.

Sandwich panel material is preferred due to its special properties: lightweight, has waterproof capabilities, and affordable.

They are equally rigid, and durable making them suitable for the ceilings and walls of the shower trailers.

In addition, sandwich panel can be easily installed making them suitable for construction shower trailers.

What are the Features of a Shower Trailer?

Some of the main features of shower trailer include:

I. Ceiling vents; help maximize comfort

II. Rubber non-skidding floors; for easy cleaning.

III. Propane tanks; to fire the shower water. The propane tanks offer a self-contained water heating option.

IV.  Bench; for changing comfort

V. Fresh and grey water tanks; placed under the shower trailer for storing fresh and waste water.

VI. Sinks; are placed strategically within the shower trailer.

VII. Mirrors; there is a full-size mirror above every sink.

VIII. Hot & cold chrome faucets; has an integrated vent system for use with cold and hot water.

What is the Equipmentin Shower Trailer?

All the equipment is high quality and CE Certified. They include:

portable shower trailer for sale

Figure 2 Inside shower trailer

  • Instant heater.
  • Soap dispenser
  • Sanitary wares
  • Mirrors
  • Electrical system which is based on a country’s standard.
  • Waste and fresh water tank.

These equipment are installed in the shower trailer during the manufacture and assembly.

What are the Quality Standards of Shower Trailers?

Shower trailers have to meet the NATM Compliance standards.

NATM ensures that the trailers are constructed in a way that they are safe to be used the moment they are out of the plant.

The shower trailers have to be DOT Compliant.

Shower trailers must have CE Certification.

CE Certificate shows that the product conforms to the European Union standards and thus safe for use in this region.

Which Types of Shower Trailers are there?

There are two main types of shower trailers:

· Luxury

A luxury shower trailer is more sophisticated in terms of the equipment included in the structure.

Since this type of shower trailer is elegant, it is made using fiber glass sandwich panel.

It is used to make the wall and roof pieces. I

Besides, it has an insulation XPS.

A client can use any color for the inside and outer walls of the shower.

· Simple

Simple shower trailer is made using EPS Sandwich panel.

Also, the two surfaces of the simple shower trailer aremade using steel. It also has an EPS insulation.

The surfaces of the shower trailers are painted white.

Simple models involve the standard layout consisting of a showering area and toilet area.

What are the Different Sizes of Shower Trailer?

The shower trailers come in the standard sizes of:

Small, Mid-size and Large.

For instance, a shower trailer can have this standard measurement 2300(l) X1400(W) X2500(H) mm.

However, they can be customized to a client’s specifications.

emergency shower trailer for sale

Figure 3 Shower trailer

bathroom shower trailer

Figure 4 Shower trailer

How can you Power Shower Trailer?

You can power a shower trailer through:

Diesel; a generator can be placed in the shower trailer.

It can be purchased separately at an additional cost if not installed in the shower trailer.

Electricity; main power supply from the local area. A client taps power from the site’s local power grid.

Solar: photovoltaic cells are placed on the roof of the shower trailers to absorb solar energy. The solar energy is then used to power the structure.

Are Shower Trailers Customizable?

Yes, they are.

You can customize shower trailers depending on your customer specifications.

A customer only has to contact their shower trailer manufacturer or supplier and give their specifications.

To begin with, shower trailers are customized based on the dimensions of size, design, intended use.

Also, to add on that, other custom features of shower trailers are based on the event in which it will be used and the type.

What are the Factors to Consider when Purchasing Shower Trailer?

Before you import shower trailer from China, it is important to consider the following:

bathroom shower trailer

Figure 5 Portable shower trailer

· Shipping Cost

The cost of shipping shower trailers varies depending on various factors such as the method of shipping, and urgency among others.

A client, therefore, makes their decision based on such information.

· Regulations

One must check if there are regulations regarding the use of shower trailers in their country of destination.

There are some nations which have not allowed the use of trailer structures.

This is considering they are a new type of building structure in the building industry.

· Uses

How and where a shower trailer is used is key when deciding on purchasing a shower trailer.

A shower trailer to be used in a festival may be larger in size than one used in a remote area or military camp.

Also, a client, therefore, has to give their specifications on what size of shower trailer they want.

·  Price

Shower trailers are sold at competitive prices.

Besides, the price of the luxury shower trailer is different from that of a simple shower trailer.

A luxury shower trailer can cost around 100,000 US dollars.

While a simple shower trailer costs less than this; around 6,00 US dollars.

The price could include installation costs or not.

· Shower Trailer Needs

If a shower trailer is required for use in a military training center.

The equipment installed may be different from those of a shower trailer used in a summer camp.

What is included in the shower trailer will depend on what the client choses as well as the intended use for the facility.

Besides, you can use the shower trailer during parties, weeding, sporting event or during any form of gathering.

Where are Shower Trailers used?

Some of the uses of shower trailers are:

Disaster relief; they are used for disaster relief efforts where large numbers of people have been displaced from their homes.

They provide showers to first aid and emergency responders.

Victims of natural disasters also use this facility with clean running water and lights.

Summer camps; shower trailers are used by those who attend camps. The camps often take place in areas difficult to find good showers.

Emergency response; when emergencies occur such as civil wars, infrastructures such as toilets are destroyed.

Shower trailers can be deployed to emergencies to provide the affected population with ability to shower.

Remote job sites; the shower trailer is used by the workers for private showers.

Festivals;festivals are often organized in different locations which could also be places without any infrastructure.

Shower trailers can be easily deployed to these places and they are self-contained.

Military training; shower trailers are required because of the large population as well as the ability of the facility to be deployed to the military training centers.

What are the Components of a Shower Trailer?

Below are the components of a shower trailer:

Hot water system; this system helps in warming of water used for shower.

Lighting/Electrical system; lighting is 12V, however, it is created depending on a client’s local standards.

There is an interior and external lighting system to make the shower trailer safe for operation.

Grey water holding tank; this waste water tank is placed under the floor of a shower trailer to hold used water.

Plumbing system; available for maintenance

Shower stalls; often found in luxury shower trails as additional features.

Air conditioning system; to improve comfort in the shower trailer. It helps keep the shower trailer warm and cool.

How much does a Shower Trailer Cost?

The cost of shower trailers varies depending on various factors such as the type.

To begin with, a standard shower trailer can cost up to around, while a luxury shower trailer can cost approximately

Also, the costs vary depending on the equipment included as well as the sizes of the shower trailers.

The costs could include maintenance costs which are typically low. In addition, the costs include the installation costs which could be part of the final price or not.

emergency shower trailer for sale

Figure 6 Shower trailer

Where does the Waste in a Shower Trailer go when it is Flushed?

The waste in the shower trailer is flushed into a waste water tank and later disposed of safely into a sewerage system.

Apart from the fresh water tank, a waste tank is located strategically under the shower trailer floor.

This is the tank that collects the used water from hand washing and showering.

What is the Standard Layout of Shower Trailer?

A standard layout includes:

· Shower Area

This area comes with racks, curtains, acrylic base and shower set. It is the area where the clients take their shower.

· Toilet Area

This is an additional area in a shower trailer where clients ease themselves. like toilet trailer 

· Climate Controlled Interior

The climate of the interior of the shower trailer is controlled through the air and conditioning systems, heating systems and the water systems.

· Changing Area

In this part of the trailer, a client can change their clothes before getting onto the shower.

What are the Benefits of a Shower Trailer?

portable restroom with shower

Figure 7 Shower trailer

Some of the benefits of shower trailer include:

· Versatile

Shower trailers are perfect for any event.

Users can feel comfortable using the shower trailers for different events.

For example, it can be suitable for a camping event or festival.

· Aesthetics

Shower trailers offer interiors with various color schemes and themes. These are pleasing to the eye of the public and users.

They also have a beautiful design and can be used in special events.

· Privacy

Shower trailers offer its users with the privacy they need. They shower in closed units away from the public prying eyes.

A single trailer can have several showering units for the users.

· Portable

Since the structure is mounted on a trailer, it can be easily deployed from one place to the other.

Shower trailer is, therefore, portable.

· Self-contained

They are self-contained.

They have additional features to help in various functions such as the mirrors, benches for comfort, and changing area separate from the shower area.

Shower trailers have water tanks, hence one does not have to tap into running water to use the shower trailers.

Every trailer is equipped with a water tank. Users will be sanitary or hygienic regardless of the local conditions.

· User Friendly/Comfort

In addition, a client does not have to worry about cooling and heating of the shower trailer.

Every unit has climate control so that users are comfortable in any of the conditions.

Users do not have to worry about the temperature of the water fluctuating as they shower as in conventional showers.

Every user has a private dressing space after they take their shower.

There are steps outside of the shower trailer to allow easy movement into the structure.

The steps improve the safe use of the structure.

· Customizable

Shower trailers are customizable depending on the size of the users as well as type of accommodation a client wants to provide.

Shower trailers also offer great interiors with different color schemes and interiors.

A client can make specifications on how they want the interior of their shower trailers to look like.

How does a Shower Trailer and Conventional Shower compare?

mobile shower trailer for sale

Figure 8 Shower trailer

Both are used for the sole purpose of showering.

While a shower trailer is mounted onto the back of a portable trailer, a conventional shower is found in a static brick and mortar building.

Shower trailers are clean but not as thorough as conventional showers.

Luxury and simple models of shower trailers boast of ventilation.

As such, they do not provide conducive conditions for mildew ormolds as they designed for all environment types.

A conventional shower has limited features as compared to a shower trailer.

For instance, while a shower trailer may have an air and conditioning system, not all conventional showers have this feature.

When water is lost, conventional showers cannot be used.

However, shower trailers still work even when water stops running because of the availability of the water tanks.

Also, users do not have to be concerned about sanitation.

This is because the water in the water tanks is usually clean as compared to conventional showers where the local water supply may not be clean.

People using shower trailers do not have to worry about the temperature of the water fluctuating as they shower.

This is not the case in conventional showers.

It is highly possible for the water temperature of the showers to fluctuate.

How do you Clean a Shower Trailer?

Shower trailers are maintenance friendly and easy to clean.

Before you clean a shower trailer, you must wear protective clothing.

Often shower trailers are cleaned, using hot water and soap.

High pressure water mixed with disinfectant is prayed to every part of the shower trailer to clean all of the dirt and germs.

This method helps clean those areas that cannot be reached by hand.

Also, the method also cleans the rib-skidding floor with ease.

The mirrors in the shower trailers are cleaned using a soft and wet piece of clothing.

The surfaces of the shower trailer as well as the sinks arecleaned using hot water.

After cleaning, the surfaces are sterilized using alcohol.

Although sterilization is not a must, it is advisable to do so using alcohol or suitable chemicals.

Cleaning is done regularly to prevent any possible contamination from the sources or the growth of mold in the shower trailer.

Cleaning can be done in the mornings before people use them, and in the evenings before cleaners leave.

Even so, thorough cleaning of the shower trailers has to be done frequently.

Does a Shower Trailer come Fully Assembled?

Portable Bathroom Trailer with Shower

Figure 9 Shower trailer


A shower trailer is tested before it leaves the manufacturing plant. It also comes equipped with all the needed equipment.

As such, a shower trailer is fully assembled at the factory.

A client can however give their specifications on what they want. They could have it assembled at the factory or at the destination site.

Do Shower Trailers have a Warranty?

Yes, they have.

Shower trailers especially from Chinese manufacturing companies have a 1-year warranty.

If you experience some faulty parts or equipment of the shower trailer, they can send some to fix it for you.

Alternatively, they can send replacement parts.

With the information in this guide, am sure you can get high quality and reliable shower trailer.

For cost competitive and custom shower trailers, you can contact Sunnyda team now.

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