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Your Trusted SHS Steel Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda specializes in shs steel products for various industrial applications. Among were the chemical industry, machinery industry, mining industry, pipeline transport, construction industry, and other special purposes.

Sunnyda can also customize shs steel according to your preference. With years of expertise, we are committed to developing unique and new materials for different industrial projects. You can get high-performance shs steel according to your requirement.

Sunnyda provides a one-stop solution for shs steel including research and development, production, packaging, shipping, and after-sale service. As a leading company, we offer full technical support for your next business demand. Contact us today!

Sunnyda is your reliable shs steel manufacturer and supplier!

Ultimate Guide for Sunnyda SHS Steel

Are you looking for the best solution for your next construction project? Been searching a lot of manufacturers but not meet your standards? Sunnyda is the right place to be.

Sunnyda has been manufacturing and supplying the construction and building industry with all kinds of structural steel. One of them is square hollow section steel in different sizes and shapes.

It comes in all varieties, grades, and finishes. You have the option to choose a material to suit your needs.

We have square hollow section steel in different thicknesses for domestic and commercial construction, used for building frames, posts, and gates.

Sunnyda square hollow section steel is coated with anti-rust oil from inside and outside to ensure safety upon delivery to your customers and end-users.

It is easy to install, resistant to static loads, and available at lower cost. Shs steels are built to resist temperature fluctuations and deformation. Sunnyda has everything you need for a quality product. Sunnyda shs steel is also suitable for architectural solutions and easy to install.

Additionally, shs steel can be customized depending on the needs of your customers. Just send us your specifications and we will make it for you.

Aside from mentioned, Sunnyda square hollow section steel is also perfect for automobile tractor parts, cranes, material storage racks, furniture industries, railings, staircases, scaffolding, and other machinery parts.

All our square hollow section steel is built with the highest strength and designed to avoid loss of workability and ductility.

Sunnyda is an ISO 9001 certified company that serves as a one-stop shop providing all the solutions you need in square hollow section steel and other products. We are committed to producing products with satisfactory quality and performance.

Our company devoted ourselves to be the most reliable manufacturer in this industry. Sunnyda is already engaged in this industry for over 20 years. All the ideas and techniques in manufacturing square hollow section steel are already mastered and well implemented.

Sunnyda main goal is to provide premium quality products for the best price. To produce products that will showcase your company and brand not only in the domestic market but also in different countries around the world.

Sunnyda offers products and partnership that is profitable. Order or no order, we are still willing to help and assist you in your needs. We have a well-trained team available 24/7 to entertain all customers.

For more details about Sunnyda shs steel, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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