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Sunnyda-A Modern Manufacturer and Supplier of Special Container.

Special Container is a good option to take care of your specific needs and demands when it comes to choosing the best container for your applications. Take a look at the Sunnyda Special Container that is suitable for a wide range of applications including shipping, storage, transport, etc.

Sunnyda is well known to manufacturers and provides the best Special Container that has multiple features and benefits. It is suitable to be placed at various sites and can be used for diverse purposes. You can easily get a pre-designed Special Container from us if you are short of time and you have standard requirements. But if you are having some extra and different requirements then you can ask us to provide you with a customized one that best suits your needs.

Ensuring the high manufacturing quality of our products is always our top priority. We make sure that the material we are using matches the high-quality standards to offer durability. Sunnyda also provides uninterrupted customer support services to give quick answers to their questions and solve customer problems timely.

Sunnyda gained great experience in dealing with customers looking for the perfect Special Container and helping them decide which one they should get. In case you want to share your specific requirements with us, give us a call and we would love to hear.

Container typeNew or second hand ISO shipping container
SizeISO 20ft, 40ft HQ
Repaint and put logoPE paint, marine grade paint, color and logo as per requirement
ModificationCut door, windows at any place
Insulation1, EPS sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel, PIR sandwich panel
2, Light gage steel joist and mineral wool in middle, interior surface 12mm gypsum board.
Indoor fittingElectrical and plumbing system, kitchen and bathroom
FurnitureTable and chair, sofa, bed, kitchen cupboard, wardrobe as per requirement
Shipping1, Cut door and window sealed by steel sheet, make surface flat acceptable for shipping line.
2, Inside fittings be well fixed, no move during shipping.
After sale service1 year warranty
Delivery time30-40 days
How many floors5 floors at the most
Connection kitsWater proofing rubber and screw, steel board for floor.
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Special Container-A Comprehensive Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Special Container is extremely helpful when it comes to storing goods in a large quantity in one place. It is also great for transporting multiple things from one place to another at a time.

Special Container is quite special as it can be customized exactly as per your needs and demands.

You can set the length, width, height, doors, roof hence anything according to your application.

Also, you can utilize it to make something even more productive out of it by modifying it depending upon the usage.

It can be turned into a mini-school, food truck, play area, garden zone, and much more.

To help you know more about a Special Container this guide contains all the details to help you understand better it. So without any further delay let’s get started.


1.What is a Special Container?
2.What are the Materials used in the Production of the Special Container?
3.What are the Features of Special Container?
4.What are Some Customizable Options of a Special Container?
5.What are the Types of a Special Container?
6.What are the Unusual Applications of a Special Container?
7.How can you use a Special Container as a Green-House?
8.Can a Special Container be used as a Medical Centre?
9.How to Turn your Special Container into a Garden Room?
10.Is Special Container also being used as a School Classroom?
11.How to use a Special Container as a Retail Unit?
12.Can you Make a Special Container Swimming Pool?
13.How to Turn your Special Container into an Underground Bunker?
14.What are the Benefits of Special Container?
15.What Aspects you should Keep in Mind while Deciding the Type of Special Container?
16.Which Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Special Container Manufacturer?
17.How to Maintain your Special Container?
18.How to Clean your Special Container?
19.What are the Most Common Problems of a Special Container?
20.How to Solve the Problems of your Special Container?


What is a Special Container?

A Special Container is a special-sized container that is specifically designed according to your need.

Its standard size is used to transport various dry cargo types including such as sacks, barrels, pallets, boxes, etc. You can customize it from the inside to hold a wide range of commodities.

For example, on the inside, you can fit in hangers for carrying clothes to directly ship them to the store. Since it has diverse applications, it is not costly.


What are the Materials used in the Production of the Special Container?

A standard-sized Special Container is a widely used container in the market. It is usually made of aluminum or steel.

In general, aluminum construction provides it with a higher payload than a steel one.

It is most commonly water-resistant and airtight, to prevent damage from the outside. It has corrugated fences on the bottom and topsides. Also, it is welded to the rails at the frame terminals.

To load the cargo, one end has doors. Its use can vary depending on the customer’s requirements and usage.

The standard size includes 8.5 feet height, 8 feet width, and two length variations; 20 feet and 40 feet.  An exception is an extra tall one labeled high-cube Special Container which has an accessible height of 9.5 feet.


What are Some Special Features of Special Container?

Some major features are:

  • 45’ x 8’, covered, high cube
  • 48’ x 8’6’: full 8’ of inside width.
  • High cube. Max potential.
  • Weatherproof
  • Forklift convenient
  • Heavy-duty floors
  • 40’x8’, accessible on both sides
  • The adjourned locking system is available
  • Lockboxes added


What are Some Customizable Options of a Special Container?

The largest addition in the Special Container variety is the custom-made preference.

When you have specific requirements such as highly customized side panels, and penetration points, specific anchorage points, or material necessities like stainless steel doors then a custom-built Special Container is a suitable option for you.

If your applications require particular features, you are open to mention your requirements and order a customized one. To meet more of your basic needs, a modified one can be a good choice to go with.

You can concentrate on these modifications given below:

  • Windows
  • HVAC
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Electrical Packages
  • Shelving
  • Special Projects
  • Custom Doors
  • Custom Paint
  • Security Features


What are the Types of a Special Container?

Some of the most prevalent types of Special Container in use today are listed below:


Dry Storage Container:

The most often used transport container, which comes in a variety of ISO-standardized sizes.

They are used to deliver dry goods and is available in the dimension of 20 feet, 40 feet, and 10 feet.


Flat Rack Container:

It is a basic container with folding sides that may be folded to form a flat shelf for shipping a range of things.


Open Top Container:

Materials of any height can be transported easily with a top that is convertible. You can move it to make an open top.


Tunnel Container:

It has doors on both sides and is ideal for quick unloading goods.


Open Side Storage Container:

It has doors that can be changed to completely open sides, giving you a lot more space for material delivery.


Double Doors Container:

It is a type of storage unit with two doors that provide greater space for freight handling. Steel, iron, and other building supplies are available in standard 20 feet and 40 feet lengths.


Refrigerated ISO Container:

It has temperature control technology that maintains a constant low temperature. It is only used to transport the food across long distances, such as fruits and vegetables.


Insulated or Thermal Container:

It is for cargo storage along with a temperature control mechanism that keeps the temperature consistent.

The shipment materials are selected for ensuring long-term survival without deteriorating due to repeated exposure to heat. It is great for long-distance traveling.


Tank Container:

It is generally used for the transportations of liquids and has a wide application range in the transportation industry.

It is often constructed of durable steel or other strong materials to ensure a long service life and proper security.


What are the Unusual Applications of a Special Container?

Special Container has some unusual applications making it appropriate to be used as:

  • Greenhouse
  • Medical Centre
  • Garden Room
  • School Classroom
  • Retail Unit
  • Swimming Pool
  • Underground Bunker


Some Other Applications

  • Manufacturing (finished goods, raw materials, maintenance equipment)
  • Military (equipment, supplies)
  • Church (remodeling projects, holiday decorations)
  • Construction site storage (tools, copper, materials, equipment, etc.)
  • Hotel remodeling (construction tools, and materials, furniture, mattresses, carpeting, kitchen equipment)


How can you use a Special Container as a Green-House?

One application of the Special Container is for greenhouse purposes. This way, you can store your plants in a safe and secure area.

The best thing is that you can adjust the required temperature and environment within this area that is suitable for your plants.

Also, it allows you to enjoy the perks of a moveable greenhouse and can be moved to different locations where maximum sunlight is reaching the ground.


Can a Special Container be used as a Medical Centre?

Yes, you can use it as a mobile or stable medical center.

Due to the sufficient area, you can easily place your medical equipment and medicines in it. You may adjust the internal environmental conditions according to your requirements.

This will prevent the medicines from deteriorating or undergoing a change in their chemical properties.

This medical center can be moved to different areas and provide emergency aid to people in need. It is the most suitable transport for delivering drugs at different hospitals and pharmacies.


How to Turn your Special Container into a Garden Room?

Turning a Special Container into a garden room is super easy. You just have to place your plants and pots in it but make sure you keep them organized.

Also, keep the area clean so that it is safe for the plant’s health. Choose a no-roof Special Container for this purpose to ensure that maximum sunlight is reaching your plants.

This will also help your plants get maximum oxygen from the surrounding air to keep them alive and fresh.

Keeping plants in a closed one will block airflow between the plants and the environment ending up in the death of your plants.


Is Special Container also being used as a School Classroom?

A Special Container also serves as classroom space.

This way you can accommodate extra students or school goods easily in this area when you go short of space. It can also be used as an extra space for different school events, parties, and functions.

You can also use it for conducting various school activities or for creating a botanical garden or animal house for your students.

Moreover, it can also be used as a science lab or computer lab which can be moved to different campuses as well as within the campus.


How to use a Special Container as a Retail Unit?

A Special Container is many times used as a retail cloth or food shop. It is a smart idea to use it as a food shop for gatherings and celebrations.

This is because of its portability and good storage capacity, that you can place your products as well as a good number of people in this space.

So you won’t have a problem fitting all your friends or family and enjoy food together.

You can maintain it as a canteen for school students and provide them with healthy food to ensure student’s health and safety.


Can you Make a Special Container Swimming Pool?

Yes, you can build your swimming pool by making some alterations in a Special Container. This may sound difficult but with professional help, there won’t be any problems.

This will be very easy, simple, and most importantly affordable for everyone.

This way you can enjoy the entire summer with your friends and family without spending all on making your swimming pool or buying loads of pool tickets for everyone.


How to Turn your Special Container into an Underground Bunker?

Turning a Special Container into an underground bunker requires minimum effort and provides maximum space.

But make sure that it is super strong and durable to withstand any external pressure. This will be helpful on prevent dent formation.

Moreover, it should be weatherproof so that it can stay protected from harsh weather conditions.

Otherwise, it will be severely damaged after heavy rain or snow. This will ultimately end up damaging the products stored inside.


What are the Benefits of Special Container?

Special Container is not just good at providing adequate storage but it also offers multiple other benefits, some of which are:


Dynamic Ability:

Other than the ability to work as a storage box, it can be used in terms of transporting the goods also.

It is pre-designed to be used for transportation purposes and you can easily take it from one location to another.

The size is featured in a way to be easily carried by the big-sized transporting vehicles.

It comes in a number of sizes with different prices, so you can easily pick one suitable to your need within your desired budget.



As the Special Container can be used for transportation, so it is necessary that it should be designed with durability. It must be strong enough to meet the transportation needs.

It should be designed by keeping in different types of weather conditions it might have to face. So it must be climate resistant to fights bad weather conditions anywhere.

Because of this property, it can be used for accommodation purposes in a stadium or elsewhere.


Fast Build-up:

A Special Container is fast to build so if you need one immediately, simply order yours and ask for urgent delivery.

You can also customize one according to your needs and budget. It can be built within a couple of days or in a week as it doesn’t have any construction complexity.



Another great benefit of a Special Container is that it is reusable in the environment. There are diverse reasons for which you can reuse it.

Any damage to it can be successfully repaired along with maintaining the quality. Other than repairing it can be fabricated also.

Due to these features, it acts as an eco-friendly transporting and storing unit. To take care of the surrounding, many people are opting for eco-friendly choices for their personal needs.

So, it meets your requirements and provides eco-friendly benefits to the environment.


What Aspects you should Keep in Mind while Deciding the Type of Special Container?


The most cost-productive factor is the measurement.

Your Special Container must have enough capacity, to fit in all average size products easily, as storing large size products will result in shrinkage of storage space.



The eroding and impenetrable substances should be used in the manufacturing or construction of your Special Container.

The construction must also contain materials signified for outdoor usage such as Corten Steel, which is durable and helpful in offering resistance to corrosion.



Multiple arrangements are needed for Special Container but most important is enough locking range and a lockbox which must be installed properly.



The company’s reputation and history are really important, before the selection of the Special Container.

You should search for firm experience and customer satisfaction level which could be given in the form of reviews and ratings. Also, ask cross-questions for reference as well.



The date of construction is used to measure the age of the Special Container. Look at the door to make sure that they have a CSC plate stamp on them.

The other important thing that needs to be inspected is its history like any defects or accidents and how well material is held up.


Which Things to Consider While Choosing the Best Special Container Manufacturer?

Choosing the best manufacturer is important to get the best Special Container. Some great things to consider for selecting a Special Container manufacturer are:



The greater is the experience of the manufacturing company the better will be the final production as more experience helps them know more about what customers need.


Reviews and Ratings:

Check out the reviews of the company and see people’s recommendations. Consider both the positive and negative points.


Quality of Manufacturing:

The quality of manufacturing is important to consider when making the purchase. Good quality products are more durable and long-lasting.


How to Maintain your Special Container?

Some maintenance tips regarding your Special Container include:


Step 1: Inspect the Roof

The roof should be properly inspected as the first step in Special Container maintenance.

If you buy a used one, the roof is likely to be damaged from stacking the containers on top of one another. If left alone, deep dents will gather rainwater and cause corrosion.


Step 2: Treat Rusted Areas Immediately

Look for places that have been scratched, scraped, or damaged on the outer as well as the inner side of the Special Container.

Seal, paint, and rustproof these places as soon as possible before they begin to compromise the quality.


Step 3: Lubricate the Doors

Clean the door hinges with a lubricating agent. It helps in opening any dirt, corrosion, or dust that might cause it to become stuck.


Step 4: Look for Signs of Modifications

Inspect for evidence of alterations on your Special Container, such as on the joints or metal sections, to ensure that it has been correctly welded, coated, and rust-proofed.


Step 5: Store on a Level Surface

Always try to keep it at a leveled surface. For this purpose, look for a well-drained area to minimize the chances of corrosion.


Step 6: Fix the Refrigeration Unit

It is necessary for your refrigerated Special Container to be serviced regularly. As this extends the useful life.


How to Clean your Special Container?

It is a good idea to buy a Special Container and modify it yourself according to your needs.

What you need to make sure of is to thoroughly clean it before you start the modification process. To clean your Special Container properly, follow these steps:

  • Sweep everything thoroughly, giving great emphasis to the corners, and ensure that the ceilings are also brushed.

It will not only clean the Special Container from dust and grime but will also reveal any problems that need to be fixed.

  • In order to get to the bottom of hard dirt, wash the interior and exterior of the Special Container with a pump, or, if feasible, you can use a pressure washer. After you’ve washed it, make sure to let it dry completely to avoid the formation of rust.
  • Rust remover should be used to repair any rust and any cracks that may exist within your Special Container. If the damage is small, a roofing adhesive may be used, but if it is large you may need to weld a piece of steel over it to seal it.
  • Before you decorate or personalize the Special Container further, make sure that the rust and other damages are fixed.


What are the Most Common Problems of a Special Container?

The major problems of a Special Container are:


Site Constraints:

At least 13 meters of the draft is required by a large Post-Panamax Special Container.

Many draft difficulties emerge at the port with the involvement of a larger Special Container, mainly those belonging to the Post-Panamax category.

Terminal space which is mostly used for storage is largely consumed by it.


Illicit Trade:

A Special Container is sometimes also used as a source for the illicit trade of weapons, goods, and drugs, and in rare cases for illegal immigration.


Capital Incentives:

A large amount of capital is required for handling Special Container infrastructures and equipment.

This involves a big investment including warehousing facilities, giant cranes, rail access, inland road.



Additional costs and time for terminal operators are required because of the complexities of the arrangement of Special Container.

This includes both stacking categories; on the modes and the ground like double-stacking, which requires steady restacking.

Its operational management will be more complex when the yard or load unit gets larger.



The repositioning of containerized assets over long distances is a must requirement. In many cases, it is moved empty because of trade balances.

Even though the Special Container is full or empty, it’ll take the same area.


Theft and Losses:

Each year, mostly because of bad weather a huge number (1500) of Special Container is misplaced.

Expensive goods and the freight unit, which can be forced open or taken away are stolen which leaves the owner with a big loss.


How to Solve the Problems of your Special Container?

Here are the best solutions to the most common problems of a Special Container:


Water Damage:

Apply a paint coat on the surface and seal it with a proper protective coat to avoid direct contact of water with the metal base.

This will prevent water damage hence providing protection against corrosion problems.


Improper Lashing:

Lashing rods are used for keeping the Special Container secured to the transporting vehicle. Improper lashing will end up in separation and damage of your Special Container.

Make sure it is lashed properly to avoid any such damage.


Over Loading:

Overloading leads to dent formation. Load only according to the weight-bearing capacity of your Special Container.


Surface Scratches:

Mishandling and rough loading/unloading end up in scratch formation on your Special Container surface. Handle it with care and apply a lamination coat to avoid scratch problems.



A Special Container has a lot of benefits and applications but only if used the right way. The very first thing that you must consider is its cleanliness and maintenance.

Keeping it dirty and unprotected from external factors will end up in severe damage to your Special Container. This will also result in decreasing its life and durability.


FAQs of Special Container.

What are some of the Most Common Special Container Delivery Methods?

Three of the most common Container Delivery methods include CPT (Carriage Paid To), FCA (Free Carrier), and DAP (Delivered at Place).


What is the Life of a Special Container?

A brand new Special Container has an average life of 30 years. On the other hand, a used one can be used for up to 10-15 years depending upon its condition.

Proper maintenance and cleaning must be carried out to enhance its life.


Can you Adjust Temperature and Humidity in a Refrigerated Special Container?

Yes, the temperature and humidity of a Refrigerated Special Container can be adjusted with the help of temperature and humidity sensors attached to the controller unit.


Do you receive a User Manual When Buying a Special Container?

Yes, you do receive a user manual with every Special Container purchase that tells you the basics of its usage along with providing some safety instructions.


What is the Maximum Load Weight of a 20 Feet Standard Special Container?

The maximum load weight of a 20 feet standard Special Container is 28230 kgs. Any attempt to load it beyond this certain limit may result in damage to it.


How Much Loading Weight can a 40 Feet Standard Special Container Hold?

A 40 feet standard Special Container can hold a weight of 26700 kgs. Make sure not to overload it to avoid damage.


What is the Capacity of a 40 Feet High Cube Special Container?

The capacity of a 40 feet High Cube Special Container is 76 cu/m. It is because of the high sides which create more storage space.


How Much is the Inside Length and Width of a 20 Feet Refrigeration Special Container?

The inside length of a 20 feet Refrigeration Special Container is 5.724 meters and the width is 2.276 m.

These length and width measurements are for a standard Refrigerated Special Container. In case you want to increase the dimensions, you can ask for a customized one.


What is the Weight of a 40 Feet Platform Special Container?

The weight of a 40 feet Platform Special Container is 5700 kgs. This is different from the load weight that it can handle, which is 39300 kgs.


How are Twist Locks Helpful in Stacking of a Special Container?

Twist locks help in stacking a Special Container by avoiding direct contact of the bottom of the top one with the upper surface of the lower one.

These locks are installed on the edges and prevent denting, paint peeling, and scratching.


Does Special Container Come with a Guarantee?

Yes, a Special Container comes with a guarantee of 1-2 years. This is good for customer satisfaction and contentment.


Is Special Container Airtight?

No, a Special Container is not airtight. Though it is normally closed from all sides and has rubber insulations to avoid air entry this doesn’t provide complete air entry.

In some cases, holes are intentionally punched into its walls to ensure good air circulation, depending upon the usage.


What are Some Ways of Moving a Special Container?

A Special Container can be moved with the help of a truck or a roller that is big enough to easily handle all the weight along with maintaining stability and balance.


What do you mean by an A-Grade Special Container?

A-grade Special Container is the one having the good condition, decent shape, no scratches, clean interior, and intact floor. But it may have some rust and dent issues.


Does Condensation Affect Special Container?

Yes, Special Container is affected by condensation which damages the upper paint layer finally resulting in corrosion problems.

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