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Sunnyda designs, fabricates and exports steel structure building more than 10 years. You can customize your building together with our technical department. You can assemble your building on site alongside our installation team. We will provide you one-stop solution of steel structure building and complete shipping. You’re welcome to visit our factory.

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Why Choose Sunnyda Steel Structure Building

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Your Premier Steel Structure Building Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda technical department’s 12 architects and senior engineers would like to work with you in furnishing your requirements on steel structure building. If you have your own design we can meet your standard and make fabrication drawing accordingly. If not, we design it for you as per length, width, height, snow and wind load. To complete steel structure building design we also need to know your temperature, or weather roof and wall need insulation materials. And, we need to know which equipment put inside or what this steel structure building be used for, then proper foundation drawing can be provided. Sunnyda also considers big rolling doors, big sliding doors for your special use like warehouse for heavy and high vehicle.

Sunnyda with more than 10 years experience in steel structure building design, fabrication and export, till now have projects in lots of countries like Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji, New Caledonia, Mauritania, Dubai etc. Sunnyda knows how to ship steel structure building properly, adopting economic ways and how to optimize loading. Very important delivery time is very short, middle size steel structure building is normally less than 35 days. If your project urgent, main beam and column could be shipped in 15 days, even anchor bolts can be shipped in 1 day to save you on foundation making time.

Sunnyda is your premier steel structure building supplier and you are welcome to visit us.

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Steel Structure Building: The Complete Guide

Sunnyda steel structure building usually is painted in 3 layers, so that your color needs can be met. Another type is hot galvanized steel structure building for your high-end needs on no rust. If your metal frame construction is near the ocean or on a small island, another good option is PVDF paint. All Sunnyda steel structure building is designed to have a life span of more than 50 years. And at least anti-8-grade earthquake, and anti-wind as per your local wind speed.

Sunnyda steel structure building produced under ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Sunnyda is your premier steel structure building supplier and you are welcome to visit us.