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Sunnyda designs, fabricates and exports steel structure building more than 10 years. You can customize your building together with our technical department. You can assemble your building on site alongside our installation team. We will provide you one-stop solution of steel structure building and complete shipping. You’re welcome to visit our factory.

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Why Choose Sunnyda Steel Structure Building

  • Contact Our Support Team
  • Strong Design Capacity
  • More than 10 Years’ Experience
  • Installation team can help on site
  • 7/24 Sale & Tech Support

Your Premier Steel Structure Building Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda technical department’s 12 architects and senior engineers would like to work with you in furnishing your requirements on steel structure building. If you have your own design we can meet your standard and make fabrication drawings accordingly. If not, we design it for you as per length, width, height, snow, and wind load.

To complete steel structure building design we also need to know your temperature, or weather roof and wall need insulation materials. And, we need to know which equipment put inside or what this steel structure building be used for, then proper foundation drawing can be provided. Sunnyda also considers big rolling doors, big sliding doors for your special use like warehouse for heavy and high vehicle.

Sunnyda with more than 10 years experience in steel structure building design, fabrication and export, till now have projects in lots of countries like Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Columbia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji, New Caledonia, Mauritania, Dubai, etc. Sunnyda knows how to ship steel structure building properly, adopting economic ways and how to optimize loading.

Very important delivery time is very short, middle size steel structure building is normally less than 35 days. If your project urgent, main beam and column could be shipped in 15 days, even anchor bolts can be shipped in 1 day to save you on foundation making time.

Sunnyda is your premier steel structure building supplier and you are welcome to visit us.

  • Residential steel buildings
  • Steel frame garage
  • Steel structure platform
  • Steel building components
  • Steel workshop building
  • Agricultural steel buildings
  • Steel building house
  • Steel building warehouse
  • Steel shop buildings
  • Steel barns
  • Hanger steel structure
  • Steel structure industrial building
  • Galvanized metal buildings


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Steel Structure Building: The Complete Guide

Sunnyda steel structure building usually is painted in 3 layers, so that your color needs can be met. Another type is hot galvanized steel structure building for your high-end needs on no rust. If your metal frame construction is near the ocean or on a small island, another good option is PVDF paint. All Sunnyda steel structure building is designed to have a life span of more than 50 years. And at least anti-8-grade earthquake, and anti-wind as per your local wind speed.

Sunnyda steel structure building produced under ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Sunnyda is your premier steel structure building supplier and you are welcome to visit us.

Steel Structure Building FAQ Table of Contents

What is Steel Structure Building?
Why Build With Steel Structure?
Why Steel Structure Buildings Are Advantageous For Your Project?
Why Choose Sunnyda Steel Structure Building?
What Type of Steel Structure Buildings You Manufacture?
Can I Choose My Steel Structure Roofing Style?
Can I Choose My Steel Structure Building Facades?
How Long Is The Steel Structure Buildings Warranty & What Does It Cover?
What Steel Structure Building Finishes Do You Offer?
Can You Design My Steel Structure Building?
I have My Own Design Can You Manufacture My Steel Structure Building?
Can You Customize My Steel Structure building?
Why Steel Structure Buildings Are The Right Choice For Your Budget?
Is Sunnyda A One-Source Service Provider?
Is Steel Structure Building Fire Resistant?
Is Your Steel Structure Building Protected Against Corrosion?
Are Sunnyda Steel Structure Buildings Resistant to Earthquake?
What Engineering & Modeling Software Does Sunnyda Use?
Is Sunnyda’ Engineering Software Compatible with Other Software Programs?
Can Isolation be provided?
How long Steel Structure Buildings do they last?
Is It Easy To Expand On A Steel Structure?
How Long Does It Take To Build A Steel Structure Building?
How Long Does Shipping Take?
Will You Deliver My Steel Structure Building To My Site?
How Long Does It Take To Install A Steel Structure Building?
What Foundation/Concrete Works do I need for my Steel Structure Building?
Do You Provide Floor/Concrete Analysis?
Do All Steel Structure Buildings Look The Same?
Is Building With Steel Environmentally Friendly?
Are Steel Structure buildings Sustainable?
Where I can find answers to questions that I may have that are not on this list?

What is Steel Structure Building?

Steel Structure Building is a high-strength frame system made of structural beams, columns steel trusses, and other components connected by welding and bolts.

Due to its innumerable benefits, Steel Structure buildings have become an extremely important component of modern buildings which is increasingly and widely used by construction industry experts.

Whether you are an investor, real estate developer, architect, designer, engineer, contractor, fabricator, looking for the most cost-effective building type? Sunnyda offers you complete Steel Structures Solutions for High, Mid, or Low Rise Residential & Non-Residential Projects.

Increase your project’s efficiency by working with us.

Why build with steel structure?


Yes, Steel Structure buildings are cost-efficient.

With Sunnyda all-in-one solution for residential, commercial, and industrial construction, you only pay for what you need.

  • Reduced foundation costs as steel structure buildings are significantly lighter than concrete so, they require less extensive and simpler foundations.
  • Faster construction saves on costs of materials, manpower, and methods.
  • Pre-engineering & Prefabrication ensure quality, precision and reduces waste.
  • Less inspection and maintenance.
  • No waste, materials left over after construction.
  • Less excavation work.

Speed of Construction

  • Faster construction, more control over the project’s time flow.
  • More efficient project management
  • Steel can be assembled efficiently & quickly in all seasons.
  • Prefabrication speeds up the assembly, Steel Structure buildings can be erected in a matter of weeks rather than months with a 75% time reduction compared to traditional on-site construction.


Sunnyda Steel Structure buildings are designed and engineered for Long-life to withstand external factors such as:

  • External pressures (i.e. earthquakes, cyclones, and thunderstorms).
  • Extreme forces or harsh weather conditions, such as strong winds, earthquakes, hurricanes, and heavy snow.
  • Lower life-cycle costs.
  • Rust, corrosion
  • Termites, mold, fungi, bugs, mildew, etc…

Why Steel Structure Buildings Are Advantageous For Your Project?

  • Cost-effective,
  • Speedy construction for Medium to high-density
  • Modular Construction.
  • Resilience, Strength, Light Weight, and Rigidity.
  • The steel Structure approach could save you around 70 – 80% of time spent on-site.

Why Choose Sunnyda Steel Structure Buildings?

We design & manufacture your Project Steel Structure building with high-quality standards, using the latest technology, innovation, expertise, and capacity to provide you with the Most Competitive Steel Structure Project.

Sunnyda provides an extensive set of Steel Structural Building Solutions that fulfill your project’s complex requirements, cost-effectiveness, time-efficiency and help you gain competitive advantage and differentiation in your local, regional, and international market.

Compliance to International Rules & Standards

Sunnyda Steel Structure building adhere to the following international rules & standards:


Through our innovative approach, we aim to bring into practice a new perspective to improve our creativity performance up to the latest innovation in the World to adapt to the construction industry’s fast changes.

For us, Steel Structure building is a strategic industry that our experts support daily with local and international steel-related research and development.

Our Design Function is supported with the most robust design systems including: 

1) Digital Developments: Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacture (CAM) are used for converting your project’s ideas into real-world structures.

2) Building Information Modeling (BIM): to generate and manage digital representations of functional and physical characteristics of places.

3) 3D Laser Scanning to analyze 3D objects’ information and enable the geometric shape to be calculated.

4-3 Design 

Prior to designing your steel structure building, we spend a substantial amount of time, understanding your requirements and needs.

We look at your steel structure building project as a whole, considering the environmental conditions and the purpose the building built for. We provide our clients with extensive advice to help them achieve the most effective steel structure building design, cost, and quality.

We design your Steel Structure Building & Structural Components with high strengths, for that we ensure maximum structural integrity, load support; resistance & stability factors are met.

Our Design Delivery encompasses the following processes:

  • Architectural design.
  • Development of Steel Structural Concept.
  • Analysis of steel structure and verification of components.

We are committed to producing incredible, creative & innovative design using the latest technology design software to design, analyze and build Steel Structure Buildings with a lot of precision and meet complex, large project requirements:

Our team can design various architectural steel buildings for different business sectors:

  • Up to 100 stories Towers.
  • Residential Sector: High, Mid, or Low Rise Buildings.
  • Commercial sector: Mezzanines, Platforms.
  • Communities Buildings: Universities, Schools, Churches, Stadiums, Sports Clubs.
  • Aviation Sector: Aircraft maintenance facilities & aircraft hangar building.
  • Agricultural Sector: Live Stock, farming buildings.
  • Industrial Sector: Manufacturing Facilities and Plants, Industrial Processing Plants, Distribution and Fulfillment   Equipment Support Structures, Catwalks, Crossovers. Any other projects that require equipment support, storage, steel structure warehouse, or safe access.

Architectural Variety

Our experts’ are dedicated to making every steel structure building project a reality. Sunnyda is committed to providing you with a mixture of art, flexibility, know-how, and science to help you put your project structural system aesthetically at the forefront. 

We adapt our steel structure building to almost any architectural layout, using the most sophisticated design, column-free, flexible floor space, safe with fewer foundations.

High-Quality Standards & International Certifications

 4-5-1: International Certification

Steel Structure Buildings are designed, fabricated, and erected in accordance with international standard ISO 10721-2 for the steel structure design, material properties, testing, and inspection.

  • Steel Structure Industry Code of Practice

We comply with the Steel Structure Building Industry Code of Practice for the following:

  • Construction processes.
  • Loads Specification.
  • Materials.
  • Workmanship.
  • Health and safety measures.
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification

We implement quality management system requirements in terms of our manufacturing facilities, systems and equipment, people, and services.

  • ISO 14001 Standards for Environmental Management System (EMS):

We ensure the highest standards in sustainability and safety and sustainability. Kirby takes great pride in adhering to ISO 14001 standards for Environmental Management System (EMS).

4-5-2: Steel Structure Building Detailing

In order to ensure high-quality control, 100% accuracy, and flexible communication, Sunnyda provides all detailed structural steel fabrication and erection drawings, including fabrication detailing of structures and multi-disciplined conceptual layouts for all types of projects.

Sunnyda also complies with the international and national steel detailing standards of different countries.

4-5-3: Fabrication & Erection Standards 

Our steel structure buildings are fabricated, erected, and controlled according to international good manufacturing practices.

We ensure that our Structure building detail drawings specify all relevant information related to steel structure fabrication. Our drawings include also, material specifications, component dimensions, sizes, surface specs, bolting, welding, painting details, and all components details such as beams, columns, trusses, joists, braces, etc…

Our Steel Structure Building Erection Drawings portray dimensioned plans and include detailed information about the position and installation requirements of each component within the overall structure, steel design, reinforcing steel detailing; connectivity diagrams & anchor setting plans.

4-5-4: Structural Steel Shapes & Grade Standards 

To deliver maximum durability and strength to your steel structure building project, we only use high-quality steel profiles & plates. We choose from different types of steel shapes, grades, sizes depending on your specific application needs, design requirements, and load-bearing.

In our sites, we fabricate a complete line of structural steel including steel frames, beams, columns, bars, girders, plates, and many others.

Our steel structures are responding to International standards requirements, accuracy, and precision.


Sunnyda can take on the most challenging steel structure building fabrication, for large, medium, or small projects.

All of the fabrication processes are carried out on our site. Our operations are supported with plasma cutting and robotic machinery to maximize productivity and realize the highest degree of quality, accuracy, speed, and safety in cutting, shaping, holing, welding, bending and joining work.

Sunnyda Steel Structure fabrication equipment is numerically controlled. We ensure a genuine seamless CAD/CAM environment, by linking our computer-aided design and detailing (CAD) directly to our factory floor numerically controlled machinery computers (CNC).

Our Steel Structures are well-treated through the following processes:

  • Surface preparation.
  • Corrosion protection by galvanizing or painting work.
  • The hot-dipped galvanized coating is applied for harsh environments Projects.


Sunnyda plan for the erection operation at the very beginning design stage; taking into consideration factors such as practical erection sequence and simplicity of assembly.

All Erection parts and components are marked; numbers are shown clearly on all pieces. Fasteners shall be packaged by type and size.

A master shipping list containing a material description, erection part numbers shall be sent with the shipment.

All material shall be inspected and verified prior to shipment.

We provide a complete erection procedure/ safety manual and assistance for the following:

  • Foundation.
  • Pre-erection.
  • Unloading instructions, storage of materials.
  • Erection of column, rafter, purlin, brace, roof monitor, etc..
  • Roofs, walls, and insulation installation.
  • Verification.
  • Erection sheeting, trim, and Accessories.


We handle all aspects of the steel structure building protection and painting using high-performance anti-corrosion, UV protection, and less maintenance coating solutions including:

  • Single or multi-layer coating systems.
  • Powder coat paint for a durable finish.
  • Automated powder paint lines.

Paint shall be suitable for weather exposure under the anticipated environmental conditions, aesthetics requirements, and design specifications.

4-10 Mechanical Resistance & Stability

Sunnyda responds to the most demanding steel structures technical requirements, for that multiple Structural Load and Resistance Factor Design are used to support the Mechanical Resistance & Stability of the following critical areas:

  • Extreme low or high-temperature conditions.
  • Resistance under cyclic loads.
  • Fatigue impacts.
  • Brittle Fracture.
  • Snow Load.
  • Wind Load.
  • Thermal Actions.
  • Corrosion Effects.
  • Fire Resistance.
  • Earthquake.

  4-11 Material Standards

Depending on each project’s applicable technical specifications, Sunnyda provide a clear Material Data Sheet specifying the Standard Specification for Steel Structure General Requirements. The Steel Material sections shall include various steel sizes, shapes (i.e. I-beam, HSS, Channels, Angles and Plate).

The range of available shapes and sizes allows virtually any architectural requirement to be met.

Gauges made by hot or cold rolling, or by welding, flat or bent plates.

Integrated Supply Chain to Increase Project Value

We integrate our steel supply chain functions to efficiently and quickly transform your desired design into reality. We add the maximum value to each structural steel component and process to provide project owners the best quality fit-for-purpose steel structure.

Adaptable & Accessibility

Our steel structures building can be easily extended horizontally, vertically, or converted.

  • Steel-built structures are significantly flexible to cater to many changes and are adaptable to any alterations to be made over time.
  • Our steel structure buildings are adaptable with the latest interior design & Layout.
  • Walls can be repositioned for more space to increase floor loads.
  • Our Steel Structure Sections are designed to provide:
  • More space.
  • Elegant large open plan.
  • Column free internal spaces.
  • Easy subdivision.

Our steel framing and floor systems are designed and fabricated to allow easy access and alterations to communication systems, existing electrical wiring, and other networking cables.

More Open Space

Our steel structure buildings are designed using elegant methods to improve the feeling of comfort and well-being by spanning long distances for more open spaces using:

  • Free of load-bearing walls.
  • Intermediate steel columns for a more open airy space, flooded with natural light
  • We use strengths Steel Carrier to save the maximum in terms of usable area.

More Aesthetics

Sunnyda Steel Structure Buildings are designed by talented artists who aim to achieve the maximum architectural aesthetics and beauty with a large combination of colors, forms, simple or complex aesthetic finishes choices.

Our Sector of Activity

We are active in different sectors; we delivered successfully many Steel Structure building projects and platforms for the following sectors:

  • High-Rise, Mid-Rise, and Low-Rise Residential Buildings.
  • Towers up to 100 stories.
  • Healthcare
  • Retail & shopping facilities.
  • hospitality sectors.
  • Mining Steel Structures: Structural parts of mines (i.e. mining screens, buildings)
  • Prefab steel building, Offices.
  • Transportation: transport hubs including railway, train, tramway, buses stations.
  • Marine: ladders, steel flooring, stairs, and fabricated sections of steel.
  • Energy Steel Structures: industrial buildings in renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

Our projects? 

Sunnyda Steel Structures building has implemented a significant number of notable projects in the world.  We have projects in more than 100 countries around the globe. Our client list includes multinational firms and construction industry leaders’ brands.

Customer Care

Our customers highly value the convenience and economy of working with a single-source manufacturer who places the highest priority on customer satisfaction.

Our success is to design, deliver, and build your steel structure building beyond your utmost expectations.

We assist our customers at all of the project stages.

Our customer support team is available 24 / 7 and continuously trained to serve you better.

What Type of Steel Structure Buildings You Manufacture?

Sunnyda Design and manufacture almost every type of modern construction projects including:

Our Steel Structures are adaptable to almost any architectural layout; we design Steel Structures in any shape with the capacity to bend to a certain radius, segmented curves, arches, and facades free-form combinations.

Can I Choose My Steel Structure Roofing Style?

Yes, absolutely.

Your project coordinator will provide you with a wide variety of cost-effective, easy and quick to install, lightweight, low maintenance, thermal, and energy efficiency Roof Styles.

We propose an extended range of affordable Metal Steel Roofing Systems, Sandwich Panels with endless aesthetics and creativity options.

Can I Choose My Steel Structure Building Facades?

Yes, our catalog consists of more than 20 facades models with different colors and surface finishes selection (i.e. glossy finish, glittery rendering, and many more).

We provide you with the perfect solution for an elegant façade that will maintain a harmonious dialogue with your surrounding environment.

How Long Is The Steel Structure Buildings Warranty & What Does It Cover?

Sunnyda Steel Structure Buildings are Designed, Manufactured, and Backed by a Lifetime Structural Design Warranty of  5 Year.

  • Tubular Frame: 10 Year Rust-through warranty for 12 and 14 gauge frame.
  • Sheeting and Trim: 5 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Steel Paint: 2 Years.
  • Workmanship: 10 Years.
  • Roof Leaks: 2 Years.

What your price covers?

Our one price covers the following:

  • Project consultation.
  • Design engineering.
  • Fabrication.

What Steel Structure Building Finishes Do You Offer?

We undertake finishing processes to mainly ensure steel structure strength, durability, excellent corrosion protection, color consistency, superior sheen and reduced environmental impact. We offer high quality coating finishes in a wide selection of colors, finishes and types that fulfill practical and aesthetic functions needs and requirement.

Our finishes options include:

  • Hot-dip galvanizing: to protect the base metal from corroding. Its durable for outdoor use and non-climate controlled indoor environments.
  • Powder coating: to effectively enhance Structural Steel durability, remove surface defects and provide a decorative matte or glossy finishes similar to paint.
  • Spray painting: this is an anti-corrosion protection that can be applied to spray painting steelwork with one or multiple layers of liquid paint.
  • Blast cleaning: this is the first vital step before we apply any coating to steel, in order to treat and remove contaminants and create a suitable base for the application of high-performance protective coatings. 

Can You Design My Steel Structure Building?

Yes, absolutely. Our expert designers can design your Steel Structure Building according to your desire. 

I have My Own Design Can You Manufacture My Steel Structure Building?

Yes if you have your own design, we can take it and bring it to life.

Please note that accuracy of the plan or sketch you deliver to our consultant impacts the time to create the required engineered drawings for approvals. So, the more details you can provide (i.e. the geometry and layout of the building in your sketch), the clearer, the faster and easier the drawings will be performed.

Can You Customize My Steel Structure building?

Yes, we can custom your steel Structure Building according to your requirements.

Sunnyda Steel Structure Buildings offers you a wide array of choices in:


Aside from our standard colors chart and corresponding identification numbers that are available in our catalog. Your Steel Structure Buildings and accessories can be painted in a variety of customized colors which we can match more ideally your preferred color.

Weathering Steel

We offer unique opportunities to make your building aesthetically pleasing with our dynamic textures & and economical exterior options.

We only use high-strength structural steel which is corrosion-resistant, weather resistant, and workshop performance to delivers a unique finish that is aesthetically pleasing for a wide range of applications.

Steel Shapes

We are not limited to using only the most common steel shapes.

We use state-of-the-art techniques and tools (i.e. laser, plasma cutting, and water jet) to custom a variety of special structural steel shapes for any type of project or specific needs.

Sheet Steel:

Sunnyda offers durable and economical solutions for wall assemblies ranging from the simplest single sheet walls to sophisticated composite panel assemblies.

  • The cavity can be sized to accommodate as much thermal insulation.
  • A wide variety of cladding profiles.
  • Complete paint system colors for complete architectural expression.

Wall & Roofing Panel:


An extensive selection of exterior and interior metal building components will be shown to you by your project coordinator.


We have a complete line of accessories designed to complete your Steel Structure Project faster and with higher accuracy and safety standards.

  • Hand rails and railings for industrial & public access.
  • Stairs and stairways with or without landings.
  • Ladders, including vertical/ships and caged.
  • Gates, and safety gates (sliding, swing, and lift out).
  • Crossover bridges and Catwalks for efficient access. 

Why Steel Structure Buildings Are The Right Choice For Your Budget?

Absolutely, Yes.

Using steel structure buildings can make you at least 35% savings over traditional construction materials and manpower. 

Is Sunnyda A One-Source Service Provider?

Yes, we are.

We provide & combine all related Steel Structures Building Solutions in our manufacturing facilities. This allows us to be very competitive cost-wise.

Is Steel Structure Building Fire Resistant?

Yes, our Steel Structure Buildings are a safe choice as it doesn’t catch on fire, as they are designed, tested and equipped with the most responsive fireproofing material, fire-engineered solutions. We follow strictly fire-protecting structural steelwork standards to ensure maximum fire safety.

Our Steel Structure Buildings are insulated against heat damage.

Is Your Steel Structure Building Protected Against Corrosion?

Yes, absolutely, all of our Steel Structure Buildings are treated and protected against corrosion.

We use the most robust anti-corrosion, high-performance treatment including:

  • Paint coatings
  • Hot-dip galvanizing, thermal spraying, sherardizing, and electroplating.

We select carefully appropriate coating quality level and treatment grade. We provide full anti-corrosion solutions to steel structures exposed to normal or aggressive climatic conditions. However, the type of coating protection required depends on the degree of exposure location. In many cases, under internal dry situations, no corrosion protection coatings are required other than appropriate.

Are Sunnyda Steel Structure Buildings Resistant to Earthquake?

Yes, our steel structure buildings are designed & tested to support gravity loads caused by earthquakes, winds, thunderstorms, and cyclones.

Our steel structure building flexes rather than crushing or crumbling, despite the earthquakes magnitude, duration, frequency and extreme loads.

What Engineering & Modeling Software Does Sunnyda Use?

  • Pro for modeling and analysis.
  • Tekla BIM software for 3D modeling.
  • AutoCAD for drafting.

Is Sunnyda’ Engineering Software Compatible with Other Software Programs?

Yes. Our software is compatible with our customer’s used software programs. During the drawing approval process, drawings are shared, imported, and exported between us easily. 

Can Isolation be provided? 

Yes, we can provide high standards isolation boards or isolation sheeting according to your requirements and needs to effectively control noise, prevent condensation, save energy and, therefore, reduce heating and air conditioning bill.

Different types of isolation are available to you including:

  • Insulated panels
  • Rigid board
  • Reflective foil
  • Fiberglass insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Batt and blanket
  • Loose-fill

How long Steel Structure Buildings do they last?

Sunnyda Steel Structure Buildings will stand the test of time being made of a strong frame, durable cladding and rust-protected steel. It can better withstand seismic activities, extreme weather, and heavy use.

Is It Easy To Expand On A Steel Structure?

Yes, expanding on a steel structure is relatively quick and easy. Our simple and expandable framing allows you for:

  • Making your steel building longer, wider, or taller.
  • Adding a lean-to.
  • Adding frames and walls to your steel structure buildings.

How Long Does It Take To Build A Steel Structure Building?

The time it takes to design, build and deliver a steel structure building depends on the size, requirements and complexity of the project. Customization may require slightly more time.

From receiving your drawing and specifications to assembling and completing the Steel Structure building, the whole process approximately takes for most projects around 4-5 weeks as follow :

  • 1-2 Weeks is for planning and procurement.
  • One Week for fabrication,
  • One Week for loading and scheduling the shipping.

Our team will provide you with a realistic timeline according to your project type. 

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping time and cost depend on the distance from the manufacturer to the building site.

Large projects may be shipped in phases.

More details about Worldwide Delivery are available to you upon request. 

Will You Deliver My Steel Structure Building To My Site?

The short answer is Yes!

We deliver to your steel structure building project site, anywhere in the World. 

How Long Does It Take To Install A Steel Structure Building?

Since all components are prefabricated. Small or medium-size steel structure building can be installed in 2-4 Days with a team of (4-5) people.

Larger steel structure buildings, take a slightly longer time about a week and require a crew of five to seven (5-7) people to finish the job.

What Foundation/Concrete Works do I need for my Steel Structure Building?

For Foundation type and necessary excavation work, you will need to consult our team to ensure our Steel Structure Building will fit with your foundation preparation work.

Most simple Steel Structure buildings require minor excavation work which can be done with hand tools. While major steel structure buildings require deeper excavation with construction equipment such as backhoe or bobcat shovel.

Prior to the Foundation Excavation, the land must be professionally surveyed and boundaries of the plot marked and slab of cement to be completely flat.

Do You Provide Floor/Concrete Analysis?

No, we do not participate in any of the soil/concrete analysis or evaluation, but we can advice and guide your contractor about the required foundations.

Do All Steel Structure Buildings Look The Same?

Sunnyda steel structure buildings are aesthetically appealing to the latest architectural design and aesthetics. Technology today allows us to design your building to fit your vision. You can choose from a wide range of modern exterior and interior design, finishes, and layouts. 

Is Building With Steel Environmentally Friendly?

Steel Structure buildings are the most environmentally friendly buildings as 98% of the materials are recyclable. Steel Structure carports are ideal to install solar panels.

Are Steel Structure buildings Sustainable?

Yes, Steel Structure buildings are a great construction option for sustainability:

  • Steel Structure Buildings provides an environmentally responsible construction solution which is highly recyclable, long-lived and can be flexibly reused, modified or extended.
  • 98% of steel structure materials can be recycled.
  • Less waste onsite, less pollution from heavy equipment, and less community disruption. 

Where I can find answers to questions that I may have that are not on this list?

If you have any steel structure building questions not addressed on this FAQ’s page, please contact us:

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