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  • Combined by 20ft 40ft Shipping Container
  • Can stack to form a 5-storey apartment at the most
  • Fit for a broad range of temperature requirements
  • 10 Years Production and Export experience
  • Competitive Price

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Storage container apartments are marketed to accommodate an extremely broad range of requirements over the world, from the hot desert, to the humid forests and the cold climate. Storage container apartments are exceptionally comfortable, easy to move and handle, able to maintain adequate performance in time and requiring low maintenance.

The main highlight of storage container apartments is the self-ventilation system devised for the walls and the roof. Storage container apartments are naturally cooled during the hot season and moisture condensing is prevented during the cold season.

Storage container apartments combine 20ft and 40ft shipping container, which can be stacked to form a 5-storey building. Dimensions can be arranged to meet specific requirements expressed by the Customer.

Storage container apartments are modified from shipping container. Sunnyda service ranges from engineering design, production, shipping and excellent after-sales service. As per drawing, storage container apartments have cut walls for doors and windows, properly put insulation sandwich panel: PU sandwich panel, PIR panel, EPS sandwich panel, rock wool sandwich panel. Or another way is light steel keel plus rock wool, inside surface can be gypsum board9 9-12 mm.

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Container typeNew or second hand ISO shipping container
SizeISO 20ft, 40ft HQ
Repaint and put logoPE paint, marine grade paint, color and logo as per requirement
ModificationCut door, windows at any place
Insulation1, EPS sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel, PIR sandwich panel
2, Light gage steel joist and mineral wool in middle, interior surface 12mm gypsum board.
Indoor fittingElectrical and plumbing system, kitchen and bathroom
FurnitureTable and chair, sofa, bed, kitchen cupboard, wardrobe as per requirement
Shipping1, Cut door and window sealed by steel sheet, make surface flat acceptable for shipping line.
2, Inside fittings be well fixed, no move during shipping.
After sale service1 year warranty
Delivery time30-40 days
How many floors5 floors at the most
Connection kitsWater proofing rubber and screw, steel board for floor.
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Storage Container Apartments

Inside each room or each floor of storage container apartments, there is a self-extinguishing PVC electric panel which accommodates differential switches and thermal magnetic circuit breakers.

The supply ducts of storage container apartments are PVC complete with fittings and fixtures for hot and cold water. External connection to the clean water source is provided by one threaded connection of appropriate diameter. Sewage pipes are of heavy PVC, securely fixed to modules and led to the designed exit point for connection to the external sewerage mains.

Air conditioner hot/cool type, or coming in cool-only versions are available, according to local climate, storage container apartments is self-ventilation.

Other equipment used for storage container apartments like sanitary wares, kitchen wares, furniture and electrical appliance are selected by Sunnyda from quality suppliers, mostly with CE certificate.

Order or no order, we’ll be happy to help your business. You can contact us anytime!

Storage Container Apartments

Chapter 1: Introduction

Pic 1 – Storage Container Apartments – Stacked Storage Container Apartments

Nowadays, apartments can easily be made from different materials. This is because the architects and engineers are coming up with new solutions to housing needs. Well, the use of storage container apartments is something that has been around for a while. It is basically an apartment made of used or new shipping containers.

The best part about these storage container apartments is that they feel and look just as good as the conventional apartments.This has made more people jump onto the trend of getting themselves these apartments.

Chapter 2: Why You Need Storage Container Apartments

                 Pic 2 – Storage Container Apartments – front side 

Some people might need more convincing, just to see why the use of storage container apartments is good. For that reason, we get to discuss of the benefits you can expect when it comes to using such apartments.


This should be the first thing that comes to mind when you have to move away from conventional apartments. The shipping containers on overall are more economic. You will not have to spend a lot of money to get one for yourself.

Mostly if you live in an area with high construction prices, turning to using shipping containers is a better option. With the idea of being able to save on the construction cost, you should find it being ideal to invest in storage container apartments.

Construction is easy

The construction process is simple when it comes to working with shipping containers. You will already have the steel frame from the container. That cuts down the time you would spend on coming up with the frame. All you have to do now is to have it customized to how you would like the apartment to look.

Also, most companies working on the storage container apartments would have it delivered in a short time, usually 30-40 days. With a short lead time, it should be more reason people find it being the best.

Allows for endless imagination

The good thing about the storage container apartments is that you can let your imagination take over. This is because the container allows for you to come with crazy designs that make the apartments stand out. It is the reason you would find many people just executing the best designs all the time.

You can always talk to our design team to work hand in hand with you. This helps with making sure the final storage container apartments project is just as the way you wanted. This is what makes us different from other brands who might have just specific shipping container apartment configurations.


The most notable thing about storage container apartments is that they can be portable if you want. All you have to do is take them apart and have them moved to where you want. The best part is that you just need a truck and get your apartment to a new location.

As you can see, you will not have to list your apartment for sale and then go to buy a new one in the next site. Just make sure you take it apart by using professionals. This allows for you to set it up correctly the next time you have to put it up again.

Environment friendly

Another thing that makes the storage container apartments great should be that they are environmentally friendly. Being able to get yourself, such an apartment goes a long way to preserve the environment. In the case of used shipping containers, you would not want them thrown away in a yard left to rust. You can see that such shipping containers can now be turned into the best apartments and keep them from just rusting.

Off-site construction

These shipping containers can easily be built off-site and then delivered to the preferred installation site. You can even have the site prepared for the house installation before it is shipped. You should have enough time to prepare the site when no other works have to be done on the same site.

Also, it allows for you to get the right building permits for your storage container apartments. The best part about such a construction is that the setup of the apartments once shipped is fast. You will be able to occupy the house in no time.

Chapter 3: Applications of Storage Container Apartments

Pic 3 – Storage Container Apartments – Setting Up Storage Container Apartments

A mobile residential unit

These storage container apartments can be quite flexible. This is based on the portability options you get with the shipping containers. Most people who love to move around, would simply get the apartment on the truck and move on to another town. Such a mobile residential unit can be great if you work in an industry that needs moving from one project to another.



Yes, other than being your home, the storage container apartments can be great as a office. It does not have to be the whole apartment. You can simply partition a section and create an office in your home. Some even use the whole apartment to have an office for the whole organization. As you can see, it is all about giving you the best flexibility.

Can work as a house extension

Do you ever feel like you need more space for housing more people? If that is the case, the use of storage container apartments could serve as a nice idea. You will always end up with a great space additional for your guests. Some even use it as a guest house offering all the space, comfort and amenities of the main house.

Container hotel

This does not come as a surprise. This is because you will always find many businesses converting regular apartments to hotels. That can also happen to the use of storage container apartments. The user will have the option of getting the storage container apartments furnished to make the clients comfortable.

Also, people love to experience something new. Some who have not used storage container apartments would be intrigued to try it out. It is the reason more container apartments are being put up.

Chapter 4: Buying Tips for the Storage Container Apartments

Pic 4 – Storage Container Apartments – completed Storage Container Apartments

New or used containers

When looking for the best storage container apartments, you will have the option of choosing either old or new containers. The used containers will generally be lower price while the new containers would offer more service time. It often comes down to the budget that you have.

It must be noted that even if you choose a used container for apartments, it would still have good durability. This is because containers are built to last for years even when used in the rough sea conditions. Factory modify storage container in factory, sand blasting and re-paint to any color you may need, even can put your advertising or your logo.

Manufacturer price

The overall cost of the whole project plays an important in you making up your mind. You would want to get a model that is worth every penny you pay for. Talk to the manufacturer to understand what they can offer for your budget. Sometimes you can spend just a little bit more to get more space and other amenities.

It is also great if you can have different companies sent you quotes. It is from the quotes you can find a great manufacturer that fits your budget.

Lead time

The lead time is the timeframe you expect the manufacturer to deliver the storage container apartments. Some might take less time while others might take more. So, what is your expected timeframe? Talk to the manufacturer to see if the timeline offered is realistic. Usually 30-40 days.

The quality of materials

The quality of the materials used in making storage container apartments is crucial. This comes down to what the manufacturer is willing to show as the material that will be used in the apartments. Any good manufacturer would easily share information about such materials. This starts with the condition of the shipping container to the others that will be included inside.

If you feel the quality of the materials are not worth paying for, then you can always opt for a different manufacturer.

Overall design

The storage container apartments do not have to be boring. You always have the option of working with the manufacturer to get the desired design. There are many companies out there willing to design these apartments so that they look just as good as you want.

For us, we will have you working with the design team to get the best storage container apartments. Talk to us today to see what kind of designs we can provide.


Talk to the manufacturer to understand the shipping logistics. You need to know how the completed storage container apartments would be finally delivered. Also, since storage container apartment is fully finished in factory, once arrived site, connect to electricity and water can be put in use.


To help you understand more about the storage container apartments, reading reviews on them helps a lot. It is common to find some people who might not have enough information about these apartments. Talk to people who own such apartments before buying. This allows you to understand the pros and cons. No one wants to meet some unexpected challenges later on.

The reviews also help you learn more about the manufacturer. This goes a long way to build confidence that you are buying from an experienced brand. If you are going to spend money on quality apartments, then they should live up to the price too.

Chapter 5: Mistakes to Avoid when Buying Storage Container Apartments

It is common that sometimes people make mistakes when buying storage container apartments. This is mostly because they are new to the field. To make sure you get the best value for your money, below are some of the mistakes you should avoid.

Getting incorrect container for your space needs

People just think that shipping containers are the same size. That is not the case, you can get different types of shipping containers available on the market. Talk to the manufacturer to get the difference between the different shipping containers. This allows for you to end up with a shipping container that can fit your space needs.

Yes, the containers always allow for expanding later on. But it would always be great to have the apartment setup at once with all the space that you need.

Not doing proper inspection

If you are close to the manufacturer, it would not hurt to take just a few minutes to inspect the container before the construction can start. This is especially if you opt to use the used containers. Also, you would want to put your mind at ease knowing the other materials used in the construction is still high quality.

For us, we allow the client to take a tour of our facility so that they can know the different materials used in the construction process. The clients leave having the confidence that we will be able to deliver on the best building they expect.

Not doing research on the local laws

Even if it is a storage container apartment, it is a still a building. This means that it has to follow some important housing rules. These laws are setup mostly at the local jurisdiction. It will be great to check out the local laws to understand the different laws first. This helps to keep you from being evicted or even worse when the local authorities come to inspect the apartments later on.

Changing the container structure too much

When it comes to the customization, the storage container apartments can be great. This does not mean you go overboard with it. You have to consider the structural integrity of the apartment. We always have some clients who want crazy styles achieved. We have the duty of guiding them to a sensible design which will not also compromise the overall integrity of the house.

Choosing the wrong manufacturer


When choosing a manufacturer for your storage container apartments, you have to be very careful. This is because not all of them will deliver on the best projects as they claim. This is why you have to check out the overall reputation of the company before working with them. This will at least help you hire a brand that is known to deliver on the best houses and on time too.

Chapter 6: Conclusion

The use of storage container apartments is something you too could enjoy. These apartments are generally good and will have all the important amenities that you need. You can always find more people picking them as they have become a great trend. If you need a great shipping container apartment, contact us today for a quote. We have on many projects before such as this one so expect good value for money.

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