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Your Reliable Partner and Manufacturer of Storage Container Shelter in China

Sunnyda has a full capacity to manufacture storage container shelter that easy and convenient to use. Our storage container shelter is made of a superior kind of material that meets international standards.

Our high-quality storage container shelter is one of the great products that we can offer. Using storage container shelter is a cheaper way and you can save cost.

Sunnyda can provide your needs when it comes to container sheltering. We have a lot of choices for different container sheltering that will very suited and perfect for your desired applications.

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Storage Container Shelter size


6x6x3m 6x12x3m 8x12x3.6m 10x12x3.6m 12x12x3.6m

12x12x3.6m 15x12x3.6m 18.3x12x6m 20x12x6m, 24x12x6.5m

Frame treatmentPowder coated or galvanized
CoverPVC 610g, 650g or up to 1100g, waterproof, UV-resistant, fire retardant.
Cover colorWhite or any RAL color
Fix typeScrew fixed or welded to the base
After-sale service1-year warranty
Delivery time30 days
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
Single Truss Storage Container Shelter
ITEM No.Dimension(WxLxH)G.W/N.WQty 20ft/40ft
2020C6.0 x 6.0 x 2.0m20′ x 20′ x 6’6″180/150kgs54 units/108 units
2640C8.0 x 12.0 x 3.0m20′ x 20′ x 10′515/460kgs18 units/36 units
3340C10.0 x 12.0 x 3.4m33′ x 40′ x 11′855/765kgs12 units/24 units
4040C12.0 x 12.0 x 3.9m40′ x 40′ x 13′1515/1398kgs9 units/18 units
4040C12.0 x 12.0 x 4.5m40′ x 40′ x 15′1080/1182kgs8 units/24 units
Double Truss Storage Container Shelter
ITEM No.Dimension(WxLxH)G.W/N.W
4040TC12.0 x 12.0 x 3.6m40′ x 40′ x 12′1335/1185kgs
5040TC15.0 x 12.0 x 3.6m50′ x 40′ x 12′1600/1420kgs
6040TC18.3 x 12.0 x 6.0m60′ x 40′ x 20′2427/2102kgs
7040TC20.0 x 12.0 x 6.0m70′ x 40′ x 20′3594/3226kgs
8040TC24.0 x 12.0 x 6.5m80′ x 40′ x 21′3610/3250kgs


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Sunnyda Storage Container Shelter

Whether you manage a small business or own a large-scale operation, a storage container shelter for your business can make everyday tasks run much smoother. Choosing Sunnyda is the best manufacturer for your storage container shelter needs.

Sunnyda storage container shelter can be used for a variety of needs. Whether you need space for holding files, unused equipment, or excess inventory, our storage container shelter is the best answer. The sturdy build of the storage containers shelter means your possessions will be safe from weather, worksite debris, and break-ins. Storage container shelter from Sunnyda company comes with a secure lock, protecting your valuable from outsiders.

Purchasing a storage container shelter unit can allow you to save time and money. Having a storage container shelter unit at your workplace means you can easily access important equipment and forms to complete the day’s tasks.

Maximize productivity and flexibility when the things you need are stored within reach. Storing machinery and other items at an off-site location means you’re limited to their business hours and may not be able to access your supplies when you need it.

Sunnyda company can be delivered storage container shelter directly to your worksite and available for use quickly. As your project or business expands, more units can be delivered for use. We strive to meet the needs of your growing company with storage space that works for you. We want to help and to provide you the ideal storage container shelter to grow your business.

We have always strived to provide clean storage container shelter construction sites and special events.  We are in 20 years of experience in manufacturing any container shelter products. We have experienced and knowledgeable designers, engineers, and staff to make a great and excellent storage container shelter.

Sunnyda is ISO qualified and we have complete testing machines and equipment to make sure that you will receive a deserving and satisfying storage container shelter.

To learn more about our storage container shelter, get a quote right here, right now!

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