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Sunnyda is your best Studio Trailer manufacturer and supplier in China for over 20 years. Studio Trailer developed by Sunnydais designed for the most rugged environments and weather conditions. It is constructed with highly durable and premium quality material to serve you for a longer period. Eachtrailer manufactured and supplied by Sunnyda is widely used on various work sites such as video production locations, filmmaking sets, Broadcasting, and live shows, etc.

Sunnyda is a famous trailer company committed to meet all the production needs for your work site. Whether you are staying on set for a movie shooting or you are at a huge sports event, Our Studio Trailer will bring the convenience of high-end living to you. We customize your unit according to your requirements and needs.Studio Trailer comes in various shapes and sizes with a different number of rooms.

Studio Trailer constructed by Sunnyda features all the safety devices and equipment for you.It has all the facilities that you are looking for in a professional trailer for your portable studio. Moreover, we have installed a proper ventilation system for proper air conditioning.

Are you searching for top quality Studio Trailer for your project? Please contact us for more information. A satisfied customer is a forwarding step towards the success of Sunnyda. That’s why we are always here to entertain your queries.

Studio Trailer BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1300L
Weight1460kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT02 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Studio Trailer

Studio Trailer –An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Are you looking for a Studio Trailer for your project? Or planning to do video conferencing,  photography, audio recordings on beautiful locations away from your workstation, then you need to use a high and Studio Trailer to have a lot of fun and work done.

A Studio Trailer is a Portable Studio unit that you can take along with you anywhere with the help of a vehicle that can bear its load. It includes different rooms for your different activities.

Are you still worried to search for the right Studio Trailer? Then stop worrying and read out this ultimate buying guide to find you the best unit.

After reading the complete well research guide, you will be able to choose the right product and you will become more expert in its different aspects.

Let’s begin!


1.What is a Studio Trailer?
2.What are the Main Components of the Studio Trailer?
3.What are the Features of a Studio Trailer?
4.What Type of Work Stations Requires a Studio Trailer?
5.What are the Additional Accessories in a Studio Trailer?
6.What are the Benefits of Using Studio Trailer?
7.For what Purposes you can Use a Studio Trailer?
8.What Type of Equipment is Necessary for your Film-Making Studio Trailer?
9.How to Setup your Studio Trailer for an Artist?
10.What is a Storage Station in Studio Trailer?
11.What Equipment do you need for a Recording Setup of the Studio Trailer?
12.How to Choose the Best Studio Trailer?
13.Can you add a Kitchen Room to your Studio Trailer?
14.How to Sanitize your Studio Trailer?
15.How to License your Studio Trailer?
16.What To Consider While Purchasing a Studio Trailer?
17.How to Improve the Interior Appearance of your Studio Trailer?


What is a Studio Trailer?

A Studio Trailer is also known as Studio on wheels. It is a transportable trailer with a whole studio in it. You can customize its interior as you need. It may be a sound studio, movie-making studio, or office-type workplace.

It is made up of very high-quality material to be able to survive in harsh weather conditions. It includes all the necessary equipment you require for your workplace.

You cannot simply tow it with an ordinary vehicle. You need to consult the manufacturer for towing a Studio Trailer on your site.

This is because your towing vehicle must fulfill the weight distribution and load requirements of Studio Trailer.


What are the Main Components of theStudio Trailer?

Following are the main components of a Studio Trailer.

1- Hitch

It is a connector between a Studio Trailer and a vehicle that you are using for towing it. This component bolts onto the towing vehicle and provides a coupling point to hook up with a trailer.

2- Ball Mount

A ball mount is a part of a Studio Trailer. It acts as a receiver hitch comprised of a shank or a ball area. The shank gets into the receiver tube of the hitch. It comes in different styles and capacities.

3- Hitch Pin

It is a Metal rod very small in size. It keeps a ball mount shank in other parts from sliding or following out of a receiver tube. It has a small hole at the end for insertion hitch click to keep the pin fix in the receiver.

4- Coupler

It is in conjunction with a Studio Trailer boar to attach the towing vehicle to your trailer, it ensures the smooth towing operations

5- Safety Chain

This is a powerful chain that keeps the trailer box from the towing vehicle in case the connection drops. It is recommended to use to safety chain on every setup.

6- Trailer Box

It is a major component of a Studio Trailer standing on wheels and can be pulled by another vehicle; it can be of various spells such as pup up the trailer, slide out the trailer, flatbed trailer, etc.

7- Wiring Harness

It is a length of wiring system with a 4-way flat plug at the backside of towing vehicle; it provides electrical connections to a trailer. It provides the power source to the headlights of the trailer.


What are the Features of a Studio Trailer?

Studio Trailer has the following outstanding features:

  • Its cabinet is made of lightweight aluminum with complete bracing for support.
  • Proper dehumidification system.
  • Flexible piping to reduce the leakage chance at stress points.
  • It features automatic lead/lag for compressors to keep the run time balanced.
  • It has collapsible sound attenuators and air deflectors.
  • A backup camera.
  • A strong power tongue jack for hitching or unhitching.
  • A power stabilizing jack.
  • High-quality WiFi range extender.
  • All safety devices installed.
  • Substantial water tanks.
  • Multiple work stations


What Type of Work Stations Requires a Studio Trailer?

Various types of workstations require a Studio Trailer for different projects. Some of the workstations are listed below that may use it for their objects.

  • Film Industry uses a Studio Trailer for film shooting and making projects.
  • Photographers use it to photography different attractive, beautiful, or haunted places for an original look.
  • Many tourists use it for proper documentary and audio/ video editing of their tours.
  • Newscasters and journalists may be requiring it during travel coverage.
  • Different companies use Studio Trailer for their outdoor events and seminars.
  • It can be used by producers of live shows and concerts on-site for audio, video settings.


What are the Additional Accessories in a Studio Trailer?

Following is the list of additional accessories used in your Studio Trailer; you may carry all of these or choose some of these accessories to take along with you.

  • A camper shower and sink
  • Magnetic knife set to be used in the kitchen
  • Smart bed cum sofa
  • Comfortable seats
  • Mini washing machine with dryer
  • Portable tank water heater
  • Over head lamps with high lumen
  • LED monitor to be fitted on the wall of mixing room
  • Kitchen crockery and cutlery set
  • Frying pan and other accessories of kitchen use
  • Air conditioning system
  • Comfortable bedding system for bedrooms
  • Internet facility
  • A portable small rack in the restroom to keep your personal belongings like wallet and mobile
  • First aid box fully equipped with all emergency and lifesaving medicine, and all types of bandages
  • A fire extinguisher is in fully operational condition
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Refrigerator or deep freezer
  • Tables for dining or a tea trolley
  • Folding or field chairs for outdoor sitting
  • Solar panels are mounted on your Studio Trailer as a power source.


What are the Benefits of Using Studio Trailer?

Complete Mobilization

The first benefit of your Studio Trailer is its complete mobilization. It is an important thing, during the shoot to change your shooting location just retract your slide and move to your new location.


Makeup and Hairstyle

The facility of makeup and hairstyle is available in the washroom the male and female staff may get their make-up before appearing in front of the camera.


Wardrobe Facility

The stars are required to change their dressings according to situations and for this purpose; a wardrobe facility is also available along with your Studio Trailer.


Lounging Area

The lounging area is equipped with a sofa and comfortable seating for you to be relaxed and a refreshment facility is also provided.


Catering Area

This is the area where a meal is served to your guests as per their wishes and will.


Production Studio

It is equipped with the latest technical equipment like a camera and microphone.


For what Purposes you can Use a Studio Trailer?

The following are the purposes for the use of the Studio Trailer.

  • The live coverage of different events like the Olympic Games, world cup of football matches, coverage of important meetings are possible.
  • Due to your Studio Trailer, live news coverage in remote areas or the areas with the disaster is made easy.
  • For film and drama units to shoot some scenes in the forest or remote areas your Studio Trailer plays an important role.
  • Your Studio Trailer provides you with a luxurious living facility like your home during your stay and makes your trip memorable.
  • It reduces your production cost.
  • All the stars, actors, actresses will be available on short notice, and you don’t need to run behind.
  • Neat, clean and healthy environment make the feelings of participant comfortable and luxury. While using some luxurious facility like washroom .rest room, and kitchen.


What Type of Equipment is Necessary for your Film-Making Studio Trailer?

Following equipment is essential for a film-making Studio Trailer.


The lightweight portable cameras are necessary for a film-making Studio Trailer to shoot your film.

The technology used now a day is implementing the digital format to record and edit the data.

This in fact will enhance the quality of the video, the video recording of high definition and high resolution depending on the quality of cameras used to shoot your film.



The microphone along with the camera is another important part of your film-making Studio Trailer.

The microphones used for film making studio must be of high sensitivity, which means that the microphone must be capable to pick the smallest sound signal.


Mixing studio

Generally, within the film-making studio, there are racks of mixing equipment with arrays of monitors used for mixing audio and video.



The computers are the backbone of your filmmaking Studio Trailer because all the audio-video recording and editing are in digital form.

The single rack-mounted server computer system will be the best for this purpose.


How to Setup your Studio Trailer for an Artist?

An artist is a very important part of your film so always try to keep the artists of your film feel comfortable in this way they will perform better and your team will be able to produce a high-class film.

Following are different points to be considered.

  • A high standard living facility is provided to the artists with high-class living areas.
  • The best sleeping place for the artists is required for complete rest.
  • The sleeping room should be equipped with an air conditioner and comfortable bedding.
  • A fancy washroom is to be allocated for artists separately for men and women.
  • A food locker for the artists can be provided with their favorite food items.
  • The dressing room facility is to be provided to artists.
  • Your Studio Trailer must have a lounge or cafeteria facility for your artists.


What is a Storage Station in Studio Trailer?

The storage station is the place used for the storage of different luggage to be used in your Studio Trailer. It also includes the spares or the reserve equipment that may be used in case of replacement of any part of your trailer for example tire or hydraulic jack.

The storage station also includes spares studio equipment like cameras, microphones, and computer parts.

Instead of using the separate room as a storage station, in your Studio Trailer, the storage station is designed on the lower side of your storage trailer for the storage of reserves and necessary items of your Studio Trailer.

For this purpose, a hollow structure is kept on the lower side of the trailer this structure is divided into a partition with a separate hinged door for each partition which opens outside of your Studio Trailer.

The walls of your trailer also are used for the storage of tires, fire extinguishers and some tools may also be mounted on the inner wall of your Studio Trailer.


What Equipment do you need for a Recording Setup of the Studio Trailer?

For recording movies, drama, or news at the site following recording equipment is required at, your Studio Trailer.

Movie Cameras

More than one, High quality portable digital movie cameras are the heart of your studio recording system, for high-quality HD (High definition) video recording camera should be of high resolution.

The cameras can be placed at different points to record video from different angles to achieve the best quality videos.


The next recording equipment is a microphone located at different locations for audio recording.

It should be sensitive that requires low noise to produce high-quality audio. These microphones must be hidden while recording a film or drama.

LED Screen Array

These LED screens need to be mounted on the wall of the mixing and editing room of your Studio Trailer.

So, the technical staff is sitting in front of the screens can easily perform the job of mixing and editing the video.


The sound editors are equipped with headphones set to monitor and adjust the audio level of the video.

Editing and Mixing Equipment

Through this equipment editing and mixing of your audio and videos are carried out to further improve the quality of your audio and video.


How to Choose the Best Studio Trailer?

When you decide to buy a Studio Trailer for your application, the next question that arises in your mind is that how to choose the best Studio Trailer for your application.

To answer this question you need to think upon the following points.

  • First of all, you have to decide for which application you are going to buy a Studio Trailer, in this regard you have to decide that are you buying the trailer for news coverage, drama shoot, or film shoot so make the choice accordingly.
  • The next point to be considered to buy it is that how much area you required to accommodate your people, equipment, and other necessities.
  • Now you have to choose by sliding out your trailer and fix the Studio Trailer, mostly sliding trailer is preferred because of the large living space.


Can you add a Kitchen Room in your Studio Trailer?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you can add a kitchen room in your studio to prepare fresh and healthy food items, yourself and other staff.

The kitchen should be designed in such a way that it contains all the kitchen items by utilizing a small place.

A smart cooking range can be placed in the kitchen room of your Studio Trailer, the cutlery set, and the knife set may be hanged on the wall of the kitchen room the crockery must be kept on smart kitchen shelves.

A slim and smart microwave oven and a fridge are also a part of your kitchen for a necessary food item.

A cabinet contains different spices items and other items like sugar tea leaves, and salt can be mounted on the wall of your kitchen.

The kitchen room should have sufficient ventilation; the smart ventilator may be installed for ventilation in the kitchen room of your Studio Trailer.


How to Sanitize your Studio Trailer?

To provide your stars and staff with a healthy and hygienic environment during their stay at the Studio Trailer you need to sanitize it.

The following steps may be used to sanitize the fresh water tank of your Studio Trailer.

  • Turn off the water heater and drain out all the water from your fresh water tank, if you do not put the water heater off it may be damaged during the drainage.
  • Calculate the amount of bleach you need to sanitize your fresh water tank you need 2.5 oz. of bleach for 20-gallon freshwater tank sanitization.

Do not throw the bleach directly into your fresh water tank, but dilute the bleach in on gallon of water then pour it into your fresh water tank.

  • The bleach solution will take time to sanitize your freshwater tank, so leave the water in the tank for at least 12 hours to completely sanitize the fresh water tank of your Studio Trailer.
  • After 12 hours drain the bleach water and refill the freshwater tank now the water in your freshwater tank is completely sanitized.
  • Clean up all the accessories with a disinfectant specially made for it.

Hand sanitizer is also to be kept at the restroom sink of your Studio Trailer.


How to License your Studio Trailer?

  • A Studio Trailer with a weight above 26000 pounds required a special driving license to drive it.
  • The rules for driving license for driving the Studio Trailer are different from country to country always consult the licensing authority office in the concerned country for your Studio Trailer license.
  • To get a driving license for your Studio Trailer you have to pass the traffic knowledge test, which consists of traffic rules, traffic symbols, and traffic signal interpretation.

And then you have to pass the driving test which is conducted by the competent authority of the traffic department and after passing this test you will be issued with the license to drive your Studio Trailer.


What To Consider While Purchasing a Studio Trailer?

While purchasing a Studio Trailer keep the following points in your mind.

  • Make a list of your requirements and needs that you want to fulfill by using it.
  • Choose the model that meets all your requirements on a handsome budget.
  • Never choose a very large size Studio Trailer if you don’t need it as it will only increase your expenses.
  • Don’t choose too smaller as it will not fulfill your needs and it will be of no use.
  • Select the right size and dimensions according to space you will be provided on your workstation.
  • Consult the dealer or manufacturer of your Studio Trailer to get all the necessary information about it.
  • Ask the experts for towing vehicle for it.
  • Get the information about the delivery of your trailer.
  • Study the complete power and water supply required for it.


How to Improve the Interior Appearance of your Studio Trailer?

The internal appearance of your Studio Trailer can be improved to give it an up-class look. You can try the following points to enhance the internal visuals of it.

  • Keep all the equipment and devices well organized, neat and clean.
  • Don’t throw the garbage or other dirt on the floor.
  • Keep the interior wall and curtains neat and clean.
  • You can use flower baskets or vases for tables or shelves.
  • You can use sceneries and other decorative materials inside it.
  • Different styles of wallpapers can also be used to decorate the walls of your Studio Trailer.
  • Placing a big vanity mirror will also increase its beauty.
  • Keep all the accessories of different rooms in their place.
  • Big LED lights and sealing projectors can be used to make its internal more unique.
  • You can use fluorescent stickers on sockets to safely turn them on or off even in dark.



After reading this complete guide you will surely have enough knowledge about a Studio Trailer. The operational efficiency of your trailer can greatly affect its operational costs.

Ongoing routine maintenance will keep it safe from big damage. Choose the right one by considering all the important points and your budget.

If you want to increase the life of your Studio Trailer keep it well maintained, neat and clean. It can be your great companion on your workstation if you will use it properly after complete study.

Use the manufacturer manual and expert advice from the dealer if you found any problem with it.


FAQs of Studio Trailer.

  1. Why you Need the Studio Trailer? 

A studio can be a place where a movie or drama is shooting for commercial purposes. The surroundings of the studio may be changed for different scenes in the same room or place to simulate different situations.

When the film or drama unit requires to be placed for outdoor shooting, you need to use a Studio Trailer.


  1. Which Staff is Require to move along the Drama or Movie Studio Trailer?
  • Actors and actresses
  • Set designer
  • Cameraman
  • Technical staff
  • Makeup staff


  1. Can you Accommodate the Whole Studio in a Single Studio Trailer?

It depends on the quantity of staff and stuff which is required to be carried in your Studio Trailer, if it is not possible to accommodate everything in a single trailer more than one unit can be used.


  1. Is it Essential to Send a Survey Team to the Site where your Studio Trailer will be parked?

Yes, by sending a survey team of experts before mobilization of your Studio Trailer fleet to the site.

The team will figure out any problems or issues they may face during the movement and transportation of your trailer.


  1. Which Type of Trailer is best as your Studio Trailer?

The best type of trailer that may be used as a Studio Trailer is an extendable trailer because it provides a large space while parked, which is an essential part of your studio unit as compared to an affix or non-extendable trailer.


  1. What are the other Facilities that your Studio Trailer must accompany?

Besides the residential area, your Studio Trailer must be accompanied by different facilities like restroom, kitchen, dressing room, wardrobe trailer, makeup room, etc.

Which will make the user feel good and the whole team will work for your utmost satisfaction.


  1. Is it good that your Team uses Open Field as a Toilet Instead of a Studio Trailer?

No! it is against the laws and rules formulated for health and sanitation because by doing this you may harm the animals and crops and also cause odor to spread in the environment. So always use the toilet for this purpose.


  1. What are the Elements of the internal layout of your Studio Trailer?

The internal lay of your studio Trailer must be composed of the following elements:

  • Editing room
  • Recording room
  • Living area
  • Engineering area


  1. Is it Necessary for the Stars to carry their transport with Studio Trailer?

Since the crew members will be residing inside the Studio Trailer unit at all-time their transport will allow them to visit the outside world to feel comfortable.


  1. Can you modify your Standard Living Trailer to the Studio Trailer?

Yes, you can customize your normal living room trailer into a Studio Trailer by using some additional equipment and set design as per the requirement of the scene, the set designer supervises the change of the design as per the situation.


  1. How can you Manage Optimum use of your Studio Trailer?

For optimum utilization of your Studio Trailer avoid the rush to your living area, this can be done by managing all the actors as per their turn after completion of their role.

And if they do not have any further requirements they can be sent back to their home, to accommodate newly arrived actors. Like guest actors and extras have to play a very short duration role.


  1. What does a Sound Studio TrailerConsists of?

The sound Studio Trailer consists of a soundproof room, sensitive microphones that required musical instruments, and it should have a pin drop silence so that your sensitive microphone could not pick up any noise while recording the audio.


  1. What is the difference between DSNG and an OB Van in Studio Trailer?

The DSNG stands for digital satellite newsgathering and OB stands for outside broadcasting van, The OB van is a quick response newsgathering system the OB van is equipped with the latest technology system.


  1. What type of technology is used for the News Studio Trailer?

There are two types of vehicles that are being used now a day as news Studio Trailers such as the mobile broadcast studio and road Recreational vehicles.


  1. What is an Off-road Recreational Vehicle used with a News Studio Trailer?

This vehicle is a large box with large knobby tires, it is used where a normal vehicle cannot reach, for news coverage in the areas with natural disasters.



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