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Toilet trailer also called portable trailer or restroom trailer, Sunnyda is toilet trailer manufacturer in China, specialized in various types such as simple one made of color bond steel sandwich panel or luxury one made of fiberglass sandwich panel. Sunnyda is toilet trailer one-stop solution provider, toilet trailer is completely finished and full mounted in factory included electrical system and plumbing system, inside sanitary wares, and so on.

Sunnyda simple toilet trailer wall and roof made of color bond steel 1.2m wide, piece by piece, usually white color. While luxury fiberglass sandwich panel each side wall is one piece, roof one piece, could be any color, the surface is neat, flat and gloss, UV protection. Toilet trailer floor is anti-slip PVC featured with a different pattern, wooden or pure color.

Sunnyda both simple and luxury toilet trailers could be included equipment and fittings: air conditioner, water heater, radiator, roof fan, water-saving toilet, waterless urinal, sensor faucet hand basin, waste tank indicator, to name a few.

We warmly welcome you to visit our toilet trailer factory, and we look forward to co-operating in the near future.

Toilet Trailer BodyFiberglass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
SizeLength from 2520 to 5800 mm
Drawbar size1200mm
AlexSingle or double
Fresh tank200-500L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank520-1700 L
WeightWeight: 800-1900 kg, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in the factory
LoadingLoading: Can mix load with other models, or 3 SUT01 minis in a 40HQ

Or use 40ft open top container

Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Toilet Trailer: The Ultimate Guide

Sunnyda toilet trailer all lights are 12V, powered by solar panel or outside power source. Mood light along with vanity and step is optional. LED lights on ceiling and trailer lights certificated with DOT. The power box is in a mechanical room connected with each electrical appliance. Sunnyda toilet trailer plumbing system included a water tank, waste tank and pump all good layout and mounted in the factory. Both electricity and water will be tested before shipping.

You can tell us if anyone you’d like to remove or any special one extra you’d like to add since Sunnyda toilet trailer is the custom made product, those are possible to change, furthermore, wall and roof thickness is changeable to fit for your local climate.

Sunnyda toilet trailer basic model is Restroom Trailer SUT01 Mini size 2520(L) x 1300(W) x 2500(H) mm, Bathroom Trailer SUT01 size 3700(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm, VIP Restroom SUT02 size 4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H)mm, Luxury Portable Toilet SUT03 size 5800(L) x 2500(W) x 2500(H) mm, Single Luxury portable toilet, Handicap portable toilet, another size is bespoke.

Sunnyda toilet trailer is the best choice of any outdoor event or construction site where comfort and versatility are required, price is most competitive in the market.

Sunnyda is your premier toilet trailer manufacturer!


Toilet Trailer: The Ultimate Guide

Chapter 1: Benefits of Toilet Trailers.
Chapter 2: Where to Use Toilet Trailer?
Chapter 3: Toilet Buying Tips for Rest Rooms.
Chapter 4: Toilet Trailer Design & Layout Options.
Chapter 5: Types of Toilet Trailer.
Chapter 6: Portable Toilet Accessories.
Chapter 7: Material Options for Toilet Trailer.
Chapter 8: Main Components of Portable Toilet Trailer.
Chapter 9: Toilet Trailer Technical Specifications.
Chapter 10: Quality Compliance for Toilet Trailers.
Chapter 11: Cost of Toilet Trailer.
Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Toilet Trailer.
Chapter 13: How to Import Toilet Trailer from China?

Planning for events as well as other outdoor activities can be overwhelming. You will need to ensure that your entire guest are feeling comfortable.

This includes providing favorable facilities such as washrooms.

Toilet trailers refer to mobile rooms designed to offer sanitary services when hosting events at any place.

By the end of this guide, you will have adequately acquired full knowledge of this facility.

Keep reading.

VIP Toilet Trailers

Luxury Toilet Trailer from Sunnyda manufacturer.

Chapter 1: Benefits of Toilet Trailers

Toilet trailers are of importance in diverse ways;

1. Convenient

This kind of toilet can easily be set up at any given place.

It makes it the ideal choice when it comes to offering sanitary services anywhere.

And that’s not all, disabled people can also enjoy the facility due to the fact that it can be modified to accommodate them.

2. Cost-Effective

In situations where you are catering to a huge number of guests, toilet trailers will eliminate the need for you to build toilets from scratch.

Obviously, building toilets will turn out to be very costly.

For instance, it may be challenging to build a whole new structure in public places such as parks as you will have to undergo several legal procedures.

As with toilet trailers, all you will have to do is just hire some units or otherwise purchase them as a long-term investment.

VIP Toilet Trailers

Vip toilet trailer for sale.

3. Comes with Additional Amenities

Some toilet trailers are designed in such a way that they have hand driers, countertops, radio and CD player, stainless steel sinks among others.

This makes them ideal when hosting official events.

4. Can Easily be Customized

You can easily customize your toilet trailer to suit your taste and standards.

Like for instance, you can have standard and deluxe models.

In such an instance, the deluxe model is designed to have fancy features as compared to the standard model.

This can be of great importance more so if you are planning to start a toilet trailer business as it will make it much easier to efficiently provide the two distinct services to your clients.

5. No Unpleasant Odors

Toilet trailers are designed to manage any unpleasant odors.

They are properly fitted with ventilation pipes which prevent unpleasant smells.

To add on that, there are certain chemicals that are used to reduce the unpleasant odor.

toilet and shower trailer

Luxury toilet trailer for sale.

Chapter 2: Where to Use Toilet Trailer?

As I mentioned earlier, toilet trailers are a convenient facility in cases whereby many people are involved and restrooms are less.

They can be used in many places depending on the location and availability of sanitary facilities.

You are more likely to find toilet trailers in areas such as;

  • Parks
  • Public events and festivals
  • Commercial residences
  • Corporate functions
  • Outdoor Weddings
  • Camping sites

Luxury Toilet Trailer SUT03


In general, toilet trailers are mostly used in places where we have limited sanitary facilities as compared to the number of people present.

Alternatively, they are also used in places where there exist no washrooms at all.

There are several different types of toilet trailers to use and this includes restrooms.

When purchasing them you have to consider certain factors.

Therefore in the next section, I’m going to outline some of the tips you need to know when purchasing your restroom trailer.


Chapter 3: Toilet Buying Tips for Rest Rooms

First, let us understand what we mean by a restroom.

By so doing it will be easier to grasp every bit of this section.

toilet and shower trailer

Inside a toilet trailer and Luxury toilet trailer for sale

A restroom refers to a public room that contains a toilet, washbowl, shower, or seven a sink.

In simpler terms, it’s called a bathroom.

Before purchasing a toilet for use in restrooms, make sure you have put the factors below into consideration.

· Rough-in Size

Rough-in refers to the distance between the wall and the center of the toilet waste pipe which leads waste materials out of the toilet.

Most bathrooms have a rough-in measuring 10-14 inches.

If you are replacing your toilet, you have to keep in mind that the rough-in should remain the same as the old one.

· Design of the Toilet

The design of your toilet should correspond to the color of your bathroom.

This makes the space more attractive and uniform.

There are several designs that you can choose from ranging from close-coupled toilets to shower toilets.

Your design should also suit the size of your room.

If you have a smaller bathroom it’s best to settle for the back-to-wall toilets.

· Bowl Shape

There are two common types of bowl shapes;

Types of toilets

 Types of toilets: Photo credits

You can agree with me that round bowls are the most common as compared to the elongated ones and to add on that they are less costly.

However, if you are planning to purchase an elongated bowl, ensure that you have a bigger space as they consume more space compared to the round bowls.

· Toilet Seat Height

The higher the toilet seat the more it will limit users.

For instance, a high seat will limit children or disabled people to use the toilet.

It’s safer to ensure that the height of your toilet seat would be of help to all.

The ideal height should be from 15to 19 inches high which would accommodate both tall and short people.

toilet trailer for sale

Type of toilet inside Sunnyda luxury toilet trailer.


Chapter 4: Toilet Trailer Design & Layout Options

There are a number of designs and layout options to choose from when it comes to toilet trailers.

We can group the designs into two categories namely;

1) Commercial Toilet Trailers

Best for use in construction sites, temporary locker rooms, and disaster relief just to mention a few.

Have a look at these commercial trailers;

Portable toilet

Portable toilet trailer for sale

2) Luxury Toilet Trailers

As compared to the commercial trailers, luxury trailers are meant to provide much comfier and have quality designs.

They are mostly used in corporate functions, weddings, upscale parties, fundraisers where style and quality experience are needed.

You would definitely pay more for a luxurious toilet trailer as compared to the standard one.

Here is an illustration of a luxury toilet trailer.

Luxury toilet trailer

 Luxury toilet trailer supplier in China

Each of this has different layouts which definitely come with different features based on your number of stalls, water tank size as well as size of the toilet trailer.

The number of stalls in each layout can range from 2 to 7 stalls in either small medium or large trailers.

The small trailers mostly have 2 stalls and 6/7 stalls are the large stalls.

In addition to that, each stall has a specified amount of water tank size for the purpose of flushing.

The more the number of stalls the larger the water tank’s size.

Here is a vivid illustration of a layout.


VIP Toilet Trailers

Toilet trailer layout

From outside this is how the actual toilet trailer looks like whereby we have two entrances which can be used to serve both males and females.


Chapter 5: Types of Toilet Trailer

You can choose from any of the following options:

· Restroom Trailer

A restroom trailer refers to a mobile room inside a trailer that provides sanitary services during functions and events.

Here is a good example;

Restroom trailer

Restroom trailer

The main advantage of using such restrooms is that they are convenient and can be used in all places which might lack sufficient built washrooms.

· Bathroom Trailer

A bathroom trailer is more or less the same as the restroom trailer.

However, the difference lies in the purpose as it is mainly used for bathing purposes.

Bathroom trailer

Bathroom trailer

This is mostly found in camping sites and they can be moved if the need arises.

A bathroom trailer is composed of a shower, mirror, sinks and soap dispensers just to mention a few.

· VIP Restroom

We can compare a VIP restroom to the luxury or rather presidential restroom. Such a restroom is different from the others in a manner that it has a more sophisticated and classy interior design.

A VIP restroom might have high quality PVC  floors, warm and cold tap water not forgetting hands free flushable toilets.

Every amenity in this type of restroom is designed to ensure more comfort is experienced.

VIP Restroom

VIP Restroom

· Luxury Portable Toilet

Just like the VIP restroom, luxury portable toilet exhibits a classy and sophisticated look.

Luxury portable toilet

Luxury portable toilet

They are normally fitted with quality and unique facilities which provide extra comfort to the users.

Such toilets can be used in corporate events, weddings, and other high-end functions.

· Porta Potty Trailer

These are standalone units that contain a toilet and are portable.

You might have come across such in the streets or events.

As compared to the restroom trailer, these units are often smaller and do not allow for additional facilities such as  freshwater tank.

However, you can design the placement of the freshwater tank just in front of every unit.

Porta potty trailer

Porta-potty trailer

· Handicap Portable Toilet

Just as the name implies, such toilets are solely meant for handicapped people.

During public functions, it is legally recommended by most governments that the handicapped are equally served.

 Handicap portable toilet

Handicap portable toilet

Such toilets have specialized features which are meant to aid disabled people. Some of the features include;

  • Spacious interior to accommodate wheelchairs and other equipment.
  • Extra tissue papers
  • Nonslippery floors
  • Pavement instead of a staircase at the entrance
  • Rails to make movement easier

Luxury ADA toilet trailer.

· Container Toilet

These types of toilets are positioned inside containers.

A container toilet would be the go-to option if you want to set a permanent toilet without having to build a whole new structure.

This is because containers are heavier and so can serve as a permanent structure.

Inside a toilet trailer

Container toilet

· Shower Trailer

Basically, shower trailers are meant for bathing purposes.

Inside a shower trailer, there is a shower, sink, mirror, air conditioning, hot and cold water just to mention the main features.

bathroom shower trailer

Shower and Toilet trailer for sale

Shower trailers do not require a lot of maintenance and so if kept clean by users it can run for days.

· Portable Toilet

Just as the name suggests, a portable toilet can easily be moved from one place to the other.

In addition to that, such toilets can also be fitted in caravans, vehicles, and boats just to mention a few.

They are the best to fit in vehicles that travel for long distances.

Portable toilet

Portable toilet


Chapter 6: Portable Toilet Accessories

A toilet trailer is an assembly of different parts and components, which include:

· Electrical System for Toilet Trailer

Electricity is an essential necessity for portable toilets.

Not only does it provide light but also helps in operating electric equipment used in toilet trailers.

These may include heaters, pumps electric lights, and so on.

However, if the area lacks electricity supply you can rent a generator.

You will require 110 or 220-volt electrical outlet as anything less than this might cause damage to the electric equipment more so the air conditioning.

· Plumbing System for Toilet Trailer

A plumbing system is an essential requirement for a toilet trailer.

What it does is that it’s responsible for availing water for the shower, sinks as well as toilet.

public toilet trailer  mobile toilet trailer

Tap with sink for toilet trailer

Recent pumps are designed to signal you if a leak occurs and most of them are operated using electric power or gas.

Basically, a plumbing system would be the ideal option if you need to have clean drinking water as well as enjoy hot showers.

· Air Conditioning System for Toilet Trailer

Every toilet trailer requires an air conditioning system in order to achieve efficient air circulation.

The system also controls the climate inside the toilet trailer in case of hot or cold weather.

They are roof type and indoor type

roof ac for luxury toilet trailer

Air conditioning system

· Accessories for Disabled

Handicapped people require specialized treatment and this includes purchasing toilet accessories that would make it easier for them to use the portable toilets.

As I highlighted earlier, such equipment might include a pavement instead of a staircase, toilet bowls with arms at the sides for support, and so on.

Have a look at this;

ada compliant portable restrooms  ada portable toilet

Toilet for disabled

To add on that, the restroom should be bigger to allow for movement of wheelchairs and other equipment used by the disabled.


Chapter 7: Material Options for Toilet Trailer

A toilet trailer’s body can be made up of two types of materials namely FRP(Fiberglass reinforced panel) and Sandwich panel.

Both materials are good. However, there’s always the best or rather the ideal one to use for specific purposes.

Let’s get deeper into understanding each of these materials;

· FRP (Fiberglas reinforced Panel)

FRP is normally used in several applications due to its favorable properties.

FRP Material

FRP material for luxury toilet trailer.

It contains certain chemical properties which would otherwise be of importance to the final product that’s being made out of it.

Some of the advantages are not limited to;

  • High tensile strength
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Ease of use
  • Resistant to mildew
  • High temperature
  • Flexibility
  • Durability

Such properties make FRP stand out as it possesses greater design flexibility which lacked in the previous traditional building materials.

To add on that FRP is much easier to clean and maintain due to its smooth surface.

· Sandwich Panel

If you are looking for a material that can be used in almost every part of a building then sandwich panel is what you should settle for.

Sandwich panel

Sandwich panel for toilet trailer.

Not only can you use it on walls but also roofs as well as floors.

However, some people have raised fears in the use of sandwich panels thinking that it’s flammable.

In some way, we can agree to that but this is what I have to tell you.

What most people don’t know is that the insulating material is the one that determines whether the sandwich panel is combustible or not.

Sandwich panels are made of both combustible and non-combustible insulating material.

However, the best material used in sandwich panels which is expanded polystyrene is highly combustible.

One it added with fire retardant can reach fire rating B1 or B2.

Other materials such as glass fiber or mineral wool are considered non-combustible, fire rating A1.


Chapter 8: Main Components of Portable Toilet Trailer

A portable toilet trailer has several components both physical and chemical;

However, the light-weight sheet plastic for instance polyethylene is considered one of the main components of a portable trailer.

It is the one forming the toilet unit.

To add on that, we also have the sewage system which is basically made up of holding tanks otherwise known us septic tanks which collect the waste products from the toilet trailer.

To get a better understanding to have a look at this illustration below.

Wedding bathroom trailers

 Parts of the portable toilet trailer

Other components include a latching door, toilet, urinal, hand sanitizer pump, and sinks depending on the type of toilet trailer.


Chapter 9: Toilet Trailer Technical Specifications

Luxury mobile toilet trailer

Luxury mobile toilet trailer dimensions.

· Dimension

Different toilet trailers have different dimensions depending on the size of each.

What I am trying to say is that an eight-stall toilet trailer would definitely have different dimensions as compared to a two-stalled restroom trailer.

The dimensions are mainly in terms of the length, width, and height of the toilet trailer.

Restroom Trailer SUT01 Mini:  2 stations, 2520(L) x 1300(W) x 2500(H)mm

Bathroom Trailer SUT01: 2 stations, 3700(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H)mm

VIP Restroom SUT02: 3 stations, 4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H)mm

Luxury Portable Toilet SUT03: 6 stations, 5800(L) x 2500(W) x 2500(H)mm

These are just some of the many types of trailers available with their preferred dimensions.

· Heat Insulation

If you want to make your guest more comfortable, then you should consider a toilet trailer with heat insulation.

Heat insulation ensures that the climate is controlled more so in colder seasons.

Most luxury and VIP toilet trailers come with this feature.

· Mounting Mechanism

Just like tracks can be mounted so do toilet trailers.

The mounting mechanism is the mechanism to use on toilet trailers especially when trying to efficiently move the toilet trailer from one place to the other.

Have a look at this;

luxury toilet trailer

Mounting mechanism toilet trailer

· Lights

Lights are an important necessity when it comes to toilet trailers.

The best lights that you can use our LED lights as they are much stronger and brighter.

However, some places might lack electricity but this shouldn’t hinder you from providing excellent toilet trailer services to your guests.

All you have to do is make use of solar-powered lights which in turn have proven to be much economical.

Good lighting makes the toilet trailer appear much more spacious than it is.

Solar powered for office trailer

Solar panel systems on the toilet trailer roof.

· Exhaust Fans

An exhaust fan should be included in the toilet trailer due to a number of reasons such as;

  • Providing cooler air
  • Get rid of humidity
  • Eliminate smoke and odors

In addition to that, exhaust fans are installed to ensure proper circulation of air in the toilet trailer.

roof fan for toilet trailer

Roof fan for toilet trailer.

· Color

Toilet trailers can be provided in a variety of colors both in the interior and exterior.

A blend of beautiful colors, good lighting, furniture, and décor is responsible for the actual theme of the entire toilet trailer.

Depending on the negotiations with your supplier (if hiring), you can also choose to match the color of the toilet trailer with your event.

Nevertheless, this is what you need to know.

Each color used in a toilet trailer symbolizes a given entity.

What I’m I trying to say?

A blue toilet trailer would be ideal for use in beaches, lakes among other water bodies while a green one would be best for a golf course, parks, and other greener surroundings.

A red toilet trailer will be common in construction sites as red is easily noticeable by pedestrians and would help in signaling motorists to slow down in cases where road construction is taking place.

To add on that, you can blend all these colors to much the theme of your interior.

Grey can turn out to work best inside the toilet trailer when blended with good lighting and décor.

You can try different shades of the same color and see how beautiful space will transform.

Playing around with different lighting colors could as well bring out the color theme that you want to achieve inside your toilet trailer.

Remember, the choice of your floor color, fixtures, and fitting also play a role in the color theme of your toilet trailer.

VIP Portable Restroom Trailers

Black color luxury toilet trailer for sale.

· Water & Waste Tanks

Water is an essential in every toilet trailer as it’s behind the hygiene in the restrooms.

It is used in the flushing mechanism as well as hand washing.

For all this to be successful, a toilet trailer has a freshwater tank and a waste holding tank that collects the waste materials.

Holding tanks should be cleaned regularly to avoid bad odors.

You can add detergents and as well as water softeners to achieve this in an economical way.

  • Flooring Pattern

Since toilet trailers might be wet, it’s safer to use nonslippery floors.

Matte floors offer the best finishing.

There are a variety of them in diverse patterns as illustrated below;

Diamond tread Floor pattern

Diamond tread Floor pattern for luxury toilet trailer

Coin floor pattern

Coin floor pattern for luxury toilet trailer

Levant floor pattern

Levant floor pattern for luxury toilet trailer

These are just some of the common flooring patterns used in toilet trailers.

However, you can request a custom-made flooring pattern to suit your preferences.

There are a variety of floor materials to choose from not limited to;

  • Laminating floor
  • Linoleum tile
  • Stone tile
  • Vinyl tile
  • Engineered wood

· Steps

In order to gain access to the toilet, you will have to walk through the steps installed at the entrance of a toilet trailer.

vip restroom trailers nice portable restrooms

Steps for Toilet trailer

The steps are basically in form of a staircase or a path.

The choice of the type of step to use might be influenced by factors such as the type of guest using the restroom.

For instance, disabled people will have pathways instead of a staircase just to make their movement much easier.

Some steps such as those in luxury toilet trailers might be fitted with rails while some lack.

All in all, there are many designs of steps most of them being made of aluminum metal.

VIP Portable Restroom Trailers

 Aluminum steps for luxury toilet trailer

· Number of Cabins

Different toilet trailers have different number of cabins depending on the amount of guests.

We have 2+1 toilet trailers that look like this;

VIP restroom with 3 cabins

VIP restroom with 3 cabins

A 2+1 toilet trailer is composed of 2 cubicles with one hand basin. Other types include;

  • 4+2
  • 3+1
  • 5+2

These are just a few of the many types that exist.


Chapter 10: Quality Compliance for Toilet Trailers

Just like any other facility, toilet trailers are required to comply with a set of standards and guidelines regarding the quality of the services they offer.

Failure to adhere to the compliance guidelines might land you in trouble such as being fined or closure of your services.

Let me go straight and outline some of the compliances toilet trailers are required to satisfy.

  • Toilets should be properly ventilated – This allows for efficient air circulation.
  • Mirrors should be placed at a height accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Handrails should be properly secured.
  • Should have 360 degrees for the purpose of efficient wheelchair turning.
  • The units should have separate male and female toilets.
  • No use of harmful banned chemicals – Some countries have banned use of certain toilet products containing chemicals such as formaldehyde and methanol which are considered to be very toxic.
  • Flat floor design to enable easy movement of all people.
  • The entrance door should be at least 36” wide for disable trailer.

You should work with toilet trailer manufacturer who are CE, SGS, Bureau Veritas, TUV, CCC, CNAS, and ISO certified. Such companies adhere to strict quality control.


Chapter 11: Cost of Toilet Trailer

luxury portable restrooms for sale mobile restroom trailers

Red and black color luxury toilet trailer.

If you are looking forward to purchase a toilet trailer, you should have a budget ranging from $3000 to $18,000+.

The cost of the trailer will depend on a number of factors such as;

  • Features –toilet trailers with luxurious facilities would definitely cost more as compared to the standard ones.
  • Number of people to be served – The higher the number of people the larger or rather the more the toilet
  • Trailers and so this be reflected on the cost.
  • Size – The bigger the toilet trailer the costlier it will be.
  • Location – Buying a toilet trailer from the manufacturer would rather be cheaper.

However, if you find it expensive purchasing a brand new toilet trailer don’t worry, here is the alternative.You can choose to rent a toilet trailer at a favorable price.

Actually, most people, as well as commercial institutions, practice this when having outdoor functions.I will explain more about this but before that, how much will you pay for a rented toilet trailer?The renting cost an average of $260 per month for a standard toilet trailer with the lowest costing $100.

Here is a quick preview of each trailer type and the cost.

  • Standard – $70-$100 per day or per weekend
  • Deluxe – $190 per day or per weekend
  • Wheelchair friendly toilets – $220-$295 per day or per weekend

The cost of renting will depend on the duration, timing, and features of the trailer.

The longer you rent it the more you pay and the more facilities it has the higher the cost.However, this is what I have to say.

If you want to purchase a toilet trailer at very competitive prices, then you should consider visiting China.

China is a hub of most products including toilet trailers having thousands of manufacturers as well as wholesalers.You can easily import a toilet trailer from China by the end of this guide as I will explain to you how to go about with it.

Just stick with me to learn more.


Chapter 12: Troubleshooting Toilet Trailer

Container toilet design

toilet  trailer design

Troubleshooting toilet trailer is the process of tracing and identifying problems in the toilet trailer.

A toilet trailer might be experiencing problems such as leaks, blockages or even breakdown of certain facilities.

Ensure you are well protected from germs as you carry out this activity and wash your hands afterward.

· Leakage in the Toilet Trailer

First, you need to know where the trailer is leaking then decide on the next step to take.For instance, if it’s leaking from the top part of the toilet when flushing, then the float seal has some defects.Once a seal breaks, there is always a leak and so what you will do is replace the float seal.

On the other hand, if it only leaks when the bowl has water to the brim, then you should consider checking for a crack especially if your toilet is made of plastic.

However, one of the most popular forms of leaks is the floor leak whereby water leaks at the bottom part of the toilet.A floor leak mostly occurs after flushing but also can occur without.If it happens without flushing then you need to fix a new plunge.

However, if it gets tougher, you can enquire from professionals around your locality to help you in your RV problems.

· Blockage in Toilet Trailer

Toilet trailers have several pipes serving different functions. Most of these pipes are involved in transporting both fresh water and waste materials. If the nozzle is blocked then you can just use a jet wash lance to solve the issue.

If still, you can’t find what has caused the blockage check the state of the black circular tabular diaphragm located below the gusher pump. Also, the problem might lie on the pipe assembly which might be loose. Push the bag as well as the pipe below the pump.

If everything is in place check whether there is a split. Apart from leaks and blockages, other facilities inside the toilet trailer might not be functioning and so you have to conduct troubleshooting.

Such facilities may include air conditioners, hand driers, heat insulators, lighting among others, and may require you to replace them or repair with the help of a professional.

2 stall restroom trailer

Decorations for luxury toilet trailer

Chapter 13: How to Import Toilet Trailer from China

We all know that China is one of the leading manufacturers of toilet trailers and accessories.

The hundreds of thousands of manufacturers are ready to provide what you need at very competitive prices.

But, how can you identify a trusted toilet trailer manufacturer in China?

  • Conduct thorough research on the manufacturer through online market places and more importantly, a representative in China.
  • Pay a visit to China and get to interact with the manufactures. This is actually the best method as you are more likely to negotiate prices as well as establish a bond with them.

Before starting your importation, ensure that you have all the licenses and legal documents required as this might inhibit your importation.

Some of the documents to have include;

  • Licenses
  • Insurance certificates
  • Inspection certificate
  • Import declaration
  • Custom invoice
  • Country of origin certificate
  • Sales contract
  • Product testing

Single mobile toilet trailer 

However, depending on what you are importing you might be required to have other documents.Once you have identified your manufacturer and negotiated everything.They will give you a quote outlining the total costs of your toilet trailer(s).

Afterwards, your importation process will begin. Alternatively, you may also use freight forwarders who will help with the importing toilet trailer from China process. Freight forwarders take care of all the shipments processed until you receive your product.

To be specific China freight forwarders are well connected and so they have access to discounted rates. To add on that you are assured that your toilet trailer(s) will be transported fast and arrive at the expected time. There are 2 main methods of shipment that you can use including rail freight and sea freight.

Depending on the toilet trailer manufacturer terms of payments, you can use:

After making all your payments all you have to do is wait for your goods to arrive.


At this point, I am convinced that you are more knowledgeable on toilet trailers.

Having read this, you are more than capable of choosing the best trailer as well as importing one at an affordable cost.

In as much as toilet trailers might seem quite expensive to purchase, you need to keep in mind that they are also a form of investment that might last you a lifetime.

Many people are making a living just by renting these facilities. So if you are looking forward to purchase toilet trailers for business purposes, then you are more than ready to kick-off!

3 stations Luxury restroom trailer (grey)

Toilet Trailer Manufacturer:

Where Do Toilet Trailer Manufacturers Recommend You Use Such Products?
What Equipment Do Toilet Trailer Manufacturers Include in the Toilet?
How Long will it take the Toilet Trailer Manufacturer to Deliver the Product?
How Much Do Toilet Trailer Manufacturers Charge for their Toilets?
Does a Toilet Trailer Manufacturer Need to Consider Legal Requirements When Selling Toilets?
Will the Toilet Trailer Manufacturer Consider Special Customizations?
What Should You Look for in the Best Toilet Trailer Manufacturer?

Toilet trailers are ideal for events such as weddings, festivals, religious ceremonies, and more. So, it would be great if you got your toilet trailer from a top-rated toilet trailer manufacturer such as Sunnyda.

Sunnyda has been in the business of making toilet trailers for over two decades. It is, for this reason, you will find the company being ideal for any applications of toilet trailers you might have in mind. As such, many people who rent toilet trailers would find Sunnyda a top choice for them.


Where Do Toilet Trailer Manufacturers Recommend You Use Such Products?

Sunnyda recommends using toilet trailers in places such as concerts, weddings, corporate events, filming events, graduation parties, and much more. Anyone who considers getting a toilet trailer will always provide the guests with the best amenities generally.

The events where a toilet trailer is used can be flexible. So long you are hosting a group of people who might need additional toilets, a toilet trailer will come in handy as a supplement.

Handicap Portable Toilet

Handicap Portable Toilet Trailer.

What Equipment Do Toilet Trailer Manufacturers Include in the Toilet?

Sunnyda prides itself as a top brand in the world of making high-quality toilet trailers. That does not happen unless the manufacturer includes high-quality equipment too.

The first thing you will like about the toilet trailer equipment should be the air conditioner. This system is vital for getting rid of any odor from the toilet, leaving it smelling fresh.

You also get a hand dryer as part of the toilet trailer too. Once you are done washing your hands, you could use a hand dryer to dry your hands.

The electrical system is also important to provide the user with more electronics that can be operated in a toilet trailer. This electrical system complies with the various standards ensuring that the trailer can live up to safety measures.


How Long will it take the Toilet Trailer Manufacturer to Deliver the Product?

It takes an average of 40 days to have the toilet trailer delivered to the user. However, the sales and customer support team will help you track the progress of your order. This is important to ensure you can know when you are likely to get the toilet trailer delivered.

Also, the timeline can depend on how you option the toilet trailer. If you decide to have many accessories added, it can take a bit longer for the delivery to happen. This is common for those who want a luxury toilet trailer. The manufacturer has to ensure that the luxury add-ons are done right.

bathroom shower trailer portable bathroom trailers

Luxury portable toilet trailer.

How Much Do Toilet Trailer Manufacturers Charge for their Toilets?

The price largely differs from one manufacturer to another. Sunnyda as a toilet trailer manufacturer, has some of the most competitive prices you may want to consider. The cost ranges from $4000 to $18000.

This price will differ mostly based on the type of toilet trailer you pick. Some want a luxury toilet trailer, while others want a standard toilet trailer. It is easy to see how a luxury toilet trailer would be more expensive.

Nevertheless, do not let the price discourage you from considering a toilet trailer. Sunnyda can help you get the right toilet trailer for the money.


Does a Toilet Trailer Manufacturer Need to Consider Legal Requirements When Selling Toilets?

Yes. Like any other company, a toilet trailer manufacturer has to operate within stipulated legal requirements. The legal requirements will vary from one country to another. There are times when some countries are more stringent than others. It is best to find out from the local authorities to understand the laws before setting up a toilet trailer manufacturing plant.

The same applies to those who might want to run a toilet trailer rental business. Such a business needs proper documentation, permits, and licenses. It would be great if you seek all the requirements before renting your toilet trailer from Sunnyda.

vip mobile toilets for sale

vip mobile toilets for sale


Will the Toilet Trailer Manufacturer Consider Special Customizations?

Yes, Sunnyda understands that different clients will have various needs. It is why you would get the option of getting customizations to suit your needs for a toilet trailer.

Some of the customization options include the size, interior decoration, tank size, materials, and so much more. If you have any more questions on customizations, talk to Sunnyda to help you understand some of the options available.

Let us say you want a luxury toilet trailer; expect to get additional equipment such as air conditioning, better lights, impressive floors, and so much more. The customer support team will generally help you understand more about the various luxury and standard options available for you to pick.


What Should You Look for in the Best Toilet Trailer Manufacturer?

One thing is for sure; there are thousands of toilet trailer manufacturers in different parts of the world. However, how can you pick the best toilet trailer manufacturer? The last thing someone wants is to spend money on a product that would not offer the best service or not last as long.

If you are stuck at the part where you have to pick the best toilet trailer manufacturer, this might just be the guide for you to consider. Let us look at some of the things you should keep in mind.

VIP Portable Toilet

VIP Portable Toilet Trailer.


Variety in this sense means the different design options you can get from using a particular manufacturer. Let us say it is Sunnyda; you will quickly notice that for each category of toilet trailers, you will find many other options under it. Some models would be standard models, while others will have more features and accessories to make them luxurious.

So, at least you would see a wide range of options for you to consider when looking for the best toilet trailer from a manufacturer.

Some events might need more space or toilet partitions than others. Thus, the variety option comes in handy to pick the right toilet trailer for such events.


The different materials are essential for ensuring you have the best toilet trailer too. Sunnyda, as the best toilet trailer manufacturer, utilizes fiberglass sandwich panels and EPS sandwich panels mostly for making the different toilet trailers. These materials are known for their performance in different aspects.

A good example is that sandwich panels can be good insulators. This means even during winter, your toilet trailer will be a warm place to be. Other than insulation, the panels can be good in terms of strength, durability, and ease of installation.

The panels are mostly used to make the walls, doors, and roof. How about the other parts of the toilet trailer? So, you would also have to look at the different materials used for such parts, ensuring you do not end up with something that starts to fall apart soon.

Sometimes it is okay to spend more money on getting something better rather than trying to save so much that you end up with a poor-quality toilet trailer.

luxury portable restroom trailersluxury portable restrooms for sale

luxury portable toilet trailer price


The durability of a toilet trailer will save you a lot of money in the long run. In most cases, such toilet trailers might need a higher initial investment, but they would be able to remain useful for years down the line.

The durability is mostly pegged on the type of materials the manufacturer uses. If the best toilet trailer manufacturer uses high-quality materials, you would not have to worry about the toilet trailer’s overall durability.

Also, you should consider the workmanship of the manufacturer. This is because a manufacturer can have the best tools and materials, but you might not get the best toilet trailer if the workers are not skilled. So, proper workmanship is necessary.

Does the manufacturer embrace new technology to improve the durability of the toilet trailer? This is also an excellent question to ask. It will help you see the efforts a manufacturer puts into the product creation to end up with high-quality toilet trailers.


The accessories play an essential role in categorizing the toilet trailers. Look at what the manufacturer offers in terms of accessories. If they are high quality, then you can expect to get the toilet trailer at a higher price or end up with a luxury toilet trailer.

If it is a standard toilet trailer, expect it to have regular toilet trailer accessories. As much as they might be standard accessories, they should still be functional. No one wants to start replacing the toilet trailer accessories a few months after getting the toilet trailer.

Sometimes requesting a complete toilet trailer accessories list can help you understand what you will get with the toilet trailer manufacturer.


The certifications of a toilet trailer manufacturer has improves the confidence in such a company. You should always consider essential certificates to see if the toilet trailer will be safe to use overall.

Keep in mind that these certifications can vary from one country to another. However, if the toilet trailer has some key worldwide known certifications, you should find it is a great option for most people. Let us say the toilet trailer has the WaterSense mark, it means that the toilet trailer can save you on water use. Anyone would want that irrespective of the country. The same applies to ADA compliance and other key certifications.

Look at the product manual to learn more about such certifications.

toilet trailer manufacturers   toilet trailer manufacturers

Toilet trailer manufacturers

Delivery Time

Anyone who runs a toilet trailer rental business would be interested in the delivery time after placing the order.

As much as the delivery time is important, you should also consider the finished product’s quality. As such, there should be a proper balance between the delivery time and the quality of the toilet trailer.

Some companies can take 40 days to make the delivery. Just make sure the company you choose can offer a transparent process to understand the delivery time better.

Maintenance Needs

You cannot ignore the maintenance needs that come with a toilet trailer. The best toilet trailer manufacturer should have a toilet trailer that does not need maintenance all the time. This is crucial for helping you have an easier time putting the toilet trailer to work rather than repairing it all the time.

The maintenance needs largely also depend on workmanship and quality of accessories setup on the toilet trailer. If everything is done at a high-quality level, you will not have to keep working on the toilet trailer to keep it running correctly.


It would not hurt to a couple of reviews about your favorite toilet trailer manufacturer. This is because it will help you learn more about what other people have experienced with the same manufacturer’s products.

If you get more positive feedback from different users, you would be assured you are getting the best toilet trailer manufacturer to handle your order.

portable restrooms for weddings portable toilet and shower trailer

Portable toilet trailer


Of course, the price is also something to keep in mind. The last thing you need is to spend too much on a product you probably do not need. So, what is the price in relation to the features? Always make sure that the price can live up to the various features provided in the toilet trailer. This will help you end up with a high-quality toilet trailer always for the money.

Toilet Trailer for Sale

Over the years, it has become common for people to look for a toilet trailer for sale because of its flexibility. This is because you can take it with you to different places where it is needed the most. Toilet trailers are also good for business as you can rent them out at a fee to those hosting events.

It is not just about flexibility, but the toilet trailer for sale portability is a key reason you find it popular today. So, where can you get a toilet trailer for sale? That is where Sunnyda comes in. The company makes high-quality toilet trailers for sale you could enjoy using for a long time.

Most people who want a toilet trailer for sale have a company in the business of renting out toilet trailers. You can be sure that the high-quality Sunnyda toilet trailers will be a nice addition to your existing fleet already.

The Sunnyda toilet trailer is strong, lightweight, and durable. These are all important features anyone would want in a toilet trailer for sale. As such, you end up with a toilet trailer that can last for years, giving you the service you want. So, if you ever want a toilet trailer for sale, give Sunnyda a call to make arrangements for you.


There can be more things to keep in mind when looking for the best toilet trailer manufacturer. However, whatever is mentioned above should get you closer to the right manufacturer. Always do your due diligence to ensure you are getting the best deal from different manufacturers. Even if it might take more time, at least you would be sure you did your research before settling on one manufacturer.

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