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Sunnyda trailer house is customized unit, complete ready-made in factory and shipped as fully mounted. When it arrives just plug it and use. Electrical and plumbing system is ready for use, according to your local standards. Sunnyda trailer house has different styles for your choice and varying layouts can meet your special needs.

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Sunnyda has 10 years’ experience in trailer house manufacturing since 2008. Passed ISO9001 and ISO14001, trailer house parts and equipment certificated with CE. Over the years, Sunnyda exports trailer house to AU, EU, USA and South America.

Sunnyda trailer house VIP type is made for high end needs, made of luxury fiberglass and high-quality steel. This kind of elegant portable restroom is on wheels, making it suitable for wedding, events. We strive to make luxury space, giving you better experience when using. Inside vanity top is natural marble, rectangular mirror, atmosphere light, water saving toilet, and rooftop solar panel system.

Normal type of Sunnyda trailer house feature white insulated sandwich panel, don’t think sacrificing quality, we use same main materials and craftsmanship to build it as we do for VIP type.

Sunnyda trailer house is completely finished in factory. Before shipping, we test each unit to ensure all pipelines and electrical appliances are effective without any problem. A whole unit can be loaded in 40HQ except wheels dismantled to fit container inner height. Once received, plug it, then you can use it right away.

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Sunnyda Trailer House

Sunnyda trailer house could be spoke, to meet your needs on portable, mobile, fancy, or utility performance. Its most water saving as each flush uses only 0.4L, can be continued use whole day time.

The main body lifespan is more than 15 years and 1 year warranty for the whole unit. If you want to change any equipment during years use, there is a manual to take you through the process.

If you want to install inside equipment like toilet, hand basin, urinal by yourself when received, provision for those equipment will be ready and leave there, like readymade holes for pipeline and electrical system.

We are looking for an experienced partner for this trailer house. You’re welcome to visit our factory for close inspection on this fancy unit.

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Trailer House: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

You might be looking to host an event and there is the need to provide your guests with the right facilities such as toilets. That is where a trailer house can come in handy.

Sunnyda House makes the best trailer houses for different applications. It is important that you know what they are all about and which to choose for the applications. Below, we look at the common FAQs people might have on their minds when looking for trailer houses.

What is a trailer house?

A trailer house is a prefabricated structure attached to a chassis from the factory for ease of transportation to different destinations. Depending on the use of the trailer house, it can be designed into a home, bathroom, kitchen, toilet, and much more.

Trailer houses are mostly used as temporary structures. Let us say you are hosting an event where people need toilets. That is when you would need temporary trailer toilets. However, some might decide to use them as permanent structures which they can move with them around whenever the need arises.


What is the material used to make a trailer house?

Sunnyda House makes different types of trailer houses based on materials used and other factors. The two most common options as materials include the fiberglass reinforced panel (FRP) and the sandwich panels.

Fiberglass Reinforced Panel (FRP)

The use of fiberglass material has been on the rise because of the many benefits the material can offer to the user. Some of the advantages include the following;

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Resistant to mildew
  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • High-tensile strength

Because of its chemical properties, you are likely to find the trailer house made of this material handling the elements better.

Also, FRP stands out for having an impressive range of design flexibility. This lacked in the traditional building materials. So, whichever design that the client might have in mind would be accommodated by Sunnyda House.

The overall cleaning and maintenance needs of FRP is easy. You will notice that it is easier to have the trailer house cleaned by using some simple tools and supplies. The smooth surface also makes it easier to prevent dirt from sticking to the trailer house surface.

Sandwich Panel

More companies are now opting for sandwich panels for their construction jobs and so is Sunnyda House. This is because sandwich panels have a lot more benefits than the traditional materials you are used to using.

The sandwich panels are called sandwiches because of how they are constructed. These panels have two metal panels on the exterior with a Thermo insulating core.

Depending on the type of core material, you will end up with sandwich panel types such as EPS, rock wool panel, PU panel, PIR sandwich panel, and more.

Sandwich panels are a top choice for being lightweight and cutting down the construction time. All that is needed is to cut the panels to size and attach them to the trailer house chassis. This means that Sunnyda House can have a faster turnaround time.

Other reasons for choosing the sandwich panel include chemical resistance, fire resistance, impressive mechanical performance, durability, versatility, and more.

For those that might be afraid of their trailer houses catching on fire, then the sandwich panels are the best option. This is because the core materials are often fire-resistant. That is not all as these materials can also deliver on the best insulation too.


What are the trailer house applications?

Trailer houses can have many applications depending on the user. Sunnyda House advises that you can use the trailer houses for applications such as;

  • Weddings
  • Sporting events
  • Commercial events
  • Food vendor
  • Schools
  • Offices

The applications will largely be used in areas where there is the need for temporary use of the structure. Keep in mind that trailer houses are on a chassis with wheels, so at any time, they can be moved to a different place.


What are the benefits of trailer houses?

If owning a trailer house seems like something you want, then it is best to also learn about the benefits. From the benefits, you can now decide which trailer house to get for yourself. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy with a Sunnyda House trailer house.

  • Aesthetics

Many people think since they are trailer houses, then they have to be an eyesore. Well, that is not the case with the Sunnyda House trailer houses. They are designed to deliver on the best looks and functionality too.

You will like how classy they look for the money. It is why such trailer houses can be used for corporate functions, outdoor weddings, and other important formal events.

The new trailer houses are all about being modern, upscale, and stylish. As such, you should be able to cater to large groups and guests overall.

  • Multiple options available

Sunnyda House makes different types of trailer houses. So, it should become easier for you to pick the best trailer toilet depending on your needs.

If you want a trailer house that can accommodate more people, Sunnyda House can help in making a custom option model for you. Just make sure that you check out the various models the company offers to see if there is something you want on the list.

To pick the best size of trailer restroom, consider the number of guests that can use it. Ideally, having one restroom unit per 30 guests should be good enough.

  • The amenities available

The additional amenities that you get with trailer houses make it worth spending your money. These amenities can make the whole experience of using the trailer house better.

Some of the common amenities you are likely to enjoy include elegant countertops, better flooring, stainless steel sinks, heating, air conditioning and more.

The best part is that you can customize the trailer house to your liking. So, other than getting a regular trailer house, you can still upgrade it to a VIP trailer house.

  • Affordability

When you have to cater for a large group of people, then there is the need to provide for restroom facilities. You can imagine how expensive it would be when you have to hire individual portable toilets. At this point, it is best to settle for trailer houses. These restrooms will be affordable and would deliver on more room for the guests to use.

For many, they will find such trailer houses being good value for money.

  • No more unpleasant odors

Whenever you use some other types of trailer restrooms, you might notice that they have the worst odor. It is why you would want to avoid that with the Sunnyda House trailer houses.

Since the restrooms have the right ventilation pipes, you never have to deal with unpleasant odors anymore. Even your guests would feel comfortable using trailer toilets with no smells.


What are the features of a trailer house?

You might be now interested in getting Sunnyda House trailer houses, but you are not sure what makes them great. Well, here are some of the features you can expect to get with the trailer houses.

  • Durable material

The first thing you will appreciate about the trailer houses is the material used to make them. Sunnyda House uses sandwich panels and fiberglass reinforced panels. These two materials are all about durability, while at the same time deliver on many other benefits.

Considering you might want to use the trailer house for years to come in different places, then durability is something you need.

  • Water-saving technology

One of the reasons someone would opt for the trailer houses is because they are efficient in terms of water use. If you are going to host a lot more people for an event, then the last thing you want is to spend so much on the water use.

Luckily, that is not an issue with the Sunnyda House trailer toilets. They are designed to use less water compared to the others in the market. As such, you should end up with a trailer house that saves you on water use while at the same time serve your guests effectively.

  • Interior design

Some might think just because it is a trailer toilet, then it has to be basic. Well, that is not case with the models from Sunnyda House.

These trailer houses have different designs and amenities, which can help in keeping the guests feeling comfortable. The last thing you want is an interior that is basic or makes someone feel unsafe.

Having proper ventilation as part of the design is important in making sure there are no odor issues in the trailer house.

  • High-quality accessories

Another reason you need to consider a trailer house are the high-quality accessories. The impressive countertops, stainless steel sinks, lighting, ventilation, heating, and more makes the trailer houses worth the money.

These accessories make more people want to invest in trailer houses. The best part is that Sunnyda House can help you customize these accessories. You can add or remove the accessories depending on your needs and budget.

  • Spacious

Another great feature about the Sunnyda House trailer houses is that they are spacious. If you have used other trailer houses and you found them being claustrophobic, it is time to switch to Sunnyda House models. They are designed with comfort and space in mind.

There are several models available with varying space options. It is best if you consult with the customer care team to help you understand which model would be ideal for your application.

  • Cleaning is easy

The materials used in making the trailer houses are generally easy to clean. There is no doubt you would have a great time maintaining your facilities in a clean state. The smooth surfaces in the trailer house are important for reducing the chances of germs and other contaminants from sticking to them. Thus, you will end up with a hygienic trailer house.


Are trailer houses available in different colors?

Yes. It is possible to get a custom trailer house depending on your needs. One of the things that you can customize is the color.

Sunnyda House has a wide range of color options. It comes down to what you like. When placing your order, make sure that you indicate what kind of color options you want. It is from such specifications that the company can come up with the right color for the trailer house.

If you are unsure which colors to pick, the team at Sunnyda House will help you in picking the right color and other amenities you might want to customize for your trailer house.


What is the size of a trailer house?

Sunnyda House makes several types of trailer houses. So, the size will largely depend on the type of trailer house you pick. Below is a list of the trailer houses you get from the company and their respective sizes.

  • Restroom trailer SUT01 – 2520 (L) x 1300 (W) x 2500 (H) mm
  • Bathroom trailer SUT01 – 3700 (L) x 1700 (W) x 2500 (H) mm
  • VIP restroom SUT02 – 4600 (L) x 1700 (W) x 2500 (H) mm
  • Luxury portable toilet SUT03 – 5800 (L) x 2500 (W) x 2500 (H) mm
  • Porta potty trailer – 2747 (L) x 1794 (W) x 556 (H) mm
  • Handicap portable toilet – 2300 (L) x 1600 (W) x 2500 (H) mm

The list goes on with the sizes varying depending on the type of trailer house. If you ever want something custom, Sunnyda House is ready to help. All the various models are available in custom size options.


How much does a trailer house weigh?

The weight will largely vary depending on the type of trailer house you pick. Some models are 800kg, while others are as heavy as 1900kg.

When you opt for a model with more accessories, then you are likely to end up with a heavier trailer house.

You should not be worried about transporting the heavy trailer house. This is because each of the trailer house has a custom trailer that can handle the weight. You can always move around with the trailer house to the different locations with ease.


What parts make up a trailer house?

Regardless of the trailer house that you pick, some of the parts are likely to be common among the different models.

For the toilet unit, you will have parts such as the urinal bowl, the toilet bowl, ventilation, and a sink for washing your hands once you are done using the facility. Most, if not all models will come with the plumbing already done. This means that you can start using the trailer house straight out of the factory.

When you go for the luxury trailer houses, you will encounter additional parts as part of making the trailer house luxury. Some of them include air conditioning, heaters, electrical systems, beautiful lighting, and more.


Can the trailer house parts be customized?

Yes. Sunnyda House offers multiple customization options. The most common would be the color, size, design, and more.

Let us say you want a trailer house that can handle more people at an event, then Sunnyda House will improve on the overall size and other amenities in the trailer house. This is to ensure it fits your needs. The same applies for the color. Some might have the idea of getting something with unique colors. That should not be a problem.

Keep in mind that the addition of too many amenities can result in a heavy trailer house. It would be best if you consider customizing only the necessary parts. The whole point of a trailer house is to have something portable. That might not be possible if it is too heavy.


What is the trailer house manufacturing process?

The manufacturing process can vary from one trailer house type to another. However, there are some of trailer house manufacturing process steps that will be similar for the different types of trailer houses. Here is a summary of the manufacturing process to help you understand more about trailer homes.

  • Gathering client details

To make something that the client needs, Sunnyda House is tasked with gathering all what the client wants in the trailer house. For a client that is comfortable with what the company offers, then it is easy to work on the project fast and make the delivery.

What happens if the client wants something custom? Well, this means that the support team needs to get as much information as possible to ensure that the final product matches the client’s needs.

  • Assembling the materials

The company now gathers the materials necessary for making the trailer house. This will include the panels for the walls, tires, axles, and more. If the client wants more amenities, then this is also the time to get all those important materials.

  • Making the base

Like any other house, the construction of the trailer house has to begin with the base. This means making the chassis on which the trailer house will sit on. Once the chassis is ready, there is the attachment of the axle and wheels. This is when the floors and other necessary base structures are installed.

  • Attaching the walls

Once the base is ready, what follows is the attachment of walls onto the base. You can have partitions depending on the size and type of trailer house.

At this stage, the company can use FRP or sandwich panels depending on the applications of the final product. Some additional materials can be used in case of special applications.

  • Attaching the roof

With the walls in place, it is time to attach the roof. This does not take long since the walls are already in place as the supporting structures. You can be sure to have the trailer house almost getting ready for use since its major structures have been assembled at this point.

This could also be a nice time to attach the doors and windows to the trailer house.

  • Adding accessories

This is where most of the customizations come into play. At this point, the manufacturer will add accessories depending on what the client wants. This might include adding some fancy toilet bowls, sanitizers, lightings, and more.

Also, the plumbing is done at this stage. This is important so that the client can go-ahead to start using the trailer house upon delivery.

  • Testing and commissioning

Before sending the trailer house to its owner, Sunnyda House will test it first. This is to ensure that every component is working great as expected. With all the testing done, the trailer house is then packed and shipped to the new owner.


What is the trailer house delivery time?

The delivery time will largely depend on the type of trailer house you decide to get for yourself. If you opt for something simple, then the delivery time is faster. However, there is an average delivery time of 40 days for most of the trailer houses. This means that you can always get the trailer house within a relatively short time frame.


What trailer house service can you expect from the manufacturer?

It is always interesting to learn more about the kind of service Sunnyda House offers to its trailer house buyers.

Well, Sunnyda House has the following services you can get if you decide to order a trailer house;

  • Engineering – the company will be involved in coming up with the right trailer house depending on the client’s needs. If any customization has to be done, the company will further advise the client on what is possible and how to keep the trailer house functional.
  • Production– once the engineering process is complete, production follows. This involves the use of high-quality materials and skilled workers to ensure the client gets the best trailer house for the money.
  • Shipping– with the production done, it is now time to deliver the trailer house to the client. It is important to ensure that the client gets the product on time and still in one piece. Remember that the trailer house is mounted at the factory, so it is important that good care is considered when shipping it.
  • Installation– depending on the clients, some might already know how to use the trailer houses. However, Sunnyda House will also offer installation services upon request. This is to help the client correctly use the trailer house.
  • Warranty– like any other product, Sunnyda House trailer houses also has warranties. The delivery team will explain to you more about the warranty and where it applies. This gives the client peace of mind that he or she is getting a quality product.
  • After sale services– well, Sunnyda House also offers after sale services. This is mostly maintenance stuff for the client. If you need the company to help with the maintenance, that is not a problem. The company can do the regular maintenances to keep your facilities running well.


What are the main types of trailer houses?

Anyone who wants a trailer house would hope for variety. Well, Sunnyda House does not disappoint when it comes to options. Here, you will get several options in terms of trailer houses. Here is a quick list to help you learn more.

  • Restroom trailer
  • Bathroom trailer
  • VIP restroom
  • Luxury portable toilet
  • Porta potty trailer
  • Kitchen trailer
  • Office trailer
  • Home trailer
  • Accommodation trailer

As always, Sunnyda House is available to make custom trailer houses for you the client. Talk to the customer care team for more information on how to proceed with placing your order.


How much does a trailer house cost?

A trailer house cost can vary from one type to another. The cost will range from $3000 to more than $18000, depending on various amenities included in the trailer house.

Here are some of the things that can influence the cost of a trailer house;

  • The features. If a client wants something luxurious, then it is easy to see that the facility will cost more than what you get with the standard trailer house.
  • The size. If you have to serve a lot more people, then it means getting larger trailer houses and still more in terms of quantity. It is important that you get a product of the right size based on your needs. Well, the bigger the trailer house, the more it will cost you.
  • The location. For those that are far from the manufacturer, it means that you have to spend more to ship the trailer house to your location. That might mean making the trailer house more expensive than what you would want.

Do not let the price discourage you from getting a trailer house. Sunnyda House has trailer houses for different budgets. If you are in the market for something affordable, then let Sunnyda House recommend the right model to pick.


How to ship trailer houses from China?

Yes. Sunnyda House over the years has managed to get the trailer houses to different clients around the world. So, you should not be worried that Sunnyda House cannot get you the trailer house. When placing your order, ensure that you point out where you want the trailer house delivered. This allows for the company to prepare the logistics important for shipping the trailer house to your location.

It is not just shipping, but the company can also organize for the installation too. Always point out that it is something you need when making the order for a trailer house.


How does Sunnyda House pack trailer houses?

Sunnyda House ensures that the trailer houses are strapped correctly before shipping. This can include using support pallets important for keeping the trailer house from moving around until it is delivered. Anyone who is far from China can be sure that the trailer house will be delivered in one piece. The company has packaged the trailer houses for years now, so it should know how best to keep the trailer house from damage during transportation.


How can you clean your trailer house?

Cleaning your trailer house is important if you want to enjoy using it too. So, what should you consider doing in terms of cleaning the trailer house? Here are a few tips to consider.

  • Try to dust the walls more often. Since the trailer house would be exposed to the elements, regular dusting of the walls will leave it being clean.
  • Focus on removing the stains before they get deep into the panels. This ensures that you can maintain a clean look of your trailer house.
  • It would be best to always maintain the water tanks at full capacity. This is great for ensuring the trailer house can remain clean even if more people keep using it.

You can always adopt more cleaning methods for your trailer house. For a trailer house with many amenities, it might mean spending more time cleaning it too.


How can you maintain your trailer house?

Proper maintenance of your trailer house is crucial to its performance. The last thing you want is the trailer house to start falling apart when it is only a few years old. That is where the maintenance comes in. Here are a few maintenance tips to keep in mind if you own a Sunnyda House trailer house.

  • Consider cleaning the trailer house more often. This includes thorough cleaning to leave the house clean for the next users.
  • Look at the tire condition after a while. Is there enough thread left on the tires? Are they inflated to the right level? Poor inflating techniques can leave you with tires that are easily worn out.
  • Look at the overall level of the trailer house. You can use a carpenter’s level to check the level. If it seems that the house is not level, find out what is making it to be so.
  • If the trailer house has air conditioning or heating elements, make sure that they are also properly maintained. This ensures that the trailer house continues to offer amenities in the condition you have always wanted.

The maintenance procedures are many. Sunnyda House advises that you follow the maintenance guidelines it offers. It is from such guidelines that you can help in keeping the trailer house working as expected.


How do you level a trailer house?

For most trailer houses, leveling should not be hard. Sometimes you might be low on tire pressure to a point it makes the trailer house to be unlevelled. So, it is best to consider checking the trailer house level more often and take the necessary steps to correct it.


Can you paint a trailer house?

Yes. The panels can be painted in the colors that you want. It can be straight from the factory or you can do it at home if you want to change the colors later after owning the trailer house. It is best if you consider using the recommended paint for the panels used in making the trailer house.

Using the wrong paint can lead to a trailer house that does not look good after a few weeks of exposing it to the elements.


How much is a trailer house rental cost?

It is possible that sometimes buying a trailer house can be expensive. Well, that largely depends on how much you are willing to spend on accessories.

As much as the initial investment might seem high, the same cannot be said for those who opt to rent trailer toilets.

The cost of renting the trailer house largely depends on the duration, trailer features, and timing. The longer you need to rent the trailer, the more you will have to pay for it.


Does Trailer House include a trailer hitch?

Yes. Each trailer is designed to have a hitch. This means that the trailer toiler is ready for use upon delivery. You can hook it up on your RV or truck and start using it without the need for buying additional accessories.


Does Sunnyda House manufacturer produce luxury trailer house?

Yes. Sunnyda House has experience in making the best luxurious trailer house at a competitive price. It is why you are likely to get more people going for these trailers.

Such luxury trailer houses will have one or two bathrooms, it has a toilet, a shower, and a hand basin. As for the bedroom, it has one or two beds. The idea is to ensure that every user has adequate facilities.

The luxury trailer houses is equipped with a solar panel for ensuring that the house gets enough power for lighting even while on the move. There is also the presence of a surround sound in the toilet. The aim is to give you a good experience while using the facilities.

The trailer house also features other important amenities such as foldable steps, heaters, air conditioners, impressive countertops, and more.

The list of equipment is easily adjustable based on the special needs a client might have in mind.


Does Sunnyda house manufacturer produce economic trailer house?

Yes. Sunnyda House understands that it has clients with different budgets. It is the reason you can get different trailer toilets from the company. The different models vary in terms of price and amenities.

Some of the basic trailer house will be affordable than what you get with competitor brands. So, it should be possible to get yourself an economic trailer house from Sunnyda House. Do not worry, it will still be functional and highly reliable.


Can you use trailer house in winter time?

Yes. A nice trailer house can be equipped with all the different amenities that you will need during the winter. Before making the purchase of your trailer toilet, make sure that you specify that you need a model that can work during all the four seasons.

The manufacturer will then accessorize the trailer with all the important amenities to make sure that even during winter, the trailer house is still usable.

In such cases, a heater would be nice. A good heater will prevent the water from freezing and still keep the trailer toilet warm for you. The last thing anyone wants is to use a cold toilet seat.


Is a trailer house a good investment?

If you are new to using a trailer house, you might not be sure if it is the right thing for you or not. However, a trailer house can be a good investment because of the many benefits it offers to the user.

One thing is for sure, you will end up spending less to own a trailer house compared to the other forms of houses. If you can compare to the other types of houses, you will always find yourself paying less.

The quality is also good because there has been an improvement in the building technology. This means that there are cases where the trailer house can be better than what you get with a conventional option.

Another reason you would opt for a trailer house is because of the many options available. A good example is Sunnyda House, which makes various trailer house options. So, depending on your needs, you can always have a custom-made trailer house to handle your needs.


Why are mobile homes so cheap?

Mobile homes will be affordable because of the manufacturing process. You will find that such homes are mass-produced just like you would do with cars. The process of mass production largely reduces the price you have to pay to get your mobile home.

Also, the materials used in making the mobile homes would be generally within the affordable range. A good example is that Sunnyda House uses sandwich panels and FRP panels for making the trailer houses. These two materials are affordable and lightweight.

Being lightweight is essential for helping with the portability of mobile homes.

Just because they affordable, it does not mean the trailer houses are not good quality. The panels used in making these houses are also durable for years to come. Even if the trailer house is exposed to the elements, it will remain durable.


What is the difference between a mobile home and a regular home?

The major difference is all about how the home is built. A regular home would involve digging out a foundation and building something permanent in one place. That is not the same as a mobile home. Such a home would be built at a factory then transported to its destination.

Mobile homes would also be on a trailer. This means that it can be moved from one place to another depending on the needs of the user.


How many rooms does a trailer house have?

A trailer house can have one room while others can have more than two rooms. It is best if you check out the trailer house catalog from Sunnyda House to understand the number of rooms you can get with a trailer house type.

Depending on the application, it is possible to have a lot more rooms. Sunnyda House is known for easily customizing the trailer house to suit your needs.



Well, now that you are at the end of our guide on trailer house, it should be possible to pick one for yourself today. The guide has tried to answer as many questions as possible that you might have had in your mind.

If you still have more questions, then talk to the customer support team. The team has an in-depth knowledge of the trailer houses to help you know which would be best for you.

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