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Sunnyda- Your Reliable Manufacturer and Supplier of Tricon Container.

Sunnyda has been considered the most customary manufacturer and supplier in China, producing a high-quality Tricon Container and doing this now by having experience for a longer time. We trained our experts by providing them with all the necessary techniques to become a professional in this field. We are a china based company and have successfully gained the trust of our people by manufacturing and supplying top quality products.

Experts working in our country have very detailed knowledge and are well aware of the things they are doing. We also offer customized services to manufacture their desired product in the way they want.

Tricon Container by Sunnyda is mainly produced by corrosive resistance material for increasing the life span of the container.  Our experts have a great interest in learning and trying innovative yet effective techniques in manufacturing our products.

Sunnyda provides its customers to choose their Tricon Container by checking out the specifications of all containers available in our company, which will help them choose the perfect one.

A Tricon Container by Sunnyda will do you a great favor, particularly when you will need a refrigerator container or freezer. If you want to purchase your  Tricon Container to make your life convenient, you can reach us now for booking your order by contacting us as we are offering 24/7 services.

Container typeNew or second hand ISO shipping container
SizeISO 20ft, 40ft HQ
Repaint and put logoPE paint, marine grade paint, color and logo as per requirement
ModificationCut door, windows at any place
Insulation1, EPS sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel, PIR sandwich panel
2, Light gage steel joist and mineral wool in middle, interior surface 12mm gypsum board.
Indoor fittingElectrical and plumbing system, kitchen and bathroom
FurnitureTable and chair, sofa, bed, kitchen cupboard, wardrobe as per requirement
Shipping1, Cut door and window sealed by steel sheet, make surface flat acceptable for shipping line.
2, Inside fittings be well fixed, no move during shipping.
After sale service1 year warranty
Delivery time30-40 days
How many floors5 floors at the most
Connection kitsWater proofing rubber and screw, steel board for floor.
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
Sunnyda Support Your Business

Tricon Container-A Complete User Manual by Sunnyda.

U.S Armed Forces mostly use Tricon Container. Tricon Container manufacturers make it according to the materials used in the military and which can fulfill their requirements.

Tricon Container also comes with a refrigeration feature. In the military, it is used for transporting food and weapons without giving them any damages.

These containers help the military personals to save their time and to focus on their significant tasks. Military operations must remain efficient, and Tricon Container helps accomplish that function.

Whenever you made up your mind to buy it, then there are some important factors that you must have to memorize before choosing it, which are included in this detailed guide.

Now without wasting any time, let’s move to the guide.

1.What is a Tricon Container?
2.What are the Dimensions of a Tricon Container?
3.What is Meant by Refrigerated Tricon Container?
4.Why is a Tricon Container an Ideal Choice for The Military?
5.What are Some Important Factors of Tricon Container?
6.Why Tricon Connecting Couplers are Required for Triocn Container, and How do they Work?
7.What Type of Material is Required in the Manufacturing of Tricon Container?
8.What are the Advantages of Tricon Container?
9.What is the Basic Difference Between Tricon Container and Other Containers?
10.How to Make a Tricon Container Corrosion Resistant?
11.How Long Does a Tricon Container Last?
12.What are the Preventive Measurements Needed for Tricon Container?
13.What is the Method of Painting a Tricon Container?
14.What are the Uses of Tricon Container?
15.How Doors of Tricon Container Protects it from Weather Conditions?
16.How to Make a Tricon Container an Anti-Pilferage Provision?
17.What is the Role of Shoring Slots on a Tricon Container?
18.How Many Racks should be Included in a Tricon Container?
19.How Many Vents Should Be Installed in a Tricon Container?
20.What is the Process of Corrosion Testing of a Tricon Container?

What is a Tricon Container?

The Tricon modular container is a versatile and unique mini container which makes the transports of small shipment easier because its portability.

It works as a traditional container when three Tricon Container is combined with the help of a sea-lock connector.

Those traditional containers are also known as intermodal containers or ISO having 20 feet in length.

The Tricon Container comes in five different variants called Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, and Type 5, which has several locations of the door for increasing the flexibility of the container.

It was manufactured to use as a storage or transport unit. A Tricon Container simply does multiple works for different industries, including integrating types of equipment, office modules, and security containers.

It is made up of complete steel, and its uniqueness makes it a perfect choice for commercial challenges and military strictness.

What are the Dimensions of a Tricon Container?

Tricon Container has the standard length size of 8 feet or 2438mm, comes with a width of about 5.5 inches or 1968mm, and its height is about eight feet or 2438mm.

When three Tricon Containers are joined together, they become the full-sized container likely to a traditional container having the length of 20 feet.

What is Meant by Refrigerated Tricon Container?

Tricon Containers also can work as a freezer or a refrigerator for some specific materials. Refrigerator containers are proven beneficial, especially for the military and several various industries.

It is used to transport food, pharmaceutical materials, and all those materials that contain the chance of being damaged if they are not stored in the freezers or refrigerators in these areas.

Tricon refrigerated container is a perfect choice for these industries as it is a portable container, easy to organize, and can use for multiple tasks.

Why is a Tricon Container an Ideal Choice for The Military?

Tricon Container is a space savor storage container, known as a high-density container. It gets fitted with the use of strapping, has a forklift feature, and also a crane attachment feature.

These features make it a portable container that is deployable and easy to transport, having its gear lockers that are always ready to move.

Tricon Container is manufactured in the same pattern similar to the local container, which is its plus point because it makes the confrontation for already existing methods of transportation easier.

A Tricon system can be paired up with other storage systems which are designed and are responsible for the protection of weapons and gears of the military.

On the interior walls of the container, racks are mounted for storing as many weapons or gears as they want, but they should be in a limited capacity of the container.

Inside the containers shelving lines are mounted, which can be locked and are attached with the wall for mini firearms. Ammunition storage or attachments or can be used for other purposes.

Tricon Container is usually customized for the military, depending on their requirements and shipment sizes.

What Are Some Important Factors of Tricon Container?

There are some important facts that you should remember before buying the right Tricon Container.

  • These mini containers make the cargo procedure convenient.
  • Transportation of a refrigerated container is safe even in different locations.
  • Refrigerated containers have the ability to maintain their temperature without getting affected by extreme weather conditions.
  • Maintenance and services are very easy.
  • Refrigerator Tricon Container can do work of both refrigerator and freezer.

Why Tricon Connecting Couplers are Required for Triocn Container, and How do they Work?

Sometimes there is a need for a Tricon Container but a big container compared to the normal one because of large shipments.

Tricon Container comes with the connectors to form the measurements of that desired connector, which usually is almost 20-foot and that is equal to the standard container approved by ISO.

That desired measurement could be obtained by connecting three Tricon Containers, which is also known as three Tricon connecting couplers.

The process of coupling almost takes 30 minutes to secure the containers with the connectors for coupling.

To connect them, all you need is two guides, three containers, one forklift truck for moving and taking it into the exact position.

All couplers which are connecting should be a Tricon Container because it’s the only way.

By which all the parts of couplers will be able to fasten securely with corner fittings of the Tricon Container for making the connections between containers.

What Type of Material is Required in the Manufacturing of Tricon Container?

The materials are chosen in making a Tricon Container depend upon the constructor.

But constructed after the approval of national society, institute standards or specifications depending on the industry for which it is used.

Material included in it shouldn’t have any bad effects on health when using it for intended tasks. There must not be any toxic materials, ozone-depleting chemicals included in its composition.

Materials that are mostly used in its making are cadmium plating, mercury, or radioactive materials.

What are the Advantages of Tricon Container?

These are the outstanding advantages of using a Tricon Container:

  • These containers meet all the necessary especially strict requirements of the military.
  • Containers come with an option of installing refrigeration systems used for those products that have to be put in a specific temperature during storage and transportation.
  • It can be connected with two or more Tricon Containers to transform the dimensions of a single container with a large twenty-foot container.
  • Tricon Container provides ease in organizing and accessing the products with its small size.
  • These containers are easy to be shipped by all transportation mediums such as air, sea, and ground.
  • Their design is made by having all possible risks of different environments to ensure that all the regulations are being followed.
  • Containers have the resistance to fight with all weather conditions, including rain, wind, and sunlight.
  • Tricon Container can secure itself from any damage which might occur during its transportation.
  • It is also known as a specialty container that is used to transport specific materials.

What is the Basic Difference Between Tricon Container and Other Containers?

Size is the basic difference between Tricon Container and other containers. Small Tricon Container is portable and beneficial for industries earning from small shipments.

Length of Containers:

While most other containers have lengths of almost 20 ft or 40 ft and could also be made with the length of fifty-three feet.

Height of Containers:

The traditional container also has different heights than Tricon Container. Tricon Containers usually come with eight feet, whereas other containers have a normal height of 9.5 feet.

How to Make a Tricon Container Corrosion Resistant?

The containers are manufactured from inherently corrosion resistive materials, including a galvanized steel-90 level, composites, treated material, or stainless steel.

It gives the Tricon Container protection from deterioration and corrosion, which can happen in its every application no matter where it is being used.

The design of every Tricon Container is based on corrosion prevention and is detected by the Cycle Corrosion Laboratory Test, passing through twenty cycles including testing of pre-treatments, the thickness of the coating, and coating types.

How Long Does a Tricon Container Last?

The Tricon Container has a minimal life span of almost twenty years, but it can also last for a longer time than that duration without having any deformation that may occur because of corrosion.

It does not require regular maintenance but just normal cleaning and washing. It also provides the ease of repairing damaged and accidental parts.

If you found that repairing that damaged part is not possible, then it can be replaced with a new one, and it will be necessary at that point to keep the container away from corrosion.

What are the Preventive Measurements Needed for Tricon Container?

Corrosion can be controlled with the help of four factors including:

Design and features

Selection of material

Organic and inorganic coating

Manufacturing techniques

Design and Features

By this factor, corrosion can be controlled if its design and features are formed according to given guidelines by TACOM, which contains all necessary information on how to prevent corrosion in tactical and combat vehicles.

Selection of Material

Corrosion also depends on the types of material which are used in the manufacturing of the container, such as corrosion-resistant metal, composites, or galvanic steel.

Organic or Inorganic Coatings

Coatings play a significant role in preventing the container from corrosion, so these should choose wisely, such as coatings of zinc phosphate that are used in the pre-treatment of a Tricon Container.

Corrosion-resistant plating is good for preventing Tricon Container, E-coat, and also powder coating.

Manufacturing Techniques

There are some basic techniques for almost every product which is used in its making.

Tricon Container’s basic techniques can help control the effects of corrosion, including controls in the process, documentation and inspection, and coating of cool.

Sometimes it can also be controlled by using the high combat grade, which is used as a primer of a powder coating depending on the choice of the manufacturer.

However, it can only be applied by using a specific applicator that is approved for avoiding the chances of corrosion.

What is the Method of Painting a Tricon Container?

The Tricon Container is usually made of corrosion-resistant material and is made from steel or aluminum. They are treated after the manufacturing process to make them last for almost twenty years.

Before painting the Tricon Container, it gets cleaned thoroughly and primed, and after that, it gets painted, which depends upon the manufacturer’s preferences of coatings.

The coating system is chosen by having thoughts that prevent the environment from environmental degradation.

What are the Uses of Tricon Container?

Tricon Container is used in many industries. Some of them are as followed:

Agencies of Government:

Several government agencies are using a Tricon Container today for their shipping and storage needs of products that require small containers.

Law Enforcement:

It is also used by the EMTs, firefighters, hazmat teams, and police for storage and training purposes.

Commercial Industries:

Commercial industries also utilize it for their large-scale transportation and logistics requirements. In these industries, Tricon Container is also used for the products that are needed to get refrigerated.

Medical and Pharmaceutical:

For the transport of pharmaceuticals, refrigerated containers are required, and a Tricon Container is best for that purpose.

It is also used in, portable offices, scientific research, concession stands, and many more.

How Doors of Tricon Container Protects it from Weather Conditions?

Doors of Tricon Container get approval from ISO before the manufacturing process. Every door that is included in it contains an attached gasket.

That gasket works well in almost all kinds of weather conditions, including relative humidity and high heat conditions by combining 140 °F and 95% RH to provide a seal that will not be affected by the weather conditions.

Every door works well and has the responsibility of at least one heavy-duty exterior task and comes with a small camp which is a locking device having anti rack provision properties.

Every handle of the locking device has room for installing a security seal or padlock in it. All rods are mounted in the door in a way by which it will be not possible to remove them by any mechanical means.

All the doors are strongly mounted, so they are hard to move and installed in full position. There is some top-quality Tricon Container in which door hinges and locking mechanisms remain permanently lubricated.

How to Make a Tricon Container an Anti-Pilferage Provision?

All the screws, hinge-pins, bolts, or all other such tools are used to fasten different devices and secure significant parts of the Tricon Container.

All are well welded and are connected in a way in which it would be a difficult task to tell whether there is any tampering done in the Tricon Container.

During welding, there are high chances of destroying the area which is present in the surrounding of the drilling area. Still, it got back to its original position after its protective coating is done on it.

All devices, especially locking devices, are installed in it using padlocking, and after that, custom sealing is done on it.

The locking devices that are mostly installed in it are a steel locking security seal system and bar for detecting pilfering and permitting by detecting instant identification, which is required to access the Tricon Container.

The locking system is installed on both the right and left sides of the locking rods of the door on every double door set.

Also, the seal or cable is used for connecting the door catch and locking rod mechanism to make the recognition easier.

What is the Role of Shoring Slots on a Tricon Container?

Tricon Container comes with shoring slots. In type 1 Tricon Container, shoring slots are installed on the interior wall, which must be next to any single set of double doors.

Whereas in Type 2 Tricon, container shoring slots should also be installed on interior walls but next to every double door set.

Shoring slots initialize inside it having a measurement of 12.7mm reaching at the closed door for avoiding the door forcing.

That happens because of sudden tilts and stops and also for cargo restraining during transportation.

How Many Racks should be Included in a Tricon Container?

Every Tricon Container has almost five series A or series E tracks manufactured using 12-gauge which are high-strength steel.

Every set is welded separately on all sides of the wall. Every side of a vertical track is equally weld by having equal spaces between them.

Tracks are installed in a way that starts from the bottom and reaches up to the Tricon Container’s roof.

Every track has a continuous length that corresponds with each other, and their distance from the bottom to the roof is also kept the same.

How Many Vents Should Be Installed in a Tricon Container?

A good Tricon Container usually has a minimum of two vents. They are installed on the diagonal corners in the upward portion opposite the door to provide the maximum exhaustion of hot air and crossing of airflow.

They are designed in a way that deflects the spray or rain and for prevention from ingress caused by water.

Vents don’t allow the air to pass through them when they are available in closed positions. These come with the holding spring to assist both closing and opening positions to hold them in the fixed place.

What is the Process of Corrosion Testing of a Tricon Container?

These are two methods of testing the corrosion resistance of a Tricon Container.

Testing Using Six Test Coupons:

Tricon Container is tested for the prevention of corrosion. For testing the corrosion resistance, there must be at least six test coupons for variations of every material.

This process is manufactured by using the coating system and substrate used in making this container. These test coupons are scribed by a coating system.

The test can be done with or without top coating. It contains greater than one mm of the scribe, which is checked by the scrapping of the metal from that place after it got tested using 120 cycles.

It should not contain any spots of rust and blistering on the twenty-four square surface of the place where it is being tested.

Testing Using Twelve Test Coupons:

When passing through these twelve test coupons, every variant of the test has to complete all the requirements needed to pass that corrosion-resistant test. That’s how your design will get considered as an accepted design.

The Tricon Container should have a least four connectors mounted on it to coupling every variation of the material. The manufacturing process should include a coating system ad substrates.

Coupling using connectors must have the capability of getting scribed with the coating system applied to the substrate before its testing.

It can be done with or without a top coating of CARC. Again, it should have more than one millimeter scribed available after getting scrapped using a metal knife when testing.

There shouldn’t be more than five spots of rust on every two square of the surface where the test is being taken.

All eight connectors used for coupling for every variation of the test should have complete structure lies on the criteria of getting approved during testing.


This is a perfect guide by following which you can choose the best Tricon Container among all available in the market.

It has all the necessary information related to a Tricon Container by following which you can find the best one.

It was not an easy task to find all the details about it, but we still did our best to find and write all valid information as much as possible as its application also includes armed forces.

FAQs of Tricon Trailer.

What is the Standard Weight of a Tricon Container?

The weight of every Tricon Container remains under 2600 pounds or 1179 kg for a type 1 Tricon Container, and it remains under 2800 pounds or 1270 kg for a type 2 container.

Rating of a single Tricon Container must be considered at the gross weight of 14900 pounds or 6579 kg.

What is the Method of Making a Tricon Container Weather Tight?

Seams of Tricon Container can be sealed using sealant of neoprene or chloroprene type to make it weather tight.

What is the Importance of Forklift Pockets in Making of a Tricon Container?

The eligibility criteria of a Tricon Container for the military is that the container must have forklift pockets.

Both type 1 and type 2 have four ways of entry and exit and must not be affected because of anything, especially the door and height of the door.

Where are Relief Notches Installed on a Tricon Container?

In a Tricon Container, an individual relief notch is given to each shall in the order of bottom rails on four sides of a corner block.

What is the Use of Corner Fittings in a Tricon Container?

Tricon Container mostly has eight fittings mounted on each of its corners in the bottom, which helps in pairing.

The corner fittings are used in the Tricon Container for elongation of the bottom, and the top apparatus placed parallel to the end of the door.

How Tie Down Prevents Tricon Container from Structural Damages?

Tie-down is used for providing the restoration to the shipments without doing any welding failures, loosening, cracking, or deformation of the provision.

Or any other damages to the structure of the Tricon Container.

Do Storage and Transition of Temperature Effects Tricon Container?

The Tricon Container is made in such a manner that the storage does not affect them and also has no damages occur.

Due to transmission of several conditions of temperature between -40 °Fahrenheit to +160 ° Fahrenheit.

Does the Tricon Container come with a Water-Resistant Property?

Tricon Container doesn’t allow water to leak from the container when it is exposed to rain, and if it is manufactured for the military, it even has to pass the water leakage test.

Does the Stacking of the Tricon Container Possible?

Tricon Container is constructed in a way that allows the stacking of three couples of containers to make one typical sized container according to ISO.

What is the Possibility of Air Transportability of a Tricon Container?

Individual or coupled Tricon Container is made flexible even for air transportation. It usually is transported with C-5, C-17, C-30 aircraft.

Both individual and coupled Tricon Container are mainly transported on a CH-47 helicopter using a sling.

What is the Possibility of Rail Transportability of a Tricon Container?

Rail transportation of shipments is also done by both individual Tricon Container or by coupled Tricon Container, which is formed by combining the three Tricon Container.

These containers when combines create a coupled container with a length of 20 feet.

In individual triton container, it is used for transportation sent to other countries with no restrictions, including NATO and CONUS.

What is the Possibility of Marine Transportability of a Tricon Container?

In Marine transportability, coupled Tricon Container or individual container can be transported by C-8 and other more extensive than this, roll-On or roll-Off ships, breakbulk cargo ships.

Does the Roof of the Tricon Container Have Water Resistance Property?

The roof of a Tricon Container contains the properties of self-draining and allows almost less than the ¼ deflection, which is equal to 6.35mm.

Roofs are made of waterproofs that don’t allow water to pass through them, and in the water-resistance test, it gets tested under 5 degrees.

How Many Manifest Boxes Does a Tricon Container Include in it?

Every Tricon Container mostly has two manifest boxes installed in it. One of them is firmly and tightly attached to the inner side of the right-hand door.

Another one is mounted on the upper flat surface present outside on the door on the right hand. The inner one is mounted in a way in which it will not disturb the shelf area.

Whereas, the outside manifest box reduces the damages to the backrest and carriages of the forklift, which are used for the lifting of a Tricon Container.

Why are Shelf Decking Beams Uses in Tricon Container?

Shelf decking beams in the Tricon Container meet all the requirements that are approved herein.

It is used for adjusting the distance present between the shelf that is caused usually because of distortion.

Beams are firmly attached with the series A or series E tracks that are present vertically. The place where beams are mounted mostly comes with the locks to ensure the safety of the beams.

These locking systems are easy to install, and they also can be removed easily without needing any tool.

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