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  • Used Container House
  • Used Container House

Used Container House

  • Competitive Price
  • One-stop Solution for Turnkey Projects
  • Sizes from 10ft, 20ft, 40ft
  • Used Container House Parts and Equipment is CE Certified
  • One Year Warranty

Your Reliable Partner and Used Container House Manufacturer in China

This used container house is durable and it is safe to use for earthquakes, hurricanes, and more disasters. If you are looking for an affordable and durable used container house, Sunnyda is your best choice. We are the entrusted company and business partner of our clients and customers. We provide a high-quality and durable used container house that will suit your budget.

Sunnyda used container house parts and equipment is CE certified. We ensure the good production and quality of our product. This used container house can be beautified and customize. We follow the given layout of our customers, but if you don’t have any layout you can count on us. We and behalf of our engineering team will glad to help you and achieve the desired design of your used container house.

Here at Sunnyda, you can free to add beautification for your used container homes. It can be accessible in sizes that range from 20ft, 10ft, and 40ft.  This used container house has a good and complete electrical system, windows, doors, and sanitary section. We do the shipping and exporting business to lots of countries and even in island countries. We are your best solution for having a durable and affordable used container house.

120ft DimensionExternal Size(mm)6058(L)×2438(W)×2791(H)
Internal Size(mm)5888(L)×2225(W)×2471(H)
Roof typeFlat roof with slightly slope. Roof drainage system
Floors allowed≤ 3 floors
2Design specificationLift span20 years
Floor live load2.5 KN/m²
Roof live load1.0 KN/m²
Wind load1.16 KN/m²
Seismic proof grade8 grade
3StructureColumnGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Primary roof beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 3.0mm, Q235B
Secondary roof beamCold roll C steel, thk 1.5mm, Q235B
Primary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 4.0mm, Q235B
Secondary floor beamGalvanized cold roll steel, thk 2.0mm, Q235B
Paint40μm epoxy zinc rich primer, 50μm chlorinated rubber topcoat
Maximum temperature500°C
ColorAny RAL color
4RoofRoof boarding0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
Insulation50mm mineral wool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Ceiling50mm EPS sandwich panel (0.4mm PPGI/50mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI)
Or rock wool
5FloorFlooring2.0mm PVC flooring,
Sub-floor18mm fiber cement, density≥ 1.3g/cm3
Insulation(optional)75mm rockwool, 60kg/m3, fire rating A, non-inflammable
Base plate0.5mm PPGI steel sheet, white grey
6Wall panelsThickness60mm EPS sandwich panel, 0.4mm PPGI/60mm EPS/0.4mm PPGI, PE paint
Color white
Insulation12kg/m3 EPS,
Option60mm rock wool sandwich panel, insulation 100kg/m3 rock wool, A grade fire rating, non-inflammable
(CE certificate)
Insulation40mm rock wool
MaterialAluminum frame sandwich panel door
Qty1 pc
8Window with rolling shutter
(CE certificate)
Frame materialUPVC
GlassDouble glazed toughened glass, 5+9A+5mm
Qty1 pc
9ElectricityElectricity SystemDifferent electrical standards to match with most countries in the world; such as CE, UL, CSA, AS, 220~250V
Electricity wireInput wire 4mm2, stand type A/C wire 4mm2, wall type A/C wire 2.5mm2, switch 1.5mm2
SocketFit for local standard, 3 pcs
Switch1 pc
LED lightDouble 1200mm LED light, 2 pcs
10Plumbing System (Option)Clean WaterΦ20mm PPR
Waste waterΦ50mm&Φ110mm UPVC
11Insulation test resultFloorThickness=80mm, U=0.25 W/m² K
RoofThickness=75mm, U=0.32 W/m² K
Wall panelThickness= 60mm,U=0.59 W/m² K
WindowThickness= 5/9/5mm,U=1.4 W/m² K
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Ultimate Guide: Used Container House

Sunnyda used container house is totally good and has complete indoor equipment. This is durable and low-cost. This used container house can be used as a storage container apartment, temporary buildings, container camp, security cabin, and so on. This used container house is totally checked and tested before leaving the factory to ensure the safeness and durability.

We only use CE certified equipment and parts for fabricating used container house. This used container house is likely new due to its features and advantages. Sunnyda is an ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified. We guarantee the good quality of the product we have. This used container house can be long-lasting due to its durability and high quality.

We have plenty of accessible layouts to choose from, and it can be customizable. You can select the desired layout and designs for the used container house. We guarantee to meet your specifications with the help of our engineering team. They can create a better solution and ideas with regards to used container house designs.

We used CNC cutting machines, gas welding machines, shot blasting machines, gantry welding machines, straightening machines, and more kinds of large diameter and precision quality testing equipment. This surely guarantees to our clients and customers to reach specifications and achieve perfect output with good quality.

This used container house can be ship and export to other countries like the UK, German, America, Norway, Canada, NZ, AU, many South America, and Africa countries. Some in island countries, so no need to worry if you are concerned about it. Sunnyda is the entrusted company and partner to lots of businesses and even for personal use.

We have lots of container houses that you can choose from either it’s new or used. This can be high-quality and high durability that will surely fit your requirement and budget. Sunnyda is your one-stop solution for any prehab house and steel structure building demand.

Sunnyda is your best-used container house manufacturer!

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