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VIP Restroom SUT02 comes in size 4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H)mm, 1200mm drawbar and the total length 5800mm. It features 450L fresh tank and 1300 waste tank L, with materials HDPE 10mm. Its weight is 1460kgs, double axles.

VIP Restroom SUT02 has 2 ladies cubicle, 1 gent’s cubicle, and 1 urinal. Furthermore, there is one mechanical room for fresh water tank, air conditioner, and the electrical system. VIP Restroom SUT02 is fully complete in a factory, what remains is connecting outside power and water then it’s ready for use. This model is specially designed for weddings.

Toilet uses 0.6L per flush, with a 1400L waste tank, per flush of a toilet is 0.6L, 1300L waste tank, it can support 2000 person-time use before clear it. Solar panel system on the roof makes this model’s lightings self-powered. Surround sound make it more fit for the wedding atmosphere.

VIP Restroom SUT02 provides two options on style, and equipment can be adjusted according to your needs. Also custom made unit is welcome as well, we’d like to work with you together to make VIP Restroom SUT02 more fit for your local standard.

VIP Restroom SUT02 has been shipped to US, AU, EU countries before. It’s good for very cold countries, besides air conditioner adding an extra heater to prevent fresh tank and pipelines from freezing. And waste tank be specially processed to keep it warm. Also, VIP Restroom SUT02 has provision for antifreeze agent. All parts are special for trailer, like an air conditioner, foldable step, toilet, and axle, etc.

Sunnyda is your premier VIP Restroom manufacturer!

VIP Restroom BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1300L
Weight1460kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT02 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to VIP Restroom SUT02

Therefore it’s very beautiful while durable. Electrical and plumbing system will be tested before leaving the factory, and we’re pleased to accept third-party inspection before loading. This model VIP Restroom SUT02 can be shipped in 40HQ 1 unit and can be mixed load with model bathroom trailer SUT01 or restroom trailer SUT01 mini. Restricted by container height, wheels are dismantled and need to be installed once onsite, but it is simple and easy to do so.

We warmly welcome you to visit our factory while looking forward to cooperation in the near future.

Sunnyda is your premier VIP Restroom SUT02 manufacturer!

VIP Restroom: The Ultimate Guide

Hosting huge events or guests needs adequate preparation making sure that you have all facilities in place including enough VIP restrooms.

Today’s guide will take you through the vital aspects of VIP restroom.

Chapter 1: What is VIP Restroom?

A restroom refers to a room containing a toilet, sink and other sanitary facilities.

However, a VIP restroom has a more executive taste of décor and facilities and this is what makes it different from the standard restrooms.

Have a look at this;

Figure 1 VIP Restroom

Chapter 2: Benefits of VIP Restroom (also called portable restroom, VIP trailers)

There are several benefits that come with using a VIP restroom. Some of these include;

  • Convenience

    – First and foremost, we can’t miss to mention how portable and convenient this VIP restrooms are. They can be accessed from anywhere owing to the fact that they are easily portable.

  • Comfort

    – VIP restrooms are equipped with more comfortable facilities which otherwise make it costlier. Some of the additional facilities include push button self-closing faucet, self-hand drier, counter tops, radio and CD players among others.

  • Cost effective

    – Think of building a whole new structure just so as to accommodate a temporary number of guests.

Sounds tedious already right?

VIP restroom saves you all these hassles as all you have to do is hire one or two then return once you are done with the event or function.

  • Can be customized

    – Depending on your preferences you can have your VIP restroom customized to match your taste. This includes the theme, color, types of materials to be used and the likes.

  • No unpleasant smells

    – The VIP restroom is well fitted with ventilation pipes which prevent unpleasant odors. To add on that, certain chemicals are normally used to get rid of any smells.

In as much as these VIP restrooms have advantages so do they possess some drawbacks.

Which are these limitations?

Chapter 3: Limitations of VIP Portable Restroom

Figure 2 VIP Portable restroom

  • Storage

    – Storing a VIP portable restroom when it’s not in use can be challenging and so you need to rent a space for the same. This in turn adds up the costs.

  • Cleaning

    – Portable restrooms need to be kept tidy always and this means having enough labor as well as cleaning materials.

These are the main limitations of using portable restrooms.

In short, we can conclude that portable restrooms are of great importance in a number of ways.

Chapter 4: Technologies to Look for in VIP Portable Restroom

Figure 3 3 door VIP restroom

Solar Panels for VIP Restrooms

Solar panels come in handy in situations where electricity is not available or rather when trying to be economical.

Before asking yourself how solar panels help in VIP restrooms, have you asked yourself what makes the tap water warm?

How comes there are lights and no electricity in the surrounding area?

Well, these are just some of the benefits solar panels bring to the VIP portable restroom.

They are responsible for all the lighting and functioning of electric devices found inside the VIP restroom.

VIP Restroom LED lighting system

Unlike other designs of restrooms, LED lights might transform the look of your VIP restroom from zero to 100 in just minutes.

Have a look at this;

Figure 4 LED lighting in vip restroom Photo credits @wc-kevelaer.de

 From the diagram you can actually blend LED lights in different areas other than the rooftop to achieve a well-designed look.

Also, you can use different colors and shapes of LED lighting depending on your VIP restroom theme.

As I mentioned earlier, you are free to customize the VIP restroom to suit your preferences.

Powered Vent System

A vent system is necessary in any type of VIP restrooms. It is basically responsible for ensuring efficient air circulation inside the VIP restroom.

The powered vent system also controls the odor from the VIP restroom.

   Paper Towel Dispenser

You might have come across this facility in a couple of restrooms.

A paper towel dispenser refers to a device that produces paper towels.

It can be either by motion sensor, pulling the paper towels from the dispenser or just by operating a handle to generate the paper towel.

Have a look at this;

Figure 5 Paper towel dispenser Photo credits @ webstaurantstore.com

Water Efficient Toilet

There’s is no doubt that water is an important necessity especially in VIP restrooms. Water is not only used in the flushing system but also in the taps for washing hands.

Figure 6 Water efficient toilet

Every VIP restroom is required to maintain hygiene meaning water should be available at all times.


  Aerated Water Taps

If you are looking forward to save on water, then I would recommend the use of aerated water taps.

These taps are designed to let out water in tiny streams which allow air to diffuse in the flowing water.

This is what I’m talking about;

Figure 7 Aerated water tap Photo credits @purchase.ie


  Anti-freezing Agent

The anti-freezing agent is used to prevent freezing of water in the VIP restrooms. This helps during the winter season when water is bound to freeze.

Mostly, methanol is diluted with water and used in the portable restrooms.

However, some might propose the option of using salt. Yes, salt is also an option. But, when it gets too cold the salt might fail you and so to be on the safer side it’s better to use methanol.

But remember, methanol is alcoholic and this means it is flammable.

That’s why it is important to dilute it with water before using it.

Having explained that, let us now learn the quality standards required for VIP portable restroom trailers in the next section.

Chapter 5: Quality Standards for VIP Portable Restroom Trailers

Some of the main quality standard requirements include:

CE Certificate

All sanitary facilities are required to have the CE mark which not only guarantees that the product is fit for use but also proves that the product has conformed to European standards.

You might have seen the CE mark in several products including electronics.

Have a look at this;

Figure 8 CE Marking Photo credits @ en.wikipedia.org

This certification also allows efficient movement of the product in the European market.

However, it doesn’t guarantee you that the product is of high quality.

CCC Compliant

CCC stands for China Compulsory Certification which is a safety mark used in all products in the Chinese market.

This mark is normally issued by certified bodies such as CNCA ,CQC, CESI,CCAP among others.

The CCC certification process is concerned with factory inspection, type testing as well as follow up inspection.

Have a look at this;

Figure 9 CCC Marking Photo credits @en.wikipedia.org

ASTM Standards Compliant

The American Society for Testing Materials(ASTM) is an organization that comes up with technical standards to be met by diverse industries.

It ensures that the required standards for different products, services, systems as well as materials are adhered to.

The different standards are grouped in categories such as;

  • Standard Classification
  • Standard Test Method
  • Standard Specification
  • Standard Practice Guide
  • Terminology Standard

ASTM standard is voluntary not unless it has been made into law.

However, some of the benefits of using ASTM standards include the following;

  • Cost effective and time saving – It ensures that there are no instances of duplication, reduces lead time as well as raises the purchasing power.
  • Efficient communication – ASTM brings out a common language between manufacturers, customers, government agencies as well as organizations.
  • Enhances competitiveness among companies as they try as much to meet the renowned standards.
  • Guarantees quality as well as safety of the products.

These are just some of the main advantages of ASTM. Others include; professional development, technology transfers among others.

Asbestos Free Requirement

Asbestos is considered very dangerous to human health and so it needs to be handled with proper caution.

Exposure to it might cause some life threatening diseases such as some types of cancers, asbestosis, and mesothelioma among others.

However, this comes as a result of asbestos being exposed to air. If it’s left intact, then it does not pose harmful risks to humans.

All VIP portable restroom trailers are required to be safe from asbestos harm.

ISO 14001:2015

This is an international standard that advocates for an efficient environmental management system (EMS).

It targets all organizations that are ready to improve as well as maintain an environmental management system.

This is normally done just so as to comply with the existing environmental policies and requirements for the organization.

In our case, the VIP toilet restrooms trailers should observe this standard and ensure an efficient environmental management system during its operation.

Some of the benefits of this ISO 14001:2015 include;

  • Reduces the amount of waste
  • Improves the environmental impact
  • Fulfills compliant requirements

ISO/TC  86

This is an international standard that majors in refrigeration as well as air conditioning.

As we all know by now, air conditioning is an important aspect in the VIP restroom trailers.

All VIP restrooms are fitted with air conditioners to allow free circulation of air.

What you don’t know is that thisequipment must also conform to the internationally set standards and that’s why ISO/TC 86 comes through.


Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is a unique code that is normally present in all automobiles. We can compare it to fingerprints.

Everyone has a unique fingerprint and so do automobiles.

The Vehicle identification Number is present in all portable restroom trailers and this helps anyone to get more information about it.


The vehicle identification number can be used in a number of instances such as;

  • Warranty claims
  • Insurance coverage
  • Theft
  • Track recalls

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is composed of seventeen characters including numeric as well as letters.


DOT otherwise referred to as Department Of Transport is involved in the regulation of transport of units and waste materials from the units.

In some countries such as US, inspection is mandatory if the trailer exceeds the maximum weight limit.

Your trailer will be required to have breaks on both axles if it happens to exceed 15,000lbs.

Chapter 6: VIP Restroom Design Ideas

You can transform your VIP restroom to a whole brand new space just by introducing some unique designs.

You might be questioning, “Which are these design ideas that I can introduce to my VIP restroom?”

Well, here are some of the ideas that can play a major role in transforming your VIP restroom space.


Having a well-lit VIP restroom is very attractive and welcoming. To make your VIP restroom stand out, play around with different colors as well as shapes of lights.

LED lights are the best to make use of. Depending on the color of your VIP restroom, you can easily get to decide on the color of lights to match the theme.

Also, remember that you are not limited to placing your light at the ceiling or rather roof top.

You can have lights installed at strategic places inside your VIP restroom to bring out a well-lit and attractive VIP restroom.

Have a look at this;

Figure 10 LED lights on steps and door

Floor Design

A VIP restroom should be as comfy as possible. There are several floor designs that you can incorporate in your VIP restroom including;

  • Tiles

    – There are different patterns and materials of tiles including vinyl tiles.

Figure 11 Tiles  Floor   Photo credits@toppstiles.co.uk

  • Engineered Wood

Figure 12 Wood Floor Photo credits @flooringinc.com

Other types of wood flooring you can use include;

  • Laminating floor

To add on that, there are different floor patterns that you can use including;

  • Diamond
  • Coin floor pattern
  • Levant floor pattern

Choosing a matte floor would play the trick and transform the appearance of your VIP restroom to a very neat and fine looking space.


Including additional equipment just so as to offer extra comfort would be a great idea more so if they appear to be unique.

Facilities such as CD radio players, paper tissue dispensers, advanced flushing system, advanced tap system, etc.

You can also have other automated equipment that separate the ordinary restrooms from a VIP restroom.

Such facilities will definitely make your VIP restroom have a level of class and ambience.


You can choose to make your walls stand out in a unique way just by using wallpapers.

The choice of your wallpaper should reflect the theme of your VIP restroom space.

What I mean is that if your theme color is grey, then your wallpaper should be a color that matches with grey or a different shade of grey.

There are different types of wallpapers ranging from printed ones to solid colored ones.

When using printed wallpapers, ensure that you don’t have many printed surfaces around as it might make the space look as if there’s too much going on.

In short, try to be minimal and classy and in the end your VIP restroom will definitely come out as desired.


Adding plants in the VIP restroom might sound out of place to some but have you seen a VIP restroom like the one shown below?

Figure 13 Plants  Photo credits @topseatusa.com

You can tell that plants can change the feel and ambience of your VIP restroom space.

Some of the plants you could introduce to your VIP restroom include;

  • Cast iron plant
  • Peace lily
  • Spider plant
  • Orchid
  • Aloe vera
  • Boston fern

Some of these plants such as Boston fern can be hanged on walls and others placed strategically on your desired location.

With that said, let’s dig deeper and get to learn about more accessories that you could include in your VIP mobile restroom.

Chapter 7: VIP Mobile Restroom Accessories

Some of the main accessories you will find in the VIP mobile restrooms include:


A step refers to the stairs or pathway leading into the mobile restroom. Steps are fitted right in front of the entrance and they allow you to easily access the VIP restroom.

Most of them are normally made of Aluminum metal as shown in the illustration below;

Figure 14 Steps for every door


Mirrors may or may not be present in restrooms but as for the VIP mobile restroom you need to have mirrors in place.

There are many designs of mirrors that you can choose from to match your taste.

Normally, mirrors are fitted on top of the sinks and this limits users who want to have a full view as well as the disabled.

For VIP restrooms have at least one full mirror fitted together with the half sink mirrors.

This in turn separates a VIP restroom from the standard ones.

Fresh Water Tank

For your VIP mobile restroom to maintain roper hygiene standards, you will need adequate water.

Where does this water come from?

Mobile restrooms have fresh water tanks which supply water that runs on taps, showers as well as flushing system.

It is mandatory for every restroom trailer to have fresh water tanks in order to meet the hygiene standards set by the local authorities as well the well-being of the users.

Figure 15 Water tank Photo credits @blusitesolutions.com

Lighting System

As I mentioned earlier, lighting is an important aspect in any types of restroom including VIP mobile restrooms.

Not only does lighting bring out a spacious look but also it enhances the décor and appearance of the VIP restroom.

Figure 16 Lighting system

You can use lights of different color and shapes to achieve a unique look.

To add on that, I’d recommend use of LED lights as they bring out a whole different and better look as compared to the normal lights.


A drawbar is a metal attached to a trailer from a locomotive, vehicle, tractor etc. to enable it to move from one place to another.

All VIP restrooms have a drawbar which attaches the trailer to an automobile in order to enable its movement.

Here is a clear illustration of a drawbar design;

Figure 17 Draw bar with a wheel

Waste Water Tank

Apart from a fresh water tank, VIP restrooms are required to have waste water tanks.

The purpose of waste water tanks is basically to collect all the waste products from the mobile restroom.

These tanks should be well maintained just so as to avoid bad odors. They should be regularly cleaned up and this can easily be achieved by using detergents and water softeners.

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are purposefully fitted to ensure free circulation of air inside the portable restroom.

They are normally positioned at the roof top and help in controlling the climate during hot and cold seasons.

Water heater and heater

The water heater is responsible for the hot water taps and showers in a VIP restroom.

And that’s not all, the heaters are used during cold seasons to warm up the restroom space and make it more comfortable.

Luxurious VIP restrooms should have this facilities installed.

Occupancy Indicator

An occupancy indicator is essential for every type of restroom. Its main purpose is to signal whether the restroom is occupied or vacant.

This makes it even easier for cleaners as they are able to know which restroom is ready for cleanup.

Here is a picture of the lock;

Figure 18 Occupancy indicator

Soap Dispenser

You might have come across a soap dispenser in several areas such as restrooms and restaurants.

They are normally positioned just above the sink to allow the VIP restroom user to easily access the soap when washing hands.

Most of these soap dispensers are easy to install.

They also come in different shapes and designs and this gives you a wide range of choices to choose from.

Hand Dryer

Just as the name implies, a hand drier is used for drying hands after washing them.

They are common facilities in most washrooms leave alone mobile washrooms. You can agree with me that they are much more comfy as compared to using the paper tissue dispenser.

However, most VIP restrooms have both the hand dryer and the paper tissue dispenser.

Chapter 8: Best Material for VIP Restroom

When it comes to VIP restrooms, you may consider any of the following materials:

Standard Models: EPS Sandwich Panel

An EPS sandwich panel can be applied in almost every part of your restroom space including roofs, walls and floors.

This makes it a better option as compared to FRP panel when trying to minimize on costs.

Figure 19 EPS Sandwich panel

In as much as most people might term it as a flammable material, you need to understand that EPS sandwich panel is composed of both combustible and non-combustible insulating materials.

All in all, the EPS sandwich panel is highly flammable and in case of fire, it spreads rapidly.

This comes as a result of polystyrene which is a highly combustible material found in large amounts in sandwich panels. While when added fire retardant EPS sandwich panel can reach fire rating B1.

Other materials present in EPS sandwich panels include glass fiber and mineral wool which are non-combustible.

Luxury Models: Fiberglass Sandwich Panel (FRP Panel)

On the other hand, FRP (Fiberglass Panel) contain a couple of favorable chemical properties which contribute to the quality of the final product.

Figure 20 Fiberglass wall panel

When designing luxury restroom models Fiberglass sandwich panels would serve as the best choice reason being they have greater design flexibility.

Not forgetting that it’s easier to maintain it as a result of its even surfaces.

Some of the advantages of using fiberglass sandwich panel include;

  • Lightweight
  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • High tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistance

Chapter 9: How to Start VIP Restroom Rentals Business

Where do I purchase the Portable VIP restrooms from?

How much will it cost me?

Well, this is what you should do:

The first, do research and identify your manufacturer.

China is considered one of the biggest manufacturers of portable restrooms. So you will come across highly rated manufacturers in the industry including Sunnyda House.

After settling on your preferred manufacturer, all you will agree on every terms and make payments then wait for your cargo to arrive.

However, paying a visit to China and actually getting to bond with the manufacturer is of greater advantage.

You will have the opportunity to easily negotiate on the prices and be offered discounts.

Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to easily see the VIP restrooms before shipping.

More importantly, you need to know how you will go about the:

  • Custom clearance
  • Quality inspection
  • Storage
  • Shipping process

Remember, purchasing VIP restrooms from China is cost-effective. You can also get custom VIP restroom according to your requirements.

However, I will explain to you more about the costs later in this guide.

Once your cargo arrives, you can begin your business as soon as you want.

How simple is that!

Chapter 10: Where to Use VIP Restroom

VIP restrooms are mostly used in very important functions and events.

These include;

  • Corporate events –This include events hosted with workmates and other corporate stakeholders.
  • Wedding ceremonies – There’s no doubt that wedding ceremonies need a VIP restroom for the important guest who turn up.
  • Commercial residences- Some commercial residences have VIP restrooms especially for highly ranked officials.
  • Public events and festivals – In such occasions, there are normally VIP as well as VVIP groups who pay more than the regular people. Such VIP guests are comfortably treated and therefore the best restrooms to allocate them would be the VIP restrooms.
  • Birthday Parties- During your birthday you definitely want the best treatment for you as well as your guests. VIP restrooms offer the best and comfortable services to your invited guests.

Other places where you can make use of VIP restrooms include;

  • Construction job sites
  • Running and marathon events
  • Disaster relief mobile sanitation

Chapter 11: How Much VIP Restroom Cost

At this point, you might be thinking of how expensive it will cost you to purchase a VIP restroom.

You have seen VIP restrooms come with a range of exclusive accessories. Certainly, you must think that VIP restroom really cost a fortune.

However, this is what you need to know.

There are different factors that will determine the cost of your VIP restroom;

  • Facilities – The more facilities a VIP restroom has the higher the price and vice versa.
  • Location of purchase – Buying the VIP restroom directly from the manufacturer would definitely be cheaper as compared to purchasing the same from a wholesaler.

If you are looking forward to start a restroom business then it would be better for you to purchase directly from China.

  • Type of equipment – Different VIP restrooms come with different types of equipment.

Some might be automated while some are manual; others are more executive than the rest. Choosing a sophisticated equipment would definitely equate to a higher cost.

  • Distance – The far the manufacturer is located the more it will cost you factoring in the transport costs.
  • Size – VIP restrooms come in different sizes. They might either be small, medium or large. The smaller the VIP restroom the cheaper it costs. Large VIP restroom would definitely cost you more reason being they also come along with more facilities as compared to the smaller ones.

All in all, when making huge purchases China would serve as the best location to shop from.


With this information, there’s no doubt that you are more acquainted with VIP restroom and all the factors revolving around them.

It’s also evident that these facilities really come in handy during important occasions and so you can as well make a living out of renting them out.

I believe you have also learnt much to help you start your own VIP restroom business without any difficulties.

Why not kick off your business and make your first purchase!

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