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Sunnyda VIP restroom trailer comes in all shapes and sizes, making it perfect for golf outings, construction sites, weddings, sporting events, corporate events, and other events. This trailer included with fresh tank and waste tank, capacity varies upon sizes.

Also, it features women cubicles, men cubicles, and urinal. Plus there is a mechanical room for air conditioner, fresh water tank, and electrical system. Along with that, the system can be based on customers’ local standards.

Sunnyda VIP restroom trailer is fully finished in the workshop. Connecting outside power and water is what remains then the container is ready to use. Each trailer can support 2000 people at a time use before clear it.

Solar panel system, foldable step, toilet, axle, heater, fresh tank, sinks, and pipelines can also be included. These special parts can be added to meet your preference. But, it can be deleted as well if you think there’s no need for it.

VIP restroom trailer comes with two options on style and amenities aside from the equipments above. It can be adjusted based on your project requirements and needs. Also, the whole container can be custom-built as well. We would love to work with you to make a VIP restroom trailer fit your local codes.

Sunnyda is your ideal VIP restroom trailer manufacturer!

VIP Restroom Trailer BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1300L
Weight1460kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT02 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to VIP Restroom Trailer

Sunnyda VIP restroom trailer comes with the best options that can easily accommodate any event. If you are looking for a fully equipped VIP restroom trailer, Sunnyda is the name you can trust. There are a number of useful features and amenities you can choose to add from.

Our VIP restroom trailers are more affordable yet extremely reliable. It is completely tested before leaving the factory, especially the pipeline and electrical system. However, we are pleased to accept third-party inspection before loading.

For loading, container can be shipped in the 40HQ unit, and it can be mixed load with other mini trailers. Restricted by container height, all wheels are being dismantled and one on-site it’s installed.

The entire production is managed by our strict QC team, with advanced technology and tools and professional technical team, quality VIP restroom trailers acquired.

All VIP restroom trailers are carefully engineered to provide maximum self proficient, comfort, and modern look for your guests and customers. We make sure our VIP restroom trailer will satisfy your unique job site desires and requirements.

Sunnyda has mastered the processes and local codes. It is easy for us to adjust and develop trailers with your idea when it comes to sanitation needs. We are providing and exporting product throughout the EU, AU, and US region. We serve different industries from various markets.

Being the premier manufacturer of VIP restroom trailer in China, we go beyond to provide every customer with exceptional service. We work diligently to fulfill your order. Backed with highly skilled sales and technical teams, Sunnyda will help develop your business.

To learn more about Sunnyda VIP restroom trailers or to get a quote, call us today.

We will deliver containers to your place.


VIP Restroom Trailer-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Are you concerned about providing the best facilities to your guests at an outdoor event?

A VIP Restroom Trailer is the best option to cater to the restroom needs of your guests along with comfort and luxury.

Whether it is a wedding, a reunion party, a corporate meeting, a movie set, or a production site, all your restroom demands can be achieved.

With perfect climate regulation, air conditioning, flushable toilets, and ambient environment, a VIP Restroom Trailer is well equipped with all the desirable facilities.

This guide will help you know about the key features, components, maintenance routine, troubleshooting problems, and benefits of a VIP Restroom Trailer. So let’s start now.


1.What is a VIP Restroom Trailer?
2.What are the Features of a VIP Restroom Trailer?
3.What are the Differences Between Men and Women Stalls in a VIP Restroom Trailer?
4.Why is the Portable VIP Restroom Trailer Preferred over the Stationary VIP Restroom Trailer?
5.What Kind of Events Need a VIP Restroom Trailer?
6.What are the Benefits of a VIP Restroom Trailer?
7.How to Choose the Right VIP Restroom Trailer for your Guests?
8.What are The Electricity Requirements and Sources for your VIP Restroom Trailer?
9.What are the Water Requirements and Sources for your VIP Restroom Trailer?
10.How to Upgrade your VIP Restroom Trailer?
11.How to Dispose of Waste from Your VIP Restroom Trailer?
12.What are the Functions of Freshwater Tanks and Waste Holding Tanks in your VIP Restroom Trailer?
13.How can you make your VIP Restroom Trailer Safe for Children?
14.What is the Role of Service Trucks for your VIP Restroom Trailer?
15.What is the Compulsory Cleaning Routine for your VIP Restroom Trailer?
16.How Can you Maintain your VIP Restroom Trailer?
17.What Precautions Must be Taken While Using a VIP Restroom Trailer?
18.How to Troubleshoot any Problems in your VIP Restroom Trailer?


1. What is a VIP Restroom Trailer?

A VIP Restroom Trailer is a luxurious alternative to the regular portable toilets and provides maximum convenience and comfort on special outdoor occasions.

Suitable for corporate events, weddings, and intimate reunions, a VIP Restroom Trailer provides a solution for all your restroom problems.

Allowing a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment for the restroom needs of your guests, a VIP Restroom Trailer is climate-controlled and equipped with all the luxuries.

The fancy sinks, flushable toilets, tall vanity mirrors, and great lighting make it a great option for the guests at your events.


2. What are the Features of a VIP Restroom Trailer?

The main features of a VIP Restroom Trailer are as follows;

  • Premium-quality air conditioning for perfect temperature maintenance.
  • Heating in the winters.
  • Good quality exhaust fans for ventilation.
  • Ceramic china flush toilets with paddle flushing to make them germ-free.
  • Hot and cold water available for use all the time.
  • Full-length vanity mirrors in the vanity area.
  • Well-lit vanity area with mirrors, sanitizer dispenser, soap dispenser, and other toiletries.
  • Paper towel dispensers were installed on the walls.
  • Exterior and interior LED lighting.
  • Sound stereo for good music to create a soothing environment.
  • The sound system can be connected to Bluetooth.
  • All entrances are equipped with porch lights.
  • Freshwater tanks are always available onboard.
  • Light indicators for indicating occupancy.
  • Sturdy staircase and dual handrails for easy accessibility.
  • Shelving and compartmentalization for easy organization.
  • Stainless steel sinks with smooth running taps.
  • Coat hooks on the walls for the convenience of the users.
  • Custom wooden paneling on the walls.
  • Flower decorations and wall hangings for an ambient environment.
  • Dividers for enhanced privacy.


3. What are the Differences Between Men and Women Stalls in a VIP Restroom Trailer?

Not every VIP Restroom Trailer has a separation for men and women stalls, but it is more convenient because of the following reasons;

Men’s side is equipped with the following;

  • High-quality urinals separated by dividers.
  • Private stalls for avoiding lines.
  • Pedal flush toilet to allow contact-free flushing.
  • Quartz counters with stainless steel sinks.


Women’s side is equipped with the following;

  • No urinals to increase the number of stalls.
  • Spacious stalls with high-quality equipment.
  • Good quality solid quartz counters.
  • More number of stainless sinks.
  • Maple finish doors with six panels.


4. Why is the Portable VIP Restroom Trailer Preferred over the Stationary VIP Restroom Trailer?

A portable VIP Restroom Trailer is preferred over a stationary VIP Restroom Trailer due to the following reasons;


A portable VIP Restroom Trailer is more convincing to use as it can be parked at a fair distance from the main event, and people don’t have to look for one or walk towards one.

Easy Transportation and Installation

Another advantage is that a VIP Restroom Trailer can be easily transported to the desired spot, and it does not need an elaborate installation process.

Multiple Units

As it is portable, multiple units can be used at one time. It allows more people to get an advantage rather than spending time in a line. You can use a guide for determining the proportion of stalls you would need according to the number of guests.


Having an upscale appearance allows your guests to enjoy a luxurious restroom experience while attending your outdoor event.


Offers your guests a relaxed environment. Decent flooring, running water, and air conditioning make your guests feel at home. Also, elegant countertops, heating, and flushing toilets will impress your guests.

Cost Friendly

A VIP Restroom Trailer is budget efficient since you don’t have to spend on numerous stalls that would be needing installation and service costs along with labor.


You can adjust the size, amenities, and toiletries according to your requirement. You can also follow the theme of your event and decorate your VIP Restroom Trailer in accordance with the theme.


5. What Kind of Events Need a VIP Restroom Trailer?

  • Corporate Meetings
  • Sports Events
  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Family gatherings
  • Reunions
  • Outdoor trips
  • Celebrities at shootings
  • Intimate parties
  • Award shows
  • Movie sites
  • Outdoor theatres


6. What are the Benefits of a VIP Restroom Trailer?


A VIP Restroom Trailer brings luxury your way with the use of recent technology and good quality equipment. It allows your guests to feel respected and honored according to the class of your occasion.


Since all the facilities like air conditioning, water, flushable toilets, and quality sinks are available, your guests can have a quality restroom experience at a reasonable distance from the event.

Safety From Infections

All the countertops and other surfaces are disinfected with quality disinfectants and sanitized after every event. It enables you to avoid transmissible diseases that are easily transmitted through washrooms. The toilet seats are also cleaned thoroughly to avoid the spread of any UTIs that spread through unhygienic toilet situations.

Easy Transportation

A VIP Restroom Trailer is easily transportable from one site to another. You can install it at a reasonable distance from the event so that it neither destroys the view nor compromises the convenience of the guests.

Conserves Water

There is little utilization of water as compared to the regular toilets, and therefore, water is conserved. This makes the use user-friendly and environment-friendly.


7. How to Choose the Right VIP Restroom Trailer for your Guests?

Know your Guests

The number of guests that would be attending your event is important. Also, the guests in a corporate meeting would have different restroom needs as compared to those of a movie site. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the demands of your guests.

Make a Budget

Set a budget for the luxurious restroom experience of your guests. You don’t want to ruin your well-invested event with the choice of a low-quality restroom.

Proportionate to Crowd Size

Look for the guideline of determining the number of stalls that would cater to the needs of the number of guests at your event.

Food and Beverage Availability

More the alcohol consumption, the greater will be the need for the restroom on site. Therefore, you should increase the number of stalls by 25% if you are planning to serve alcohol at the event.

Special Needs

Make sure you facilitate all the guests equally. Even if there are any guests with disabilities, very old age, or children, you should take care of all of their needs. Either go for the installation of a ramp or an emergency alarm for the convenience of weak or physically disabled guests.


8. What are The Electricity Requirements and Sources for your VIP Restroom Trailer?

The air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and lighting need a stable electricity supply to work smoothly. The average electricity need is 120 volts, 15 AMPs. Here are a few electricity sources that can be used by your VIP Restroom Trailer;

Electricity Supply of the Area

You can connect your VIP Restroom Trailer to the electricity supply of the area you are parking at. Although you would need permission to make the connection, it is a very suitable option.


You might use a generator for all the electricity needs of your VIP Restroom Trailer. The cost of the fuel or gas for running the generator must be kept in mind.

Also, you must go for a user-friendly and silent operating generator according to the event.

Solar system

A solar system is the best option to fulfill all the electricity requirements since it is completely free. It is a one-time investment, and you have a decent source of electricity for a good amount of time.

The only drawback with this option is that it will not be beneficial on cloudy days or in areas where there is not much sunlight.


9. What are the Water Requirements and Sources for your VIP Restroom Trailer?

A VIP Restroom Trailer needs a good, steady supply of water for proper functioning. Here are the sources;

Water Tank

An average water tank can hold up to 50-70 gallons of water which is usually sufficient for an event. The capacity of the water tank can be customized according to your need and the caliber of the event.

Garden Hose

Another steady source of water is the garden hose. You can set up a connection with the garden hose of the site where the VIP Restroom Trailer is parked, and you are good to go.


10. How to Upgrade your VIP Restroom Trailer?

Here are a few ways in which you can upgrade your VIP Restroom Trailer;

Install a Ramp

Installing a ramp for better accessibility for old aged people and disabled ones is a great option.

Toiletries Basket

A customized toiletries basket containing essentials like soaps, toilet paper, lotion, perfume, deodorant, and sanitizer, etc., can be helpful for up-gradation.

Photos and Paintings

Another way to upgrade is to add customized photo frames or paintings that hold meaning. For a wedding, a picture of the bride and groom can be used to make the guests feel like they part of the event. You can also add a thank you note to honor their presence.

Hanging Lights

Enhance the illumination by adding extra lights that either go with the theme or add to the sophisticated environment of the occasion.


Adding plants to space is a great idea to make your VIP Restroom Trailer look home-like and eco-friendly at the same time. The plants don’t just add to the ambiance but are also good for the ventilation and environment.

Door Security

Most of the units are equipped with occupancy lights, but you can add to the security by installing self-operating locks. It will prevent the entry of an unauthorized person.

Baby Changing Station

If your VIP Restroom Trailer is spacious enough, you can add a baby changing station for the convenience of the mothers attending the event.


11. How to Dispose of Waste from Your VIP Restroom Trailer?

Waste disposal is an important factor if you own a VIP Restroom Trailer. You not only have to dispose of the waste, but you have to do it right so that there is no harm to the law or the environment.

Sewage System

You can get rid of the waste by dumping it into the sewage system of the area where you are operating. However, you must seek the permission of the sewage system and municipalities manager of that area.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), abbreviated as OSHA, deal with the sanitation and health condition of the workers serving in a VIP Response Trailer.

It is compulsory for the employer to provide safe cleaning chemicals and safe hand washing areas for the workers.

Environmental Insurance is necessary to conserve nature.


12. What are the Functions of Freshwater Tanks and Waste Holding Tanks in your VIP Restroom Trailer?

Freshwater Tanks

They are the freshwater reservoirs to be used for the restroom needs at the hour of need.

The capacity of the freshwater tanks can be customized.

Also, additional tanks can be added to your VIP Restroom Trailer if there is any shortage of water.

Waste Tanks

The waste tank is located just below the toilet, and it collects all the waste until it can be disposed of at a proper disposal site.


13. How can you make your VIP Restroom Trailer Safe for Children?

To make a VIP Restroom Trailer safe for children, you must follow the given steps;

Never Leave a Child Alone

A child shall never be allowed to use the restroom alone. There shall always be adult supervision so that the child does not fall or play with prohibited things such as chemicals and wires.

Insulate the Wires

The wires supplying the electricity from the generator or the electric supply shall be well insulated to avoid any casualties.

Take Care of all the Connections

Make sure your child does not go behind the VIP Restroom Trailer and play with electricity and water connections.

Don’t Let a Child Touch the Cleaning Products

As deep cleaning requires harsh chemicals, the child must not touch any such chemicals. The cleaning agents are usually blue and attractive pink colors, and the child may tend to touch them.

Use Good Quality Disinfectants

Make sure you use the best quality disinfectants so that there is no transmission of any germs and diseases.

Make Accessibility Easier

Install a strong staircase or a ramp so that a child can easily get the entry.


14. How can you Disinfect and Sanitize your VIP Restroom Trailer?

Following are a few things that you need to disinfect your VIP Restroom Trailer;

Blue Chemical

It is a blue-colored disinfectant that is present in liquid and powder form. It combats against the infectious agents that cause diseases in the toilet. The blue chemical has the strength to get rid of the stains as well.

Go for the blue chemical, which is free of formaldehyde. Most disposal sites don’t accept formaldehyde so it becomes difficult to dispose off.


Along with removing the greasy stains, the detergents have the property to fight against bacteria and other germs.


Alcohol is also a good disinfectant. However, you must use it in recommended quantities. You can spray some disinfectant on the countertops, doorknobs, doors, and other places of contact, which become the cause of the spread of disease.

Toilet Deodorizers

Toilet deodorizers with enhanced formulas are available that serve the purpose of disinfection too.

Ingredients of the Disinfectant

Make sure that your disinfectant is non-flammable, non-caustic, and citrus-based so that it has minimum negative effects on the environment.

Sanitizer Dispensers

Install various sanitizer dispensers at the entrance, on the vanity area, and the walls so that people get easy access and sanitize more. It will prevent the spread of any infectious diseases.


14. What is the Role of Service Trucks for your VIP Restroom Trailer?

A service truck serves the purpose of transporting and servicing your VIP Restroom Trailer. It has the following features for efficient working;

  • A service truck has GPS tracking, thus adding to the security.
  • It has a pressure washing system that permits deep cleaning of your VIP Restroom Trailer.
  • Having a stock of all the cleaning and deodorizing products, a service truck is necessary for the proper maintenance and regular cleaning.


15. What is the Compulsory Cleaning Routine for your VIP Restroom Trailer?

Here is the cleaning routine that you must follow to keep your VIP Restroom Trailer functional;

  • Use high-quality cleaning agents like detergent, soap, and blue chemical to make sure that your cleaning agents not only remove the stains but also kill the germs.
  • Use a vacuum to suck all the debris so that it does not clog any pipelines.
  • A suction wand is helpful in collecting the trash and debris. Rather than making several trips to the trash can, you can dump all the trash in one go.
  • Scrub the bowl of the urinals regularly to avoid any crystallization and permanent stains.
  • Empty the tank using a pump and use a strong disinfectant to get rid of all the germs.
  • Sweep the floor to get rid of any dust and trash.
  • Clean the hose of a recirculating toilet flush with frequent pumping and flushing.
  • Thoroughly clean all the doors as people open them with their feet, and it has footmarks or dirt at the bottom.
  • Dishwashing soap is very effective in cleaning superficial stains.
  • Use hot pressure wash for removing any dead bugs.
  • A degreaser can be used for softening stiff food stains or dead bug carcasses. Let the degreaser sit for a couple of hours to perform its action.
  • Use a sufficient amount of water to clean the sink bowls and the toilet bowls and scrub them with the help of a brush.
  • At least 7 gallons of water along with cleaning agents is required for deep cleaning.


16. How Can you Maintain your VIP Restroom Trailer?

The Exterior

  • Keep a check on any scratches, graffiti, or greasy marks and remove them timely.
  • Use a surfactant on the exterior for the greasy stains
  • Polish the exterior now and then to make your VIP Restroom Trailer look new all the time.
  • Only use safe cleaning agents that are effective in cleaning but do not corrode the material of your unit.
  • Use pressure washing to remove any difficult stains and to remove dirt from small spaces.
  • Do a chemical coating to avoid any damage to the exterior and make it rust-free and corrosion-free.

Water Lines

  • Use a pump to make sure there is no waste residue so that clogging can be avoided.
  • Avoid leakage by clearing out any plumbing issue as soon as possible.
  • Get all the drainage issues fixed with the help of a plumber so that there are no further complications.
  • Use plenty of water for maintenance and cleaning.
  • Keep a check on any water or oil leakages and get them fixed so that there is no wastage of water or oil.


  • Make sure none of the equipment in the stalls is damaged or nonfunctional.
  • Use detergent and polish on the interior as well.
  • Carry out a regular dusting routine for the counters and mirrors.
  • Use a disinfectant for all the surfaces and vanity areas.


  • Make sure there is regular cleaning of the urinals, toilets, and sinks to avoid any accumulation of dirt or contaminants.
  • Lubricate all the parts carefully, especially the doors and the metal parts of the unit.


  • Keep good ventilation so that there is no mildew growth in the unit.
  • Keep spraying a deodorizer to keep the air fresh and the environment comfortable for the users.


17. What Precautions Must be Taken While Using a VIP Restroom Trailer?

  • Make sure all the connections are intact and insulated.
  • The use of cleaning chemical agents must be supervised, and only safe chemicals shall be used.
  • The workers shall be wearing a proper uniform.
  • The plumbing and electrical issues shall only be handled by professionals.
  • The lifting, loading, and unloading shall be done very carefully.
  • There shall be no mishandling of the equipment.


18. How to Troubleshoot any Problems in your VIP Restroom Trailer?

Water and Chemical Level

You must keep a check on the water and chemical level and adjust it accordingly. There shall be no over usage of a chemical as it can corrode the surface. Use a neutralizing agent if you have used a large amount of chemical.

Clogged Filter and Hose

The trash like tissue papers, bottle caps, and pieces of clothing tend to clog the filter and the hose. A vacuum pump can be used for removing these objects.


19. Conclusion

It is necessary to have sufficient knowledge about a VIP Restroom Trailer before you purchase it.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will lead to increased reliability and life of your VIP Restroom Trailer.


FAQs of VIP Restroom Trailer

  1. How to Deal with Spilled Blue Chemical in your VIP Restroom Trailer?

Blue Chemical is toxic for the environment; therefore, if it spills in your VIP Restroom Trailer, you must use a neutralizing agent such as bleach.


  1. Is a Degreaser Safe to be Used on the Metal Surface of your VIP Restroom Trailer? 

Degreasers are slightly acidic, and they can leave a blotch on the metal surface of your VIP Restroom Trailer. Use ¼ gallon of degreaser in a gallon of water to get the best results.


  1. How Chlorine can be Used to Clean A VIP Restroom Trailer? 

Using chlorine instead of bleach to clean your VIP Restroom Trailer is a good idea. Pour in a cup of chlorine in a gallon of water to deodorize and sanitize the restroom.


  1. What Equipment is Present on the Hand wash Station of a VIP Restroom Trailer?

The hand wash station of your VIP Restroom Trailer is equipped with a sink connected to a sealed tank. It also has a foot-operated pump that supplies water. Soap and paper dispensers are also available.


  1. Is the Aluminum VIP Restroom Trailer Better Than a Fiberglass VIP Restroom Trailer?

No, a fiberglass VIP Restroom Trailer is better because aluminum scratches easily and requires more maintenance and care. On the other hand, fiberglass is easy to maintain.


  1. How to Remove Spray Paint from Your VIP Restroom Trailer? 

You can use a degreaser to remove the spray paint or graffiti from your VIP Restroom Trailer.


  1. How can you Remove Graffiti From Fiberglass VIP Restroom Trailer? 

Yes, As compared to aluminum, it is easier to remove graffiti from fiberglass VIP Restroom Trailer because it is more impervious to paint removers.


  1. How to Handle Winter Storage in your VIP Restroom Trailer? 

For winter storage in your VIP Restroom Trailer, either empty the water lines or use an antifreeze. The water from the water lines can be pumped out with the help of a suction pump. However, make sure that all the taps are open while you use the pump.


  1. What is the Best Antifreeze to be Used in your VIP Restroom Trailer? 

Don’t use the antifreeze that is used in cars and other machinery; and instead, go for the pink-colored RV-type antifreeze that is for portable water.


  1. Why is there a Need for an RV Cover for your VIP Restroom Trailer? 

An RV cover protects your VIP Restroom Trailer against ultraviolet radiation, direct sunlight, dirt, and bird droppings. It is better to select a non-waterproof cover to reduce the chance of mildew growth.


  1. What are the Fresh Water Flushing Tanks in a VIP Restroom Trailer?

It enables freshwater to be flushed in the toilet by pulling a lever. A pump or a handle is used in a VIP Restroom Trailer for this purpose. Paddle flushing requires a foot push to flush the toilet.


  1. What are the Recirculating Tanks in a VIP Restroom Trailer?

This tank utilizes the dirty water from the sinks of the VIP Restroom Trailer, which is also called grey water, from the sink to flush the toilet. Sometimes a combination of both dirty water and fresh water is used.

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