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Wardrobe Trailer Manufacturer

  • Custom Makeup Station
  • Plenty of Storage Cabinets
  • Hot/Cold Water Sink for Hair Washing
  • Air conditioner/Refrigerator/Microwave/TVs
  • Fast Delivery Time

Sunnyda Top Class Manufacturer and Supplier of Wardrobe Trailer

Sunnyda is a master of making Wardrobe Trailerdue to its outstanding manufacturing standards. Because of high-quality manufacturing, a wardrobe Trailer by Sunnyda is highly reliable and easy to hitch up with your vehicle.

With many years of experience in Wardrobe Trailer manufacturing, Sunnyda provides highly satisfying products and customer services. Our core focus is to provide the best services to our customers as we value the time and money of our customers. Finding the best is a difficult task but Sunnyda provides a complete guide to help you choose the exact wardrobe Trailer according to your needs and requirements.

Sunnyda provides the option for customizing different specifications of your Wardrobe Trailer as you desire it to be. We offer different outfit organizers, cozy couches, and hangings that enhance the appearance and help you to organize it easily. The interiors and exteriors are built with excellent quality material to increase their lifespan.

Wardrobe Trailer by Sunnyda is a perfect match for your outdoor functions and events by providing all the features you desire. So, what are you waiting for now? You can choose the best for you here to transform your imaginations into reality, order your Wardrobe Trailer now.

If you require more information or you have any queries regarding our services, please contact us, Sunnyda will glad to serve you.

Hair and Makeup Trailer BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1300L
Weight1460kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT02 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Wardrobe Trailer-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda

A Wardrobe Trailer is a portable trailer that is specially designed for costume storage. It comes in different shapes and sizes.

You can take it along with you to your worksite by towing it with the help of a vehicle that is capable of bearing its load

It can be taken on everyday events or shoots without worrying about the outfit choice, changing areas, ironing, washing, and drying, etc.

Wardrobe Trailer is an all-inclusive solution for outdoor events, weddings, modeling shows you can customize your Wardrobe Trailer as you want it to be.

If you want to purchase a Wardrobe Trailer then here is a well-researched buying guide for you.

Let’s begin!


1.What is a Wardrobe Trailer?
2.What are the Main Components of the Wardrobe Trailer?
3.What are the Optional Accessories of Wardrobe Trailer?
4.What are the Features of the Wardrobe Trailer?
5.What are the Industrial Applications of Wardrobe Trailer?
6.What are some Outstanding Benefits of Using Wardrobe Trailer?
7.How to Keep Wardrobe Trailer Well Maintained?
8.How to Select the Right Wardrobe Trailer?
9.What should be the Towing Capacity of your vehicle while Towing Wardrobe Trailer?
10.How to Assemble your Wardrobe Trailer?
11.How to license your Wardrobe Trailer for Road Use?
12.What Information Do I need when purchasing a Wardrobe Trailer?
13.Which Type of Issues you can face while Using the Wardrobe Trailer?
14.How to Prevent Dragging and Slipping in your Wardrobe Trailer?
15.What is the Advantage of Using Aluminum in Construction of Wardrobe Trailer?
16.How to Meet the Power Needs of your Wardrobe Trailer?
17.How to Organize your Wardrobe Trailer Properly?


What is a Wardrobe Trailer?

A Wardrobe Trailer is a kind of portable closet that you can take along with you for outdoor events.

It is a very helpful and effective way to move your wardrobe for different activities such as movie shooting, photography or video making, etc.

You can easily configure it with sliding doorsand ramps built of aluminum for loading and unloading the vehicle.

A Wardrobe Trailer is suitable for all types of weather conditions. It has heavy-duty air conditioners, heaters, and generators.

A Wardrobe Trailer uses devices that have a very low noise effect to ensure the audio conversation levels and proper relaxing when tired.

Whether you need it in the filming and fashion industries or some party events Wardrobe Trailer is the best choice.


What are the Main Components of the Wardrobe Trailer?

The main components of a Wardrobe Trailer include;


Hitch Ball

Hitch ball is one of the crucial components of a Wardrobe Trailer. It is used to connect a towing vehicle to a Wardrobe Trailer safely.

It is attached to the ball mount. Hitch ball comes in different sizes of diameter.


Ball Mount

It is a changeable bracket that is used to lock into the hitch for the safety of the hitch ball, connected to the Wardrobe Trailer.

It is used to maintain the level of the trailer for towing. Some of the balls mount present in a combination with a ball already attached.


Wiring Adapter

The adapter plays the main role while connecting lights to the towing vehicle. It also ensures that all lights are functioning properly.

You can customize the wiring adapter based on your Wardrobe Trailer.


Safety Chain

It is double safety equipment in a crisscrossed X shape. It helps connect the Wardrobe Trailer to your vehicle if the hitch ball and coupler failed due to some reason.



The Wardrobe Trailer comes with an attached foldable gate ramp that allows ease for loading.

In case there is no ramp already connected to your Wardrobe Trailer, you may purchase it to fulfill your requirements.


Additional Components:

Some additional components that are essential includes;

  • Ironing stand
  • Washing Machine
  • Spinner Dryer
  • Big LED lights
  • AC
  • Heating system
  • Bathing accessories
  • Lockers
  • Big Mirrors
  • Couches and stools
  • Power Generators
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Needles and threads


What are the Optional Accessories of Wardrobe Trailer?

Some optional accessories that you may like to use in your Wardrobe Trailer are listed below.

  • Vanity Lights
  • Bead Curtains
  • Shoe Organizer
  • Mini Swing Machine
  • Vases
  • Wall clock
  • Keyholder
  • Hangings
  • Sceneries
  • Mini Dining Corner
  • Sofa-come-bed
  • First-aid Kit
  • Sanitizers


What are the Features of the Wardrobe Trailer?

The main features of the Wardrobe Trailer are as follow;

  • A toolbox for emergency maintenance.
  • First aid box for any accidental situation.
  • Electricity supply.
  • Stalls for the personal shower.
  • Cloths Washing Detergents.
  • Multiple entries choose.
  • Changing corners with curtain closures.
  • A complete ventilation system.
  • Private Urinals and toilet stalls with all necessary equipment.
  • Foldable saddle rack.
  • Carpeted Floor.
  • Windows and chick blinds.
  • Stall dividers.
  • Changeable wheels.
  • Fresh Water Tank.
  • Horizontal rails for hanging clothes.
  • Front/top loader washing machine.
  • Internet/Telephone socket outlets.
  • Handrailing to entrance stairs.


What are the Industrial Applications of Wardrobe Trailer?

A Wardrobe Trailer is also known as a costumes trailer, which is very useful for transporting your complete closet from place to place along with you.

Some applications include movie shooting sets, video capturing, modeling sets, photo sessions, concerts, festivals, international sports events, film making, brand launching, etc. s


What are some Outstanding Benefits of Using Wardrobe Trailer?

There are many benefits of using a Wardrobe Trailer for your applications.

  • A Wardrobe Trailer is highly capable of bearing different weather conditions.
  • It provides the complete facility of high-class wardrobe place to place.
  • It includes a private rest corner for relaxation.
  • It has incredible privacy features.
  • It doesn’t need long procedure maintenance.
  • You can customize it according to your requirements.
  • A Wardrobe Trailer provides all safety features like insulated dressing room walls.
  • Its hangings and railings are made of high-quality aluminum to prevent corrosion and rusting.


How to Keep Wardrobe Trailer Well Maintained?

Proper maintenance of a Wardrobe Trailer increases its life and gives you a comfortable working area. Some maintenance points must be kept into consideration when using it.

  • Deeply monitor the following parts before towing your Wardrobe Trailer and check for any signs of wear and damage to equipment.


  1. Hitch Ball and Coupler

Check out the hitch ball and coupler, if there any pits, flats, and cracks?

Grease and lubricate the locking mechanism and do the replacement if required.


  1. Pintle and Ring

Ensure the security lockage of pintle and ring.


  1. Safety Chain and Hooks

Check for cracks, damage, or any wear in safety chains and hooks.


  1. Wheels

Inspect if bolt or hub and lug nuts are tightened? If not, then tight them gently.


  1. Tires

Inspect the air pressure in tires when there is cold and tires need inflation. Check for any puncture or other damage.

  • Keep checking the load is secured on your Wardrobe Trailer.
  • Make sure all the accessories are weighted properly according to the load you planned to tow.
  • When on the way by road, stop at some intervals to check the load.
  • Clean all the accessories properly.
  • Check for the electric supply outlets working properly.


How to Select the Right Wardrobe Trailer?

Buying the right Wardrobe Trailer is an important task; if you choose it randomly that doesn’t suit a raft of credentials can cause problems down the track.

These things are important to know that how you will use it and for what type of application.

Here are some important points to be remembered while choosing a Wardrobe Trailer.

  • What are your important requirements that you need in your Wardrobe Trailer?
  • Make sure your required one values your money.
  • What type suits your application? Box trailer or any other.
  • What is the towing capacity of your vehicle?
  • What is the right size and shape you want?
  • If you want the painted Wardrobe Trailer or a plain one?
  • What type of maintenance you can practice on your Wardrobe Trailer?
  • What type of additional accessories do you need to be in your Wardrobe Trailer?
  • Should it be speed restricted?
  • Only focus on your necessities and avoid overloading.
  • How many installations cost you can afford?
  • For how much period you need a Wardrobe Trailer? If you want it for short time taking it on rent is the better option.


What should be the Towing Capacity of your vehicle while Towing Wardrobe Trailer?

Determining how much your vehicle is capable of towing Wardrobe Trailer is another crucial factor.

It is a simple and straightforward thing as it depends on the type of vehicle you will use to tow your Wardrobe Trailer at your worksite.

If you are going to purchase a heavy-duty fully loaded Wardrobe Trailer you must ask the dealer to give an opinion about towing vehicle.

Generally smaller vehicles have specific towing capacity. You will need to consult your vehicle’s handbook for more information.

A tow ball load is fixed at the back of your vehicle can tell you the prominent view of how much weight and load on the rear axle that your vehicle can support.

Keep in mind that the tow ball load feature will give the maximum load a vehicle can bear so in case selecting a Wardrobe Trailer rate is times smaller than this can pose various detrimental effects like instability during driving as well as mishandling.

Don’t forget to upgrade your transmission protection while towing your Wardrobe Trailer as its transmission oil may heat up and it can make big issues.


How to Assemble your Wardrobe Trailer?

A Wardrobe Trailer comes with various panels that need to be assembled to become a proper portable Wardrobe.

It is not a much difficult task to customize it with window panels. The process is different for various types of Wardrobe Trailer. It includes stools, outfit organizers, a washing machine, big LED lights, chick blinds, and many other optional accessories you desire.

You will need two important tools for assembling; a ratchet set and a crescent.

The general idea to assemble is mostly discussed in the manufacturer manual. You can also purchase your required material for it.

There are huge exit and entry doors for easy loading of your accessories and appliances.

If you don’t have any storage room or garage outdoors, you can simply disassemble your Wardrobe Trailer for further use.


How to license your Wardrobe Trailer for Road Use?

The process of registering a Wardrobe Trailer is very much similar to registering a vehicle.

You will be provided complete step-by-step instructions to license your Wardrobe Trailer for road use.

This process of registering and licensing your trailer package is different for different manufacturers of Wardrobe Trailer.

There are some legal requirements of your trailer package that may vary differently for various states and countries.


What Information Do I need when purchasing aWardrobe Trailer?

Some informative points are given below that you need to factor in before buying a Wardrobe Trailer.

Consider your Budget:

Purchasing a Wardrobe Trailer is a serious investment. It is a thing that could benefit you for a very long time, so buy the one that values your money in the following terms durability, maintenance, and others.

So considering your budget according to your requirements is an important point.


Weld Quality

Feel free to ask about the weld quality of the manufacturer or supplier.

High weld quality is another important point to be noted as a fully welded trailer is more reliable than others and good for road use.


Weather Resistance

A Galvanized Wardrobe Trailer helps to protect against various elements. You may work in all types of weather conditions.

To prevent it from rusting and corrosion you need a galvanized Wardrobe Trailer for regular use without worrying about the weather conditions.



For a big-size Wardrobe Trailer, more axles are needed that helps to bear more weight.

Another advantage of using more axles for big size Wardrobe Trailer is that you would not maneuverability on the road.


Load Bearing Ability

Always focus on a larger load-bearing capacity than you require. Aiming for a Wardrobe Trailer that has exact weight-bearing capacity is never a good choice that you may face haul weight fluctuation.So, try to select with a bit larger capacity than you need.

This tip also increases the life of your Wardrobe Trailer.


Bearing Quality

Never compromise on bearings in a Wardrobe Trailer. Usefully lubricated fittings. Don’t forget to secure and seat those bearings for protection during the passage.

Never feel shy to ask the supplier about bearing status.



The correct sizing helps to transport it from one place to another easily according to the weight load of your vehicle.

Don’t forget to consider the things you are going to take along with you. Choose the sizing according to the application of your Wardrobe Trailer. For big events, you will require a larger size.



If you are taking weather-sensitive items along with you then it is important to cover the full roof of your Wardrobe Trailer with waterproof material.

So, that you will not face any issue regarding it. Coverage is not necessary all the time but it plays a very important role when required.



Keep in mind the parking area of your Wardrobe Trailer. There must be a proper power source and water connection.

You need permissions for parking it in different areas.


Design and Appearance

The appearance and outlook of your Wardrobe Trailer is also an important factor. You need to select the right design according to the needs and requirements of your work site.


Which Type of Issues you can face while Using the Wardrobe Trailer?

When using a Wardrobe Trailer, the user may face some issues. Some of those problems are mentioned below, so that one can easily troubleshoot them.

  • You may face oil leakage issues from bearing covers or other components of your Wardrobe Trailer.
  • There may be some issue in the lighting of the Wardrobe Trailer that includes turn signals, running lights, four-way flashers, and brake lights.
  • Water frozen in pipes is also a serious issue.
  • Wiring issue is another common problem. You can use a digital multimeter for checking the wiring of your Wardrobe Trailer.
  • The connecters not working properly.
  • Water leakage problems.
  • You may also found problems in your vehicle’s wiring, check for it by using testers. The tester is a small device that can easily conform to that if all the wiring is installed correctly.
  • Poor terminal connections issues.
  • Hitch failure issue is caused by overloading or neglecting the use of safety chains.
  • If the brakes are not working, check the wires on the magnets. Each magnet must have dual wires. One grounded on the other one for power.
  • Link parameter problems.


How to Prevent Dragging and Slipping in your Wardrobe Trailer?

When you start towing your Wardrobe Trailer, you may sense the voice of dragging. To prevent you need to focus on some points.

  1. Sometimes it happens because of torque on the rear wheels of your vehicle.
  2. The dragging noise may be caused by a jack, chains, landing gear, or any other component.
  3. Improper disconnection from the motor can also raise this type of issue.

You can easily prevent dragging by using a high-quality roller mount with your Wardrobe Trailer. You can adjust the free clutch sliding to overcome drag.

Slipping is caused by the sudden speed of in a low gear, it can severely damage the clutch disc of your equipment.

Improper clutch movement, riding, or clutch attachment locking can result in slipping. You can prevent the Wardrobe Trailer by resolving the pedal-free travel.

Lubricating the entry points is also helpful to prevent this issue.

Resolving the dragging and slipping of your Wardrobe Trailer is very important otherwise it can result in a bad accident.

It will also enhance the efficiency of your Wardrobe Trailer and prevents big damage.


What is the Advantage of Using Aluminum in Construction of Wardrobe Trailer?

Different manufacturers use different construction materials to make a Wardrobe Trailer. Using aluminum during construction has so many advantages.

Some of them are listed below.

  • The external walls of a Wardrobe Trailer made up of aluminum are hollow. In this way, you can easily pass out the running wires and cables.
  • The wood framing will not pass cold and heat through the wall very quickly similar to aluminum framing.
  • Using aluminum during its construction makes it unique from others. It is a budget-friendly way.
  • You can easily replace the panels of your Wardrobe Trailer built of aluminum in case of an accident.
  • A Wardrobe Trailer made up of aluminum is more reliable, durable, and environment friendly.
  • It is easy to assemble with a nice appearance.


How to Meet the Power Needs of your Wardrobe Trailer?

When you have purchased your desired Wardrobe Trailer, you need a portable generator of some sort of solar power to fulfill the power needs.

Here are some points that may work for meeting your power needs:

Purchase a Good Quality Generator

Generally, a 3000-watt generator works out best for fulfilling the power needs of a Wardrobe Trailer.

You can simply go for other relevant tools to work everywhere independently. Using a high-quality power generator is a good option.


Buy a Power Bank or Battery Charger

Some Wardrobe Trailers use a trickle charger to charge the battery for a limited time. It is also a good and quick battery recharging option when there is no other power source available.


Purchase LED Lights

You can reduce the power consumption as well by using Led Lights instead of other high voltage bulbs. LED lights are a cheaper and reliable method of reducing energy consumption.


Purchase Portable Solar Power Panels

When you are not able to run generators during tropical weather conditions, you may go for portable solar panels to meet the power needs of your Wardrobe Trailer.


How to Organize your Wardrobe Trailer Properly?

When utilizing a Wardrobe Trailer, you need to organize the stuff properly to increase its life. After events, you have a lot of work to do but don’t forget to be creative at that time.

  • Be wise while choosing what to wear and try not to mess up the whole storage.
  • Don’t do dinner in your expensive and outfits that may be destroyed when you will wash them to remove stains.
  • Organize your closet in the Wardrobe Trailer according to the season to not waste space.
  • Use a handful of warm clothes that are enough for your whole winters.
  • Use a laundry basket that is easy to access.
  • Keep laundry products in a laundry storage box.
  • Gently clean up your accessories to keep them from dust and dirt. Use dust bin.
  • Shop for organizers after analyzing your Wardrobe Trailer.
  • Set up All the things on bind up.


18. Conclusion

Purchase the right Wardrobe Trailer that fits your needs and the requirements of your application.

Don’t use random practices on it, Use the proper guide for installation, assembling, licensing, and maintaining it. Use safety devices as the priority.

If you found any issues troubleshoot your Wardrobe Trailer by taking advice from experts and if you don’t recognize the issues let the technician do it. Practice preventive maintenance to avoid any serious problems.

Moreover, collect complete information about it when buying a Wardrobe Trailer to find the best for you.


FAQs of Wardrobe Trailer.

  1. What should be the Size of your Wardrobe Trailer?

While going to buy or rent a Wardrobe Trailer must think of your capacity and parking requirements as well as your traveling route then choose a suitable trailer.


  1. What is an Extendable Wardrobe Trailer?

The extendable Wardrobe Trailer can be extended to enhance storage capacity.


  1. What type of Floor Design is Preferred for a Wardrobe Trailer? 

The floor of the Wardrobe Trailer must be designed in such a way that it must not be slippery.


  1. What is the Advantage of a Sliding door Wardrobe Trailer?

The advantage of a sliding door Wardrobe Trailer is that you can park it at a narrow place and do not require external space to open the door.


  1. Which type of Stuff can be Stored in the Wardrobe Trailer?

It is suggested to use your wardrobe only for storage of clothes, shoe caps, and other dressing items.

Avoid storing the liquids and chemicals it is essential to maintain the quality of your stored items in the Wardrobe Trailer.


      6.Why Aluminum is used in Railing and Hangers Pipe?

The railings and pipes in a Wardrobe Trailer used for hangers are made up of aluminum because of their lightweight and property of not being corded.

Although aluminum is costly as compared to steel, still aluminum is preferred due to its features.


  1. Why Extra Place is Located in the Wardrobe Trailer?

In extra place, a washing plant and pressing facilities may be made available, for washing and pressing purposes.


  1. How the Wardrobe Trailers are classified?

The Wardrobe Trailers may be classified by its, storage capacity, size, and weight.


  1. 9. What Consideration must be Made When Selecting a Towing Vehicle for your Wardrobe Trailer?

While selecting a pulling truck to tow always select the truck which must have the capacity to pull the load of the Wardrobe Trailer and it must economical in fuel consumption.


  1. What other Facilities do a Wardrobe Trailer should have?

A wardrobe should also have a washroom, a sink and dressing room, and 02 full-length mirror facilities to facilitate the users in a better way.


  1. How can you make Access to a Particular Outfit in your Wardrobe Trailer?

To find out the location of a particular dress in the Wardrobe Trailer a laptop or computer may be used in the Wardrobe Trailer which should have a database for locating the shelf of your desired dress.


  1. How to avoid Fire Hazards in Wardrobe Trailer?

To avoid any accidental fire hazard in Wardrobe Trailer caution and warnings stickers should be pasted in and outside the trailer like NO SMOKING and others.

Place fire extinguishers on different points. People working are trained to handle and operate the fire extinguisher. Smoke detectors and fire alarm systems also are used.


  1. Is it Essential to Connect the Brake Light of the WardrobeTrailer to the Towing Truck?

Yes, it is very important to keep the brake light of the Wardrobe Trailer to the backlight of towing truck, to avoid any accident and keep the vehicles behind your trailer at an appropriate distance.


  1. Why Glass Windows are Necessary for Wardrobe Trailer?

Glass windows are necessary for the wardrobe for sufficient sunlight and to monitor any abnormal situation inside the trailer.


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