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Sunnyda washroom trailers standard layout feature fresh tank and waste tank. It has one room for ladies, a gentleman, and one mechanical room. However, each size of the room varies upon the type of event. Washroom trailer is fully finished in the factory.

Sunnyda developed washroom trailers with air conditioner, electric system, toilet, axle, instant heater, plumbing system, electrical system, and other sanitary wares. We can specifically design units to support 2,000 people or more.

Washroom trailers provided two options on body material, standard EPS sandwich panel, and luxury FRP. Every detail can be adjusted according to needs. We can custom-made units to fit local codes.

Sunnyda washroom trailers have been shipped to AU, US, EU, and other countries. Also, trailer has provisions for antifreeze agents. Besides the feature mentioned above, it can be added with an extra heater to prevent pipeline and fresh tank from freezing, great for very cold countries.

Sunnyda is your premier washroom trailer manufacturer!

 BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size2520(L) x 1300(W) x 2500(H)mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank200L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank520L
WeightWeight: 800kg, when water and waste tank is empty.
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingLoading: Can mix load with other model, or 3 SUT01 mini in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Washroom Trailers

Sunnyda washroom trailers come with a mirror, towel rack, hand dryer, paper holder, soap dispenser, and other small accessories. This trailer is fully complete and amounted to the workshop.

All equipment used for washroom trailer is selected on high-quality and CE standards. The electrical system is based on your local standards. Waste tank and the fresh water tank is optional according to your requirements.

Washroom trailers can be used for corporate events, VIP events, black-tie functions, seminars, weddings, parties, TV and movie productions, and other special events. At Sunnyda, we will give the best solution for you.

Before washroom trailers shipped out, all unit system is further checked and tested. We are pleased to welcome third-party inspection. For loading, 40HQ can load 2 models. Our engineers can custom-made units and will advise according to your requirement.

Over 20 years, washroom trailers are being shipped to the United States, Australia, Canada, UK, and other countries and regions. We are trusted by more than 1000 clients, 90% of them are our regular customers.

We warmly welcome your visit to our facility, we are looking forward to working with you.

Sunnyda is your premier washroom trailer manufacturer!


Are you looking to buy a washroom trailer for your event or work site, wondering what to look for? which type, design, layout, configuration, features and amenities to choose from? Sunnyda answers these questions and more.

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Q1: What Are Washroom Trailers?

Washroom trailers are elegant self-contained portable toilets built-in mobile trailers, they are referred to as mobile toilet trailers, portable bathroom trailers, portable restroom trailers and fancy toilets in trailers.

Washroom trailers collect human waste in a holding tank and use chemicals to eliminate odors, the waste is pumped and collected by a janitorial service provider or directly disposed into a sanitary sewer.

Washroom trailers are designed and manufactured to meet the sanitation needs of a large number of people, they are widely used to provide adequate sanitation service at large gatherings such as sporting events, races, concerts, festivals and job sites.

Q2: What Are The Applications Of Washroom Trailers?

Washroom trailers are mostly used to provide onsite restroom facilities to guests, customers and staff. They can be designed and configured to suit the requirements of diverse industries and applications such as:

Job sites

Small and large scales washroom trailers are widely used at construction sites to provide staff and workers with clean sanitation and shower facilities. Washroom trailers are heavy-duty and can be designed and engineered to withstand the wear and tear of different job sites including industrial, agricultural, energy, mining, maritime facilities and vessels, TV/movies production sites, and all remote areas where access to sanitation is limited.

Events & hospitality

Regardless of your event size, style or location, high-end washroom trailers can be offered to serve private or corporate events and provide a comfortable sanitation service. They are perfect for all types of events including weddings, festivals, product launches, ceremonies, etc. washroom trailers can be customized to respond to the aesthetic and luxury needs of every special occasion.

Humanitarian & Disaster Relief

Washroom trailers are outfitted to provide sanitation and showers facilities for victims of natural disasters, tornados, hurricanes, floods, storms, etc. They are also used by humanitarians at refugee camps and non-civil servants in remote areas.

Q3: What Are The Benefits Of Washroom Trailers?

Having a washroom trailer onsite offers many and varied benefits including:


Washroom trailers are designed with a luxurious, stylish, spacious and modern interior and exterior to perfectly suit all outdoor private, corporate or formal events.

Impeccable Service

High-end amenities and features are used in washroom trailers to provide guests with a first-class experience and make them feel valuable and spend a great time.


Washroom trailers are engineered to offer enough capacity and to serve up to 1000 user, they are equipped with a fresh and gray water onboard system, it comes with multi-units and multi stalls, separate sections for women and men. Size and design are selected based on the application type and number of attendees.


Contemporary washroom trailers come with standard and luxury modern amenities and they can be quickly customized into an upscale unit, a variety of elegant features are available to choose from including solid surface countertops, anti-slip flooring, flushing toilet, urinals, sinks, vanity mirrors, cabinets, decoration, LED lights, air conditioning, heating, and even a TV monitor, radio and CD player can be provided.


Washroom trailers offer cost-effective sanitation facilities to cater to the large gathering while providing users with a first-class experience in a modern atmosphere.


Washroom trailers are manufactured from a durable, high-strength galvanized steel frame and high-quality material, they are protected against corrosion and designed to resist maximum wind and snow load and withstand even the toughest of environments.

Environmentally Friendly

Washroom trailers are green sanitation facilities that contribute significantly to environmental protection and water conservation. According to the Portable Sanitation Association international, washroom trailers save 125 million gallons of fresh water daily.

Washroom trailers are made from eco-friendly materials that can be recycled after decades of usage. Moreover, it can be relocated and placed where sanitation service is needed, this eliminates construct permanent restroom facilities and save natural resources in an era of resource scarcity.

Q5: What Materials Are Used To Manufacture Washroom Trailers?

Washroom trailers are made from the highest quality materials to stand up effectively to heavy traffic, withstand cold and hot weather conditions and ensure optimal functionality and performance. High standard materials are used to provide an elegant interior and exterior.

Hot-dip galvanized Steel Framework

The Washroom trailer’s complete framework is built from a heavy-duty, hot-dip galvanized structural steel (3 mm thick) and sheet metal. All steels are protected against corrosion and rust.

Drawbar Trailer

Drawbar trailer is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, the two-axle are designed to ensure a safe and easy-to-transport washroom trailer.

  • Wheels : 16” aluminum and “E” rated tires.
  • Axles : 7,000 lb torsion with electric brakes.
  • Coupler : 20,000 lb heavy-duty coupler.
  • Leveling jacks : 7,000 lb sidewinder.

The Washroom Cabinet

The washroom cabinet is made from sandwich panels that are easy to clean, heat-resistant and weatherproof.

Electrical System

The washroom trailer is made from a weatherproof electrical system and LED lights (inside & outside).

Plumbing System

Plumbing system comprises a fresh water tank and an easy to clean polypropylene holding tank.


Interior is designed to offers a luxury, bright and open space, a variety of wall finishes, solid surface partitions, flooring and colors can be used.

Solid Surface Partitions

Highly resistant to impact fracturing solid surface partitions are used, a wide selection is available in different finishes, patterns and colors. They are made from acrylic polymer resins combined with fire-retardant fillers and pigments. Solid Surface materials are easy to maintain, resistant to wet areas and high-moisture environments.


Ironwood louver doors are mostly used and are available in wood veneer, compact laminate, plastic and custom laminate. They can be finished clear, stained or painted. Different sizes are available and can be configured as floor to ceiling, floor mount, ceiling hung partitions, etc.

Panel and Pilaster Materials

Panels and pilasters are available in a variety of engineered solid surface and stone patterns.

Cladding wall panels

A wide range of plastic wall cladding panels, laminate interior wall covering, filon siding Rand V fiberglass is available in different modern and fresh wall design, colors and sizes.


Flooring is available in laminate, vinyl, tilling, wood, etc.


The washroom trailer’s exterior is covered by aluminum siding which is attached using high-strength epoxy. RV Fiberglass Filon siding materials are also used to cover the washroom trailers roof and wall cladding as it offers a long-lasting, clean and easy to maintain the exterior, it’s available in a wide range of durable and smooth reinforced profiles.


Washroom trailers are equipped with easy fold-up steps of 72″ wide, these are made from a steel frame and aluminum steps, they are designed according to OSHA stairs standards and offer safe, comfortable access to separate men’s and women’s sections.

Q4: What Standards Are Governing Washroom Trailers?

Washroom trailers are subject to a variety of international standards and guidelines which governs the sanitation industry, health, safety and environment including:

ANSI Z4.3-1995 (R2005)

Washroom trailers shall adhere to the Sanitation Standards for Non sewered Waste-Disposal Systems – Minimum Requirements.

ISO 30500:2018

Washroom trailers adhere to Standards for non-sewered sanitation systems – prefabricated integrated treatment units – general safety and performance requirements for design and testing.

EN 16194 European – Mobile non-sewer-connected toilet cabins

Washroom trailers manufacturer should ensure relevant sanitation, hygiene, safety and minimum European quality requirements are met.

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/PSAI Z4. 3-2016

Sanitation Nonsewered Waste – Disposal Systems – Minimum Requirements shall be applied.

OSHA standard number 1926.52

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration requires washroom trailers for job sites without sanitary sewer, to provide sanitation and washing facilities and to ensure safe and healthful working conditions at construction, fields, and labor camps.

The PSAI Code of Excellence

Washroom trailers shall comply with PSAI portable sanitation health and safety requirements.

ADA Standards for Accessible Design

Washroom trailers can be made compatible with ADA accessibility design and equal opportunity standards for people with disabilities.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

According to Good Agricultural Practices washroom trailers should not be placed near an irrigation water source for reason to protect the agricultural field and livestock from contamination fresh produce.


Washroom trailer’s transportation system shall comply with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations in terms of safety, efficiency, accessibility and movement of Hazardous Materials (HM).

Q5: What Are The Types Of Washroom Trailers?

Washroom trailers can be designed and manufactured in a wide range of types depending on the application and can be customized also to suit customer requirements in size, floor layout, interior and exterior features as follow:

Luxury washroom trailers

The Luxury model is used exclusively for weddings, wineries, VIP areas at events, the unit features high-end amenities such as glass bowl hand washing sinks, multi-stalls, urinals, upgraded lighting and flooring, an extravagantly decorated interior and much more. Luxury washroom trailers are lavishly equipped to provide guests with maximum comfort and first-class restroom experience.

Standard washroom trailers

Standard washroom trailers are mostly used for large gatherings where sanitation facilities are unavailable but needed such as job sites, sports events, racing, marathons, festivals, concerts, etc. They are also used in humanitarian and emergency situations such as disaster relief where water and power sources are unavailable.

Standard washroom trailers design offers spacious and welcoming interiors that provide the comforts of home, they come fully equipped with a variety of features and amenities, running water sinks, flushing toilets, urinals, climate-controlled interiors, mirrors, cabinets, soap dispenser and more.

Single Stall washroom trailers

The single-stall washroom trailers are ideal for project sites, field mobile offices, TV and movie production sites; it comes in a separate restroom for Men and Women.

Multi-Stall washroom trailers

Multi-Stall washroom trailers are used mainly to accommodate larger groups of people with portable sanitation facilities and minimize waiting time such as large festivals, fundraisers, etc. They are also, outfitted to operate in emergency response situations such as disasters, humanitarian aids, refugee and non-civil camps.

The washroom trailers can incorporate from 2 to 11 stall, it features exterior entries for male and female.  The male section is equipped with flushing porcelain toilet stalls, urinals and running water sinks.  The female side features flushing porcelain toilet stalls and running water sinks. It comes equipped with climate control A/C and heat, indoor and outdoor lighting, sound system and all necessary amenities such as vanities with large mirrors, decoration, rugs, flowers, etc.

Multi-Stall washroom trailers are fully self-contained with a power generator and onboard water tank.

Washroom trailers / Shower

Showers can be added to washroom trailers; the number of shower stalls can be determined and combined with the washroom trailers as per your needs. This is the best option to provide staff, workers or users with access to a convenient hot/cold shower facility, toiletries, sink and dressing area. This type of washroom trailers is mostly used for glamping events, job sites, disaster relief and camps. They are climate controlled and equipped with onboard fresh water tank that can be filled as needed and gray water holding tanks that should be emptied by a waste disposal company.

Showers can be configured in the private or semi-private shower, gang-style shower and changing stalls can be incorporated.

ADA  washroom trailers

Washroom trailers can include a single station ADA unit to provide easy access and a spacious sanitation facility to people with disabilities. The ADA washroom trailer enables a full 360-degree wheelchair rotation, it features an anti-slip wheelchair ramp system or ground-level lowering solutions while all interior design and amenities are deluxe and compliant to ADA Standards for Accessible Design.

Q6: What Are The Specifications Of Washroom Trailers?

Washroom trailers can be designed and manufactured in a variety of sizes and specifications to accommodate a small and large gathering, the following are the standard specifications:

Internal Dimensions

Length   : 10ft-40ft

Width : 6-8ft

Height : 8ft

External Dimensions

Length : 10ft-40ft

Width : 6-8ft

Height : 8ft


Waste Tank: 450 Gallons.

Fresh Water Tank Size: 100 Gallons.

Circuits required: 20-amp.

Weight: 2000 Kg.

Axle torsion:  3500 lb.

Breaks: Yes.

Men’s compartment: 1 toilet, 1sink, 1 urinal.

Women’s compartment: 1 toilet, 1 sink.

Average number of uses: 250 users for each section.

Q7: Does Manufacturer Provide Washroom Trailers Customization?

Yes, absolutely. Washroom trailers can be customized for every special occasion or corporate event, festival, sport, concert venue, entertainment, worksite, disaster relief, etc. Washroom trailers are available in standard and luxury features to suit VIP, guests, customers, staff or workers, space can be optimized to fit any needs, size, configuration and standards.  The following options are provided:

  • Single or multi-stall.
  • Separate male and female restrooms.
  • Individually separated private stalls.
  • Shower facilities and changing areas can be added.
  • Hands-Free Water Flushing Systems.
  • Automatic & Sensor Bathroom Sink Faucets.
  • Auto flush urinal.
  • Automatic sanitizer dispensers
  • A variety of toilet parts, interior furnishing, lights and decoration is offered.
  • A wide array of soft colorsand styling Interior and exterior walls finishing are available.
  • Baby changing stations.
  • Skylights solar panels can be added.

Q8: What Are The Different Floor Layouts Of Washroom Trailers?

A variety of floor plans for washroom trailers are available to respond to the sanitation and aesthetic needs of customers. Whether looking for washroom trailers with a single stall or multi-stall floor plan, shower ADA accessibility design or a custom-made floor plan design, for large or small events, wedding, municipalities, and emergency response.

Regardless of the floor plan, size or purpose of washroom trailer needed, the right sanitation solution can be provided at the industry’s best price!

For more details about standard floor plans refer to the following link:

Q9: How Many People Can The Washroom Trailers Handle?

The following estimates can be used to determine the number of people can a washroom trailer can handle:

Single stall : 100.

Two stall : 200.

Two stall shower trailers: 100.

Tree stall: 500.

Ten stall : 1000.

For an exact estimation the following factors should be considered:

  • The number of hours the washroom trailer will be used.
  • The number of attendees and ratio of women and male.
  • If food, drinks or alcohol will be served.

Q10: Do Washroom Trailers Smell?

No, washroom trailers do not smell if kept clean and fresh as possible. Washroom trailers are self-contained, toilet flush and waste go into a waste tank that should be emptied in a regular basis by a waste management company that will ensure safe disposal of waste.

Eco-friendly chemicals such as biocides, blue dye, disinfecting products and fragrances are used to eliminate odors and provide a fresh smell.

Furthermore, washroom trailers are compatible with hot weather; the interior is climate controlled to maintain air flow and keep the interior fresh.

Q11: Can Washroom Trailers Be Used in Hot And Cold Climates?

Yes, absolutely. Washroom trailers are designed and equipped to provide comfort to users in the hottest and freezing temperatures.

  • Washroom trailers are climate controlled; it comes equipped with HVAC system such as electric heat strips, ducted central furnace, a roof-mounted air conditioner, integrated duct-work and vents.
  • Washroom trailer walls, ceiling and entire exterior can be insulated using spray and foil insulation material and weatherproof sandwich panels.
  • Washroom trailers should be winterized to stop freezing from damaging the plumbing system, Methanol mixture and rock salt are used to provide maximum freeze protection. Electric DE-icing system can be also used to eliminate water freezing.

Q12: Are Washroom Trailers Weather Resistant?

Washroom trailers are designed and manufactured from durable, waterproof, UV-resistant materials to endure the harsh weather. The frame and trailer are made from a high-strength sturdy steel frame that has the capacity to carry and withstand maximum weight, snow, and wind load.

Q13: What Is Included In The Washroom Trailers Mechanic’s Room?

Washroom trailers mechanic room comprises all plumbing, electric controls and water heaters, it provides also an extra storage space for cleaning supplies and consumables.


Q14: Can Washroom Trailers Be Used In Locations Where Water Or Power Are Unavailable?

Yes, absolutely. Washroom trailers are made mainly for the remote area where sanitation is needed, electric generator is used to ensure a sufficient power supply and would need to be filled with gasoline once empty.

The water tank can provide up to 100 Gallon of fresh water which can serve even a large number of people and can be filled with fresh water when needed.

Q15: How Much Waste Does A Washroom Trailers Hold?

Washroom trailers are equipped with a holding tank that can carry up to 450 Gallon of waste.

Q16: How Much Fresh Water Can A Washroom Trailers Carry?

Washroom trailer can carry up to 100 Gallon of fresh water.

Q17: What Are The Power Requirements Of Washroom Trailers?

Generally, washroom trailers require access to the main power source to ensure a continuous running of water pumps, electrical lights, air conditioning, heating and hand dryers.

One of the following power sources can be used:

Electric Generator,

The electric generator would require gasoline once it’s empty.

Regular electrical plug-in

20-amp/120 volt regular electrical plug-in are required to run a small washroom trailers.

3 to 4 separate 20 amp/110 volt outlets should be used for larger trailers.

Q18: What Are The Water Requirements Of Washroom Trailers?

The washroom trailers can be sourced by water using one of the following options:

  • The trailers can be hooked into a water spigot or garden hose.
  • The water-holding tank can be filled as needed by fresh water necessary to operate the washroom trailers.

Q19: Do Washroom Trailers Comply To Building Code?

Washroom trailers are designed and engineered to meet all local, municipal and international building necessary code requirements for electrical safety, fire code, building plan, load, equipments and accessibility.

Q20: Is A Permit Required To Place A Washroom Trailers In A Public Area?

Washroom trailers shall be placed in public area according to municipal code.

Q21: Can The Washroom Trailers Be Placed Indoor?

Yes, units can be placed indoors, it requires an access of 12 ft height and a minimum of 10 ft width, it should allow space for the towing and unhook of the washroom trailers. The space should also allow enough air flow to not limit the ventilation of the trailer.

Q22: Where Washroom Trailers Should Be Placed?

Washroom trailer should be placed on a flat, level ground. Placement should allow an easy access for cleaning and waste disposal servicing.

Q23: What Are The Towing Requirements of Washroom Trailers?

Washroom trailer can be transported by a passenger vehicle of 1.6 – 2.0 liters, with a minimum towing capacity, a ball hitch and adequate power to tow easily the trailer.

The transmission can be either manual or automatic to control better the engine loads.

Axle ratio and engine power are important factors to consider.

Q24: What Is Included In The Price Of Washroom Trailers?

Washroom trailer features high standard amenities and high-quality materials, a variety of custom options and upgrades can be provided to suit customers’ functional and aesthetic requirements. The following are basic Features:

  • Flush toilets (pedal or automatic), urinals and sinks (hands free optional).
  • Hand dryers, soap dispenser, paper towel dispenser and toilet paper holder.
  • Vanity mirror, cabinets, decoration, waste basket.
  • Electric heat, water heaters, air Conditioning, exhausts fans.
  • Interior and exterior LED lighting.
  • 1000 Gallon waste water capacity.
  • 200 Gallon fresh water tank available (upon request).
  • Sound system can include TV monitor or CD player with Bluetooth.

Q25: Are Washroom Trailers Toilets Load Resistant?

Yes, absolutely. Our units are designed and engineered to carry the following loads effectively:

Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)

The washroom trailer is engineered to carry the total weight of the vehicle and to safely hold and transport all equipments, furnishing, fresh and gray water and supplies. The gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) will never exceed the trailers load capacity.

Gross axle weight rating

The washroom trailer axle is designed to carry the maximum weight.

Q26: How Much Does It Cost A Washroom Trailers In China?

On average, washroom trailers cost approximately from $5,000 to $20,000+ for standard models, while, luxury washroom trailer costs around $ from $5,000 to $20,000. The overall cost will range depending on the size, number of stalls, upgrades and customization.

For an accurate price, please contact us:

Q27: Why China Washroom Trailers Are Mostly Preferred?

China market is the world’s largest provider of washroom trailers, Chinese manufacturers are recognized worldwide for designing, manufacturing and exporting the highest quality and cost-effective, a full line of standards units, luxurious, deluxe, upgraded and customized units are available.

China washroom trailers are spacious and modern; they are made from high quality materials and are fully compliant with international standards such as OSHA, AINSI, European Union standards and ADA accessibility design. All units are backed with the industry’s best warranty.

Q28: Why Choose Sunnyda Washroom Trailers?

At Sunnyda, we believe that users should have access to watersanitation and hygiene (WASH) wherever they may go. Since, 2000 we design, manufacture and export washroom trailers worldwide. Our people are experienced, innovative and committed to delivering the best quality units at the most cost effective price.

We focus in brining the latest innovation in the washroom trailers and the newest technology in sanitation industry design, engineering and equipments to deliver customers with a comfortable, safe and sustainable washroom trailers. This helped us to become the leaders in the units industry today!

A variety of washroom trailers are available to you, in different sizes and layouts, for small and large gathering purposes, our units are made from high-grade durable materials that meet international standards. Washroom trailers are fully self-contained washrooms and feature fresh water tank and holding tank, plumbing and electric system. They are equipped with air conditioning, ventilation, electric heat, heaters, air conditioning, exhaust fan, interior and exterior LED and emergency lighting. They features multiple flushing toilets, stalls, sinks, cold and hot running water, mirrors, toilet paper dispensers and all necessary amenities to provide users with comfort, hygiene and luxurious interior.

Sunnyda washroom trailers are built for all seasons; they are weather resistant and can be used even in the harshest climate conditions.

Our units meet the standards of the following international standardization organizations:

ISO9001:2015 – Quality Management System.

ISO14001:2015 – Environmental Management System.

CE Marking Certification.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

United Nations Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility standards

Bureau Veritas Certification..

If you have an upcoming event and looking to provide a first class experience for your guests? Whether you are looking for small and large group of people, Sunnyda, can provide you with a full line of portable sanitation solution and diverse washroom trailers design, layouts, features for private, corporate, public events or job sites.

No matter your needs, Sunnyda at your service, contact us now:


Q29: What Are The Warranties Offered For Washroom Trailers?

Sunnyda offers the most extensive warranty coverage in the industry for washroom trailers:

3 years warranty : on materials and workmanship free defects.

1 Year warranty: on structural defects including sub-floor, sub-ceiling, side wall, breaking loose.

1 Year warranty: plumbing, mechanical jacks, electrical components, light bulbs, fiberglass parts, doors, etc.

Q30: What If I Want To Visit Sunnyda And See The Washroom Trailers?

If you are interested in seeing the Washroom Trailer in our factory, we will be happy to schedule an appointment. Contact us now:

Q31: Get A Free Quote For Washroom Trailers?

We welcome any questions that you may have and thank you for your interest in Sunnyda Washroom Trailers. We are here to respond to all your inquiries. Contact us now:

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