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Sunnyda is your attested bathroom shower trailer manufacturer in China. We can provide you various designs and sizes that you can choose from. This bathroom shower trailer has unique features that include electricity, hot and cold running water, air conditioning or heat, a sink, countertop, soap dispenser, mirror, and more accessories.

The bathroom shower trailer can be custom-made base on your requirements or needs. We can do more for your bathroom shower trailer since we strictly follow your details and all types of equipment we utilize are based on high-quality CE compliance. You just send to us your design that you desire and we will collaborate with you.

The bathroom shower trailer has two material choices, standard luxury FRP, and EPS sandwich panel. By reason of that, you can choose your desire color in both the exterior and interior surfaces. We will make sure to meet your demand and budget. Our equipment is safety checked and tested.

We can provide you a luxurious and simple design for bathroom shower trailer. Sunnyda usually shipped a bathroom shower trailer to the EU, US, and AU trades. If you want to have a bathroom shower trailer for your big event or other sanitary demand, this is your perfect choice.

Sunnyda is your prime bathroom shower trailer manufacturer!

Bathroom shower trailer bodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size4600(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1300L
Weight1460kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT02 in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
ElectricalLighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Shower Trailer

Sunnyda bathroom shower trailers are more popular due to its excellent features. This bathroom shower trailers can provide extreme sanitation and keep your party guests happy. You can feel like the atmosphere of the hotel even you travel anywhere and anytime.

This bathroom shower trailers are complete with an electrical system, GFCI plugs (rated safe for wet areas), hot and cold running water, air conditioning or heat, a countertop, sink, and mirror. For pool parties, large sporting events, camping trips, survival adventures, and emergency situations, this is fully suited.

We carefully check and tested all water and lighting systems after bathroom shower trailers leave the factory. These bathroom shower trailers can provide various styles but if one of that does not meet your requirement, Sunnyda offers customized options for that. Our engineers will assist with your concern through the process.

You can free to choose here the sizes and designs for the bathroom shower trailers. We can assure you to reach your specifications and requirement. The same best services we offer standard and custom-made bathroom shower trailers. It’s our customer’s will be our main priority.

These bathroom shower trailers are fully equipped with excellent features that will serve to the guests the best shower experience. Sunnyda is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified manufacturer and dealer. We can guarantee with our customers that you can gain satisfaction with our bathroom shower trailers since we have lots of expertise in the fabrication and export business.

Bathroom shower trailers are being shipped to the EU, US, AU, and more countries. We are the one entrusted fabricator for that, so we provide the best sanitary solutions for you. We are willing to serve you and working with you. So please do contact us to have more details.

Sunnyda is your great bathroom shower trailer manufacturer!


Bathroom Shower Trailer-An Ultimate Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

With A Bathroom Shower Trailer on-site, you can now stay fresh and productive by taking a hot shower anytime you want.

A specialized compartment, equipped with a shower faucet and fresh water supply, a Bathroom Shower Trailer is built to meet all your restroom and shower needs.

It has spacious stalls, hot and cold water, climate control, privacy, and convenience. What else do you need to have a good, relaxing shower?

Whether you are on a business trip, remote construction work, a movie shooting site, or an adventurous trip, it allows you to stay hygienic, relaxed, and fresh by providing a comfortable condition to shower.

This guide will discuss all the important aspects of a Bathroom Shower Trailer and how it is beneficial for us.  So let’s get started.


1.What is a Bathroom Shower Trailer?
2.What are the Specifications of a Bathroom Shower Trailer?
3.What is the Construction of your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
4.What Kind of Events Need a Bathroom Shower Trailer?
5.What are the Necessary Power and Water Connections for your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
6.What are the Accessories you get with a Bathroom Shower Trailer?
7.How to Deal With the Grey Water from your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
8.What are the Benefits of a Bathroom Shower Trailer over a Regular Restroom?
9.What is the Mechanism for Odor Control in your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
10.How to Decontaminate your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
11.How to Winterize your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
12.How can you Customize your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
13.How to Set Up your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
14.What Should you Consider Before Selecting a Tow Vehicle for your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
15.What do you Expect from the Manufacturer and Supplier of your Bathroom Shower?
16.What are the steps for the Maintenance of your Bathroom Shower Trailer?
17.What Safety Precautions are Necessary to use a Bathroom Shower Trailer?
18.How to Deal with any Problems that Arise While Using a Bathroom Shower Trailer?


What is a Bathroom Shower Trailer?

A Bathroom Shower Trailer is an enclosed compartment that provides a perfect environment for a relaxing shower.

The Bathroom Shower Trailer is an individual room, equipped with top showering facilities, such as hot and cold water, high-quality faucets, suitable lighting, and a luxurious ambiance.

Wondering why we need it? Because a Bathroom Shower Trailer facilitates those who are away from the comfort of home. For example, workers at a remote working site can now have refreshing showers right on the location.

It offers convenience as well as comfort, that too, with little energy sources like water and electricity.


What are the Specifications of a Bathroom Shower Trailer?

  • Climate control available.
  • Hot and cold running water all the time.
  • Premium quality shower faucets.
  • Effective drainage system.
  • Walls and countertops marbled with Formica.
  • Individual stalls with complete privacy.
  • Wood flooring with an excellent finish.
  • High-quality stereo music system.
  • Bluetooth enabled music.
  • Appropriate lighting in each stall.
  • All units have wastebaskets.
  • Tankless water heaters for each unit.
  • Air conditioning enabled.
  • Propane tanks are available.
  • The waste tank capacity is 300 gallons.
  • The water tank capacity is 225 gallons.


What is the Construction of your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

  • A Bathroom Shower Trailer is constructed by using aluminum, stainless steel, or fiberglass, depending upon the requirements of the application.
  • It has vinyl flooring, and the countertops are also lined with vinyl.
  • The fiberglass body is preferred over aluminum or stainless steel because it is easier to maintain.
  • The faucets and the water tanks are also constructed by using the materials that are preferred according to the usage.
  • The Bathroom Shower Trailer comes with an organized water system that deals with the supply and drainage of water.


What Kind of Events Need a Bathroom Shower Trailer?

  • Workers at remote construction sites
  • Actors and actresses on movie sites
  • People attending festivals in a remote area
  • Adventurous Trips
  • Home remodels
  • Upscale pool parties
  • Winery events
  • Corporate remodels
  • Emergency relief
  • Tailgate parties
  • Sporting events


What are the Necessary Power and Water Connections for your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

The necessary connections for your Bathroom Shower Trailer are electricity and water supply;



There is a need for 20 AMPs normally, but the demand increases if there is an additional provision of hold and cold water and climate control. A standard hose outlet of 110 -120 volts is necessary. The sources of electricity are as follows;


Onboard batteries

The power supply from the batteries is a quite convenient and persistent source, and they need little maintenance and setting.


Solar System

It is the perfect solution for areas with a hot climate. However, if there is a cloudy day, the power can be compromised. Therefore the solar system cannot be trusted in all circumstances.



You can connect your Bathroom Shower Trailer to the electrical supply of the area after taking permission from the area manager. However, if there is no electricity connection on the site, you can run your generator. Also, this option comes with a fuel and maintenance cost.



The water needs of the Bathroom Shower Trailer can be fulfilled in the following ways;


City Water Connection and Garden Hose

A stable supply of water can be arranged from a water spigot or a garden hose. Another option is to connect to the city water connection.


What are the Accessories you get with a Bathroom Shower Trailer?

The accessories that you get with the Bathroom Shower Trailer are as follows;


Water Pumps

As it is necessary to draw water in and out of the water system, a set of pumps is necessary. It is very convenient to transport water through pumps, and there is minimum wastage of water.


Water Tanks

The Bathroom Shower Trailer comes with freshwater and a wastewater tank. Both have a capacity of 800 gallons, but they can be enhanced according to the need by adding more tanks.


Soap and Towel Dispensers

For easier access, each unit is equipped with a soap and towel dispenser so that every user can have easy access.


Mirrors and Lockers

Not all units have this accessory, but you can get this one in your unit by asking for customization. It allows you to freshen up and get ready in the same unit in one go.


How to Deal With the Grey Water from your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

  • The greywater is referred to as the used, dirty water that has to be collected after the Bathroom Shower Trailer is used.
  • It is important to dispose of the grey water according to the conditions of the area manager or the site where it is parked.
  • It can either go straight to the grey water holding tank, or it can flow towards a pipeline that leads to the sewer line.
  • The proper drainage of greywater will help to avoid any harm to the environment since the soapy water contains toxic chemicals that are not good for soil and plants.
  • It shall not be directly released into a water body since it can be toxic for the population of that area.


What are the Benefits of a Bathroom Shower Trailer over a Regular Restroom?

A Bathroom Shower Trailer provides you with the comfort and luxury of a hot shower while you’re away from your home. Here are a few other benefits which make it preferable over regular restrooms;

  • Since Bathroom Shower Trailer is spacious and well equipped, it gives you a great hot shower experience while you are on the go.
  • The hot shower facility allows the people to freshen up and be more productive and active in their work.
  • It helps to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, thus preventing any diseases that arise due to germs and poor sanitary conditions. This also adds to productivity.
  • The soap and towel dispensers allow the users to feel fresh and smell good, thus making the environment pleasing.


What is the Mechanism for Odor Control in your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

  • In the case of gravity flush toilets, the odor is trapped inside the tank and the bowl. It is important to keep the flush ball, valve, or seal smooth and clean.
  • The gravity toilet allows the odor to penetrate and then make the restroom smell bad.
  • The water reservoir also becomes stinky if the water is allowed to stand for a long time. Therefore, the water shall be treated to remove the odor.
  • Also, poor drainage and ventilation add to the odor in the Bathroom Shower Trailer, and therefore, there shall be a good functional ventilation system.
  • A buildup of dirt and crystallization of ions due to standing water in the tanks and on the floor can also give rise to a bad odor. So regular pumping and cleaning are suggested.
  • The use of air fresheners and deodorizers is a must to make the environment smell fresh.


10. How to Decontaminate your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

  • Start by sweeping the floor.
  • Use a good disinfectant for the floor and all the surfaces.
  • Make sure that the sinks and the stalls are scrubbed properly.
  • Keep the stalls dry and dehumidified to prevent the growth of any bacteria or fungi.
  • Make sure that the water stored in the water tank is clean and decontaminated.
  • Carry out a pumping and vacuum routine for the pipelines.
  • Clean all the vents regularly.


11. How to Winterize your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

Winterization means preventing the jamming of water inside the pipelines to allow steady flow. It can be done in three ways.


Drain-All the Water from the Pipelines

  • Turn of the water heater in the first place. This is to prevent the heating element from burning when all the water is removed.
  • Now turn on the pump switch and open all the faucets.
  • Keep running the water until you are sure that all the water has drained. This water will go to the wastewater tank.
  • Now drain the wastewater tank to prevent freezing in the tank.
  • Also, make sure to drain the water heater. You can do this by closing the water supply valve.
  • Turn on the bypass valve so that the antifreeze can pass through the bypass valve.


Blow Out Water

  • You can use the compressed air method to blow out all the water from your Bathroom Shower Trailer.
  • You need an air compressor to clear all your freshwater lines. The air hose must be connected to the valve.
  • For the onboard freshwater tank, open the valve of the tank. Now allow the compressed air to clear the supply line. Close the valve once it is done.
  • Also, open the sinks, urinals, and all the faucets while the valve is open. Repeat this until all the water is removed and only the air comes out.


Adding Anti-Freeze to the Pipelines

  • Make sure that you use an RV antifreeze, not the one that is used for cars, etc.
  • Also, park the Bathroom Shower Trailer on a leveled surface and confirm an electrical connection.
  • The recommended antifreeze is propylene glycol. It is important to draw the dumped antifreeze from the onboard water tank to the whole plumbing system.
  • All the water pumps shall be turned on until the pink antifreeze is equally distributed.
  • Make sure it reaches every faucet, sink, and pipeline.
  • The p-traps of every sink, urinal, and toilet must get sufficient antifreeze so that there can be a steady flow in the pipeline.


12. How can you Customize your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

A Bathroom Shower Trailer can be customized by adding the following features;

  • An accessibility feature like a staircase can be installed. For example, a ramp to make it easier for the disabled and old people to climb.
  • The Bathroom Shower Trailer can be made luxurious by the addition of plants, a few extra lights, and installing fancy faucets.
  • The size can be according to the number of guests you have to entertain.
  • The size and number of stalls are also dependants on the use of the Bathroom Shower Trailer.
  • If it is for a movie shooting site, a fewer number of stalls that are more spacious and luxurious will do the job. On the other hand, for a remote job site, there would be a need for more stalls with only basic amenities.
  • The number of handwashing sinks can be adjusted according to the need.
  • You can install a vanity mirror and a vanity area to make it more convenient and luxurious.
  • The water temperature and water level can be customized. You can adjust it according to your liking and usage.
  • The ventilation system can be enhanced by installing exhaust fans and an advanced ventilation system.
  • A bathing tub or a Jacuzzi can be added to give the extra element of luxury.
  • A Bathroom Shower Trailer comes with an inbuilt climate control system, but it can always be made better with the use of advanced technology.
  • The lighting and illumination can also be done according to the liking of the users.
  • A changing room is a great option to have besides the shower.
  • Countertops and wall hooks are a great idea to place and hang your personal belongings.


13. How to Set Up your Bathroom Shower Trailer?


Safe Delivery and Installation on a Dry, Well-Drained Site

  • Delivery must be done by a licensed, experienced driver. The delivery site for the Bathroom Shower Trailer must be dry, well-drained, and at an adequate level. There should be a Parking space for a pumper truck close by.

Necessary Power for Restroom Trailer

  • Generally, a restroom is powered by electricity. Therefore, each unit needs a minimum of two singular 20 amp power circuits. If winter heaters are installed, more energy would be required.
  • It is necessary that a professional handles all the power connections to make it a safe practice.


Setting up Electrical Connection

  • Most electrical problems in a Bathroom Shower Trailer are due to unstable power. Air conditioners might start working but would slow down after a short time. This slowing down would be due to inadequate electrical power.
  • Ensure each power cord is properly sized. It shall be strong enough to cover the required distance. A lightweight cord wastes power if it is farther away from the power source.


Setting up a Water Connection

  • A garden hose with a pressure of 40 psi and 5 gallons/ minute flow rate is needed for each unit. There is a city water connection is below the mechanical room.


Connecting the Onboard Tank

  • For a Bathroom Shower Trailer, if a water tank is present in the mechanical room, a water pump would be essential to draw the water from the tank for toilet flushing or hand washing.


14. What Should you Consider Before Selecting a Tow Vehicle for your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

The weight and capacity of the Bathroom Shower Trailer are vital considerations to determine a tow vehicle.

For safe use, below are certain requirements:



  • The transmission of your Bathroom Shower Trailer can be manual or automatic. However, usually, an automatic transmission helps control engine loads better.
  • Also, there is an increased risk of damage in manual transmission.



  • Ensure the power levels of your towing vehicle for the Bathroom Shower Trailer.
  • The essentials for easier and effective towing are engine power and cooling capabilities. The axle ratio is also important.


Tires & Suspension

  • A sufficient rating of your vehicle tires and suspension is vital to have enough capacity.
  • The tire types and the required pressure shall also be noticed.
  • If air shocks are present, don’t rely on them for load leveling once it has been hitched.



  • Confirm that there is a weight distributing hitch with a GVWR rating.
  • It is necessary that the hitch should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and so it meets the vehicle’s needs for outclass performance and excellent fit.


Sway Control

  • Install and adjust a sway control system as per instructions that it is compatible with your hitch and tow vehicle.


Safety Equipment

  • Ensure installment of safety equipment like towing mirrors as it’s instructed by law. Most styles are temporary and changeable.


15. What do you Expect from the Manufacturer and Supplier of your Bathroom Shower?

The manufacturer and supplier of a Bathroom Shower Trailer shall take care of the following things;


Recent Technology

The manufacturer shall make sure that the recent technology is used for water supply, heating, and ventilation. Better technology makes the Bathroom Shower Trailer an ideal and updated one with minimum defects.



The quality of the body, the water system, and the sinks shall always be maintained so that it lasts longer and performs an enhanced function.



The convenience of the user shall always be kept in mind so that the user can have maximum benefit.



The size, number of stalls, and amenities shall be adjusted according to the requirements and the demands of the use.


Testing the Efficiency

To check any manufacturing defect or fault inefficiency, there must be a factory test before sending the Bathroom Shower Trailer out for sale.


Safe Delivery

It shall be made sure by the supplier that it gets delivered to the site safely.


User manual

The manufacturer shall come up with a user manual for guidance in all the aspects of installation, maintenance, and cleaning.


16. What are the steps for the Maintenance of your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

Below are a few things that are necessary to maintain your Bathroom Shower Trailer for increased reliability and productivity;



  • Make sure the floor and the surfaces are clean all the time.
  • There should be cleaning of all the stalls after each use.
  • Make a cleanliness rules list and make sure all the users follow it.
  • There should be no contaminations in the water, which can cause diseases.
  • There should be no chemicals in the water to make it clean because these chemicals can irritate the skin of the user and damage the surface of the container.


Keep it Dry

  • To avoid bacteria and fungi growth, make sure that the stalls are dry.
  • The damp floor will lead to rusting and mildew growth which makes the Bathroom Shower Trailer look old and smell bad.
  • Open the door stalls when not being used to allow ventilation.


Use Safe Chemicals

  • Only use the cleaning chemicals that don’t have any harmful effects on the user and the environment.
  • Make sure that all your cleaning agents are corrosion-free and rust-free.
  • The ions from the cleaning agents accumulate on the floor if not rinsed properly. Therefore, plenty of water shall be used to clean.
  • Fix all the damages as soon as they appear so that there is no major complication
  • Contact the plumber for any plumbing issue and make sure there is no drainage problem so that there are no leaks.



  • Carry out deep cleaning of all the fresh water and wastewater tanks after every two weeks so that there is no accumulation of matter.
  • Look for any cracks in the tanks and fix them immediately.



  • Keep removing the graffiti marks and scratches from the exterior with the help of a degreaser.
  • Use wax to polish the exterior to make it look new.


Routine Inspection

  • There must be a routine inspection to check if there is an underlying fault.
  • All the pipelines shall be pumped to get rid of any accumulated matter like dust, hair bunches, and pieces of clothes.


17. What Safety Precautions are Necessary to use a Bathroom Shower Trailer?

It is important to take the following precautions while using your Bathroom Shower Trailer;

  • Make sure that it is equipped with all the safety features to ensure safe use.
  • The tires should be sturdy and well inflated, and there must be an extra wheel for the hour of need.
  • The air conditioning and heating shall be well controlled.
  • The workers shall have a proper uniform and all the safety equipment.
  • The cleaning chemicals shall be handled carefully.
  • All the wiring and lighting shall be well protected.
  • Any electrical or water issues shall only be handled by a professional.
  • Keep a check on the fresh water and wastewater levels so that you can empty them on time.


18. How to Deal with any Problems that Arise While Using a Bathroom Shower Trailer?

  • If your Bathroom Shower Trailer has a bad odor, check the odor control mechanism and spray a deodorizer to create a fresh environment.
  • To eliminate any drainage issues, make sure that you clean all the pipelines regularly and remove any bottle caps, hair bunches, and soap aggregates.
  • Antifreeze is the best solution for avoiding the jamming of water in the pipelines.
  • It is important to use a potent disinfectant to get rid of any bacteria and sanitize the stalls for a healthier environment.
  • For any water leakage issues, carry out routine maintenance of all the pipelines and keep fixing all the issues as soon as they arise.
  • In case the air conditioning, heating, or lighting is out of order, check the basic electrical supply.


19. Conclusion

You must be well aware of all the features and benefits of a Bathroom Shower Trailer before investing your money in purchasing one.

If you want to increase reliability, you must have the right guidance about the maintenance and troubleshooting problems of your Bathroom Shower Trailer.


FAQs of Bathroom Shower Trailer

  1. What is the Function of Propane in a Bathroom Shower Trailer?

The propane heats the water that can be used for a hot shower in the Bathroom Shower Trailer.

  1. Where can a Bathroom Shower Trailer be Placed?

A Bathroom Shower Trailer must be placed at a 12 ft height clearance and leveled surface. There should be a minimum of 10 ft width so that your guests can comfortably enter.

  1. Can a Bathroom Shower Trailer be Used for Indoor Purposes?

A Bathroom Shower Trailer can be installed indoors only if the entrance door is big enough to allow the stalls. As a towing vehicle is necessary for transport, there should be enough room for that too. It is suggested that it should be placed near a window, in a good ventilation area.

  1. Are there any Brakes on your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

The brakes of the tow vehicle act as the Bathroom Shower Trailer brakes. They are connected through an electromagnetic circuit which allows the brake drum to move brake shoes against the drum.

  1. Why are LED Lights Used in a Bathroom Shower Trailer?

LED lights are used in your Bathroom Shower Trailer because they are more efficient than regular lights. They consume less power and radiate less heat. LED lights are resistant to vibration and shock and also do not emit any harmful radiation.

  1. How to Check the Waste Level in the Bathroom Shower Trailer?

The waste level can be checked through a calibration algorithm in the Bathroom Shower Trailer. You can also just look at the site strip and detect the waste level by opening the tank.

  1. What do Chlorides do to the Body of your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

Chlorides can damage the metal surface of your Bathroom Shower Trailer. Therefore, it is necessary to rinse it off with plenty of water so that there are no remains. Chloride comes from soap and detergent; therefore, use the soap only if needed.

  1. How is the Air Conditioning Temperature Regulated Inside the Bathroom Shower Trailer?

The temperature inside a Bathroom Shower Trailer is regulated by fixing a set point on the thermostat. The thermostat is box locked in one of the chambers, and it can only be accessed by the authority.

  1. How does Recent Technology Deodorizer Work in your Bathroom Shower Trailer?

The recent technology deodorizer does not mask your sense of smell like ordinary deodorizers, and instead, it changes the molecule composition so that it does not smell bad. Also, it kills the bacteria that cause the smell.

  1. Why does your Bathroom Shower Trailer Raise and Lower Unevenly?

The Bathroom Shower Trailer has a curbside, which is heavier, so it tends to lower first because of independent hydraulic suspension.

  1. Is there a Need for a Pressure Regulator When Connected to City Water Supply? 

The normal city water pressure is 50 to 75 psi, and the Bathroom Shower Trailer can easily handle 80 psi, so there is no need for a pressure regulator. This has been confirmed through hydro testing.

  1. Can the Bathroom Shower Trailer be Raised When the Tank is Full?

It is not possible to raise the Bathroom Shower Trailer when the tank is full because it becomes heavier. The independent hydraulic system cannot raise the extra weight, and a full tank weighs around 25000 pounds.



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