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Sunnyda- A Well-known Manufacturer and Supplier of Custom Container.

Sunnyda has been working in the field for a long time as the most popular manufacturer and supplier which produces top-quality Custom Container. Our experts are well trained and have complete knowledge of every desired product. We are well known as the most trusted manufacturing brand and supplier in China. We are also offering customization of the Custom Container depending on the usage of the container.

Custom Container by Sunnyda is constructed by cutting the steel sheets and has a metal floor frame which makes it water-resistant and has the ability to face every weather condition. Experts working in our country are much devoted to their work and have a great passion for trying innovative techniques for making the products more reliable and attractive.

For creating inventive and custom solutions, our experts are doing exceptional artistry and producing top-quality containers. They are well aware of when and where changes should be made for creating your desired modified Custom Container.

Sunnyda allows its users to purchase their Custom Container depending on their modifications, which they thought are suitable for the application in which it is going to be used.

A Custom Container by Sunnyda can be used as several different replacements, including rental homes, retail shops, office buildings, and many more.

A Custom Container manufactured and supplied by Sunnyda helps its users in saving money and is way affordable. If you would like to buy your customized container, then book your orders now by reaching us any time. We are here to provide you with 24/7 services.

Container typeNew or second hand ISO shipping container
SizeISO 20ft, 40ft HQ
Repaint and put logoPE paint, marine grade paint, color and logo as per requirement
ModificationCut door, windows at any place
Insulation1, EPS sandwich panel, Rock wool sandwich panel, PU sandwich panel, PIR sandwich panel
2, Light gage steel joist and mineral wool in middle, interior surface 12mm gypsum board.
Indoor fittingElectrical and plumbing system, kitchen and bathroom
FurnitureTable and chair, sofa, bed, kitchen cupboard, wardrobe as per requirement
Shipping1, Cut door and window sealed by steel sheet, make surface flat acceptable for shipping line.
2, Inside fittings be well fixed, no move during shipping.
After sale service1 year warranty
Delivery time30-40 days
How many floors5 floors at the most
Connection kitsWater proofing rubber and screw, steel board for floor.
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
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Custom Container-A Comprehensive Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

Custom Container, as its name suggests, can be customized according to the usage, such as it can add and also alter its specifications and modification with the changes of needs.

There is a huge variety of modifications that are available for these containers. A Custom Container is a great option for industrial use because of its durability, portability, and fast construction time.

It is an easy and quick way of manufacturing the building, and it will help industrial companies to achieve their goals.

While buying a Custom Container, there are some important things that you have to remember, and those things are mentioned in the complete guide that is given below. Let’s have a brief look at this ultimate guide.


1.What is a Custom Container?
2.What are Some Outstanding Features of the Custom Container?
3.What are the Specifications of a Custom Container?
4.What is the Process of Manufacturing a Custom Container?
5.What are the Physical Characteristics of a Custom Container?
6.What are the Types of Custom Containers?
7.What are the Outstanding Benefits of a Custom Container?
8.What Should You Look for While Buying a Custom Container?
9.What are the Different Sizes of the Custom Container?
10.What is the Ideal Size of a Custom Container?
11.What are the Different Modifications of a Custom Container?
12.What are the Commercial Applications of a Custom Container?
13.What are the Personal Applications of a Custom Container?
14.What are the Dimensions of a Custom Container?
15.What are Different Kinds of Layouts Available for a Custom Container?
16.What are the Facts that Make the Mods of Custom Container Different from Others?
17.What are Various Conversions of a Custom Container?
18.What are the Possibilities of Creating a House in a Custom Container?
19.How Much Does it Cost to Make a Custom Container House?


What is a Custom Container?

The Custom Container is the alternative solution of the typical building structure such as brick-and-mortar. Its name shows that it’s a storage container that is used for the transportation of foods on trucks, vessels, and rail cars.

This container is the solution to real problems that one has to face on the site of the job every day when they have to transfer a lot of items from one place to another.

The Custom Container is the most suitable shipping container which is required at that time.

However, its modification varies depending on the area in which it is used, including retail stores, water treatment facilities, and much more.


What are Some Outstanding Features of the Custom Container?

Following are the features of a Custom Container:


A Custom Container is made up of metal and comes with a strong frame that is used for its protection in case two or more containers have to be stacked upon one another.

The metal shipping container has a longer lifespan and doesn’t get expand or bend easily like wood frames.


It includes exceptional security solutions, especially for municipalities, merchants, businesses, event organizers, and several other organizations which is looking for something that makes their goods secure.

Water Resistant:

Custom Container is made water-resistant to face every kind of weather condition, even at sea during storing or transportation.

Because of its metal frame, it is an ideal option to keep your goods secure, organized, and dry.


It is designed in a way that allows the container to get stacked with each other in order to provide stacked on each other. It helps containers to create a large space by getting attached.


What are the Specifications of a Custom Container?

The specifications of a Custom Container vary depending on its intended use, but the important factors include:

  • Inside Length
  • Inside Width
  • Inside Height
  • Door Width
  • Door Capacity
  • Tare Weight
  • Maxi Cargo


What is the Process of Manufacturing a Custom Container?

Manufacturing of the Custom Container includes the following steps:

Wall Panels:

The process of constructing a Custom Container starts with wall panels. In this process, the sheets are obtained by cutting the larger sheets of steel having the ability to resist dust and are sand-blasted.

After the cutting, they get corrugated for giving walls extra strength and also to give containers their typical structure. Then these sheets get welded and have their customized frame.

Assembling of the Floor’s Frame:

Assembling of the floor’s frame is based on two larger I-beams which are placed perpendicularly to each other.

After that, the welding of small beams is done in the center of the long beams for creating the base, which looks like a slab.

Then the floor frame gets sanded using a grinder having a flap disc for removing rough joints due to welding.

Corner Posts and Doors:

After the construction of the front and back sides and also the flooring of the Custom Container, here comes the time of constructing doors.

Just as the sidewalls of it, the door are also made from steel, after the cutting of steel according to the size of the door, it gets wrapped in square tubing.

Then at the last installation of the door is done somewhere in between the wall panels, then all the walls, corner posts, and door are welded in the place for attaching and assembling all of them.

Finishing of the Container:

At this, almost all the process of manufacturing a Custom Container has been done. For lifting it, the cranes are used in order to position the floor frame’s top and also for welding.

After that, using the crane, wall panels get lifted and welded then the roof panel also gets welded.


It’s time for wooden flooring, and that is done above the floor frame. Almost six panels made of plywood are used in the flooring.

Decals and Identification:

In this step, the decals and logos of the company are added to the Custom Container. Every Custom Container has its identification code, which helps in identifying it no matter where in the world it is.

This identification code consists of eleven alphanumeric characters, and every character has a special meaning.

Waterproofing and Testing:

This is the final step in the manufacturing process of the Custom Container. In this step whole container gets sprayed with the sealant to make it waterproof on the underside of it.

And during testing, if no detects found, then the container is ready to transport to any location.


What are the Physical Characteristics of a Custom Container?

These are the following physical characteristics of a Custom Container:

  • Custom Container has un-flattened sides also has several multiple surfaces.
  • Feet are cast in the corner of the containers, which are used for stacking two or more containers, and maximum amount of container which can be stacked on it is seven.
  • Every Custom Container has two doors on every end of the container.
  • There are twist locks installed in every corner of the container.


What are the Types of Custom Containers?

The different modifications of the Custom Container also help to manufacture modified types, including:

  • In-Plant Offices
  • Cooling Stations
  • Guard Shacks
  • Site Offices
  • Mobile Stations such as mines, highways, aggregates, ports, etc.
  • Lunch Rooms /Break Rooms include air conditioning, heating, furniture, and running water for the comfort of faculty members.


What are the Outstanding Benefits of a Custom Container?

The benefits of the Custom Container are as follows:

Drawing Attention:

The Custom Container is the one that stands out in the crowd and successfully dares the attention of people passing in the streets.

This is beneficial, especially for pop-up shops in which your container has to be unique and attractive enough to get people’s attention.

Money Saver:

There is always a need for rental or deposited areas for a pop-up shop, even for sufficient spaces, and it will cost a huge amount of money.

Custom Container saves the money required for deposit, and that money can be utilized for other things of the business.


As their name suggests, the Custom Container can be customized depending on the requirements of their usage.

It’s the responsibility of professional architectures and engineers working in a modifying company to construct those customized containers according to the instructions of its customers.


It can easily be transported to any other area because of its compact designs, smartness, and different modifications.

Quick Process:

Custom Container is fast to build as modification of the structure of these containers can be done much fatly as compared to other traditional containers. Because of their modifying nature, the time of construction is reduced noticeably.


It is made in such a way that they can even face harsh conditions very well. That means the industrial strength of metals used in it will not be affected even by a hurricane.


What Should You Look for While Buying a Custom Container?

While choosing a Custom Container, you have to remember some important things, including:

To have a clear understanding of the things, you will store in that container as modifications of the Custom Container depend upon your requirements.

For example, to store perishable food and sensitive equipment of any organization or food-making company, your Custom Container must have an air conditioner installed in it.

Also, when the organization needs to store its products in an internal lighting or climate-controlled box, the container should have the capability to access an electric connection.

Otherwise, if the equipment you are installing is not temperature sensitive, then there is no need to install an air conditioner in the container. The same is the case with the electric connection.


What are the Different Sizes of the Custom Container?

The Custom Container is usually available in three sizes, including 20 feet, 30 feet, and 40 feet containers. This size varies with the storage sizes of items.

The more the size will be, the larger the container will require. In case If the largest container is required, even more than 40 feet, it can also be possible by combining two or more containers.

The joining of individual containers can be done by sealing the seams of the containers.


What is the Ideal Size of a Custom Container?

The ideal of the Custom Container depends on the storage size of the equipment and the number of containers in which these are going to be shipped.

Such as if a single unit has to be sent, but the storage size of equipment is larger, then the container must have a lot of inner space in it like.

The size of the container for this should be almost forty feet to store that much quantity container. This is the largest size of the container. After that, there are decreasing sizes of containers.

However, these are not yet that small sizes, and there are still enough to ship maximum pieces of equipment to companies and organizations.

Such containers need space for parking, so make sure to make parking lots at warehouses.


What are the Different Modifications of a Custom Container?

Every Custom Container project has its particular modifications, which depend on its daily usage.

Such as where one container requires a cargo door to maximize the convenience of accessing stored items while another container requires a personnel door to face heavy traffic.

These are some important modifications that are worth considering:


The range of doors begins with the cargo doors built at the start in an unmodified container then can be transformed into a roll-up and personnel door.

It is based on your considerations of which combination and which door helps you have easy access to the equipment.

Permanent Shelving and Countertops:

Permanent shelving is the beneficial modification of the container, especially when the company or organization made up its mind for relocation in the containers. At that time, permanent shelving can easily be moved with the unit.

It also helps the organizations instantly stock the items in the containers, and workers can easily utilize and organize the items with the help of permanent countertops.

Flooring and Wall Options:

The benefits of flooring and wall option depend upon the usage of the container. For example, a tread steel plate is the best flooring option when there are chances of higher foot traffic on the site of construction.

However, sometimes, the organization prefers to go with the coin vinyl flooring or coated floors with epoxy, making cleaning floors easier.

While considering the wall options, insulation is the major factor that should also be considered for the regulation of thermal temperature.

There are several forms of insulations, including mineral wool, spray foam, Styrofoam, rolled batt. After the insulation process, the finishing of the walls can be done using aluminum plates, steel, or plywood.


What are the Commercial Applications of a Custom Container?

Commercial applications of the Custom Container include:

  • Data Centers
  • Retail Pop-Ups
  • Jobsite Building
  • Storage

Data Centers:

Typical designs of data centers are costly. But using Custom Container benefited its users by giving them an integrated system.

Most of the leading internet companies are leading because of cooling capacity, exact power amount, and many other reasons.

Retail Pop-Ups:

This innovative trendy space is a great option for opening a retailer shop, boutique. It has many advantages for choosing it as your start of the business.

And its most significant feature is it is transferable, and it’s a speedily constructed container.

Jobsite Building:

The Custom Container can be used as offices, particularly in those places where lands are costly or limited. It gives the companies a great opportunity to work under their ceiling and walls.

The maximum height of a Custom Container is almost nine feet inner layout depends on the user’s choice.


Custom Container that is required for commercial storage is the complete solution to several problems for many different industries.

At this time, storing PPE is difficult for medical centers and hospitals due to less space, as these things are going to require a lot of space to get stored.

All seasonal businesses such as ski-lift restaurants, concession stands, or pools need a storage space to store their equipment’s in off-season days.

They can store their equipment in a Custom Container which will help them in saving money.


What are the Personal Applications of a Custom Container?

Personal applications of the Custom Container include:

  • Backyard Shed
  • Living Space
  • Storage

Backyard Shed:

A Custom Container is a great option for houses that has long yards, but their lawn or area has left no space in it. Children can store their toys in these containers and also a convenient space for the whole family.

It can also be used as a yard and is a great option because of its long life span and is a secure storage container.

Living Space:

Living in the container house is a trend these days as it can be transformed into anything. The Custom Container includes all the feasibilities in it which are required for making a living.


During the house renovations or shifting to a new place Custom Container is a great help in moving your furniture or storing it.

It will not damage the items and also protect them from water as it is waterproof.


What are the Dimensions of a Custom Container?

Custom Container comes in three different lengths, including 10 feet, 20 feet, and 40 feet containers.

However, the internal dimensions of every Custom Container vary according to the size of storing items.

The features and dimensions of the internal area of the container are motley customized depending on the instructions of the user.

The internal features of the Custom Container include:

  • Light Shelving
  • Shelving
  • Heavy Duty Shelving
  • Interior Finishing
  • Custom Material Racks
  • Electrical
  • Insulation
  • Work Benches
  • Basic Wiring package


What are Different Kinds of Layouts Available for a Custom Container?

Layouts help integrate the existing or new facilities, and making layouts of the Custom Container is an easy task.

There is a huge variety of layouts that is available for the Custom Container.

Custom Container layouts depend on the intended usage of the container. It has the installed wiring, which is secure for electrical needs.


What are the Facts that Make the Mods of Custom Container Different from Others?

Mods of the Custom Container are most used container, and the thing which makes it different from other container is the time it takes in getting constructed.

These containers require considerably less time in their construction as compared to other containers.

With the help of it, you can start your business way sooner, and it also decreases the time of returning on investments.


What are Various Conversions of a Custom Container?

Using a Custom Container for office space is a trend that is now getting considered in the professional world. Because of this, conversions of shipping containers are also becoming trends now a day.

Custom Container conversions are also an ideal solution for mobile offices or for experimenting with marketing tours.

It can also be converted into different assets for sampling, product launches, ticket offices, pop-up stores, or other things.


What are the Possibilities of Creating a House in a Custom Container?

It is possible to create a home in the Custom Container as such it offers green, fast, and easy access to the building.

Custom Container homes are constructed in a factory-controlled area to make the home reliable and according to the standards.

Such homes give the feel of an average size of the home but having almost no usage of woods in the making.


How Much Does it Cost to Make a Custom Container House?

The cost of the house, which is made in a large container, ranges up to $150,000-$175,000, and that is the half-price per square foot of the typical home.

However, in the case of the Custom Container, there are some modifications required which can add a little more amount in it, such as within $50 to $150 per hour.

But it would be best to have a clear understanding of the cost of land on which the container is going to be placed.



This is the briefly explained guide which contains all mandatory information. By following this guide, you sure will be able to get the best Custom Container from the huge variety available out there.

Custom Container has many advantages, and it can replace almost every other business which needs some space to start.

It is made water-resistant and has the capability to last for a longer time. It can be helpful in every industry out there.


FAQs of Custom Container.

What is the function of Cargo and Roll-Up Doors in the Custom Container?

Roll up, and cargo doors are the best options for moving in and out the large items in the Custom Container.


What is the Function of Personnel Doors in the Custom Container?

Personnel doors are used by the workers or employers of organizations for entering and getting out from the Custom Container.


How Can a Custom Container be used as an Office Replacement?

The modular construction of the Custom Container is the most efficient, fastest, and cost-effective option for building a new office.

Such containers give the choices of many several options to choose from, including a variety of doors, flooring, and windows options.


Is it Possible to Open a Trendy Restaurant in the Custom Container? 

A modified Custom Container is a perfect choice when you are thinking of building a diner, trendy restaurant, coffee shop, and bar, which will make you stand out in the crowd.


Does the Conversion of Custom Container into Bars Make any Profit?

By using a pop-up bar for promised business is a great way. With the help of this Custom Container bar, you can create a never unforgotten experience for every customer, and it represents your brand precisely.


Is It Possible to Organize an Event in the Custom Container?

The Custom Container can also be used for events to make them eye-catching, and it is an ideal event organizing container.


Does Constructing a Stadium in the Custom Container Works Any Good?

Athletic fields, stadiums, and arenas made in a shipping container are unexpectedly modern and comfortable. And integrating a new or old facility is also easy with the Custom Container.


Is it Possible to Ship a Car in a Custom Container?

A car can easily be fitted in a Custom Container having inner dimensions of 7.6 inches in width, where the standard width of a car is about 6-6.6 inches, so it will fit perfectly.


Do You Require Permission for Putting a Custom Container on your Land?

Homes-based Custom Container is often constructed by stacking numerous containers also is not regarded as a temporary structure.

Suppose you intend to reside inside the house for an extended period. Requesting planning approval is not a problem since you own the land.


Is it Possible for Mould to Grow on the Spray Foam Insulation in the Manufacturing Process of a Custom Container?

Spray foam is a water-resistant insulation material used in the manufacturing of a Custom Container that is different from other materials, which means it prevents harmful dampness to which it belongs.


What are the Best Ways to Prevent the Custom Container from Getting Moisturized?

A pair of huge bags containing silica gel is placed inside a Custom Container which can remove humidity from the container and also can control the temperature, which may cause dew.

Dehumidification coverings are also useful for preventing moisture on items.

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