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Is it possible to maintain a stable environment despite the harsh outside weather? Yes, it is. Insulate your house and workplace with a Polystyrene Insulation Panel by Sunnyda.

As the marketplace is jam-packed with Polystyrene Insulation Panels, selecting the best manufacturer can be a hectic job. But when you have a Sunnyda, send worries in vain.

We offer you high-quality, lightweight, easy to handle, and reliable polystyrene panels. With that said, you can relish a comfortable environment.

Sunnyda provides handy products to customers so they can use them conveniently. Ensuring customers’ satisfaction is our top-most priority. We also offer insulation services to preserve your time and energy.

Tell us about the location you want to insulate and your budget. We will find the best available option for you within your budget range.

Sunnyda also offers Insulation Panels for a wide variety of purposes. We have Polyurethane Panels, Sandwich Panels, PUR, headstream PIR-cored, and EPS.

All panels are of top-notch quality, budget-friendly, and eco-friendly. These panels work best in all situations. Besides, if you want customized panels, we have that for you! Consult with us about what design, style, and R-value Polystyrene Insulation Panels you want; you will customize it for you.

Before placing an order, call Sunnyda to discuss your order. Provide your information to our service team. Also, for our customer’s satisfaction, we offer samples before starting the work.

Our well-trained customer service team 24/7 available to entertain your queries.

Panel Thickness

Panel WeightKAverage Sound Insulation(bd)

Max. Span At Load 50kg/m2


KgW/m2 0C

Kcal/m2 h 0C










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Polystyrene Insulation Panel- A Comprehensive Buying Guide by Sunnyda.

For safe, reliable, affordable, and easy-to-install insulation, your priority should be Polystyrene Insulation Panel.

Polystyrene Insulation Panels can be used for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial purposes. The easy-to-install property of the panel makes it handy for everyone.

After insulating the apartment and building with the Polystyrene Insulation Panel, you are safe from noise pollution, environmental damages, and thermal expansion.

In this guide, you will know some secret facts about the Polystyrene Insulation Panel, the working procedure, and its properties.


1.What is a Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
2.What are the Characteristics of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
3.How Does Polystyrene Insulation Panel Work?
4.What is the Material Composition of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
5.What are the Possible uses of a Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
6.What are the Advantages of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
7.What are the Types of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
8.Can you use a Polystyrene Insulation Panel for Floor Insulation?
9.Which one is Better – Polyurethane or Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
10.Does Polystyrene Insulation Panel the Same as Styrofoam?
11.How to Pick the Best Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
12.When you should Install Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
13.How to use a Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
14.How much does Polystyrene Insulation Panel Cost?
15.What is the Size of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
16.Can Polystyrene Insulation Panel Catch Fire?
17.What is the Highest Temperature Bearing of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
18.How Safe is a Polystyrene Insulation Panel?
19.How Long does Polystyrene Insulation Panel Last?


What is a Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

A Polystyrene Insulation Panel is made up of polymer skin with styrene plastic in between to offer thermal and environmental protection. The double insulation layers perform thermal protection at an affordable rate.

PU Insulation Panel provides splendid thermal insulation, maintains the temperature in cold and hot weather. Polystyrene is a class of plastic – the commonly used plastic. This plastic panel has the potential to absorb heat, sunlight, and water.

The thermostat property of this plastic is what makes it in demand on this date. Reliable, pocket-friendly, and durable is what you want. And for this, nothing can be a better option than the Polystyrene Insulation Panel.

Two methods are applied to manufacture polystyrene panels;

  • Expanded
  • Extruded

The material produced from both these methods varies in properties.


What are the Characteristics of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

It is a simple foam sheet that has the potential to change the way you use things. Following are the breathtaking characteristics of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel.


Excellent Thermal Insulation:

In extreme weather, for sure you want to breathe peacefully. Polystyrene Panels protect the house from hot sun rays and keep the inside temperature maintained throughout the season.



Its lightweight design does not exert much pressure on the ceiling and roof. Due to its lightweight, you can also use the Polystyrene Panels to pack food to keep it fresh for a longer time.


Effortless Installation:

If you are well-aware of the installation process, you can install the panels without expert consultation. The material is convenient to cut and apply.


Mechanical Strength:

As the design and style of Polystyrene Insulation Panel are super lightweight and flexible, the panels can mold in any shape. This flexibility makes the panel a perfect option for a wide variety of options.


Resistance to Gamma Rays:

Gamma rays are hazardous to human skin. A single ray of it can cause skin diseases like cancer. The chemicals present in the layers of the Polystyrene foam Panels aid in protecting from gamma rays.


How Does Polystyrene Insulation Panel Work?

The composition & design of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel aids it to act as armor. Double polymer skin with thick styrene form of high R-value outlines the operation technique.

The material polystyrene present in the insulation panel is itself a splendid thermal resistor. Along with that, the inner layers of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel have many minute pores (which aren’t available to be seen by the naked eyes).

As air is the bad conductor of heat and electricity, the layers of the pores avert the temperature from passing through it.

These two elements describe the working procedure of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel. Some secret chemicals are also present in the construction. These chemicals cool down the panels and also aid in maintaining the quality.


What is the Material Composition of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

The chief ingredient of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel is polystyrenePolystyrene is a chemical substance having structure (C8H8)n. By nature, this chemical substance is organic.

The compactly closed particles of the foam sheet act as bodyguards and avert heat, water, air, and other invaders from passing over.

For further strength, the Polystyrene Insulation Panel is canned with hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD). This chemical substance not only enhances strength but also makes it long-lasting in performance.

The Wander Val force of attraction keeps the bubbles close to each other. These bubbles cannot be separated, no matter how much force you apply.

The alignment of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel is atactic. This atactic alignment shows that the shock absorption capability of these panels is simply outstanding.


What are the Possible uses of a Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

Polystyrene Insulation Panel uses for a wide spectrum. Following are the common uses;

Vehicle’s Doors & Roofs:

During your whole drive, the sun hits your head badly. For sure, it must swoon you. Let us get rid of this by installing a Polystyrene Insulation Panel on vehicles’ doors and roofs. For this process, you will need an expert consultation.


In Food Packaging and Service:

Not all plastics are dangerous to health, and polystyrene is one of them. Food packed and delivered in the Polystyrene Insulation Panel is safe to consume as the construction formula is organic. Besides, the food also remains fresh.


Roof Insulation:

The use of a Polystyrene Insulation Panel in roof insulation is frequent. The best factor about insulating polystyrene panels in roof insulation is it is up to you to insulate the panels before or after the construction. After construction, you will only add a frame for support, and that’s it.


Use in Medicines:

After FDA approval, health experts consider using it to secure medicines. As the body construction of polystyrene is vacuum-like (evading water & air to pass), the medicines remain safe, dry, and sterilized for an extended period.


What are the Advantages of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

Here we will share some splendid benefits of using the Polystyrene Insulation Panel.


Water and Temperature Resistance:

Aforesaid, PU Insulation Panel, is compactly closed in design. The inner layers are choked to the limit that no air particle can pass from end to end. The same scenario is for water and heat.

No matter how extreme or cold the temperature may be, the panel layers won’t permit the waves to disturb your surroundings.


Time & Money-Saving Option:

The simple yet effective solution to insulating your house without doing wear and tear is using the Polystyrene Insulation Panel.

Polystyrene Insulation Panels make it simpler and convenient for you. Without disturbing the interior design of the house, you can install the panels. However, for wall insulation, you will need to do some denting painting.


Keeps Food Fresh for an Extended Period:

The food packets made from polystyrene panels are proven to keep food fresh for an extended time. FDA has also approved that food stored and served in polystyrene packets is safe for human health.


Easy to Mold:

The easy-to-mold flexible design makes it convenient for you to turn the Polystyrene Insulation Panel according to your need. You can mold the panels into curves for insulation around arches and banisters.


Reliable and Durable in Quality:

You are not getting the Polystyrene Insulation Panel for one season. The reliable and durable quality makes it stand out throughout the seasons. You will only need to replace the panels when there is any damage issue.


What are the Types of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

When buying the polystyrene panels for insulation, you get two choices: Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulations Panels & Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation Panels.


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulations Panel:

The most common example of EPS polystyrene panels is Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a white, thick, and flexible polystyrene commonly used to protect goods while shifting. Other uses of Styrofoam are in food parcels and disposable items.

The insulation panels made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) are lightweight, flexible, and easy to carry. Choosing the Expanded form of Polystyrene would be a suitable decision as the material does not create a mess, handle effortlessly, and is affordable in range.


Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation Panel:

The second type of Polystyrene Insulation Panel is Extruded Polystyrene (XPS). Polystyrene, when passing through the process of extrusion, results in XPS insulation panels. These panels are pretty rigid yet flexible. In most cases, Extruded Polystyrene is used for insulation.

When choosing between these two panels, you should consider the second one- Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation Panel. The reason why we say so is because of the high-potent performance, long-lasting performance & 100% safety insurance.


Can you use a Polystyrene Insulation Panel for Floor Insulation?

The floor also radiates heat waves. Installing Polystyrene Insulation Panel under the floor will provide you relief.

But keep one thing in mind that the floor insulation process will take place before the furnishing of the floor. Once the floor is all set, you can’t install the Polystyrene Insulation Panel.

The step-by-step process for floor insulation is as under;

  • Measure the room size and bring panels accordingly.
  • After arranging the panels, set them on the floor.
  • Use adhesive tape (should be of out-class quality) to join the panels altogether.
  • Make sure that the height of the polystyrene panels should be 4 inches at least.
  • On the top, apply construction foil loosely.
  • To protect the panels around the edges, use edge insulation.
  • Here the process of Polystyrene Insulation Panel installation is complete. The remaining process is to insulate the insulation screed (mixture of cement and other compounds).


Which one is Better -Polyurethane or Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

Polyurethane and the Polystyrene Insulation Panel both perform thermal insulation. However, the working procedures, construction, and properties of both are different.


Polystyrene Insulation Panel:

For the roof, wall, and floor insulation, polystyrene panels are the widely used ones. They are flexible, transparent, and strong. They can absorb heat and water. The best part about these panels is they are available in every size.


Polyurethane Insulation Panel:

Polyurethane insulation panels are widely known for their affordable rate and durable quality. These panels are safe to use, reduce carbon emission, and are reliable in performance. Be it hot weather or cold, polyurethane panels work best in both.

On comparing both insulation panels, the Polystyrene Insulation Panel is the best. It is more rigid, even, and long-lasting in performance.

Reversing it, polyurethane panels are not stiff in fit. They leave space around the corner, which allows air to pass through.

However, some folks still found polyurethane insulation panels way better than polystyrene. It all depends on taste and priorities.


Does Polystyrene Insulation Panel the Same as Styrofoam?

The expanded form of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel is known as Styrofoam. In simple words, Styrofoam is also called thermocol. Thermocol commonly uses for packing, shifting, and insulation purposes.

DoesPolystyrene Insulation Panel the Same as Styrofoam? You can consider both as the same unit because the working is the same. Styrofoam insulation panels are also pretty popular in the marketplace. Also, they are pretty affordable in range.

The best point about Styrofoam insulation panels is that the insulation process doesn’t consume much time and energy. You can complete the process within a few hours with the help of experts.

But keep one thing in mind; the rigidity of Styrofoam is less than the Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Panel. Single kick or punch at the break the foam into two halves.


How to Pick the Best Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

We understand it is bothersome when it comes to hand-picked the best Polystyrene Insulation Panel. But by following a set of guidelines, you can select the best panels effortlessly.


Core Material:

It should be your top-most priority. Every plastic emits radiation at room temperature that naked eyes cannot see. These radiations can be safe or dangerous depending on the material consumption.

The thing you need to check is the Polystyrene Insulation Panel should be free from toxic chemicals. There should not be any chemical compound that, when emitted, causes health problems.



The second thing to check is the size. From a few inches to 100 inches, the size of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel varies. You have to measure the area where you wish to install the panels.

Once you are sure about the size, select the Polyurethane Sandwich accordingly.



In simple words, the R-value is the thickness of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel per inch. The thickness will also vary based on where you are insulating the panels. If you are looking for panels for roof insulation, the minimum thickness you should consider is 5 inches.

Similarly, for floor insulation, the least R-value to consider is 4 inches.



Warranty limit describes how secure your investment is. Every brand has a different warranty range for its products. But the average warranty limit you should keep in mind is 2-years.


When you should Install Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

It depends on where you want to insulate the Polystyrene Insulation Panel. Ceiling insulation can be done before or after the furnishing. While on the other hand, the floor and wall insulation should be done before house furnishing.

Using Polystyrene Insulation spray is helpful for wall insulation. In this case, you can do the work without a mess.

Some areas have their natural capability to absorb extreme hot or cold weather. In this situation, you should not waste your money on the PU Sandwich Panel Manufacturers.

But if you live in an area where it is hard to breathe in rough weather, consider insulating the house. In roof insulation, you have both the options of internal or external insulation. If you do not want to spoil the house interior, consider insulating the house externally.

On the flip side of the coin, you have to disturb the whole house for floor and wall insulation.


How to use a Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

Using Polystyrene Insulation Panel is pretty simple. Cut it, mold it, paste it, and enjoy the performance. Hang on! It is not as simple as it sounds. Follow the step-by-step process for how to use the Polystyrene Insulation Panel.

  • Cut the insulation panels into your desired shape and size. For cutting, use a saw or any other sharp tool. Make sure that you are wearing gloves and other safety equipment during the process.
  • After cutting the panels, spread them. If you are insulating the roof from outside, simply place the panel & mount them using tape or adhesive glue.
  • Once the panels are stuck with the surface, use sealing tape for insulation for stiff fit.
  • Around the edges, apply an insulation solution to block the air pathway.
  • Now on the top of the panels, apply a finishing solution layer to seal the panels at their place.

The aforementioned process is for experts only.


How much does Polystyrene Insulation Panel Cost?

Polystyrene panels are not pretty expensive, and they will not break your bank balance. Their price is affordable. While purchasing the Polystyrene Insulation Panel, one thing you should know is, it does not sell solely per piece. You have to buy panels based on the meter size.

Here, different manufacturers have a different rate per square meter. You can have a Polystyrene Insulation Panel for $5-$8 per square meter.

The laborer cost is not included in this. If you are hiring workers for the task, you have to pay them according to their services, the number of workers, and how long they worked on the location.


What is the Size of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

The marketplace follows a standard size of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel. No matter which brand you visit, you will find the same size & that is 4 x 8 panels with ¼-2 inches height.

In some cases, customers demand thicker panels with high R-value. For this, manufacturers manufacture customized panels with ordered panel height.

While ordering customized panels, do not order around 10-20 panels only. The minimum range you will need to order is 100 panels.


Can Polystyrene Insulation Panel Catch Fire?

The fire cases are rare and only happen when there is a spark or naked flame. If you keep everything balanced and protect the panels from short circuits or naked flames, you can enjoy a Polystyrene Insulation Panel performance lifetime.

Also, when it catches fire, the situation is not that serious. When the polystyrene panels burn, you will notice a plastic burning smell and oily smoke.

In-floor insulation, the burning cases of Polystyrene Insulation Panel are not recorded yet, because there is not even a single chance of such incidents. The same is for roof insulation. However, wall insulation is a few burning cases as there is electric lining in the walls.

To keep your walls safe from burning the Polystyrene Insulation Panel, use a protecting coating on the panels & keep the wiring enclosed in covers.


What is the Highest Temperature Bearing of Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

Polystyrene Insulation Panel has a freaking high-temperature bearing capacity. If you are one of those who think that these panels will meltdown just after a temperature rise, you are wrong!

When tested the temperature bearing capability of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel in microwaves, experts were astonished by the results. These panels can handle the temperature up to 410-480 degrees Fahrenheit effortlessly.

If you wish to enhance the temperature-bearing ability of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel, you can use protecting lubricants. Not only do these lubricants boost the performance of the panel, but they do make them stick together.

While selecting the protection solution for the Polystyrene Insulation Panel, make sure to not compromise on the quality. The higher the quality of the solution, the better the performance rate.


How Safe is a Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

You should be 100% confident when using the Polystyrene Insulation Panel in your house, building, or office. If you apply all the safety protocols, then there are no such damage issues about these panels.

By safety protocols, we mean to say about;


Proper Fitting:

The chief agent that causes damage or melting issues is improper fitting. Keep the electric wires and connections away from the panels, especially in wall insulation.


Use of Safety Solutions:

Choose a high-quality safety solution for your panels. Safety solutions increase the protection chances up to 90%. Besides, apply the solution appropriately. Never left the panel’s edges open to allow any agent to invade them.


Selection of Right Material:

Here is the last but one of the crucial things. You can eliminate the need for a safety solution or fitting by choosing the right panels. Never consider a Polystyrene Insulation Panel with toxic chemicals because these toxic chemicals will emit harmful radiation.


How Long does Polystyrene Insulation Panel Last?

The lifespan of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel depends on the following factors;


Environmental Damages:

Global warming and acid rain is not a joke! Not only plastic but acid rain can even damage the metal and stones.

These factors also impact the lifespan of the panels. Suppose you live in an area where the rate of global warming, acid rain, and pollution is high. In that case, the lifespan of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel will be proportioned to half than expected.


Mode of Breakdown:

Breakage around the edges is common. But if the panels are breaking from the center, it can be a problem. Styrofoam breakage is pretty common. But the XPS polystyrene foam is a non-breaking panel.


Chemical Stability:

If the chemical construction is strong, your Polystyrene Insulation Panel will stand the test of time. Check the air space between the tiny bubbles of the sheets.

If they are non-existing, the stability of the panel will be high, but if space is a little bit more, the stability will be less.



With this, we hope you are clear with the facts about the Polystyrene Insulation Panel. No doubt, we found these panels worthy and out-class in every field.

While selecting the panels, keep in mind the factors we mentioned above. Never compromise on the quality of the panels. Select the one that offers 100% health insurance.


FAQs of Polystyrene Insulation Panel.

What to do if the Polystyrene Insulation Panel Catches Fire?

First of all, do not panic if such a situation strikes. Use a fire extinguisher to control the fire of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel. If the fire is high, it will take time to handle it. After that, replace the panels with new ones.


Does Polystyrene Insulation Panel Worth to Purchase?

Aforesaid, nothing can be a better option than using Polystyrene Insulation Panel for insulation. Within a limited budget, you get a high-quality product with surety of lifetime performance.


Can Polystyrene Insulation Panel Absorb Water?

Polystyrene Insulation Panel does not absorb water nor repel them. In the case of water, they perform like a statue, which is not affected by it.


What Happens when the Polystyrene Insulation Panel Gets Wet from the Outside?

When Polystyrene Insulation Panel is treated with water, it reduces the R-value. A reduction in R-value will also decrease their performance rate. Try to keep the insulation panels away from water.


What is the R-Value of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

R-value is the thickness of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel per inch. The higher the R-value, the higher be the thickness and strength of the polystyrene panels.


What is the least R-Value to Consider for Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

The least R-value of the Polystyrene Insulation Panel you should consider is 4 per inch. Higher than this figure will be super, but you will need to customize it.


What Chemicals should you Avoid in the Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

Benzene, Neurotoxins, and Carcinogens are hazardous chemicals. Never opt for a Polystyrene Insulation Panel that contains these chemicals.


Is Polystyrene Insulation Panel Insulation Illegal?

There is nothing illegal about using a Polystyrene Insulation Panel for the insulation of buildings and apartments. Everyone should insulate their houses with the panels.


Is it Acceptable to use a Normal Styrofoam Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

You should evade the use of a normal Styrofoam Polystyrene Insulation Panel for insulation. Instead of it, use extruded XPS polystyrene panels. They are more reliable and durable in performance.


Does Polystyrene Insulation Panel Biodegrade?

Polystyrene Insulation Panel does not biodegrade. They have chemical construction which prevents them from decaying over time. However, some bacteria, fungus, or insects may decay gradually.


Can you use Ordinary Adhesive Tape to Join Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

Special adhesive tapes are available in the marketplace to mount Polystyrene Insulation Panel. Ordinary tapes will fall off after a month of use. Evade using them.


When you should Replace your Polystyrene Insulation Panel?

If you are not noticing any damage, burning issues, and chemical evaporation, continue using the Polystyrene Insulation Panel. Replacing the panels is recommended after 5-6 years.


How Durable is the Polystyrene Insulation Panel Spray?

Compared to the boards, the performance rate of Polystyrene Insulation Spray is less. Spray fades gradually with time and air.

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