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  • VIP Portable Restroom Trailers

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 Your Reliable Partner and VIP Portable Restroom Trailers Manufacturer in China

Sunnyda VIP portable restroom trailers can be set up for outside concerts, nuptials, festivities, huge entertainment sets, to all viable utilizations. Sunnyda can be specifically constructed according to precise customers’ specifications. Let Sunnyda made your VIP portable restroom trailers, whether demand for design or market, assume exceptional service.

Sunnyda VIP portable restroom trailers are built to accommodate maximum support and assistance through extraordinary events and outdoor ceremonies. Sunnyda is one of the preeminent manufacturers and suppliers of VIP portable restroom trailers in China. There is an extensive assortment of choices for you to choose from.

We warmly embrace you to visit our VIP portable restroom trailers factory, and we look ahead to co-operating in the close future.

VIP Portable Restroom Trailers BodyFiber glass sandwich panel or called FRP panel- Luxury model
EPS sandwich panel – Standard model
Size3700(L) x 1700(W) x 2500(H) mm
Drawbar size1200mm
Fresh tank450L, 0.4L per flush
Waste tank1000L
Weight1240kg, when water and waste tank is empty
ConditionFull mounted in factory
LoadingCan mix load with other model, or 2 SUT01 in a 40HQini in a 40HQ
Delivery time40 days
Electricallighting 12V, as per customer local standard
Our serviceEngineering-production-shipping-installation-warranty-after service support you develop your business
Sunnyda Support Your Business

Ultimate Guide to VIP Portable Restroom Trailers

Sunnyda VIP portable restroom trailers offer a various variety of trailers to accommodate all occasions. It inspects and tests before pull out of the manufactory. And because we deliver items to many abroad countries, we are much friendly with each shop’s quality. Such a certificate of malleability excludes CE, CCC, DOT, VIN, BSI, UL, etc.

Our services are ideal for marriages, corporate and sporting competitions, construction sections, and golf vacations to suggest a few. Our builders will produce every trailer based on your precise demands. Accordingly, you could assure everything will be expected to achieve.

Our company met ISO14001:2015 safety inquires, so you can affirm quality establishment and compensation. VIP Portable Restroom Trailers have been delivered to AU, EU, and US shops. We are proficient in cleanliness, where VIP Portable Restroom Trailers is a very great, VIP Portable Restroom Trailers is your option.

Each component aspect an instant disinfectant hand purifier and foam, freshwater sink, biodegradable paper seat covers, restraint tray also stimulate stakes. All the bring up characteristics can be added or discard according to customers’ determinations.

Sunnyda VIP Portable Restroom Trailers suggest comes in different measurements and varieties. There are model designs with three stall VIP portable restroom trailers, two stall VIP portable restroom trailers, also impressive VIP portable restroom trailers.

Sunnyda gets hold of remarkable attainment in manufacturing, supplying, and deliver the best-quality VIP Portable Restroom Trailers. If you have any inquiries to ask, please make a call with one of our agents.

VIP Portable Restroom Trailers are aggressive and ideal for a site where immediate, independent toileting is statutory. Supplementary things can be foregathered like towel dispenser, sink, trash bin, and so on. Since as of today neatness is a must, dependence Sunnyda for your subsequent hygienic business command.

Sunnyda is your leading VIP Portable Restroom Trailers manufacturer!

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